The hair of “Gackt: The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 ~Red~”

***Special guest post by nichan***

If you happen to be a GACKT fan, perhaps you already know this, or maybe you don’t: he shaved his head this week. I’ve seen mixed reviews on the topic, and I personally fall into the category of those crying, “Ugh, what?!?”

In honor of this curious event, I decided to crack out Gackt: The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 ~Red~ and review the many hairstyles within.

As a side note before we begin: I believe you’re supposed to type his name out as “GACKT”, even though everything I have featuring him mostly has it written as “Gackt”. For the duration of this post, I’m going to stick to “Gackt”, simply because when I type in all caps, it seems like I’m yelling – and if I’m yelling “GACKT!”, it’s not in a setting safe enough to post on a blog without password protection.

1.) Another World – Hong Kong, 2001

There’s not too much to say about the ‘dos in this video. The girl’s got some craziness going on, but the emphasis certainly isn’t hair. The emphasis, you see, focuses more on a plot that screams “Moon Child”, sans the whole vampire thing. …And leather pants, sadly. And leather pants. (Sigh…)

Ow! Papercut to the eye!

I assume that watching money fall from the sky is like a typical Tuesday in his world?

Shooty shooty, bang bang.

“Hi, my name is Gackt, and I’d like to interest you in a new music download…”

2.) Oasis – Nevada, 2000

I’m not a huge fan of this video, admittedly. In terms of hair, though, it has both its good and bad points. Bad goes first: his hair looks really wretched. Good goes next: when his hair looks that wretched, you sort’ve start to think about how badly it needs to be washed. And then you think about washing it yourself. And then you sort’ve start to remember those Herbal Essences commercials from the early 2000s where the woman would start moaning in the shower. And then you start thinking about those leather pants from “Moon Child”…

Wash this man's hair, please.

He just seems uncomfortable in this video, like the whole look is based on a shower-denying drought hitting right before filming starts.

This woman needs conditioner.

And then there’s this girl, who’s hair got attacked by what looks like a prickly white tree branch.

3.) Secret Garden – Los Angeles, 2000

In this video, Gackt lurks around all emo-like in a bus stop. I’m not sure why, because I’ve never been able to focus on the lyrics since I’m too busy being swept away by the sound; but there he is, in a bus stop, looking mopey. As for hair, though, it’s all messy and simple… like he’s inviting you to ruffle your fingers through it. And you want to… Oh how you want to…

"You may now tell me how cute I am."

“Oh, I’m sorry. Were you saying something? Maybe something about how cute I am?”

Not enough mascara.

There are a lot of people at this bus stop. Some of them hookers. Some of them hookers with fuzzy boots and heavy makeup.

4.) Redemption – Japan, 2006

This is one of my top three favorite looks for Gackt’s hair on this disc. It’s long, it’s got curls, it’s got braids… All he needs is glitter and a unicorn, and he’s highlighted every bullet point on a very special list. I don’t know what list that might be, but I don’t care: his hair rocks in this video. …Not to mention how everybody else in the band has awesome ‘dos this time ’round, too.

"I am pretty, oh so pretty!"

How many dudes can pull off long and curly locks and a leather outfit without having to be in a costume drama about 1800s England?


A mohawk and a ruffled collar? Sign me up!

5.) Mizerable – Nevada and Los Angeles, 1999

In this video, Gackt’s hair is thin, straight, in his face, and red. Except for the thin part, these are all the makings of an awesome hairstyle. As you can see from the two images I selected to post here, however, the concept somehow derailed horribly.

Isn't there a song about the devil and a violin?

The hobgoblin has better hair than Gackt in this video…

"Get off my lawn, whippersnapper!"

He doesn’t seem particularly giddy in this scene…

6.) Black Stone – Sydney, 2005

In this video, it seems that someone has requested a delivery of a truckload of Gackt and Friends, with a special order of super awesome hair. Everybody has it. There’s short and messy, wild and crazy, holy crap an 80s hair band attacked me, and… whatever that is that’s going on with Gackt’s hair. It’s long, it’s somewhat snarly, and it’s got two large scraggly things, which I assume he uses to reach into tight places to root for food.

That's how I dress when I have to leave the house, too.

Having done strange things to my own hair, I’m going to assume he almost blinded himself at least once while whipping those locks around like that.

The most wholesome fun that's ever been had in the back of a semi truck.

I work in a place where trucks are inspected. This video has caused me to always have one eye peeled for a shipment of Gackt…

7.) Seki-Ray – Japan, 2000

This video is shot with a coating of Vaseline on the camera lens; with some sort of super-slow, low-light film thing going on; and just to add to it, Gackt’s not even all the way in the picture half the time. So I’m not exactly sure what his hair looks like in this video. …Heck, I’m not even sure what he looks like.

