A Man Called God Episode 9 Recap

**This will be NeeNee’s last recap for this series. She just can’t make it through any longer. Mianheyo for those who were hoping to see these completed. In all honestly, while not horrible…it’s really corny, cheesy, and frustrating and NeeNee can’t watch it at the moment.**

Officer Seo arrives at the warehouse where Lee was killed. The forensics team are all hard at work investigating and gathering evidence. After the body is bagged and carted away, Seo joins in the search where she finds a shard of glass. She looks under a pile of rubbish and sees a broken watch. It looks like it is Jang Ho’s watch. She calls over her partner Hwang Bo and hands the watch over just as Woo Hyun arrives on scene (for the 2nd time, but this time as an official).

Woo Hyun’s men take over the search for evidence. They find a sniper’s rifle as Woo Hyun bawls Seo out for not protecting the minister. Seo apologizes and Woo Hyun asks if she is the team leader or not. She apologizes once again, saying it was her mistake and she will take responsibility. Hyun Woo wonders how she will and goes to walk away. Seo calls after him and asks him how he found the scene. This surprises Woo Hyun, but he quickly comes up with a convincing lie – satellite footage. But by the time he arrived, the minister was already dead. Does Seo really believe the story? Who knows? At this point, Woo Hyun’s men come out with the rifle. Seo asks if it was the sniper rifle that shot at Lee earlier. Woo Hyun tells his men to have it tested to see if they can determine if it is or not.

Seo seems a little suspicious that the rifle has been conveniently left at the scene. Woo Hyun replies that is Peter Pan’s M.O. as the criminal openly revealed his involvement in Kang Tae Ho’s murder. Woo Hyun says that this is a typical thing done by terrorists to issue a warning to their next target. Seo asks what that means and Woo Hyun replies that it is a warning for the next victim that they are next. Woo Hyun then walks off and Seo stares after him. Again, you have to wonder how much she believes his lies (she is also one of the few people to witness Woo Hyun’s slightly insane side).

Back at the Jang house, Jang Ho is worried about the lost watch and wondering if everything will be okay. His father replies that Woo Hyun leaves no loopholes so they should be fine. Jang Ho then wonders about the reporter. Jang says the woman has them by the throat and Jang Ho replies saying that Woo Hyun likes Bo Bae. This upsets Jang who says that this is no time to be dating. Jang then orders Jang Ho to take care of the reporter if Woo Hyun can’t. Jang Ho says he’s already on it. Surprisingly enough. Jang asks his son what he means and Jang Ho replies that he has sent a professional to take care of Bo Bae. After the deed is done, the man will disappear for 2-3 years and then come back. At this time Jang Mi comes in, shutting Kang Ho up.

Jang Mi asks Jang how Minister Lee could be dead when he was alive in their home that morning. Jang replies that he doesn’t know and tells Jang Mi just to go home. Jang Mi replies that she can’t as she is afraid that she will see the ghost of the dead Lee. Then in comes Hwang. He asks if Jang Mi was shocked as well and she replies that she was. Jang then sends his two children out so he can talk to Hwang alone. Hwang thanks Jang for his hard work and Jang replies that the reporter is a problem. Hwang asks why Jang didn’t take care of Bo Bae earlier and Jang, rather uncomfortable, tells Jang that he hears the girl is Woo Hyun’s girlfriend. This shocks Hwang who can’t believe his son hid Bo Bae from him. But Hwang doesn’t care if Woo Hyun loves Bo Bae or not, she still needs to be taken care of.

Of course, Michael is listening to this conversation as he bugged Jang’s office. He turns to his blonde-haired lackey and asks why his enemies are targeting Jin Bo Bae. Michael then asks if they put Bo Bae’s face on the video. The lackey apologizes and Vivian speaks up saying that she told the other guy to do it as it would be more effective using Bo Bae’s face. Using Bo Bae made the video all that more believable. I think Vivian was going to go on and say that sacrificing one girl for their plan is nothing, but Michael stands up and cuts her off by saying they will not hurt anyone who isn’t personally involved in their work. Vivian then says she wants to quickly finish and go back to the US. She then asks Michael if Bo Bae is more important than their work, more important than all the people helping Michael. Needless to say, Vivian wasn’t happy when Michael refused to answer and just walked away.

