Young Black Jack Recap

Okada Misaki as Young Black Jackヤング ブラック・ジャック

Romanized title: Yangu Burakku Jakku
English title: Young Black Jack
Broadcast station:
Broadcast date: 23 April 2011
Episodes: 1
Okada Masaki, Naka Riisa, Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Kaku Kento, Haru, Nakahara Takeo, Konno Misako, Toda Naho, Ichimura Masachika
Based on the manga Black Jack (ブラック・ジャック / Burakku Jakku) by Tezuka Osamu and illustrated by Yamamoto Kenji originally serialized in Shonen Champion from 1973-1983. The manga series is currently published in the US by Vertical Inc. (they used to be published by Viz, but no more). The manga series consists of 20-page standalone stories about a doctor who helps out the poor or needy with usually no thanks or credit. Black Jack is portrayed as a cold, solitary, and money-hungry young man while Kiriko is a doctor who believes in Euthanasia.

Okada Misaki

The importance of a rose

The movie opens in a dark mansion lit solely by candle light. A briefcase full of money is opened and presented to “Black Jack sensei.” (Anyone know the significance of that little pig candle holder? The same little pig can be seen elsewhere in the movie as well. Just wondering).

We are then taken to a flower shop. A man clothed all in black (Okada Masaki as the adult Hazama Kuro) turns and approaches the Florist Miyazaki where he sees red roses for 200 yen. He picks one up and flashes back to fifteen years prior. A young boy (Hayashi Roi as the younger Hazama Kuro) stares at roses that are 200 yen, but he doesn’t have the money to buy one. He sadly walks away.

Toda Naho as Hazama Mitsuko

Mrs. Hazama happily looks for Kuro

It is Christmas time and a smiling woman (Toda Naho as Hazama Mitsuko) has a note from her son, Tokio, telling her to meet him by the Christmas tree at ShioDome mall. The little boy from earlier is sitting behind the tree and intently drawing a rose for his mother has a Christmas present. At this time, a news report comes on and it is announced the police have received a new bomb threat for ShioDome mall. The people are being told to evacuate causing a general panic. Mrs. Hazama sees this, but has no idea what the people are running from and anxiously runs towards the mall to find her son. Which didn’t take too long, because she was almost there to begin with.

Christmas tree bomb explodes

The bomb explodes

When she gets there, she cannot see him at first since he is behind the tree. Kuro finally finishes his drawing and (completely oblivious to the chaos around him – how he doesn’t notice the running people and the screams is beyond me, but oh well) looks under the tree for his mom. He then notices a package under the tree with a black jack (of spades). He then sees his mother who is trying to tell the police (she has lost her ability to speak) that her son is still in the mall. Kuro comes out and calls out to his mother, holding up his drawing of a rose. Mrs. Hazama sees him and runs, screaming towards him. The little boy is confused, not knowing just what is going on. Then the Christmas tree bomb explodes, catching both mother and son in the blast.

Amputated arm

Reattaching Kuro’s arm

The two miraculously survive the incident and are brought into a hospital where Dr. Honma (played by Ichimura Masachika) is apprised of the situation. The mother has received no horrible injuries, but seems like she suffered a severe head trauma during the blast. Meanwhile, Kuro is in dire circumstances. The left side of his face is severely burned, plus he is missing one arm just below the elbow and one leg just below the knee. Honma immediately gets Kuro into operate on, determined to save the boy. Apparently they have both of the severed limbs (oddly enough looking perfectly fine – you’d think there’d be more scarring and maybe some burns, but no). The limbs are reattached, but there is no skin to graph on the boy’s face.

Skin graft

Kuro gets an unexpected donation

We then cut to a scene where a black boy sees the news about the explosion. Next thing we know when a nurse is rushing out to see if they can find a skin donor among anyone in the hospital, there sits the same little boy. By miracles of miracles, the skin is compatible with Kuro’s! Thus, this is why Black Jack ends up with his two-toned face. (Reading up on information about the manga and anime, this seems to be a little different, but since I haven’t actually watched/read it, it doesn’t really bug me). The flashback ends and we finally rotate to see that our mystery man is indeed, the boy from the explosion earlier (as if there were any doubts).

Okada Masaki as Hazama Kuro

The adult Hazama Kuro

Back in the present, we get to see a heart transplant surgery by Kiryu Naoki (played by Ozawa Yukiyoshi). This operation is being observed by students and doctors alike and definitely pleases Dr. Yasaka (Nakahara Takeo) who is the head doctor at TouKeiDai (one of the most prestigious hospitals). Afterwards he praises Naoki’s skill at doing a double organ transplant, thus making it a first at the hospital and thus cementing Naoki’s being the best of the surgeons. Naoki’s talent has even earned him press time. Yasaka then says he hopes Naoki can take care of his daughter as well. Naoki says that they have plans for dinner that night.

