Alabama Trip

Hi y’all!

I am back from my Easter visit with my family and hope to start recapping again soon. So much to do and so little time in which to do it. But anyways, I will be back on track and trying to get at least one recap up a day.

So, Alabama was a nice change from Michigan. Except that it was too hot down there. Michigan has been hovering in the 40s while Alabama is in the 80s and 90s. I like temperatures that hover in the 70s myself. Anywho, it was a nice, long drive and good to spend time with family I haven’t seen in over a year. The cool thing about the tiny Alabama town where my dad lives is that it has 3 (or was it 4) Asian restaurants despite it’s small size. There is a Chinese restaurant, a Korean restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, and I think I was told that there was supposed to be a Thai restaurant as well. I didn’t get a chance to go to any of them, though, but I hope to do so on my next visit.

I did, however, get to visit a nice little Asian grocery store called Daleville Oriental Grocery. The cool thing about this store is that it is Korean. Of course, it has different foods from China, Japan, and Korea, but it is owned by Koreans and even the signs are in English and Korean. They have a really nice Korean selection, as well as Japanese. I wished I could have spent more time there wondering around. I picked up some more of my kimchi noodle bowls, a package of kimchi ramyun, and a bottle of Korean beef barbecue sauce. It was nice to be able to pick up some Korean food as I usually can only find Japanese, Chinese, and Thai stuff at my own dinky local Asian grocery store. I also managed to pick up my favorite yogurt drinks – made in Korea. I always though that they were made in Japan. It would have been even cooler if they had actual Calpis, but the yogurt drinks are just as good and my family and I finished one of the big bottles of peach yogurt drink in only a day. My 9-month-old niece really liked the peach yogurt drink. I also got some pancit canton noodles – the big ones, not the ┬áthin ones. The package is huge and should last awhile (since my grandparents are more of the meat and potatoes people). I also got some fancy matching spoons that you sometimes see in Asian dramas. My brother-in-law also got a metal chopstick with a long spoon set. He fully intends on carrying them with him when he goes to Chinese restaurants in the future as well as using them at home.

The cashier was very friendly. He just loved my niece’s big, blue eyes. We also struck up a conversation about Asian drama. Too bad I really only know the English names and he is more familiar with the Korean (obviously). He asked which ones I have watched and I could only remember the Korean name for Boys Before Flowers, Kgotboda Namja. He said my pronunciation was pretty good, which definitely shocked me. We then got to talking about how we love the soundtracks to the dramas. It was a nice conversation. He even told me where I could watch Asian dramas online. I will definitely be visiting this place again when I go back to Alabama. I can get some food that I can’t get here and the people in the store are really nice.

My stepmom made some traditional Filipino food for us (along with some Italian and Spanish dishes). I got to have pancit bihon for the first time (not a shrimp fan, but it was good), and she made us pancit canton for Easter (which is my favorite dish next to adobo). She also made lumpia and homemade fresh spring rolls with veggie and meat stuffing with a homemade sauce that was sweet and garlicy. I didn’t get any sticky rice this time around, but that is okay. She was even nice to make a pot of pork adobo for us to take and eat on the way home. I absolutely love my stepmom’s adobo. I try, but mine never turns out nearly as good as hers. Oh well. I try at least.

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