Quartet Episode 9 Recap

After a brief recap of the first eight episodes, we pick up with the bar owner knocking someone out and telling them they will wake in an hour while Takeru peddles his butt off to reach Shun and Kasumi in time. Then we cut to Shun threatening to kill herself and Kasumi begging Shun to shoot her instead since she is useless. Shun finally points the gun at Kasumi. Can she pull the trigger? Tsukamoto watches in anticipation as Shun cocks the gun and prepares to shoot.

At this time, the bar owner finds the fuse box to the warehouse and shuts off the lights. Tan takes the opportunity to jump a guard and steal his gun. Chaos ensues. At this time, Takeru arrives outside of the factory and knocks out one of the guards. He then searches for a way in. Of course as soon as he finds one, he is confronted by a goon and starts kicking butt to save his new friends.

Outside of Midori sits Kuchinawa and his dog who asks him what he means about retreating. Kuchinawa replies that he has had the orders from the higher ups that the plan is cancelled. Kuchinawa believes that I may be pressure from Nishida that caused the cancelation. The dog replies that they still haven’t heard from Takeru – what if something terrible happened?

Back in the warehouse the lights come on again and we see Tan standing tall with his stolen gun with Shun and Kasumi lying face down on the floor. Tsukamoto’s men immediately whip out their own firearms and point them at Tan. Shun then struggles to her feat, head bleeding (not really quite sure why – maybe she was winged by a bullet in the chaos). Tsukamoto tells her to drop the gun she is still clutching and Shun advises him to do the same. Tsukamoto says Shun only has one gun and no idea if there will be a bullet in the chamber. Tan tells him to shut up and drop the guns.

As Tan moves forward the men move and bring up their guns once more. Tsukamoto tells Tan that is too bad, but all of a sudden Yang and the men who betrayed Tan turn in tandem on Tsukamoto! Yang tells him that he may have betrayed Tan once, but he will never be Tsukamoto’s man. Tsukamoto who can’t understand Chinese, doesn’t need a translator to know he is being betrayed. Tan then tells Shun to take Kasumi and run. When the girls leave, Tan tells Tsukamoto he is dead. Tsukamoto claims defeat and begs to have his life spared and he will leave Midori and give the drug factory to Tan and his men. He then gets down on his knees and picks up a fallen gun, shooting Tan. Tan’s men immediately open fire and more chaos ensues.

Shun gets Kasumi safely outside the room, but with the sounds of all the gunfire, she looks back, probably wondering what to do. Meanwhile, Takeru is kicking butt. Tsukamoto gets up, one of the last men standing. He shoots Tan (?) one more time and leaves the room calling for Kasumi. And wouldn’t you know he runs smack into our butt-kicking Takeru. Takeru knocks Tsukamoto down and says that since he is looking for Kasumi, that means she is safe.

Shun gives the weak Kasumi a gun and tells her to wait there as Shun wants to ascertain the situation. Kasumi shakes her head, but Shun insists she is better fighting with her bare hands, thus the gun won’t be helpful. Shun then takes off.

Tsukamoto complains about Takeru using too much force. He then fakes Takeru out by pretending to see Kasumi. Takeru falls for it and Tsukamoto starts whooping his butt. He grabs Takeru’s gun and points it at him. At this time Shun (who must’ve got shot in the arm during the melee goes back and finds the injured Tan). At this time, one of the betters comes behind Shun and points a gun at her head, demanding she put all the cash in a briefcase. After everything that has happened, this surprises Shun.

Meanwhile, Tsukamoto asks why Takeru seems to be scared of the gun. Does Takeru even know how to use one? Takeru keeps crawling backwards and eventually stands up again, hands up. Tsukamoto then explains how to use the gun and readies it to shoot Takeru who backs into a room with Tsukamoto doing his usual blathering. As Tsukamoto goes to shoot Takeru, Kasumi shoots Tsukamoto. She tells him that she knows how to use a gun. Kasumi collapses and Takeru picks up the gun Tsukamoto dropped and says all he needs to do is pull the trigger, right?

