Sign Episode 9 Recap

Wow. This was not a slow episode at all and yet if feels like nothing happened, while several things did. So, where to start? This episode in a nutshell can be explained like this: Da Kyung and Yi han begin re-investigating Dr. Joo’s doctored gang case on their own. They luck out by coming upon the last victim’s corpse while Ji Hoon and Woo Jin examine the crime scene to determine the likelihood of it really being a gang shooting. Of course, this quartet manages to discover the truth masquerading behind the cover ups and lies. Will Myung Han’s and Jang’s house of cards finally come toppling down? Who knows at this point, but the deck is definitely teetering.

At the lecture, Ji Hoon informs Myung Han and his class that any medical examiner found to be falsifying reports will have their license revoked and can serve at least 5 years in prison. Ouch. Afterward, Ji Hoon then confronts Myung Han about Kang Seo Yoon. Of course, Myung Han feigns innocence, but even if it’s true, what can Ji Hoon possibly do without evidence? It’s Ji Hoon, you can’t underestimate him. Myung Han later calls Joo to confirm that all of the evidence from Seo Yoon Hyung’s case has been destroyed. Well, not exactly. The fiber is still missing. This enrages Myung Han because if that evidence is still at large, then Ji Hoon does stand a chance of blowing the case wide open.

When Ji Hoon gets back to his office, he is automatically approached by Jae Young with the gang shooting incident. Ji Hoon ignores it at first until he hears Jae Young mention a lecture that Ji Hoon gave where he stated that even with the 10 rounds of a pistol, due to the recoil, it’s damn near impossible to be accurate. This sparks Ji Hoon’s interest and he takes the case file for Jae Young and storms out to confront Joo. Myung Han’s head lackey will not fess up to doctoring the results, but we all know Ji Hoon won’t give up. He commands Jae Young to get the information while he checks out the crime scene. Jae Young warns Ji Hoon not to stand out too much as he just got back the main branch.

Meanwhile, Da Kyung has arrived home and is frantically searching her room for the fabric evidence. Her dad tells her he put her stuff from the southern branch in storage. She tears through the storage room and grabs the evidence before rushing out where she runs into Yi Han, literally. When Yi Han notices the sample, he asks if if is from Seo’s case a year ago. Da Kyung says it is and Yi Han tells her that she can’t turn it in to the NFS to re-investigate because it is stolen evidence and inadmissible. The two then go to a coffee shop where Da Kyung  tells him about meeting Seo’s killer. Da Kyung is shocked when she learns that Yi Han is already aware the killer was Kang Seo Yeon. If he knew, why didn’t he arrest her? Yi Han explains that his hands are tied without the prosecutor’s approval. Thus we learn just how ineffective the justice system is. A lot of things rely heavily on the prosecutors and if there is corruption there, forget about it. Yi Han then asks for Da Kyung’s help.

The prosecutor in question who did not pursue that Kang connection is talking to the prosecutor in charge of the latest cover up. He is angry that the “killer” has not been found yet. Woo Jin asks him about the case and he insists that it is cut and dried. Woo Jin brings up the fact that Korean gangs usually use knives and are careful not to kill if possible. So why would this gangster, especially without a drug deal going down, be using a western gun? The other prosecutor says they will know when they catch him. He then asks why Woo Jin is interested in the case. Woo Jin claims that she isn’t and was just curious. So, is our wishy-washy prosecutor actually going to pursue the case after she has already told Yi Han to give it up?

Yi Han takes Da Kyung to a shooting range where he teaches her how to shoot a pistol. Da Kyung misses horribly and Yi Han explains that due to the enormous recoil, accuracy is very hard. Even he, who practices several times a week, can only gain a 50% accuracy with it. So, how can a gangster accurately hit someone dead center in the forehead and then in the heart? Da Kyung readily agrees to go to the NFS and look into the autopsy and findings from the case. As she is about to leave, Yi Han gets a call from Dong Koo begging for help. Yi Han then stops Da Kyung and asks her to come with him before she heads back.

At this time, Ji Hoon has arrived at the crime scene where Woo Jin sits and waits. Ji Hoon asks her if she has something to cover up there like she did for the Seo Yoon Hyung case. Ji Hoon then unceremoniously kicks her out. Woo Jin refuses to leave as she regrets what she did one year ago, letting Kang’s only daughter off. Now she wants answers. What is the truth about this case? Is Jong Ho really the murderer or is there something else at work?