Cut to Yasaka Yuna (Naka Riisa who after being so bold and strong in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo feels lifeless and flat) who is busy studying. She gets a call from Naoki and quickly changes to go meet him for dinner. As she is about to head out, her younger sister, Nagisa (Haru) rushes in and asks Yuna for a forgotten notebook. Yuna grabs it and hands it over. Nagisa then comments on Yuna’s clothes and Yuna tells her that she is going out for dinner with Naoki. Nagisa then teases her sister for dating with state board examinations right around the corner. Yuna turns the tables and says her sister should be worrying about college entrance exams next year. If Nagisa plans on going to an art school, shouldn’t she be in cram school right now. Nagisa has no such plans, she just wants to be an illustrator, which doesn’t require an extensive academic background. Yuna asks if her sister will turn out all right and Nagisa says she will be fine as she is living life for herself and not for their parents like Yuna is.

Naka Riisa, Haru

“I will live my life”

As Yuna is walking to meet Naoki, she hears a boy yelling for his mother and sees a crowd gather. She rushes over to the fallen woman and does a quick examination. The woman has had a heart attack. The ambulance was called, but it will take 15 minutes. Deciding it will be too late then, Yuna goes to start CPR. But up comes Hazama Kuro who tells her to wait. Before the heart massage starts, something should be done first. He then asks if she is really a doctor if she doesn’t even know that. He sets down his bag and asks for a syringe. Yuna digs one out (after finding and placing a notebook to the side) and hands it over. Hazama immediately puts it into the woman’s chest and releases the air. He then begins the heart massage. The boy asks after his mother and Hazama coldly states that the woman will live or die according to her “karma”. Needless to say this does not make the boy happy and Yuna goes over to him and tells him that his mother will be fine and then scolds Hazama for saying such things. Hazama coolly says that everything is now dependent on the woman’s will to live.

Okada Masaki, Naka Riisa

Yuna meets Hazama

The woman is saved just as the ambulance arrives. As the medics come up, Yuna explains about the cardiac arrest and the procedure. As she goes to mention Hazama, she looks around and he is already gone! Yuna looks down and there is his notebook which she inadvertently set by her purse. Meanwhile, her little sister is at an elementary school, showing off her sketches and telling a story to the little children – seems a little random, but it does become important later.

Okada Masaki, Toda Naho

Kuro’s mother “lives”

Hazama returns home to a warehouse-type place down a back alley. Inside, are several shelves filled with books and binders, plus medical equipment. Also, there is a special room. Hazama enters with his rose and places it by a woman’s side. The woman is dressed all in white and hooked up to several monitors. We then cut to the woman’s face. It’s is Hazama’s mother! Hazama tells him mom that advances are being made and that he may be able to finally revive her. As he goes to check his mother’s readings, he opens his bag and sees that his notebook is gone.

While waiting for Naoki, Yuna goes through the journal, which is written in German of all things (this is never explained either – why/how does Hazama know German and why is his notebook kept in that language?). Flipping through the pages she recalls Hazama’s cold behavior and words. She continues flipping and comes across an HLA card (organ donor compatibility test), plus a picture of Hazama and his mother when he was a little boy. As she stares at this Naoki finally arrives. He was waylaid by a TV reporter.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Naka Riisa

Emotionless date

Yuna then tells him about what happened with the collapsed woman. Naoki cannot believe that Hazama had such manners about him and even wonders if he is a real doctor. Yuna doesn’t know but says there is a suspicious aura about Hazama and that he also doesn’t look like a doctor. Naoki then tells Yuna about rumors that have been floating around the medical realm. There have been lots of money exchanged for black market operations performed by unlicensed doctors. It is best if Yuna (as the daughter of an important physician) steers clear of such things.

Yuna says she know and then Naoki asks about the state examination. Yuna says she will be fine, but that Nagisa believes Yuna’s life to be unsatisfactory. Yuna then says that she doesn’t know if she will be a good doctor or not. Naoki assures her that she will be. Yuna then asks what makes a good doctor. Naoki replies a belief that medical science is unlimited and for patients and their families to believe a doctor is omnipotent. Yuna smiles at this and then says Naoki is hiding something. He asks what she said and she repeats that she believes that he is hiding something. She then says she wonders if she will become a better doctor by being with Naoki.

Later, after examinations, a young man is standing outside handing out business cards (he is Tatsumi Katsuya played by Kaku Kento). He approaches Yuna and congratulates her and tries to hand her his card, but she ignores him. He then calls her by her name and tells her not to ignore him. Tatsumi then circles her and lists things about who she is and her personality. This shocks Yuna who wonders how he knows. Tatsumi talks about market research before he notices someone behind Yuna and calls out to Hazama.