Woe is me...

Look at those highlights and lowlights! That’s a hairstylist’s dream!

The Barbara Walters' filter.

“Look at me! This is the most in-focus I get!”

8.) Vanilla – Los Angeles, 1999

And here’s another example of my top three favorite looks for Gackt’s hair on this disc. He must’ve fried it with a wheelbarrow’s worth of bleach, ’cause it sticks out straight back from his head with a stiffness otherwise unobtainable by even the staunchest of gels. Add on the black nail polish, the black outfit, and the dirty, dirty lyrics, and……….. I’m sorry. What were we talking about?

Yes! The leather pants have returned!

Yup. He’s upside down, hovering over a white ball. There’s Saran Wrap eventually, too.

Pre-Lady Gaga

There are a lot of people in crazy outfits running around in this video. They have some highly amusing expressions, but my DVD program wasn’t able to catch them for how quickly they flashed on the screen.

9.) Dreams You Pursued – Japan, 2003

When I was busy converting a former co-worker to the Religion of Gackt, we watched a few of these videos during our shift. (Shh! Don’t tell the boss!) This was her favorite – the one that made her a Gackt sort of girl. She said he was all scraggly and rough and such in it. I guess some girls like that. Apparently this video is for them.

"I'm too hot for my jacket."

It’s like he thinks he’s a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks…

Like, the *only* Asian girl on this disc...

…Complete with the cutesy girl in the frilly clothes.

10.) Mirror – Los Angeles, 2000

Oh… Man… The hair in this one… I mean, the rest of the crew has some pretty neat stuff going on. They’re trying. …But Gackt? Duuuuuuude. What’s going on with that frizzy mop? I mean… I suppose this is probably the result of all of the looks from 1999, but… yikes. Poor fellow needs some conditioner, stat!


Tee-hee, tee-hee.

These aren't the sorts of leather pants I was hoping for.

It’s like a team effort to make this a hair video.

11.) Never Forget You – Japan, 2002

This video centers around Gackt and his lover, a Ducati. They have a pretty intense relationship, if by “intense” you mean that they hang out on airport runways and try to look cool. His hair in this one is just as interesting as the storyline. Not really sure how he managed to take his usual look, toss in a dash of bleach, and somehow wind up with yaaaaawn… but he did.

Vroom vroom!

As somebody who has been launched from a motorcycle thanks to the front grill of a truck, I’d like to say: Hey, kids! Don’t be like Gackt! Wear a full faced helmet!

Wow. Really?

Add in a Zonda and a few babes, and you’ve got yourself a rap video.

12.) Metamorphoze – Somewhere in the Gundam Universe, 2005

Gackt has hair in this video, you just can’t really see it. It’s black, it sort’ve sticks out a-la-Vanilla, but it’s hidden mostly behind the scenes from whatever Gundam series that is, plus Gackt’s own overwhelming enthusiasm about getting to cosplay. …From what little can be seen, it appears that his hair sort’ve looks like he stuck his head out the window of his cockpit while launching into battle.

"It's a Gundam!!!"

I’ll admit it: I’m a nerd… I find this concept cool.

Pop-ups gallore.

“What’s on the other channel?”

So that’s it! That’s the hair of Gackt: The Greatest Filmography 1999-2006 ~Red~. And if he ever shaves his head again, at least I still have ~Blue~ to fall back on. And my very large 2010 poster. And “Moon Child” with those sweet, sweet leather pants…

More about nichan:
i like cantonese music, japanese music, a dash of korean music, and our site owner has recently exposed me to mandarin music. — joey yung was my introduction to asian music.

i like manga and anime. — “sailor moon” was my introduction to anime, and my first manga obsession was “gravitation”.

i really like ancient chinese literature. — i believe “the tale of genji” was my introduction to asian literature, but i very quickly converted from japanese to chinese. i’m pretty sure my first chinese literature experience was “a dream of red mansions”.

i was a history major in college. i did my senior thesis on the comparison of yaoi and slash fan histories. when i got out of college, i still had a year left on my parents’ insurance, so i went back to the local college and did an independent study on learning world war i through “gundam wing”.

i like the occasional asian movie, but i don’t really have the attention span for movies…

i loves me some loligoth/gothloli

the problem, you see, is that i’m way, way, way too cheap and lazy to bother getting new stuff, so i predict that all of my reviews will be on things i’ve already watched/read/heard, rather than new and up-to-date releases. don’t be expecting to see new titles and whatnot listed under my name… i buy from the bargain bin!

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