A Man Called God Episode 7 Recap

Our drugged man, minister Lee Hyung Sub, wakes and finds himself tied to a chair in a what looks almost like a police investigation room. Michael is on the other side of the glass and asks why Lee thinks that Lady Justice is portrayed as blindfolded with a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. Michael then asks if the minister’s sword was used for justice, greed, or betrayal. No matter what clothes Lee wears, he will always be a murderer. Hearing the murder term shocks Lee. He asks who Michael is. Michael then pops up in the room, but Lee can’t see his face thanks to the blinding light.

Michael introduces himself as Choi Kang Ta (his real Korean name), the sun of the deceased Choi Hae Ryong. Hearing that name really shocks Lee. He then protests that he wasn’t the one who killed Michael’s father. Michael grabs Lee by the throat, causing the main to choke out that he will do anything as long as Michael spares his life. Michael then tells Lee that Lee will have to do whatever Michael tells him to. And Michael’s first task is? Make Jang Ho stand an actual trial. If Lee let’s Jang Ho off the hook again, Michael will make sure Lee’s past is broadcast on the news. Michael then swears Lee to silence – he is not allowed to tell the other conspirators what happened there. Michael then knocks him out.

Cut to a bench where Lee is resting under a newspaper. The paper blows off and he wakes up, shocked to find himself out on the beach in only his underwear. How embarrassing. Soon his car and people pull up, and he is quickly covered and ushered to his car. When Lee gets in, he notices an envelope. Le opens it and curses Michael as it contains a breakdown of the illegal transactions between 2008-9. Michael isn’t stupid, Lee should have known just how prepared this man was given how easily Michael was able to drug and kidnap him.

Meanwhile, Jang is bawling out Jang Ho since the police came and took the account books. How is that not a problem? Jang Ho says that the police shaking out a little dust won’t be able to put him behind bars as in the Republic of Korea, those with money are found innocent while those without are found guilty. Jang says that is nonsense and they have already wasted over 8 million because of Jang Ho who is unconcerned since Minister Lee is on their side. Jang’s henchman then rushes in and breaks the news that Minister Lee disappeared. Jang Ho asks if maybe the minister was fired and Jang yells at his son to quit the bad luck talk. Jang then tells Jang Ho to clean up his own mess for once instead of asking his father to do it. Jang will meet with Lee to work things out and the nonchalant Jang Ho heads over to meet Michael because, after all, business must continue like usual. Talk about a thick-skinned idiot. Jang tries calling Lee who is just not answering.

Michael is already with Jang Mi who tells him to let Jang Ho’s words go in one ear and out the other. Michael tells her that he actually believes Jang Ho’s words can be beneficial for him, but Jang Mi can’t imagine how (very true considering Jang Ho’s supreme idiocy). Jang Ho then arrives and asks what Jang Mi was there for since it was a business meeting. Jang Mi then asks if she is in the way and her brother replies that women are bad luck in business. Jang Mi says that must be the reason he has been so unlucky. Jang Ho tells his sister to stop mucking things up or he’ll expose her past to Michael. Jang Mi tells her brother to give her a break and finish quickly so she can spend some alone time with our revenge-seeker. Jang Ho then tries to send Jang Mi away so he can talk to Michael. Jang Mi asks where and he tells her to the powder room.

After she leaves, Jang Ho immediately asks Michael just what Vivian thinks of him. Seriously? What does that have to do with his “business” anyways. That man. Michael tells Jang Ho that he will give him some advice – whenever you talk business with Vivian, you can’t look at her body as she prefers men who can keep their mind on business versus elsewhere. Jang Ho then brings up that he heard from Vivian that Michael has interest in Sejeong Construction. Jang Ho asks why Michael won’t just go all in with their company, Yong Bi. Michael then tells Jang Ho that no matter what Jang Ho does, he cannot touch reporters. This statement confuses Jang Ho. Michael then continues on saying that the key to the Rose Foundation is how much press will be covering the events as they proceed. Thus, if Jang Ho mishandles the press, it will be bad for business – does Jang Ho understand? He says yes, but you can tell not really.

