Down With Love Episode 8 Recap

Now, this really has been a long time since the last post…and my only excuse was that the end of episode 7 annoyed me so I put off watching this series. While episode 8 was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I can admit a great disappointment in Ke Zhong. Seriously. Sigh. Men. Men obsessed with women who are obsessed with other men make bad decisions where everyone gets hurt. And with both men and two women making stupid decisions wee have reached the half way point for the series. So, how can they royally screw things up in the next eight episodes? We’ll have to see.

Okay, so Ke Zhong has taken our cute, clutzy Yang Guo to visit Hui Fan at her filming site. Needless to say, Hui Fan is NOT happy to see the girl who has captured Yu Ping’s heart (such an inferior product when compared with Hui Fan’s perfection – I am so being sarcastic). But Hui Fan’s mood improves when Ke Zhong reports that he has confessed his feelings for Yang Guo. This, at first shocks Hui Fan, but once it registers, she is nothing but pleased. Why? This means that Ke Zhong can keep Yu Ping and Yang Guo apart. Ke Zhong then confesses that Guo has yet to accept his feelings – could Hui Fan maybe persuade Guo of his sincerity? Hui Fan immediately sings his praises and tells Guo that he has never once confessed or shown interest in a girl before, so Hui Fan knows that Guo is special. Hui Fan is called back to set and the three arrange to meet up later. Sigh. As if we didn’t know already, Ke Zhong thinks to himself that he is only doing this for the woman he truly loves – Hui Fan. This way she stands a chance to win Yu Ping back.

Michael Zhang, Ella Chen

Ke Zhong gives Gou an apple made out of a sweater?

Off on their own, Ke Zhong again confesses to Guo, this time with an apple he made from the sweater that Guo had knit for her ex-boyfriend. Guo is shocked that Ke Zhong took the time to unravel the sweater. Now, I would think unraveling would be fast and easy (as that is how it usually works for me and crocheting, but whatever. These two treat it as a very hard task. Ke Zhong says that it was very difficult and that all the time he did it and while trying to think of something to do with it, he recalled Guo’s words from the night her ex threw it back at her. And, in case we needed the refresher (I seriously didn’t even though it’s been so long) we get flashbacks. Seriously. Flashbacks so we can see that Ke Zhong really is repeating what she said verbatim. Wow. Needless to say that Guo is touched by Ke Zhong’s remembering and saying that he wants to be the one to cherish her and to be cherished by her in return. He hopes that one day she will knit a sweater for him full of love like she did for her ex who totally didn’t deserve it. So, what’s a girl to say with such a sincere (if only), touching (truthfully is) proposal? Our Yang Guo accepts and Ke Zhong immediately embraces her, silently apologizing to her. Why? He loves Hui Fan, but Hui Fan loves Yu Ping, thus he can’t be with Hui Fan. Nonetheless, Ke Zhong really does care for Guo and promises (again silently) to make up everything by loving her. But he can’t love her like she deserves, the cad! Meanwhile, we have Guo wondering why she feels like she has lost something by accepting, but what is it? More like who is it, silly girl!

Back at the shoot, Hui Fan is swamped with reporters asking her about her recent collapse, break up, and rumored relationship with a director. Hui Fan thanks them for her concern and clarifies that they will soon see about the breakup rumors. At this point, our poor Yu Ping who is desperately searching for Guo to confess shows up. Hui Fan goes up to him and just as he is about to ask her for Ke Zhong’s and Guo’s whereabouts, she announces to everyone that Yu Ping is her boyfriend! Yu Ping is shocked and unhappy about this, can’t blame him. Hui Fan is the one who selfishly blew off his proposal causing him to break up with her, and now she is the one selfishly holding on to him by trapping him with the media. Yu Ping tries to clarify, but Hui Fan won’t allow him to get a word in edgewise. Ke Zhong and Guo return at this moment to see the two facing the reporters as a couple. This shocks Guo and Ke Zhong takes her away from the scene as it is no time for them to be with the two.

Jerry Yan, Chen Zhi Han

Don’t want to break up

Afterward, Yu Ping demands that Hui Fan tell the truth. Hui Fan refuses as she doesn’t want to let Yu Ping go. She loves him and wishes to hold on to him. Yu Ping, totally not interested in the matter at hand or helping Hui Fan save face (she seriously needs to face her lies anyways), distractedly tells her to hold off for a time then and tell the reporters she broke up with him since he wanted her to quit show business. He then runs off before Hui Fan agrees. The hurt Hui Fan yells out that she doesn’t want to break up. Poor her, no one’s listening anyways.

Ella Chan, Jerry Yan

“Do you love him?”

Yu Ping goes back to Ke Zhong’s house and FINALLY is able to see Yang Guo. Before he can revel in that delight, up pops Ke Zhong who tells Guo they should announce the good news to Yu Ping. What good news? Ke Zhong happily states that he is now dating Guo. Poor Yu Ping has arrived too late and is in a state of shock. He begins having stomach pains and Guo helps him to the couch while Ke Zhong gets him some medicine. While Ke Zhong is away, Yu Ping asks Guo point blank if she really loves Ke Zhong. What to do? Guo can’t answer truthfully that she does. Ke Zhong then arrives with the medicine and says that the only reason Guo and he took this long to get together was because Guo didn’t want to pay the huge breach of contract fee (for not being a lesbian). Guo then scolds Ke Zhong as that is not true. He smiles and says it is a joke, but you know he is trying his best to put distance and mistrust between Guo and Yu Ping.

