Quartet Episode 8 Recap

The penultimate episode! So much went down at the end of the last episode and here we are almost to the end of the series. Will Shun and Kasumi survive? Will Takeru manage to get out of Midori and deliver the evidence to Kuchinawa? Will Tsukimoto finally be caught and brought down? Well, guess what? Most of these questions will not be answered in this episode! And to top it off, it ends on quite the cliffhanger.

Takeru runs and runs and gets to their car just outside Midori. So it looks like Kuchinawa will get the evidence. Meanwhile, Xiao Chun is being mourned by her family and friends. It looks like her older brother will not let his little sister’s death go unpunished. His friend begs him not to use them to get his revenge. Tan does not order his boys to follow him, he gives the statement that those who want to join him can and the majority leave with him. Shun is freed and given a message from Tan: leave and never return.

Back in Tokyo, Kuchinawa’s dog is pursuing someone. Is it the crooked politician? Glasses man easily drop kicks the guy and gets his gun. Ah, I think it’s the man who was kicked out of Tan’s gambling hall. Such a big baby who can’t fight worth a darn. He pleads for his life and he is told he is under arrest for violating firearm laws. This shocks Kamiya as it was not what he was expecting at all.

Meanwhile, in Midori, Tan and his men gather. Apparently Tsukamoto is back unescorted. Tan and his men then proceed in to take Tsukamoto out. Tan’s right hand Yang breaks down the door. Tsukamoto hears this and is surprised when Yang and the rest storm in with their guns. Tan tells Tsukamoto that he’s a dead man (really should have just shot him right away). Tsukamoto says he didn’t think such things would happen even once and turns to Yang. Uh-oh, mole?

Yang and the rest of Tan’s men turn on him and take his gun. Oh geez. Tan asks Yang what is going on and Yang replies that he just wants to live. Always a good reason to betray your sworn brother. Tsukamoto then says that out of the men there, only two were really loyal to Tan. The rest betrayed him. Tsukamoto asks Tan how that feels before Yang knocks him out.

Takeru has made it to the station in Tokyo where he is desperately trying to get in touch with Kasumi. He wonders what is wrong and why she isn’t answering. He is really jittery when Kuchinawa and his dog comes in. Takeru asks if it is all over, but Kuchinawa says that it isn’t. They still have to verify the contents of what Takeru delivered. Takeru says it isn’t the time to worry about verifying the drugs as Kasumi hasn’t been responding and Shun might just die at Tan’s hands. This doesn’t ruffle Kuchinawa at all. Their goal is to bring down the drug factories. Takeru asks if that means Kuchinawa will just leave the two girls to die. Kuchinawa calmly looks at Takeru and says that to mobilize the unit requires proper reasons (saving Shun and Kasumi doesn’t fall under that category I guess).

Takeru says he was an idiot for trusting Kuchinawa and starts to leave when the lights dim and a video starts rolling. It is Kamiya who confesses about the murder roulette game where druggies were forced to kill each other under Tsukamoto’s orders. Kamiya explains the rules and how the guest who got the bet right got to kill the last man standing. The bodies are then disposed of. Kuchinawa asks if this game falls on specific dates, but it doesn’t. Only when enough people are gathered. The bets go through the roof when there are women present. Uh-oh. Sounds kind of ominous for Kasumi (and most likely Shun, too, who just won’t be able to sit still after being told to leave). Kamiya can’t name just who the betters are, but he can guess they are big wigs with lots of money.

The movie ends and the lights come back on. Takeru complains that Kamiya did not mention the drug factories at all. Thus, why they have to wait on identifying the drugs that Takeru brought. When the contents are verified, Kuchinawa will mobilize his men. Of course, this does little to assuage Takeru’s worry and temper. By that time, it will most likely be too late for Kasumi and Shun. Kuchinawa says that they received Kasumi’s report about Diet members participating and are looking into leads. Kuchinawa then says an important meeting was canceled, so they can pretty much guarantee the murder roulette is going down tonight. The victims must be good for the Diet members to quickly abandon their work.

Back in Midori, Shun sits in her apartment. She hears the Chinese violin and thinks of Kasumi. And where is Kasumi? She is imprisoned with the junkies awaiting the game.

Kuchinawa explains the plan to Takeru. He will enter Midori by a certain time and for the span of one minute, Kuchinawa’s team will shut down the lights. And that is the only window of opportunity Takeru will have. Kuchinawa then wheels away saying this was not part of the original plan and they are only doing this because Takeru begged. Kuchinawa then says that whether Takeru goes or not is up to him. To Takeru, this is a no brainer – he’s going.