Meanwhile, Bo Bae is outside the warehouse where Lee was killed. The cops won’t let her in, but then she catches sight of Woo Hyun and calls him over. Bo Bae then tells the cops she knows Woo Hyun, but they still won’t let her through. Woo Hyun then comes and grabs her and pulls her away. Bo Bae asks him what happened and who did it and Woo Hyun just replies by telling her that the interview contents cannot be leaked. Needless to say, Jin Bo Bae has no idea what he is talking about as she never interviewed Lee. Woo Hyun then says he knows that Bo Bae got Lee’s conscience confession, so there is no use pretending. Again, Bo Bae expresses nothing but shock. Woo Hyun tells her to stop digging otherwise she will be put in danger. Not knowing what he is talking about, Bo Bae says she will ask Seo for details instead and goes to leave. This upsets Woo Hyun who gets a call from his father to meet with Jang and himself.

Woo Hyun arrives and Hwang asks his son just what relationship Woo Hyun has with Bo Bae. Woo Hyun replies that it is not what his father thinks, and this somewhat relieves Jang. Hwang then tells Woo Hyun that Jang Ho will take care of Bo Bae and Woo Hyun will not be allowed to interfere. Confused, Woo Hyun gets a call before he can get further details. When he pulls out his phone, the caller ID shows the dead Minister Lee is calling. Woo Hyun answers and Michael whose voice is disguised as Lee’s, tells Woo Hyun that he should know who killed Lee. Woo Hyun says Peter Pan and Michael then says that if Woo Hyun can easily recognize him through the fabricated voice, then why can’t Woo Hyun recognize a fabricated video? More shock for Woo Hyun. Michael thanks Woo Hyun for having the minister taken care of and sparing Michael from getting his hands dirty. Michael then asks if he should predict what will happen next. Lee was killed because of the video, so that means that Woo Hyun and the others will go after Bo Bae next. Michael then hangs up.

Hwang asks Woo Hyun what is up, and Woo Hyun refuses to say as he needs to confirm something first. Woo Hyun gets a hold of his team member and asks what happened to the video. The team member replies that he was just going to contact Woo Hyun with info from the information collection department. He is then told that the video was obviously fabricated. Bo Bae’s and Minister Lee’s faces were synthesized onto actor’s faces. Woo Hyun hangs up in shock and tells Hwang and Jang that the CD was fake. He then asks where Jang Ho is and is told that the man is on his way to the office, just wait. Woo Hyun tries calling someone but gets no answer.

Vivian is driving when she gets a call from the professor telling her to come back in as Michael resolved the Bo Bae issue. This surprises Vivian. The issue is resolved? The professor explains that the video has been discovered as being fake, so Bo Bae should be in the clear right now, so Vivian should come and ask for forgiveness. This does not make Vivian happy as she was hoping to get rid of Bo Bae. She quickly cuts off the call and wonders how far Michael will go to protect the reporter.

Meanwhile, Bo Bae is in her car going back to the office. She is being followed, unknowingly. Woo Hyun hangs up once again unable to connect to Bo Bae’s cell. Jang Ho comes in and Woo Hyun asks what is going on. Jang Ho replies he will handle Bo Bae and Woo Hyun yells that the video was a fake, so where is Bo Bae. Jang Ho replies that it is too late as the men have already been sent to kill her. Woo Hyun demands that Jang Ho make the call to stop the men. Jang and Hwang complain about Woo Hyun’s behavior. Woo Hyun let’s Jang Ho go and Jang Ho makes the call to have the men stopped. Woo Hyun then leaves and Jang comments on how much Woo Hyun likes Bo Bae. Hwang calls him a good for nothing. Why? Because he likes a nosey reporter?