Bo Bae is at home trying to reach Michael (got to love how she has him stored in her cell under “Hawaii Pervert”), but he is not answering.  Her mother asks why her single daughter is hanging on so tightly to her phone – does she actually have a boyfriend. Bo Bae says no, there is just some heinous man she keeps randomly running into who refuses to answer his phone. Her mom quickly tells Bo Bae to bring Michael by as she can tell by just one look. A cute little moment to break through the melodrama.

Jang is sweating bullets since it appears, Lee is avoiding his calls. Jang calls him one more time, begging for one last favor. Well all know what the favor is. Jang Then calls Hwang since he can’t get a hold of Lee. Hwang tells Jang that Lee is probably too busy with work to answer a call from his good friend Jang who adamantly denies this, saying that it was thanks to Jang that Lee got the position. Hwang then asks what happened with Jang Ho. Jang says that is why he wants to speak to Lee. He then asks about Woo Hyun – doesn’t Hwang’s son have some clout? Hwang immediately tells Jang not to bring Woo Hyun into the mess for some trivial issues. Needless to say, that just upsets Jang more. Hwang then hangs up so he can take his medicine.

Now, I must say I love what happens on Jang’s end. He complains about Lee and Hwang being disloyal and then says does Hwang’s kid not have any problems. Yes, we all know Hwang’s kid has a huge problem – he’s all kinds of psychotic crazy. Heehee. Jang asks where Lee is to himself. And where is Lee? He is hiding out even from his wife at the moment. No one can know about the kidnapping and him waking up in his undies. His men then leave and Lee recalls what Michael said about Jang Ho. Since Michael has the slush fund list, what can Lee do? He says it won’t do and calls Jang.

Jang is happy to hear from Lee finally. Just as Lee is about to tell him probably some version of what is going on, the other phone rings. Lee tells Jang to hold on and when he answers the land line, it is Michael on the other end telling Lee that he thought he told Lee no contact with Jang Yong. Needless to say this shocks Lee. Michael then says he will send out the slush fund list to every news station since Lee doesn’t seem to care. Lee immediately tells him not to and Michael then says that he can see Lee is drinking bourbon – meaning Lee cannot hide from him. Lee then immediately hangs up on Jang who is furious about getting hung up on.

Michael then asks Lee how the Jang Ho matter is progressing. Lee says he will get on the matter right away. If he does this, will Michael destroy the slush fund papers? Michael says that he will, sort of, and then says that there will be punishment for Lee calling Jang. Michael then says he will be in touch and hangs up. This makes Lee uneasy as he has no idea what punishment Michael will throw his way. He then calls the Department Chief Oh and tells him to handle the Yong Bi construction matter immediately and detain Jang Ho. And thus the vicious wheel is being set in motion even more.

Jang Ho is on his way out with his henchman when Seo Mi Soo (our female detective) approaches and asks if Jang Ho remembers her. He holds up his hand, meaning he does and Mi Soo says he has to come with her. The henchman (Lee Seung Hyung – what’s his character’s name? I am sure they’ve said it, but I just can’t remember) asks if they have a warrant, and the male cop with Mi Soo grins and pulls one out – they got hosed! This shocks Jang Ho and the henchman. Jang Ho still isn’t worried, believing he will be saved and willingly goes with Mi Soo and her partner.

At the station, Mi Soo and her partner talk to Jang Ho about Yong Bi’s shady transactions. Jang Ho starts off pretty strong, but quickly breaks down with his mixed up stories. The man just can’t lie convincingly to save his life. Mi Soo is outraged by his ridiculousness, and grabs the front of his suit. Her partner gets her to let go and tells her to be careful. Jang Ho then goes to leave, but the police won’t let him. Jang Ho then asks if they haven’t been contacted by their superiors. Jang Ho then says that if they mess with him – finger motion across the next. He goes to leave again, but the unconcerned Mi Soo tells her partner to detain him. Things are definitely not going how Jang Ho envisioned. He is then cuffed – in total disbelief of the situation. Mi Soo then asks Jang Ho to call the minister of justice himself. Ha ha.