Meanwhile, Shun is looking for Kasumi. She goes to an abandoned warehouse where she sees a picture of Kasumi tied up taped to the wall. Then out walks Tsukamoto and his men. Apparently he figured out they used the Ehru for communication. Shun glares and says that he ambushed her. Tsukamoto says not yet. They plan on having fun while Shun tries to run. Shun then asks about what happened to Kasumi. Tsukamoto asks who that is. Shun doesn’t rise to this bait and asks once more what happened to her. The man who got burned when Kasumi threw the bomb then throws his crutch down and Shun kicks it. Tskukamoto’s men then grab her. For a strong girl, she is easily subdued. Tsukamoto then remembers who Shun is from when her little brother Rin was getting killed. He asks if she is the same girl. He then laughs and says he feels alive again seeing that gaze. He then delivers a kick to her head and has her dragged away.

The Diet members are happily going on their merry ways to the game. How sick can these people get? Betting on druggies to see who will be the last man standing and then the winning better gets to kill the final survivor themselves. Sheesh. And it’s always these warped crazies who wield some type of power. Kuchinawa’s dog (I apologizes, but I really don’t know his name, so he gets that tag because that is, in effect, what he is) is following one of the members with an antsy Takeru along for the ride. Kuchinawa tells Takeru not to be nervous. Takeru says he is trying his best not to flare up, but if something happens before they get there, he will never forgive Kuchinawa. This doesn’t seem to faze the silver-haired leader.

Shun is brought into the room with the other victims. Kasumi apologizes and says that it was her fault. Shun tells her that it is okay and that “idiot” (heehee, what she calls Takeru) will definitely come and save them. Shun is then told by Tan that she is the idiot for thinking she and Kasumi can escape or be rescued. Tan then explains just what Tsukamoto is doing with the murder roulette. This causes one of the druggies to start freaking out and his friend tries to calm him.

Takeru and the other make it to the entrance of Midori and Takeru is out of the van in a flash. Kuchinawa calls out to him and when Takeru turns around there is a gun pointed at him. Kuchinawa then turns it around and hands it to Takeru who reluctantly takes it. He then tells Kuchinawa not to arrest him for illegally carrying a firearm later. Kuchinawa says there is no need to stoop that low as what happens in Midori is none of his business. Takeru asks for 10 minutes before running off.

Meanwhile, Kasumi is starting to come down from the drugs Tsukamoto injected her with. Shun holds her and tells her not to worry once more. Tan, always the pessimist, says that there is nothing they can do to save themselves. Tsukamoto and his men have guns while they have nothing – they are sitting ducks. Shun then says that their friends will definitely come and save them. At this time the hostess comes in and the game starts by each member picking a number.

Takeru is running full out when he is tripped by a group of thugs. The leader bends a frying pan with his bare hands and goes through the motions of looking cool and showing his strength. The annoyed Takeru apologizes, saying he has no time and immediately kicks the leader to the ground. His stunned cronies all run from the powerful Takeru who then steals their bike to get to Shun and Kasumi faster.

Kuchinawa closes his cell as his dog comes back. He tells him that the results are out and that the drugs Takeru brought match the ones in the market by 70%. Is that enough to mobilize on? Nope. Seriously. They two can only wait for Takeru to come back. Kuchinawa asks how much time is left and is told 3 minutes. Oy. In three minutes a lot can happen.

The game is about to begin. Shun is #2, Kasumi i s #3, and Tan is #5. Kasumi, still coming off the drugs, can’t even stand anymore. The rules are explained to the clients once more who are all excited by the fact that there are two females. The bets are maid and given to Tsukamoto and then the hostess gives out the gun to #1 who shakes and puts it up to Shun’s head apologizing as he pulls the trigger.

Click. It was empty. He collapses to his knees. The hostess gives the gun to Shun and she looks down helplessly at the shaking Kasumi. She then puts the gun to her own head. This brings one of the betters to their feet. They tell Shun not to be stupid as they have a lot of money riding on her. Shun then says he is the stupid one. Rather than shooting Kasumi to amuse them, she’d rather kill herself. Kasumi begs Shun to shoot her instead of killing herself since Kasumi feels the her now is useless. Tsukamoto then stands up and tells Shun to continue. Shun lowers the gun and then points it at Kasumi. Can she do it?

Won’t know until the concluding episode!!! What a cliffhanger!

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