The men following Bo Bae pass her without doing anything and then here comes Vivian. Vivian looks over at Jin Bo Bae, but speeds ahead. I thought she’d try to smash the car or something. Vivian stops and calls Bo Bae (using a voice changing implant to disguise her voice). Vivian tells Bo Bae that she is Lee’s secretary and has to talk to Bo Bae regarding the minister’s murder. Bo Bae asks where she can meet the man, but Vivian replies she is locked in a truck and can’t move (suspicious enough, ne? If you are being held up in a truck, why would you call a reporter’s cell versus the police?). Bo Bae (totally not using her noggin) asks where the secretary is. Vivian then sends her to a frozen food warehouse. Seriously? That so stank of something fishy.

Vivian approaches the warehouse worker and knocks him out cold. Bo Bae then arrives and the secretary tells her that he is trapped in the refrigeration truck. Bo Bae rushes over to it and opens it only to find it empty. After she naively gets up in the truck to ascertain that it is really empty, Vivian springs up and locks her in. Bo Bae yells to be set free, but Vivian ignores this and starts the truck up. Bo Bae tries calling for help to no avail. Dude, the girl has her cell. Try calling for help.

Michael then gets a call from Bo Bae (so she isn’t a complete idiot apparently). Michael demands to know where she is, but Bo Bae has no idea, she is just trapped in a moving refrigerated truck. Michael tells her not to worry as he is on his way. He hangs up and tells Johnny (the blonde-haired tech guy) to track the position of Bo Bae’s phone and relay it to him. Johnny says ok and then asks what is going on. The professor seconded this question and Michael simply states that Bo Bae is in danger before moving out to save her.

At this time, Woo Hyun is in his car and finally manages to get a hold of Bo Bae. He asked her if nothing happened, right? He then notices something wrong with her voice and learns that she is trapped in the truck. I know Bo Bae trusts Michael, but you’d think she would have called her sunbae working for the CIS first. Woo Hyun is shocked to hear she is stuck in the refrigeration truck. He tells her to hold on as he will find her and save her. He warns her not to fall asleep and then calls Jang Ho to cuss him out for not stopping the attack on Bo Bae. Jang Ho replies that he did ask his men to withdraw – Woo Hyun witnessed it. Jang Ho insists that he has nothing to with it, but Woo Hyun doesn’t really believe him (don’t quite blame him there). Jang Ho insists on his innocence while Woo Hyun threatens that if any harm comes to Bo Bae, he will kill Jang Ho (provided that Jang Ho really was the one who reordered the hit).

At this time we have a race against the clock. Both Woo Hyun and Michael are getting updates on Bo Bae’s location thanks to her cell phone. Meanwhile, the cold Bo Bae just stares at her cell before passing out. On her phone is a text telling Michael to come quickly. Vivian stops and checks in on Bo Bae, happy to see her unconscious.

Michael arrives on scene first and picks the lock to the truck. When he opens the door, there is the passed out Bo Bae. Michael swoops in and grabs her. He carefully puts her in his jeep, where he reclines the seat and bundles her up. He begins rubbing her arms, trying to warm her up. Cue sappy ballad and Bo Bae opens her eyes, asking where she is and if she is still alive. Michael smiles and nods and Bo Bae then complains about being cold. Michael quickly pulls her into a hug and Bo Bae comments that he came again this time, too. Michael just keeps holding her. At this time, we see that Woo Hyun has arrived at the scene, too and is watching the two. Michael catches sight of him and gives him quite the glare and continues holding Bo Bae.

Woo Hyun approaches the jeep and calls out Bo Bae’s name. Bo Bae pulls back and Michael gets out, letting Bo Bae out of the jeep. Woo Hyun, puts on his calm mask and replies that he rushed to save her, but was a step too late. Is she okay? Bo Bae nods and thanks him for coming. Woo Hyun says he’ll take her to the hospital, but Bo Bae replies that she just wants to go home. She looks back at Michael who smiles and then goes off with Woo Hyun. Michael really doesn’t seem to be happy watching her go with Woo Hyun. Meanwhile, Vivian watches unhappily from the distance.

Okay. So a little rant. There is NO real reason for Jin Bo Bae to like Michael as much as she does or vice versa. They haven’t had enough contact to actually feel as much for each other as they do. I know Michael said that Bo Bae reminded him of his dead mother, but still. That just doesn’t seem to justify these intense feelings the two seem to have about each other. Ah, this isn’t a bad drama, but it is so typical, cheesy, and full of more of the annoying plot devices. Plus, I do believe that some of these scenes could safely have been deleted and the series would not suffer from their loss at all. End rant.