Naka Riisa, Okada Masaki, Kaku Kento

Unexpected 2nd meeting

Yuna turns around and is shocked to see the man from the day before. She can’t believe he is there. Tatsumi asks if Yuna knows Hazama and then properly introduces him as Hazama Kuro – a 6th year med student at ShioDome Medical University. This shocks Yuna. Tatsumi says that ShioDome may be a place for the worst students, but Hazama is rewriting history. He will graduate with perfect scores and soon the medical association will bow before him as there is nothing he cannot cure. Yuna can’t believe that Hazama treats people even though he is not officially a doctor yet. Hazama just walks away and Tatsumi tells her not to mind as Hazama is anti-social. Tatsumi then gives Yuna his card and runs off after Hazama with Yuna looking after them. She then recalls the notebook.

Kaku Kento, Okada Masaki

“Hazama Kuro Otoko”

Back at Hazama’s place, Tatsumi delivers drugs and other medical supplies while listing off all the things that Hazama has requested. Hazama tells him to bring them next time. Tatsumi says he is the president’s son, so with one phone call, he can get him everything he needs. He then brings an invoice over for Hazama to sign as the amount is not trifling. While Hazama signs the paperwork, Tatsumi marvels at the amount of patients Hazama treats – might the patients all be illegal overstayers? Hazama says nothing and hands the signed forms over. Tatsumi looks it over and Hazama has signed his first name as Kuro Otoko which literally translates into black male (probably in reference to his patched skin or the black jack which was on the bomb) which is how he gets the name Black Jack sensei later. Tatsumi wonders why he uses that name, but Hazama just says he has a patient coming soon thus Tatsumi needs to leave.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Naka Riisa

Yuna is distracted

Mrs. Yasaka is planning a party while Nagisa has a cold. She asks if her daughter wants to see Naoki, but Nagisas replies that she is okay. Back at the hospital, Naoki is lecturing the residents and notices Yuna’s distraction (she is looking at the notebook). He asks her opinion and she had no idea what was even being discussed. Nice one. Naoki talks to her afterward and tells her to hang on. Did the exams exhaust her? Yuna replies that she is fine, she just has something on her mind and looks down at the notebook. She then shows Naoki the back of the picture and asks him what the words mean. The words are German, “Schöne Mutter” (okay, I will admit to being totally geeked that I could understand such basic German without Naoki even translating it – sad but true). Naoki translates it as “Beautiful Mother.” Yuna thanks him for that and he then asks about the notebook. Yuna quickly smiles and says it is nothing.

Later, Honma approaches Yuna and asks how the exams went. Yuna is nervous and hopes she can be a great doctor like Honma. He tells her that a good doctor needs to explore and train every avenue in order to save a patient. Yuna asks if he has done such a thing and he says he has done it over and over again. She then asks for an example. Honma stops and looks out to where a boy is walking on crutches. Honma then starts telling the story of Hazama and his mother.

Ichimura Masachika, Hayashi Roi

Honma cares for young Kuro

Flashback to where our newly transplanted Hazama is doing his best to try to walk on crutches. He falls and a nurse comes to help him, but Hazama will not accept help – he will do it himself. Honma sees him fall and rushes down where he watches Hazama pick himself back up. Hazama sees him and slowly, walks towards him, falling into the doctor’s arms at the end. Hazama says that he succeeded and Honma seems so proud of this. Hazama then asks to be allowed to see his mother as promised since he could walk. Honma then takes him to his mom’s room. Apparently, Hazama had not already been told about his mother’s condition.

Tado Naho, Hayashi Roi, Ichimura Masachika

“I will become a doctor like you and cure mom”

The little boy happily calls out “okaa-san” but receives no response. He asks Honma if she is sleeping and Honma replies that she is, but that is not all. She lost consciousness after hitting her head during the blast. Thanks to this, she cannot open her eyes or tell him stories anymore. Hazama doesn’t want to believe this and shouts for his mom to wake up. Hazama then turns and asks what they can do to save his mom. Honma replies that there is nothing medicine can do at the moment, but later they might be able to find a way to save her. Hazama then declares that he will become an amazing doctor like Honma and save his mother. Honma says if it is Hazama’s mother’s karma. Hazama asks what that means and Honma explains that every person is born with a purpose in life.

End of flashback. Honma then says that when Hazama turned 17 his mother died (we all know she is still “alive”). After that, he lost all contact with Hazama. Honma wonders if the dream to be a doctor died when Hazama’s mother did. Yuna tries to comfort Honma, but he replies that he would definitely know if the boy had become a doctor already. Honma expresses desire to seem him one last time at least before he forgets. Honma then talks about dark skin which was transplanted around the boy’s left eye. This sets alarms off for Yuna who recalls Hazama’s face.