Meanwhile, Jang Mi is going through business documents and just can’t seem to wrap her head around them. Michael comes in with some champagne and she complains about how complicated the foundation really is. She thought it was just getting money from loaded rich men who liked her that she could distribute to the poor and grant to artists, but it is far more complicated than that – well, duh. Michael then tells her that business is quite as complicated as she seems to think. Michael tells Jang Mi to attract others like she attracts him. This makes Jang Mi happy and she goes to kiss him, but Michael stops her. He tells her that it would be good to have a separate fund and team for each operation. He is plotting something. Jang Mi says she doesn’t know anything about that and Michael says that Castle will take care of it. This makes her happy and she goes in for a kiss again, but Michael stops her again and tells her to go through the interview like  a good business woman first.

Jang Mi starts the interview smoothly enough and actually sounds like she knows what she is talking about, but the two reporters are quick to hone in on whether or not the Yong Bi casino money will be going in to the Rose Foundation or not, and then ask what Jang Mi knows about her brother’s recent arrest. Michael quickly intervenes and tells them it is impolite to go off topic (we all know reporters won’t stick to a topic as long as they can get a juicy story). Jang Mi says she is offended and ends the interview.

Jang Mi then storms into her father’s office and asks what her older brother has done know as she was completely humiliated because of him. This is the last thing Jang wants to hear and he tells her that it is quite likely that her brother will be heading to the slammer. Jang Mi, unconcerned, just tells her father to use his connections to save Jang Ho. Jang replies that it isn’t that easy at all. Jang Mi says that if her dad continues like this, she will have Michael stop the project. Jang wants to know what Jang Mi means and she says that she is a goddess that Michael can’t live without (even with him playing her, she is a bit delusional, ne?) so he will do whatever she tells him. Michael is even teaching her business, so she will be able to manage the Yong Bi hotel as well later. She then tells her father to support the arts foundation she is starting. This makes Jang’s headache even bigger.

Back at the Jin residence, Hong has just fixed the faucet and asks for food instead of money. Bo Bae tells him to quickly sit down and eat as there is plenty. Her mom definitely doesn’t look happy about that. Bo Bae then gets a call, but is disappointed. It is Woo Hyun and not Michael. He arranges to meet her later. This perks her mom right up as he is perfect marriage material… except for the fact he is a whole lotta crazy!!! Of course, no one seems to know this just yet. Bo Bae asks why her mom is in such a rush to marry her off when her mom can’t live without her. Hong interrupts and says there is nothing to worry about as long as he is there. LOL. Does Mr. Hong like Bo Bae’s mother?

Woo Hyun is at work when his superior comes and cusses him out. Why? Woo Hyun wants to do a search only knowing the codename “Peter Pan” – it’s not like the culprit will have that on his passport. So how will they find him and is he even in Korea? Woo Hyun says that it is certain Peter Pan is in Korea as he is the one who rigged the telephone explosion in Kang Tae Ho’s office and the CD explosive in Jang Yong’s car (flashbacks to all these explosions – not sure that is really necessary, but whatever) because those are the same methods Peter Pan used in Europe. This makes Woo Hyun’s boss unhappy as Peter Pan is there and they don’t know who he is or what he is planning. If Woo Hyun can’t find clues, he will be censured.

After the head hancho leaves, Woo Hyun asks for an update on Choi’s children. His men reveal that Kang Ta was adopted overseas 25 years ago. This picks Woo Hyun’s interest. His man further explains that a 7-year-old boy named Choi Kang Ta was adopted half a month after the fire. Woo Hyun asks which country and his man replies the US. Why is that important? Woo Hyun explains that since Peter Pan is in Korea and involved in the Kang Tae Ho case, then the adopted child is sure to have some connection to Peter Pan (heehee, he IS Peter Pan). Woo Hyun is definitely getting close to Peter Pan’s real identity.