Then in comes the crazy politician with Shun. He tells Takeru to drop the gun and he complies. The crazy ass then smiles and tells Takeru to back up. Tsukamoto then reclaims the gun. The politician then throws Shun to Tsukamoto and tells him to clean up as he runs. Tsukamoto grabs Shun as a hostage and runs out of the building only to be confronted by Kuchinawa. Tsukamoto puts Shun in front of him as a shield and demands to know who they are. Kuchinawa says nothing and shoots. Shun drops and Tsukamoto goes down just as Takeru runs out.

The angry Takeru glares at Kuchinawa who thanks him for the hard work. Takeru yells and goes to charge forward, but is stopped by Shun who tells him it’s okay and to drop the gun and save Kasumi. The angry Takeru does what she says and runs off to help Kasumi.

Shun and Tan sit outside the warehouse calmly bleeding. Shun apologizes for not being able to help him. Tan tells her that is all right as he will be deported some day and there is nothing any one can do to really help him. He then thanks Shun for doing all that she could. Tan tells her that no matter where he goes now, he will become a man that his family can be proud of. At this time Takeru comes with Kasumi and sets her down.

Kuchinawa wheels himself over and his dog gives an envelope to Takeru who says he doesn’t need. Takeru is told to stop being childish. He takes the money and says that’s right, it’s all their fault. Shun then tells him to please give the money to Xiao Chun’s son Tao. Kuchinawa says he understands and will do it. Takeru gives the money back. And then punches Kuchinawa (the man seriously deserved it). Takeru then says that the only person who can kill Tsukamoto is Shun.

Some time later, our three young operatives meet at Kasumi’s request. They have become good friends now. Takeru and Shun bicker like always. Kasumi asks if Shun will die her hair back, but Shun has decided she likes the new style. Takeru asks what they are doing and Kasumi replies karaoke, movie, and dinner. Why so normal? Doesn’t Kasumi want to do something really cool. Shun asks why Takeru is complaining. Takeru says he is just asking. Kasumi then replies that she wanted to try it. Takeru asks what and Kasumi replies gathering with friends, talking, laughing together and living a normal. It’s something that none of the three have really got to experience. Shun says that is right, it’s their common point. Hearing this, Takeru agrees to the plan, putting his arm around Kasumi. Shun tells him to quit being disgusting and he points out his free arm. See? He left room for Shun. LMAO.

At this time, Kasumi gets a call – it’s Kuchinawa! This shocks the other two. Kasumi answers the phone. She tells Kuchinawa she is with Shun and Takeru and Kuchinawa asks if the trio has rested enough. Why? Because he has another mission, of course! This shocks Kasumi and Takeru takes the phone and tells Kuchinawa not to disturb them and hangs up. The three then go about with their original plan on a normal day with friends.

The episode ends with a solo shot on Kuchinawa and a message being typed. What is the next mission? You crimes are on the rise so our trio is needed. Besides, they haven’t even met the real enemy yet. How ominous!

And that is seriously where this episode leaves us. Honto ni. It’s horrible. But it leaves room for a second season. Not that it is technically necessary. As you have those movies and series that basically just introduce you to how a team is formed. A second season would pretty much be like the first.

But anyways. I did enjoy this series. A bit predictable and over-the-top at times, but good nonetheless. Watanabe proves her versatility as an actress as does Fukuda. And Matsushita proves that he is not just an R & B singer. He is a pretty darn good actor considering this is his first drama series and a starring role at that. He did an excellent job portraying the playful, headstrong, rash Takeru. Huge fan now. I can’t wait to see more of him in the future.

And I do have something to say about the title of this drama. Yes, I know it is the same as the manga’s. That’s not the point. You can’t really call them a true quartet as it is really only the three young people doing everything while Kuchinawa is a puppet master. So, I don’t think the  title really accurately describes the relationship, but I guess that it sounds better than “The Trio.”


  • Is this really based off of a manga?
    Who wrote the original manga?
    Thanks for your recaps! Love them! 😀

    • I don’t know if its a manga per se, but it is based off the Quartet book series by Oosawa Arimasa.
      Glad you’re enjoying the recaps.

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