Naka Riisa, Okada Masaki


Yuna decides to wait for Hazama near where she first met him. And as she predicted, he walks right on by. She then begins to follow him down the dark, narrow alleys to his home. Yuna hesitates at first, but goes right in. Once she gets inside, she notices the security camera. She then goes to ring the buzzer, but is pushed aside by a rather large man with a stomach wound. The man proceeds to collapse on top of her. As she tries to move him off her lap, Hazama comes out and asks why she is there. Instead of answering his question, she asks him one in return: “What exactly are you doing here?” Hazama likewise refuses to answer and tells her to go home. Yuna pushes futilely at the man in her lap and says she can’t. The exasperated Hazama then goes and tries to move the man. Yeah, good luck with that one. He couldn’t get him to budge either. So funny (and this is one seen where Naka doesn’t look all blank and rather lifeless, which is nice).

Okada Masaki

“Don’t go in there”

Somehow they manage to get the man off Yuna and inside where Hazama immediately patches the man up. Yuna asks what he will do if he is caught by the police without being an official doctor. He tells her to be quiet. Yuna looks around once more and asks how he can have such a set up. She then notices the room and heads towards it. Hazama tells her not to go near it, but she of course doesn’t listen. It’s funny to see Hazama’s annoyed face as he tells her not to go and she keeps proceeding.

The doors open and she recognizes Hazama’s mother from the picture. He joins her when he is done patching up the thug. She asks if his mother is still alive. Hazama is shocked that she knows the woman is his mother. He asks how and she explains she saw the picture in his notebook. He then demands it back as it is very important to him. Yuna ignores this and says his mother is very beautiful. She then asks “why” and he replies he doesn’t need to explain his reasons. Yuna gets up and tells him to just tell the truth and say it is because of his passion to save his mother. Hazama then says that it is not passion but skills that cure. He then says that there are 2 kinds of doctors. One that kills and one that saves. He then asks for his notebook again and Yuna tells him to come to her house later that night to pick it up.

Naka Riisa, Okada Masaki, Tado Naho


Back at the Yasaka house, Naoki is in Yuna’s room (like a total dirty stalker). He sees the notebook lying out on her desk (girl should have put it away safely instead of keeping the strange thing out for all to see). He begins flipping through the book and I don’t think he likes what he sees (whether or not he is proficient enough in German to understand it all, I can only guess). Yuna then comes home and is greeted by Naoki who arrived early for the party.

Toda Naho, Hayashi Roi

Mitsuko loses her voice

Meanwhile, Hazama gives his mother the fresh rose and sits down beside her. It’s one of the rare times you actually get to see some genuine emotion on the normally stone-faced lead. He says that he wishes to hear her voice once more. He then flashes back to his mom singing him a lullaby as a boy. Then in comes his father who packs his bags and just leaves without a word. Mrs. Hazama cries and hugs her son and apologizes. Then, her voice just stops. The woman starts panicking and poor Tokio just doesn’t know what to do. He rushes out to the nearby doctor’s and bangs on the door yelling for help as his mother’s voice has stopped. The doctor says that she is unwell, but when she gets better, her voice will come back to her. The young Tokio even tells his mom that he asked Santa to bring back his mother’s voice for Christmas. How sweet, but the accident happened before she regained it.

Back in the present, Naoki is being praised by Honma and Yasaka while being modest while Yuna anxiously waits for Hazama’s appearance. Nagisa comes down to enjoy the party and her mom tells her to rest as she is still unwell. Nagisa says she is doing better and her mom comments about her studying for art college. Nagisa doesn’t care about school and just plans on winning the new illustrator award and jump starting her career. Mrs. Yasaka then tells Nagisa she wishes Nagisa would be more like Yuna and then goes off to rejoin the party.

Okada Masaki

Hazama surprises Nagisa

At this time Hazama finally shows up, shocking Nagisa with his…unusual appearance. Nagisa asks who he is and he introduces himself matter-of-factly as Hazama when Yuna comes out to greet him. Hazama simply states he is only there for his notebook. Yuna tells him it is inside and invites him in. Hazama goes to follow Yuna, but pauses as he sees Nagisa cough. You know there is something significant in that. He then continues on where he looks less than pleased to be led into a party. Yuna says nothing, but just ushers him in.

She then goes over to Honma and asks if he remembers. Both Honma and Hazama stare at each other in shock. Honma then approaches Hazama and says that he has never forgotten him and had always looked for him. Yuna then tells Honma that Hazama is a 6th year med student. This pleases Honma, but he is unhappy that Hazama broke off all contact. Honma then says that if Hazama needs anything, don’t hesitate to ask. He then also states he’d like to perform a surgery with Hazama if he truly plans on becoming a doctor. The reunion is cut short when Honma gets a call from the hospital. Before he leaves, Honma states that the scar from the accident is Takashi’s heart (meaning the feelings behind the young boy who donated his skin to Hazama).