Woo Hyun then meets with Jang Mi, surprising her that he willingly sought her out while he is on duty. Jang Mi asks what is up and says if it is about Jang Ho, she’s already had it out with her father. Woo Hyun says he is sure Jang Yong already has things well in hand. Jang Mi agrees (totally NOT true though). Woo Hyun then asks her how much she really knows about Michael King. Jang Mi asks what he means and Woo Hyun replies there is no information before he became advisor to the Castle Group, plus there is no record of how he lived in the states. Jang Mi asks why the CIS is interested and Woo Hyun replies that Castle and Hwang have business together so it concerns him. Jang Mi smiles and asks if Woo Hyun is quitting the CIS to take over his father’s business. Woo Hyun just smiles secretively and Jang Mi asks if he can become as great as Michael. Woo Hyun asks if he is really that amazing and Jang Mi replies that he is as she has never felt such things for a man before. She plans to go all in with Michael. Woo Hyun then asks if Jang Mi is certain that Michael feels the same for her?

Bo Bae is outside the Castle offices, upset that Michael is still not answering the phone. When she goes in, the secretary says there is no appointment scheduled with Vivian for today. Bo Bae then reveals that she is there to meet with Michael King instead. She asks if he is inside and tries to go in, but Vivian stops her and says that she can’t do whatever she wants just because she is a reporter. Bo Bae asserts she has an appointment with Michael, but Vivian says it is an obvious lie. Enter Michael telling Bo Bae she is just in time. Right. This surprises the Vivian to say the least. Michael says that Bo Bae is very punctual and Bo Bae says she was actually 50 seconds late. The two then leave, annoying Vivian to no end. She picks up flowers and throws them across the room.

As they are walking out, Bo Bae says Vivian is very mean and asks if she is always like that. Michael doesn’t reply and asks in return why Bo Bae has come. She then shows him an article about him being in Jeju. If he was with her all day, how could he be in Jeju at that time? Michael’s reply: “Why not?” Oy. Definitely a man who will cause your blood pressure to rise in frustration. Bo Bae then claims that it is a big deal as the report is press fabrication. Michael then says her life must not be boring since she picks at every little thing. This annoys Bo Bae. Her cell then rings and it is her boss calling her about Jang Ho. She didn’t go to the police station that day, so she didn’t know about the arrest. She will check it out immediately. Michael then turns and tells her to follow him, this shocks Bo Bae. Michael promises to answer the question if she comes.

Bo Bae asks how such an article could come out while they are driving. Michael can’t believe she is still on that topic and makes reference to the story being something like a character out of the “Monkey King” – a reference Bo Bae doesn’t get. Michael says he can replicate himself two or three times if needed. He has stand-ins who go to boring meetings for him. Bo Bae asks him why he would do such a thing as it is not normal to go so far as to use a replacement. Bo Bae then tells him he now has an alibi and asks him if he wants to leave the meeting to his replacement and get some air with Bo Bae. Michael looks over at her and she says that since he stopped her from covering the Jang Ho story, it is only fair.

Bo Bae and Michael then end up at a waterfront amusement park place. Bo Bae wants to show him around and have some fun since he grew up in the states. They do the typical stuff you normally do at such places, riding rides, doing the strength machine test, riding the Ferris wheel, and even playing the shooting game. While Michael is shooting, Bo Bae gets a call from Woo Hyun. Apparently about their meeting. Bo Bae then says she is in Incheon. Woo Hyun asks why and Bo Bae refuses to tell him and changes their meeting to the next day. Needless to say, our Woo Hyun-shi is not happy and we all know what happens when he isn’t happy. Jang Mi comes and says it looks like he has been stood up. Since she isn’t meeting Michael either, she’ll have dinner with him. She then asks him to have dinner at their hotel’s Chinese restaurant.