Woo Hyun brings Bo Bae home, freaking out her mother when she sees her daughter. Woo Hyun says that Bo Bae met with a little accident, but is fine. This, of course, launches Mrs. Jin into a tirade about how Bo Bae puts herself at risk too much trying to gather news. Woo Hyun tries to placate her by saying he took Bo Bae to the hospital and she is fine, she just needs a day of rest. Mrs. Jin then invites Woo Hyun in for tea to thank him, but Woo Hyun refuses, taking his leave. Just as he is leaving, Hong comes out of the bathroom. Bo Bae throws a worried look at Woo Hyun, but he leaves without noticing Hong, thankfully. Hong asks if Bo Bae is okay and Bo Bae replies that she is. Mrs. Jin says she can’t afford to die with Bo Bae acting like she does. Bo Bae and Mrs. Jin then go into the house.

Hong correctly deduces that something happened to Bo Bae and automatically says it must be something to do with “:him” (being Michael?). Hong decides that means the Jin house is no longer safe for them to hide out in. At this point Hye Jung comes out and Hong asks her where she is going. Hye Jung replies to the tuition center like always, but Hong tells her she can’t go. When she asks why, Hong replies that he has a bad feeling. Hye Jung complains that since she isn’t even going to school, if she doesn’t go to the center, how will she ever get into college? Hong replies that he gets it and says she has to wait for him and they will go together.

Michael arrives home to be greeted by Vivian who says that she heard everything from Johnny and the professor. Michael walks past Vivian and she asks how Bo Bae can have so many enemies. Michael asks why she is interested and Vivian asks why she can’t be. She then goes up and begins caressing his shoulder, apologizing. She took matters too lightly this time, but next time she will follow his orders (that is so NOT believable). It’s like she is  trying to seduce him, but Vivian’s charms have never worked on Michael and he just walks away to annoyance.

Meanwhile, Woo Hyun is in his car trying to figure out just who Michael is. How could have Michael found Bo Bae so fast? At the office, Woo Hyun looks over the information he has on Michael (which is very little) when his man comes in reporting they have found Hye Jung’s tuition center. Woo Hyun orders that Hong be detained. Uh-oh. Why should they detain him? Because Hong should know the real identity of Peter Pan/Kang Ta. Woo Hyun then calls Michael. Wae?

Mrs. Jin asks why Bo Bae won’t go to the police. Bo Bae says after thinking carefully, she is pretty sure she knows who is behind the kidnapping. It’s because they don’t like where she is digging. Mrs. Jin demands to know who and curses about Bo Bae fighting with worms. Bo Bae replies it is a dragon and says she thinks it’s the Yong Bi group behind it all. This shocks her mother. Bo Bae tells her mom that the chairman is a bad character. This really seems to have taken a lot out of her mom. Her mom, puts her hand to her head and Bo Bae asks if she has a migraine again. No, I think that Mrs. Jin might know something about the Yong Bi group and chairman, actually. But what? Mrs. Jin then tells her daughter to quite, but Bo Bae doesn’t want to listen to the usual rant. Mrs. Jin then begs Bo Bae to listen and tells Bo Bae if she quits, Mrs. Jin will listen to whatever Bo Bae says. This freaks Bo Bae out. So just what does Mrs. Jin know?

Woo Hyun meets Michael at a bar to thank him for saving Bo Bae’s life by buying him a drink. Woo Hyun then asks how in the world could Michael have found Bo Bae so quickly – did he have a tracking device planted on her? Michael smiles at this. Woo Hyun says that he is in the intelligence business and couldn’t even do that. Michael cuts him off and says that maybe Woo Hyun lacked artfulness. Weird. This shuts Woo Hyun up a little. He picks up his drink, nods, and then says that was funny.

We then cut to a parking garage where a man clothed all in black attempts to break into someone’s car. Is Woo Hyun’s man trying to find info on Michael?