Ichimura Masachika, Okada Misaki

“It’s been awhile”

Yuna then tries to interest her father in Hazama, but as soon as he heard the name of the med school Hazama attends, Yasaka wanted nothing to do with him. Naoki then comes over and pulls Yuna aside just as she was about to go get Hazama’s notebook. Naoki then calls attention to the entire room and proposes to the shocked Yuna. I must say it is a horribly unromantic proposal with him tell her that he wants to be the one to guide her and help her grow. Yuna just doesn’t know what to say. As she is being pressured to say yes by her parents and Naoki, Nagisa collapses! An ambulance is immediately called. Hazama then taps Yuna on the shoulder and tells her bacterial culture. Yuna doesn’t know what he means. Hazama says that it should be tested just in case before demanding his notebook back once more.

Naka Riisa, Ozawa Yukiyoshi

Naoki proposes!

In the hospital, Yuna is in a lot of pain. A camera is put down her throat and everyone is shocked to see necrosis (rotting away) in the girl’s stomach. They need to operate right away before the rotting can spread even further. Naoki starts the operation and fins the rotting is even worse than imagined. They had to remove Nagisa’s entire stomach. Unfortunately, this does not stop the necrosis and it quickly begins to spread. If this continues, then Nagisa will die. But Naoki has no idea just what is causing it. Yuna then remembers what Hazama told her at the party and asks to have a bacteria culture done.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Naka Riisa, Ichimura Masachika

Bacteria culture results

The culture comes back and Honma looks at the results. Naoki tells Yuna that she hit the nail on the head. Yuna said that it wasn’t her, but Hazama who mentioned it. This surprise Honma and Yuna asks Naoki what the results are. Apparently is a form of strep that has transformed into a flesh-eating bacteria. It is highly evolved and drug resistant. If antibiotics won’t work, then the only course of action is to remove the infected organs. But if it spreads to the heart and liver, then Nagisa is done for. Yuna cannot accept this. She asks Naoki about what he said earlier about medicine being limitless. Naoki then retracts his words and tells her to grow up as there are limits.

Yuna goes into Nagisa’s room. She is awake and in a lot of pain. Her little sister grabs her hand and says she doesn’t want to die. Yuna recalls Hazama’s words when she found his mother in that little room. Medicine is based on skill and equipment, not passion. There are two kinds of doctors – ones who save lives and ones who take lives. She then promises her sister that she won’t die.

Naka Riisa, Okada Masaki

Yuna believes in Hazama

Yuna then rushes to Hazama’s office and begs him to help her sister. She will do anything, pay anything if Hazama can help Nagisa live. Hazama finally opens the door and she asks him if he’s the type of doctor who lets people live. She then bows before him and asks again for him to save Nagisa. Hazama’s reply – he won’t do it as Honma is there and is capable. Yuna replies that the necrosis is quickly spreading. She then says that Nagisa is not like her who is living a worthless life. Her little sister has hopes and dreams. Hazama says that a person’s life is determined by karma. Yuna says he is wrong since his mother is still alive. She then asks if his mother is the only person he will save. Yuna then tells him that she will be waiting at the hospital as she believes in him and then leaves.

Okada Masaki, Hayashi Roi

What will Hazama choose?

Once Yuna leaves, Hazama looks at his reflection in the mirror and recalls Yuna’s angry question about only saving his mother. He walks closer to the mirror and recalls his promise to become a doctor to save his mother. He also recalls Honma’s question asking him if he truly intends to become a doctor and how Honma told him that the scar was from Takashi’s heart. Honma touches the discolored skin and recalls when Takashi came and visited him in the hospital. Takashi tells him that the skin is from his butt and thus the two will always be stuck together. Hazama tells Takashi that he will never forget what he did for him. Guess that means Hazama’s conscious is nagging him to be a good person like Takashi was to him.

Okada Masaki

Hazama helps Nagisa

Things are grim at the hospital. Yuna leaves the room as her mom breaks down and cries over Nagisa while looking at Nagisa’s story. Yuna sits outside and at this time enter Hazama. He finds the dispirited young woman who is happy to see that he did choose to come. Hazama asks where Nagisa is and is shown to her room. Yasaka tells Hazama to leave as well-wishers are not welcome. Hazama says he has no time for such things and goes to examine Nagisa, much to the dismay of Mr. & Mrs. Yasaka, and Naoki. Nagisa asks if she will be cured. Mrs. Yasaka says that her daughter will be drawing again in no time. Hazama then says that he can save Nagisa. Naoki doesn’t believe what Hazama arrogantly suggests and asks him to go outside to talk.

