TROUBLEMAN Episode 6 Recap


Unexpected Connections

There is a connection between the stone that killed Ozaki’s finacee Yumiko and Tagawa. Does that mean Tagawa is behind the accident and Yumiko’s death? Kameda tries his hardest to find out and learns that Tagawa also has connections to the Takei-gumi members after Ozaki. Can these random people get any more connected?

TROUBLEMAN episode 6We pick up where we left off, with Kameda seeing a child sitting at a desk. The young boy has stones that he is coloring. Kameda tells Ozaki that the child is coloring the rock that led to the death of Ozaki’s fiancée. Ozaki asks if it was the boy who threw the stone and then grabs Kameda and pushes him down on the floor, demanding that Kameda tell him if the boy was responsible for his fiancée’s death. Tokuda comes over and separates the two, demanding to know what is going on. Ozaki just keeps asking if the boy Kameda say is the one who killed Yumiko.

Sasaski helps Tokuda hold Ozaki back and asks Kameda just what is going on. Kameda replies that he saw a child. Sasaski asks if the child is the culprit, but Kameda hasn’t seen it all yet. Sasaski tells Ozaki to calm down as they don’t know for sure if the child is indeed the one who threw the rock, and Tokuda asks Kameda to try once again. Ozaki then crawls over and begs Kameda to try once more. Kameda agrees and clutches the rock once more.

Kameda sees the child coloring the rock once more. He comments that there is a lot of rocks that the child is coloring. Kameda hears the boy’s parents in the other room arguing about money and debts. Sasaski asks if Kameda can see the parents, but he can’t since he is in the child’s room. Both Sasaski and Tokuda remark on how amazing Kameda’s power is. Ozaki, only wanting to know about just who threw the rock, asks if Kameda has seen anything else. Kameda then sees a man enter the room, but the man’s face is blurry and he can’t really tell who it is.

Kato Shigeaki, Takezai Terunosuke, Nakayama Yuichiro, Kino HanaWe then flash to the actual vision. The boy’s father is Tagawa! Ozaki then immediately believes that Tagawa is the culprit and he jumps up, ready to pulverize him for “pretending” to have lost his memory. So Tokuda and Sasaski must hold him back once more – after all, they have no idea if Tagawa was the one who through the rock or not. Kameda tells him to be patient and then the sliding door opens and an annoyed Tagawa and Makiko are standing there demanding the quartet in the other room to be quiet. Tagawa then says he can’t concentrate since it is too noisy and they were so close to the hypnosis working. Makiko tells them to be quiet once more and the quartet apologizes. Tagawa and Makiko then close the sliding doors and try once more.

Kameda, angered by Tagawa’s closeness with Makiko, clutches the rock and vows to find evidence against him no matter what. Sasaski then asks if Kameda is sure he saw Tagawa. Kameda says the hairstyle is different, but there is no doubt that it is Tagawa. Tokuda then asks how old the boy is. Kameda replies that the boy is 7-8 years old and Tokuda asks if a child that age could break the windshield. Kameda replies that it is impossible and says he will use all of his power to see.


Waiting and more waiting

The vision continues with Tagawa leaving his son’s room and Kameda trying to follow him through the vision. We then get a very boring detail of every move Tagawa makes – including going to the bathroom which apparently took forever. We cut back to the room and the three stare intently, wondering why Kameda stopped. All we hear is the ticking of the clock. Ozaki then asks what is wrong. Kameda replies he is waiting for Tagawa to finish in the toilet. Tokuda wonders why Kameda is whispering and he says it is natural since he is in front of the toilet. Tagawa finally finishes in the toilet and we are taken back into the vision.

Tagawa comes out and puts in a rented video. This is followed by more silence from Kameda because the video is now playing. Kameda announces that it is Postman Blues and an annoyed Ozaki asks if Tagawa is going to watch the whole movie or not. Kameda says he can’t be certain. Sasaski then asks if Kameda can’t fast forward the vision. Kameda replies that he can and Ozaki tells him to just skip to the important parts and soon the two start bickering once more. Sasaski and Tokuda do their best to keep the two apart, but the noise soon brings out Tagawa and Makiko again. They complain about the noise and the quartet apologizes once more. The two then go back into the separate room to try again.