Back in the bar, Woo Hyun tells Michael that there is something he must know. Oh, do tell. Bo Bae is Woo Hyun’s woman (nope, he just wishes she was. Too bad he never actually made a move earlier because he might have had her before Michael came into the picture). Is obsessions is pretty long, he tells Michael that from when he first met her eight years ago until now, Bo Bae has been his. Woo Hyun even claims Bo Bae’s future. Michael smiles at this and tells Woo Hyun that he should direct such statements to Bo Bae and not to Michael. Michael tells him that although the past can’t be changed, the future can be changed according to your own will. Michael gets up and leaves. Woo Hyun asks where he is going since he didn’t drink and Michael replies he is going to change the future (in regards to Bo Bae?). Woo Hyun’s smile fades leaving an unhappy face as he keeps drinking.

Michael heads to his car and notices something strange. Then out pops Woo Hyun’s lackeys. They are not match for Michael, though and he quickly kicks there rears. And these people are protecting the country? The two men run off and Michael comments that such a thing is not normally like Hwang Woo Hyun.

The next day, Woo Hyun and team meet with Seo and her team. The rifle is confirmed as having belonged to Lee’s sniper and the watch is presented. Woo Hyun asks if this is evidence. Seo confirms that it is and that the watch had a tracking and wiretapping device in it. Woo Hyun asks if there was finger prints, but Seo and her team haven’t confirmed them yet. Woo Hyun is surprised that such new, advanced technology were installed in the watch. Hwang Bo tells Woo Hyun that it is a very expensive branded watch and that means installing such things would be extremely difficult. Seo asks if the CIS doesn’t use such equipment. Woo Hyun’s team member replies that they don’t have such thinks. Seo asks then what and Woo Hyun cuts in that it is obviously Peter Pan. Seo asks if Peter Pan wore the watch and Woo Hyun replies if Peter Pan didn’t, then who would. At this time, Jang Ho calls Woo Hyun asking if Woo Hyun found his watch. Woo Hyun asks what he means and is startled to find out that Jang Ho lost his watch at the scene. Can’t believe Woo Hyun didn’t think of that possibility.

Woo Hyun orders the CCTV to be stopped during a certain time frame. He then goes to Lee’s corpse and takes fingerprints. He is almost caught by one of the examiners, but manages to get the prints undetected. Woo Hyun then goes to the evidence room and plants Lee’s fingerprints on the watch. As he leaves the evidence room, Seo catches sight of him. She looks at the room he came from and then looks back at him.

We cut to a press conference where Woo Hyun announces that Peter Pan killed Minister Lee. Hong and Mrs. Jin watch this on TV as does Michael and Johnny. Michael instructs Johnny to do something while congratulating Woo Hyun on his move. At this time, Vivian and the professor show up with Vivian announcing that the are has been cordoned off and the police are closing in. How is that possible exactly? How could Woo Hyun be that close already when they had virtually nothing to go on? Michael tells them not to worry or be afraid. It should be the enemies who should be afraid as the truth is always exposed in the end.

Seo is going over pictures of the crime scene and Lee’s body. When Woo Hyun comes in, she calls him over and he asks if there is something she is having problems with. Seo then replies that it doesn’t look like the stab wounds were Peter Pan’s doing. Woo Hyun asks how and Seo replies that Peter Pan is known for a single kill shot whereas Lee’s body is riddled with several bullet wounds and don’t which do not look like the work of a professional. Woo Hyun asks if she went over the Kang file. Seo replies that she did and Woo Hyun sits at the edge of her desk and asks what she believes the motivation to be. Seo says that the day she was on duty guarding Jang Yong’s house, Peter Pan said something to Lee about his father. Woo Hyun then says the murder was definitely out of revenge then, that’s why it’s different from how Peter Pan usually behaves. Woo Hyun asks if there is anything else, and Seo tells him no. Woo Hyun leaves while Seo watches him go. She doesn’t look too convinced.