Konno Misako, Naka Riisa

Mrs. Yasaka offers her life

Hazama is told that it will be very risky for an organ transplant because if the infection spreads, then the transplant will be worthless. Hazama then states that is why they will replace all of Nagisa’s organs in one shot (well obviously not her brain). Naoki says that such a thing is impossible. Mrs. Yasaka gets on her knees and offers up all of her organs if it will only save Nagisa. Honma then states that if they do transplant all the organs, then they need to have a perfect HLA, otherwise it will be useless, however, relatives won’t necessarily be exact matches. This makes Mrs. Yasaka break down and Hazama asks what Nagisa’s HLA is so they can find the perfect match. Yasaka asks who Hazama is and Yuna says that he is the one who said to do the bacteria culture.

Ozawa Yukiyoshi, Okada Masaki

Naoki attacks Hazama

Naoki then states that Hazama is just an unlicensed doctor who performs illegal procedures and operations. The shocked Honma asks if this is true. Hazama says nothing and walks away as Naoki says it is as it is all written in Hazama’s notebook. Yuna is displeased that Naoki looked at it. Noaki then kicks Hazama out and tells him never to return to the hospital. Hazama then turns around and says if they are more concerned with the law than saving Nagisa, then that’s fine. After all, it is the easy way out. Naoki goes to attack Hazama, but is stopped by Yuna. Hazama then continues on his way out and Honma chases after and asks if the unlicensed treatment was really true. Hazama then just says there is someone he wants Honma to meet.

Naoki apologizes for his behavior earlier to Yuna. He then complains about Yuna being emotional and irrational by trusting Hazama. Yuna tells him to shut up and see. This shocks Naoki. Does Yuna really believe that Hazama can save Nagisa with his harebrained scheme. Yuna says that miracles don’t happen unless someone believes they can. She then walks off. This angers Naoki who doesn’t believe that miracles can happen – in fact he won’t let them. Great. Crazy doctor.

Ichimura Masachika, Okada Masaki, Toda Naho

It’s illegal and unforgiveable

Meanwhile, Honma is shocked to see that Mrs. Hazama is still alive. Tokio confesses he faked his mother’s death. Honma says that everything that Tokio did was illegal and unforgiveable. Hazama then asks if the law or the nation will be able to save his mother’s life. This shocks Honma. Hazama then says that they can’t save his mother, so she will be left to die, isn’t that right. At this moment, the machines start going crazy. Hazama quickly works to revive his mother, but the brain scan flat lines. Hazama, desperate, vows to try more methods to save his mother, but you can tell Honma already knows there is no saving her.

Back at the hospital, the HLA results are out and there is no current match for Nagisa. This upsets Yasaka and Naoki can’t believe that Yasaka believed in Hazama, too. The shocked Yuna goes to leave with the HLA card and turns around one last time to tell her father that she will not give up.

Ichimura Masachika, Toda Naho, Okada Masaki

Mrs. Hazama finally dies

Back at Hazama’s, Tokio is trying to send electricity into his mom’s brain stem to revive her, but it does not work. Yuna rushes in at this moment and Honma tells Hazama that his mother is officially brain dead and cannot be revived. Hazama has tried hard, but there is nothing left for him to do, doctor’s are not omnipotent. Honma then says that humans are living beings that can freely live and die. Hazama says that he was saved by Honma who replies that it was Hazama’s karma and that he just helped Hazama along. Hazama then yells why is it his mom’s karma to spend 15 years unconscious only to die. He then blames himself for her sorry state and stumbles out of the room.

Yuna and Honma follow him as he says that everything is all his fault as his mother wouldn’t have been in the bomb if he hadn’t told her to meet him. Honma states that it isn’t his fault and Hazama totally loses it, asking how long he will have to bear the burden of his mother’s life. He then begins throwing things around and Yuna notices the HLA card of his mother’s. She picks it up and it is an exact match to Nagisa’s (which she still conveniently has. She shows this to Honma, who in shock, shows it to Hazama. He is shocked by the perfect match as well. He falls to his knees and says that is his mother’s gift – her karma. To live for 15 years in a vegetative state only to die in time to save Nagisa. He then screams and his hair starts to turn white! He keeps mumbling about his mother’s karma while Honma and Yuna watch on. Honma approaches him and tells him there is now a life for him to save and Hazama tells him to bring Nagisa to his place.

Okada Masaki, Ichimura Masachika

“You have another life to save”

At the hospital, Naoki sends Mrs. and Dr. Yasaka out to get some rest since Nagisa is sleeping. They are reluctant to leave their daughter, but eventually do go. Haoki then rolls up his sleeves and says that there will be no miracle. He will not allow Nagisa to be cut up and used as an experiment by Hazama. Now that she is sleeping, he will help her die peacefully. Just as she is about to kill her, in rushes Yuna and nurses, prepping Nagisa to be transported to Hazama’s.