[There is some other stuff going on, like Jang telling Myung Han that they need to silence this whole gang shooting mess before it screws up Kang’s chance of becoming president elect. Oh, and my favorite part is when Jae Young gets caught by Hong sneaking out of Joo’s office after having obtained the necessary info that Ji Hoon requests. When Jae Young refuses to tell her what’s going on, she immediately begins calling out for Joo. Jae Young tries to silence her, but she shakes off his hand and Jae Young finally just kisses her to get her to shut up. Omo! Totally hilarious! Hong drops her coffee and actually gets into the kiss when Joo asks the two just what they are doing. Jae Young’s face is priceless as hides his face in his hands and runs off one way while the shocked and excited Hong runs another direction.]

So Ji Hoon gets out his camera and starts photographing the scene while Woo Jin looks around and consults her notebook. She is shocked when Ji Hoon throws her some gloves and tells her to help since she is there. This shocks Woo Jin and she complains, but puts on the gloves. We then get an explanation of how the blood patterns and splatter can help them determine where the victim was and where the killer was. The two set about measuring bloodstains and tying ropes. They then can determine from this that the victim was initially sitting and was standing up when he was shot. They also determine where the shot came from. Due to the angle and positioning the killer would have to be between 180-185 cm (5’10”-6’1″), while Jong Ho is only 170 cm. This means that Jong Ho probably isn’t the killer. Well, the audience already knows this. Gotta love situational irony.

Yi Han and Da Kyung arrive outside a hospital (not really sure if that is really where they are at or not) where Yi Han immediately berates Dong Koo for running away earlier. Dong Koo then says he had no choice as Jong Ho could only depend on him and Jong Ho was dying. Yi Han asks where Jong Ho is and Dong Koo takes them into a room. Jong Ho has finally passed away from his bullet wound. Da Kyung lifts up the sheet and opens his shirt and sees the bandage and obvious bullet wound. That means that Jong Ho wasn’t the killer, but a victim just as Dong Koo said. At this moment the investigators arrive and are upset to find their only lead dead. Yi Han tells his cop senior that the man was shot, so he was murdered, too and is not the murderer. The head police investigator calls the prosecutor in charge (who is with Jang – dang this conspiracy keeps growing!), and is shocked to hear that they are just to take the body to the morgue. Say what? When Da Kyung hears this, she locks herself in the room with the body.

Ji Hoon and Woo Jin then set about looking for blood stains that are different. Woo Jin finds a unique (almost flower-shaped) pattern and asks Ji Hoon about it. Ji Hoon then deduces that there was a second person who caught the deceased on the first shot. The killer then shoots the first victim in the head and uses a 3rd shot on the 2nd person. The blood stain was from the blood dripping off the clothes. Woo Jin then brings up what Dong Koo told her and Yi Han about how Jong Ho was shot by an American soldier. Ji Hoon then says that they have to catch Jong Ho immediately as he probably still has the bullet in his body, thus that is the crucial piece of evidence they need to prove that Joo’s findings were wrong. Thus, Jong Ho’s life is in danger as they will want him disposed up to keep their cover.

Woo Jin tries to get a hold of Yi Han to let him know what is going on, but can’t reach him. At this tmomen, Ji Hoon gets a call from Da Kyung who tells him about what is going on with Jong Ho. Ji Hoon tells her to wait while they get a prosecutor’s warrant to do an autopsy. Da Kyung refuses as she knows they will lose just like they lost a year ago. Ji Hoon then asks if she is ready accept the consequences of doing an unsanctioned autopsy. Da Kyung agrees and the two begin while Yi Han yells at Da Kyung to stop and Woo Jin yells at Ji Hoon to stop, but the two continue on anyways.

Since there is no time, Ji Hoon instructs Da Kyung to do an incision just below the bullet wound to see if the bullet is still there. Da Kyung does, after reassuring the deceased that she will find his true cause of death for him. After awhile, she quickly discovers the bullet and extracts it (while Yi Han is desperately trying to get the door opened). She describes the bullet and how there is a “P” stamped on the bottom. That engraving identifies the weapon as a gun used by American soldiers. Yi Han finally manages to get into the room to have Da Kyung announce the findings.