Jang Ho is with his henchman, nervous. Woo Hyun arrives and Jang Ho asks after the watch. Woo Hyun then asks if Jang Ho was crazy – well the guy wasn’t in his total right frame of mind when he killed the minister. Jang Ho then asks if he is suspect since his fingerprints should be on the watch. Woo Hyun tells him not to worry as Woo Hyun has taken care of the fingerprint matter. This relieves Jang Jo. Woo Hyun then asks where Jang Ho got the watch and Jang Ho replies it was a present from Vivian. This shocks Woo Hyun. Jang Jo asks if Woo Hyun can get the watch back and Woo Hyun tells him to watch out. Jang Ho thanks Woo Hyun for handling the matter and Woo Hyun rushes off. Where to?

Woo Hyun is waiting in a conference room when Vivian shows up commenting on how she saw the press conference. She tells him congratulations, but also says the criminal appears to be quite the professional. Woo Hyun replies that he will definitely catch Peter Pan. Vivian says she will definitely believe in him and asks why he is there. Woo Hyun stands up and says he bought an expensive watch recently and it broke. He holds up Jang Ho’s (not sure if it really is the same one as Jang Ho’s should still be at the station) watch and asks if Vivian knows where it can be fixed. Vivian is taken aback by the sight of the watch. But she tries to keep her cool and wonders why Woo Hyun is asking her about such things.

Woo Hyun says that is the watch she gave Jang Ho. So why is there a GPS and wiretapping device inside the watch. Vivian still tries to play it cool and responds that she has no idea what Woo Hyun is talking about. She bought that watch when she was on vacation in Switzerland. Woo Hyun smiles and asks if she wants to keep doing business in Korea or not. Woo Hyun then demands Vivian tell him the truth. Vivian tells him that the watch was a gift given to her. Woo Hyun asks by who and Vivian replies that she had never seen the man before and has no idea. Woo Hyun asks if she expects him to believe such a story, but Vivian insists that it is the truth. Vivian said the day of the Castle-Yong Bi press conference she received an anonymous package with the watch in it. She then received a phone call threatening the lives of her parents in America if she did not do as the mysterious caller instructed. Vivian then claims she had no choice but to give the watch to Jang Ho. Woo Hyun asks if that is the truth and Vivian replies that it is. She felt horrible giving the watch to Jang, but she just couldn’t bring herself to say anything. Looks like Woo Hyun believes the lies she spun believing that it was Peter Pan orchestrating everything (which it was, but with Vivian’s willing help).

A cute scene between Mrs. Jin and Hong with Mrs. Jin refusing Hong’s help to watch the store (she was going out to open it, lunch bag in hand). Hong then asks if she wants to end up old and alone. Mrs. Jin makes a retort and Hong then asks if something to do with Bo Bae’s father traumatized Mrs. Jin. Mrs. Jin doesn’t rise to this and just storms out leaving Hong wonder if something really did happen with Bo Bae’s father. We aren’t going to find out that the Jang’s had something to do with killing him? Or is one of the conspirator’s Bo Bae’s father?

Woo Hyun’s man follows Hye Jung after she leaves the tutoring center. He confirms the location of Hye Jung’s center and tells his partner to report it. Hong is helping out at the shop and Han (Mrs. Jin) tells him to go back home. Hye Jung arrives and Hong willingly agrees to leave. Woo Hyun’s second man then confirms Hong’s final location. Later, Seo and Hwang Bo arrive at the Jin household. This surprises Bo Bae who asks why Seo is there. Seo asks where Hong Duk Bo is. Bo Bae asks why there are looking for Hong and Hye Jung asks why they are looking for her grandfather. Hong then comes out and Seo tells Hwang Bo to arrest him, shocking everyone. Hong demands to know why and Seo replies that it is a special case. Didn’t Hong steal something from a tycoon’s safe? Hye Jung, upset, asks if her grandpa did such things again. Hong replies that he honestly didn’t, but Hye Jung cries saying that how can she believe him. She says she wishes to die and asks how she can leave if her grandfather goes to jail again. Seo seems totally unaffected by this and has Hong led away.

Hong is in a questioning room, seeming pretty at ease. Woo Hyun walks in and asks where Peter Pan is. Hong replies that he has no idea who Woo Hyun is talking about. Woo Hyun loses his temper and says the person that Hong gave the stolen document to. Hong recalls Michael then the day that he saved him from Jang’s men.

End episode.

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