Wouldn’t you know that Bo Bae and Michael end up in a Chinese restaurant as well. Bo Bae is surprised a  rich man like Michael likes eating jjajang noodles. Bo Bae used to love them, but as a reporter she its it too much now to love. She then asks how Michael could eat jjajang if he lived in the US. Michael then says he has a memory of eating it when he was younger. Bo Bae asks if it was with his parents and Michael nods. Bo Bae then shocks Michael by calling him by his Korean name: Choi Kang Ta. Bo Bae asks why he is so shocked that she knows. Bo Bae said when she was in his villa, she heard his voice in a dream telling her his Korean name. This relieves Michael a wee bit. Michael then says that Bo Bae reminds him of someone. Bo Bae asks if it is his first love and he replies his mother. Great. Men who like women who are like their mothers. Bo Bae tells him that is more cliché than his first love and asks how she is like his mother. Michael’s good mood dissipates and the contrite Bo Bae apologizes.

Meanwhile, Jang Mi keeps complaining that Michael isn’t eating with them, too, as he likes shark fin. Woo Hyun tells Jang Mi that she has really changed.  Jang Mi replies that she wants to become a woman deserving of Michael, hence why she took on the Rose Foundation. She then tells Woo Hyun that as a representative of Hwang In Group, he should donate. Silence. Yeah, he may seem like a nice guy, but I don’t see him donating money to a good cause.

Michael takes Bo Bae home and helps her take out a giant stuffed teddy bear that he must have won. Bo Bae thanks him for it and smiles. She then walks away. Of course, crazy Woo Hyun is sitting outside her place in his car, watching the whole exchange. Yeah, he so isn’t’ going to like the woman he loves getting chummy with the man he thinks just might be Peter Pan. We get an extreme close up of Woo Hyun’s eyes. Are there tears? Bo Bae goes in to her room and talks to her new stuffed bear, Kang Ta. What does he think of Michael? Michael is always there to help her out when she needs it. She then laughs and hugs the giant stuffed animal. Cheesy and typical. Meanwhile, Woo Hyun goes and drowns his sorrows in soju.

Of course, Jang Ho is kicking a fuss up in jail. His lawyer and henchman are there. His lawyer tells him to wait as he is doing his best, but it looks like Jang Ho won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Vivian arrives (and parks illegally I might add in front of the station) to visit Jang Ho. She asks what is going on and he apologizes for getting her mixed up in a slanderous plot. She tells him to cheer up as she will find him a good lawyer as she will only do the Veet Project with him. Of course, this touches Jang Ho who doesn’t realize how he is being played either.

Minister Lee is brought a package from the Blue House. He opens it and is shocked by the contents. He then gets a phone call from Michael who asks how he likes the script. Lee asks what it is and Michael says it is about the case 25 years ago. Michael has heard Lee has a speech in two days and he wants Lee to announce it then. Lee complains that Michael is reneging and Michael replies that is Lee’s punishment for calling Jang first. Lee can’t answer to that. Michael then tells him that he needs to announce and answer for the crime he committed 25 years ago.

Of course, feeling like a an dead in the water, what does Lee do? He goes to Hwang and Jang and tells them what is going on (after Jang yells at him for not helping out Jang Ho). Lee announces that Choi Kang Ta has shown up. Jang doesn’t recognize the name and Lee spouts that it is Choi’s son. This shocks Hwang and Jang who didn’t know Kang Ta survived the fire. Lee then shows the speech that Michael wants him to read. So Michael is smart and knows everything already? Lee then says that Michael always knows where he is and probably already knows that he came to see Hwang and Jang. Hwang calls Michael a coward who controls everything in private. Lee is nervous, believing Michael can easily destroy their lives. Hwang tells him not to worry as he will put Lee under guard without security holes (is that possible?), so he shouldn’t be scared. Lee asks if he should just do as Michael says. Jang then calls him an idiot. Hwang tries to get both men to calm down. He tells Lee to stop acting like a coward an hiding otherwise Michael will think he can do whatever he wants. Hwang then advises Lee to check into a hospital so the Blue House doesn’t get wind of what is going on.