Another scolding

Nakayama Yuichiro

Using Tagawa’s shoe for help

Once they leave, Tokuda asks Kameda to try once more. Ozaki apologizes for his earlier behavior and Kameda says that the rock isn’t enough. He needs an item of Tagawa’s to help. The four then look for something of Tagawa’s. They can’t immediately find something, but then Tokuda runs out and grabs Tagawa’s shoes. He asks if they will work and Kameda smiles, saying they just might. He then closes his eyes and tries the vision once more, but he can’t concentrate because of the stinky shoe. Ozaki asks if there is anything else they can use and Sasaski takes out a packet of tissues and plugs Kameda’s nose so he can no longer smell the stench. Kameda then tries once again, the kleenex flapping with each breath he takes, proving amusement to the other three.

Kameda picks up at the movie once more. He sees a gun in Tagawa’s hand. At that time, Tagawa’s wife comes home and he hides the gun. Tokuda then wonders if Tagawa really lost his memory or not. Sasaski said that Tagawa seemes so lost and vulnerable when she first met him. Tokuda says that it is strange that a man with a normal family has a gun and Ozaki concurs saying that Tagawa is definitely hiding something. Maybe Tagawa is a real hitman after all. Sasaski doesn’t want to believe this, but Tokuda recalls everything that has happened to date and it is likely that Tagawa could be a hitman.

Terajima Susumu, Rijo Go

Tagawa meets with yakuza!

Kameda then goes back into his vision and follows Tagawa to a café, where it seems he is waiting for someone. Kameda then sees the yakuza that was tracking down Ozaki. Tagawa is conversing with the yakuza. Kameda can’t hear what they are saying, but to him it looks like the yakuza are bowing and that Tagawa has the upper hand. Just as the yakuza hands Tagawa a box, the vision gets blurry and Kameda loses it. It’s been a long time since he used his powers and he needs to rest before continuing.

Sasaski gets up to make tea and Ozaki wonders what Tagawa was doing with the Takei-gumi members. Is Tagawa a yakuza? But then again, Ozaki never saw Tagawa when he was with them. Tokuda says that maybe Tagawa was at the top of the ladder. Tokuda then wonders what was in the box – was it drugs? Ozaki says in his case, the drugs were in a paper bag each in their own individual plastic bags. Ozaki then wonders if Tagawa was a customer. This explains his memory loss as he could have had a bad reaction to too much drugs. Ozaki and Tokuda then wonder if it is safe to leave Makiko alone with him. What if Tagawa starts showing withdrawal symptoms (they would have already showed up by now).

Kato Shigeaki, Nakayama YuichiroAs the two plan on intervening, we then go to the other side of the doors. Makiko is doing the pendulum with her yen coin and Tagawa is almost out. On the other side, Tokuda goes to rush in, but is stopped by Ozaki saying that Tagawa has a gun. Ozaki then tells Tokuda that he will hold Tagawa down and Tokuda can grab Makiko and run. At this point, Kameda drops the rock and this catches Tokuda’s attention. He looks at the rock and recalls a river and a little boy. Ozaki sees his strange look and asks what is wrong. Tokuda says nothing and goes to touch the rock. At this point, Kameda puts his hand over Tokuda’s and won’t let go no matter how hard Tokuda struggles. Kameda then puts up his other hand and starts freaking out. He sees the river bank, too. There is a man sitting by the river and when he turns around it is Tokuda!

End episode.

Kato Shigeaki

What connection does Tokuda have to the rock?

Looks like things are starting to point out once more that Tokuda has a connection to the misadventures of the ones around him. How? First the yen rolled to him after Makiko says she believes it will lead her to its owner and now he seems to be connected to the rock that led to Ozaki’s accident.

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