The Yasaka’s arrive and soon behind them, Naoki and a team of the hospital’s doctors. Hazama refuses all help. Honma says it is too hard for one person, but Tokio says that they will only get in his way. Honma then volunteers, but he insists on doing it alone, much to Naoki’s dislike. Honma asks why Hazama insists on performing solo and Hazama says it is because he doesn’t want anyone to touch his mother. This is his only condition. Naoki tells Yasaka to stop the madness, but the Yasakas bow at Hazama’s feet and ask for his help. Honma then says he will take full responsibility for the surgery. At this moment, in waltzes Tatsumi with the heart and lung machine. He then tells everyone present that Hazama can perform miracles.

Okada Masaki

Hazama transplants his mother’s organs into Nagisa

Out walks Yuna in scrubs. She will not be participating in the surgery, she just wishes to be by Nagisa’s side. Hazama tells her she can and the surgery begins. As Hazama works on extracting his mother’s organs, he recalls happy moments from their past – a day at the beach, a haircut gone wrong, his mom singing to him – and he says with tears in his eyes that he just wanted to hear her voice one more time. Soon all the organs are removed and he begins to transplant them to Nagisa. He then massages the heart and it starts beating on it’s own. It was a success!

The Yasakas are happy about the successful surgery and sincerely thank Hazama for helping save Nagisa. Tatsumi says this is only the natural outcome. Naoki is still enraged, saying Hazama made a mockery of them and that it was all illegal. Tatsumi tells him that since neither he nor the other doctors helped perform the surgery, then they are not complicit in the act. Naoki doesn’t care. He won’t allow Hazama to ever receive his medical license. Hazama doesn’t care about this threat. He doesn’t need a license to practice medicine or be a doctor as he will become a doctor just by his will to save lives.

Okada Masaki, Haru, Toda Naho

Cell memory

At this point, Nagisa regains consciousness, shocking everyone as she shouldn’t wake up yet. Naoki storms out and Nagisa thanks Hazama for the flowers. It is not Nagisa, but Hazama’s mother talking! Hazama looks at his mother’s corpse and back to Nagisa who tells him that she was always happy that Hazama was by her side. But now, she wants her son to live for himself. Nagisa’s eyes close and there goes Hazama’s mother as well. So it looks like they had two miracles instead of one. Hazama breaks down and cries.

One month later, Nagisa is recovering well and has no memories of the prior events. Tatsumi comes to visit with a gift and asks after her. Nagisa has no idea what Yuna and Tatsumi are talking about. Yuna replies that it happened when she was ill and Nagisa says she has heard the story before. Nagisa then tells them of her new story, which is basically the story of how Hazama cured her. The doctor in the pictures looks a lot like Hazama as well. Yuna laughs at the likeness and Tatsumi laments how Hazama will never be a doctor now thanks to Naoki who has disappeared.

Haru, Naka Riisa, Kaku Kento

1 month later

Where? Who knows. He is in an airport looking all depressed. A little girl leaves behind a box and when he notices it, it turns out to be full of alphabet dice. He drops them and then spells out his name. He then takes out the letter’s that spell Yuna’s name and Kuryu Naoki becomes Kiriko! Thus how Black Jack’s arch nemesis is born.


Black Jack’s arch nemesis is born

Okada Masaki as Black Jack

A rare, non-arrogant smile

Meanwhile, Hazama buys one last rose and goes to the beach where he and his mom had their picture taken. He tosses the rose into the water and bids his mother farewell. Yuna finds him at the beach and gives him his mother’s picture that she still had. She apologizes for holding on to it for so long. She then says that since she met him, her goal has been to be a good doctor. Hazama goes to leave and she calls out that she also wants to be like him. He turns around and smiles at that before going on his way.

And at the very end of the movie we are back to how it starts. There is a man who shows Hazama a briefcase full of money and who asks him to perform the procedure. We have a pregnant woman in a mask sitting there. One can only guess just what they want Hazama to do. Weirdness.


  • Hi there–Thanks for all your hard work.
    Yeah, I didn’t know about Young Black Jack?…but I will check it out based upon your full recap…wow, my movies-to-watch queue keeps getting longer, rdcls.

    • I know how that goes. My drama/movie list keeps growing and growing. Along with the books I need to read, but I have been sacrificing reading time for drama time of late.