Woo Hyun visits his father who tells him that Lee has been gotten to. He also informs Woo Hyun that Choi Kang Ta is still alive. Hwang asks if Woo Hyun knew. Woo Hyun says yes, and that he believes Choi Kang Ta is masquerading as Peter Pan. Woo Hyun then asks where Lee is. Hwang tells his son that Lee is in the hospital until an important meeting. Woo Hyun then says he will take care of security because if Peter Pan is targeting the minister, Woo Hyun will catch him. We’ll see about that.

Lee is under tight security in the hospital. But Vivian, disguised as a nurse, has no problem getting into his room. Lee recognizes her, but it is too late and Vivian manages to inject him yet again. He convulses and Vivian smiles telling him that it is animal anesthesia. It’a okay, becaue he is an animal after all. Then in comes Michael and one of his cronies disguised as doctors. Seriously? How could the security guys not be suspicious at all even if they are in a hospital? Michael tells Lee that he knows he visited Hwang and Jang. Michael asks if Lee will listen to his friends or do what Michael asked. The doctor then reads out the speech and Michael asks Lee what he thinks will happen if he doesn’t give the speech. He then forms his hand into a gun and says that exposing slush funds isn’t nearly as serious as what he will do if Lee doesn’t do as he is told. The doctor hands off the speech and the three leave the immobilized Lee.

The day of the conference dawns. Woo Hyun is on security detail, Jang and Hwang are also present, and Bo Bae is covering the event for her paper. When Lee’s turn comes to speak, he sits frozen. Hwang motions him to go and his name is called once more. Legs shaking, Lee gets up and takes the podium. He introduces himself and then frantically searches the crowd for some sign of Choi Kang Ta. He cannot see anyone suspicious, but he recalls Michael’s words from the other day. Hwang catches Lee’s eye and nods for him to continue. Lee then says he will resign. Not what any one had expected. Woo Hyun runs up and reporters close in. Lee tells Woo Hyun he had no choice and Woo Hyun escorts him out while the reporters hound him for an answer as to why he is suddenly retiring.

In the car, Lee said he had no choice as he thought the stalker might be there, listening. Woo Hyun asks if he means Choi Kang Ta and Lee nods. Woo Hyun asks for a physical and vocal description of Kang Ta. But Lee doesn’t know. Just seeing Michael’s gaze made him freeze. It was like a nightmare – Lee can’t remember anything. Lee’s cell then rings and Woo Hyun answers it. Michael says he is guarding Lee well, but is it necessary to guard a murderer like that? Woo Hyun guess it is Kang Ta, but Michael asks for Lee to be put on the phone. Woo Hyun passes it over and Lee nervously answers. Michael warns Lee that no matter how many guards he gets, his life will be in Michael’s hands. Since Lee didn’t do as Michael asked, punishment will be meted out. Michael then hangs up. Lee urges the driver to go faster, completely scared.

Michael is on a rooftop, dressed completely in black (he even has a black plastic/rubber mask on top of his head. He is waiting for Lee. He sights him down his scope and pulls the trigger. The shot doesn’t hit Lee, but is really close. Woo Hyun tells them to stop and turn the car around since the minister was shot at. Michael pulls down his mask as Woo Hyun’s men get out of one car. They find the building the shot came from and go running. Meanwhile, Lee is asking for the car to be stopped once more as Jang’s car had exploded before, but Woo Hyun won’t stop. They have already left the danger area. Woo Hyun’s men report the sniper’s location and Woo Hyun asks to be dropped off and to have the car to Jang’s house with the minister.

Woo Hyun leaves and heads toward the building. His men are running to the roof, but Michael is already rappelling down. Woo Hyun sees this and rushes to intercept Michael who has managed to go back in the building and has now taken off his mask.

End episode. Will Woo Hyun manage to catch him or not?

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