Of course, Da Kyung is taken to the police station where she is charged with performing an unsanctioned autopsy and damaging a corpse and impeding an investigation. Youch. Da Kyung stands by her actions, but gets bawled out by the head prosecutor. Ji Hoon then comes and whisks Da Kyung away. Woo Jin then scolds the head prosecutor for covering up the truth. Yi Han asks what Woo Jin will do. Her reply, she can’t turn in a fellow prosecutor. Yi Han then calls her the supreme ass kisser who will do anything for a promotion. When will Woo Jin finally grow the spine to do the right thing?

Ji Hoon takes Da Kyung home where he says that she should have expected the results, but don’t worry, they have truth on their side. All they have to do is get the autopsy Da Kyung performed sanctioned and keep her from losing her license to make the evidence admissible. Ji Hoon then compliments Da Kyung to her father by saying she is a good medical examiner. Ji Hoon leaves and Da Kyung cries, touched by what he said. Basically, he believes that even though it was legally wrong, Da Kyung did the right thing (Hell, he did the same thing himself a year ago).

Needless to say, Jang is furious about Da Kyung’s discovery. He tells Myung Han to get Da Kyung’s license revoked so that her evidence is inadmissible. He then tells Myung Han to close the case as quietly as he can. Myung Han says that it doesn’t matter what happens as the bullet name is out there – is Jang really confident that nothing can be gleaned from the crime scene? Jang is certain and also says that it doesn’t matter if the media finds out because they will get the soldier out of the country so he can’t be touched by Korean law.

Da Kyung arrives at the NFS to meet her fate. She is called in to talk to Myung Han and Ji Hoon asks to go along to explain. Ji Hoon lays down his accusations and Myung Han doesn’t deny them, again he wonders what proof does Ji Hoon have of a cover up? Myung Han then accuses Jong Ho and the other man killed of being nothing but trash, so what does it matter if the truth isn’t known? Ji Hoon says that race, status, sex, etc. don’t matter in the examining room – the dead are all equal. He also says that no one should be able to take the life of another without facing consequences. Myung Han doesn’t agree and doesn’t care what he does as long as he has power. Blech. To show his power, Myung Han formally dismisses Da Kyung. Ji Hioon says Myung Han can’t without a disciplinary hearing, but Myung Han went to the top of the ladder to get Da Kyung’s removal approved. Da Kyung accepts this, annoying Ji Hoon. She hands in her badge and Ji Hoon asks why she gave in so easily. Da Kyung says it’s because she believes in Ji Hoon. He will get her badge back, he will bring her back to the NFS, and he will get justice for Jong Ho and his friend. Da Kyung cries as she leaves while Ji Hoon stands in shock.  Can he justify Da Kyung’s fate? Will Myung Han win another round?


  • If there’s anyone out there that’s desperately anxious to read recaps of the following episodes, check this site here:
    It has recapped Sign up to episode 17 and it’s nice and thorough with plenty of pictures. The blogger is also a guest writer for dramabeans~~

    I was so thankful when I found this site and all the great recaps of Sign, but I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. So I just wanted to share the link to another site that has more recaps. I found this site just recently by accident and was really excited. I thought asianaddictsanonymous had shelved recapping this drama because there weren’t any updates for a while. I was anxiously waiting to find out what happened after episode 7. I know asianaddictsanonymous has A LOT of dramas that she’s recapping right now, so it’s completely understandable. Upon revisiting this site, it’s great to see that two more episodes have been updated since I last came here~~ I will read both recaps~~~

    • Yeah, I am crazy and easily distracted at times. That’s my defense. And then I go through drama watching spurts + then work or something else comes up and my drama time gets limited. Unfortunately, I began recapping Sign at a time when my 2nd job cropped up and I was tutoring night classes. Thus why I was behind on that and I am trying to figure things out to give all the horribly behind series a chance to have some newer recaps up. Thanks for sharing the link to the other recaps for those who might be interested since I am so horribly behind.

      The goal is to finish recapping the horribly behind series-in-progress and then not bite off quite so much next time and stick with just a small amount at a time. And I am going to try to recap dramas that no one else is to give more options out there for people who might be interested. When I was putting together the Recap & Review page, I was amazed by how much I had gotten done so far and ashamed by how many series I have started and not managed to complete yet.

      Anywho, thanks for stopping by!

      I am thinking about trying to find someone else to help, but haven’t managed to rope any of my friends into watching dramas to recap them 😛

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