  • Answers to your Black Jack Questions and other Black Jack Facts:
    Q. What’s that little pig thing?
    A: It’s “HYOUTAN-TSUGI” which is basically a running gag. Tezuka placed it throughout his comics as a gag that would come up at awkward times for the purpose of lightening the mood. The creators of Young Black Jack much have thought it was funny to have in appeared in live action. Despite what you think, its not an inside joke, as most Tezuka fans are familiar with it.
    Fact 1: Young Black Jack doesn’t stay true to the original Black Jack manga or any previous incarnation. This is most apparent with the origin story.
    Fact 2: The bomb in the mall story line is (almost) completely new. While Black Jack and his mom were blown up, it was from a Japanese landmine and not a bomb planted in a mall. I say the Young Black Jack story is almost completely new because one Black Jack story did involve another child being blown up but a bomb left in a mall, but its hard to make the connection here.
    Fact 3: The alias “Black Jack” is implied to have come from the card left on the bomb in Young Black Jack. As far as I am aware, no incarnation of Black Jack has even attempted to explain the origin of the name within the story.
    Fact 4: Black Jack’s dad does abandon Black Jack and his mom. However, Young Black Jack introduces the idea of her going mute from the event.
    Fact 5: In every other incarnation I am aware, Black Jack’s mom dies shortly after the accident and doesn’t go into a coma/hibernation. I always felt that Black Jack had sort of a Batman attitude to him, but Young Black Jack makes him seem more like Mr. Freeze.
    Fact 6: The real life origin of the name is an accident. Tezuka thought the “Jolly Roger” pirate flag was named “black jack”. Since Dr. Black Jack is a medical mercenary he felt the pirate connection was appropriate. He found out later he was wrong. Its also been suggested that the he was influenced by the American occupational police during the post war era who carried batons known as “blackjacks”.
    Fact 7: Black Jack’s hair went white from the accident in the manga.
    Q. Is the origin of the 2-toned face true to the original?
    A: Basically. There was more details in the original manga where all of his friends were asked to offer some skin to little Black Jack, but only his black friend was willing to do it. Given the time and place the original manga was written I’m guessing it was more impactful that only his black friend would help him.
    Fact 8: Young Black Jack has a new origin for Kiriko as well. Kiriko was originally an army medic who was ordered to patch up dying solders even if they were in pain and dying. Many asked him to defy orders and end their lives. Eventually he did. After that he ending up a lot like Black Jack only as a specialist in assisted suicide. In the manga, Kiriko comes off more as a philosophical rival than a nemesis.
    Q: What is the girl with the mask with the big lump on her body all about?
    A: That is Pinoko’s sister. Who is Pinoko? She’s Black Jack’s adoptive daughter, and is the girl depicted in Nagisa’s drawing in Young Black Jack. Well, he never officially adopts her, and she prefers to refer to herself as his wife (i.e. comic relief), but there are special circumstances involved.
    You see that lump on Pinoko’s sister IS Pinoko. She is a Teratogenous Cystoma, but one that has developed all the organs of a normal human including a working brain. There’s some super natural stuff involved, but long story short Black Jack turns her into a living human. Unfortunately, the sister refuses to accept Pinoko as her sister and ultimately abandons her to Black Jack without ever revealing her identity.
    I take it as an anti-abortion story, though only a commentary on the moral choice and not necessarily related to women’s rights.

    • Doing some research while writing the recap, I did realize that the manga series and live action really didn’t have much to do with each other as well. Thank you for clarifying some of the plots and storylines I didn’t quite get as they weren’t explained in the Wikipedia article I found. I have never read any of Tezuka’s work, so I really had no idea why they would focus on a pig figurine at random times.

      It’s funny how some movies/dramas just take some of the bare basics of a manga storyline and then create something entirely knew from it. Kind of like what happened in the live action version of X-Men (being a huge X-Men fan, it was kind of sad). You can also see the same thing in Young Sherlock Holmes which isn’t based on any of the books, its just comprised of the main characters and I don’t really think stands true to the background given in Doyle’s stories.

  • is there a coming episode 2 of it or it is only 1 episode?

    • As far as I know, it is only a one episode special. But it would be nice if there was a 2nd one to give you a little more of an idea on what happened afterwards (especially if you didn’t read the manga or watch the anime version).

      • i see that’s bad then ‘coz the movie is so short for only one episode. I’d rather think of it that it got another sequence. Hopefully they will make a episode 2 due to viewers rating. yes ive checked the anime and it got a lot of episodes. I just want more episodes for live action of this one. I guess it’s not only me who’s wanting it but everyone that has watched it. let’s just hope this june episode 2 will come out =P

  • i want episode two of black jack, he’s my favorite. even i watch all of his series and ova and movies in anime. but there’s only one i cant find, the movie “capital transfer to heian” i dont know where to find the full version…
    is anyone know where i can find it, thanks!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know where you can see the entire movie. Most places only have up to the first 10 minutes. I know it’s available at the museum in Japan and it had a German release, but never an official US one.

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