Ke Zhong takes Yu Ping upstairs where he scolds his “best friend” and “sworn brother” for working too hard and not taking care of himself properly. Yu Ping is shocked that Ke Zhong has confessed to Guo. How could he be so blind? When did Ke Zhong start liking Guo? Ke Zhong is on the defensive right off the bat. He has known for a long time that Guo was straight. Yu Ping, undeterred wishes to know if Ke Zhong truly likes Guo. Ke Zhong does not confess to liking Guo, but scolds Yu Ping for not trusting or believing in him. Yu Ping then confesses that he likes Guo as well. Ke Zhong asks him not to confuse Guo and to not destroy their relationship by pursuing the girl Ke Zhong is now dating. How did their relationship not get destroyed when Yu Ping “stole” Hui Fan?

At dinner that night, Ke Zhong announces to his mother that he is now dating Guo. Needless to say, she is not happy as she believes Guo is low class and not good enough for her son. Changing the topic, his mom then asks why Yu Ping was so frantic to find Guo. Yu Ping, not able to confess now, says that he wanted Guo’s approval to take on her father’s lawsuit to gain even more prestige for his firm. Of course, because Yu Ping is only business-minded, but you can tel Ke Zhong’s mother is still a little suspicious to Yu Ping liking Guo. She then asks why he speaks so highly of Guo. Yu Ping then says that Guo was his niece and nephew’s nanny and a good one at that. Ah. Of course, Mrs. Qi proceeds to insult Guo, upsetting Ke Zhong. Yu Ping intervenes and tries to diffuse the atmosphere by agreeing to play host and intermediary. Mrs. Qi then gets up and excuses herself, leaving Guo feelings miserable and the atmosphere tense.

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen

Full moon confessions and omissions

Later that night, Guo can’t sleep for thinking why Ke Zhong likes her and how they can be dating now. She gets up for a walk and there is the restless Yu Ping sitting outside. Guo sits down with him and Yu Ping points out the moon and says that it is full. Guo is amazed and says that it is pretty. Yu Ping then says that the full moon has an effect on people so they say and do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Guo and he laugh when she makes a werewolf comment and the two seriously begin discussing why they can’t sleep. Guo explains that she just can’t trust that Ke Zhong would like someone like her. Yu Ping then says that she has a special quality which makes other girls pale in comparison. Of course, Yu Ping and Guo discuss her lie and why she wasn’t honest. They then hedge around the subject of each other liking the other. OF COURSE, neither can confess. Guo wants to, but remembers him and Hui Fan together. Yu Ping wants to, but remembers Ke Zhong’s words about not destroying their friendship and can’t say the words. He then tells Guo that Ke Zhong is her soul mate and will take good care of her. Gah!!!!

The next day, Guo, Yu Ping, and Ke Zhong go out to explore the city and Hui Fan crashes the party. Well, Ke Zhong invited her to keep Yu Ping away from Guo. Ke Zhong then takes Guo to go out on a date since they are a new couple, leaving the old couple alone. Hui Fan grabs Yu Ping’s hand, but he shakes her off. Hui Fan wants to start over and comments about doing things like they used to. Yu Ping tells her that can never be. Hui Fan asks if he likes Guo (that’s a duh). Yu Ping just walks away stating that they are officially over and can’t start again. Serves the witch right. I have no sympathy for that whiny, selfish girl.

The trio come home talking about a trip to Shangai where they will meet Mr. Qi, but Mrs. Qi has already planned a party in honor of Yu Ping visiting as he hardly ever comes to the mainland. Guo obviously doesn’t want to go as she is not comfortable in such situations, but she can’t not attend. Later, Yu Ping goes to give Guo the candy, but can’t bring himself to do it. He then visits Ke Zhong instead and asks if Ke Zhong has made preparations for Guo to have a dress. Ke Zhong says it is taken care of and Yu Ping then mentions that Ke Zhong is her boyfriend and needs to take better care of her. Ke Zhong scolds him for being too concerned and says he should just look after Hui Fan. Yu Ping then states that it is impossible for him to get back together with Hui Fan. This shocks Ke Zhong. Yu Ping says she will always be important to him. Yu Ping also mentions how in hindsight he can see the past more clearly now and how Ke Zhong felt for Hui Fan. Ke Zhong denies this, but Yu Ping says that they should both not let the past hurt them now and leaves. How profound. Yu Ping is finally maturing while Ke Zhong seems to be devolving and getting worse.

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen

“You are beautiful”

The party arrives and there is a ton of wealthy people and most of them are young women that Mrs. Qi hopes to entice Yu Ping and Ke Zhong with. Yu Ping wonders why Guo hasn’t shown up yet. Ke Zhong wonders as well, but he is trapped greeting people. Yu Ping goes off in search of Guo who is wrapped in a blanket. Yu Ping unwraps her and she quickly hides behind a curtain. He chastises her for acting like that and says he will give her his honest opinion. Guo drops the curtain reluctantly and Yu Ping is in awe! Guo is wearing a smexy, red number that shows a lot of skin. Who knew Ella had a chest and could look like a decent girl? Yu Ping calls her beautiful, but laughs at her tennis shoes. He goes and grabs the heels despite Guo’s protests. Guo puts them on and trips. And here we enter la-la land. Seriously! We have a lot of tripping and body contact. Soon the world is just Yu Ping and Guo. Yu Ping, oddly enough, instructs Guo how to wear high heels properly and we get this montage of the two dancing and walking and having a blast.

The magic moment is ruined when Mrs. Qi’s henchman comes in looking for Guo. Yu Ping excuses himself back to the party while Guo finishes getting ready. The servant then accidentally on purpose, spills grape juice all down the front of Guo’s dress. Meanwhile, Yu Ping goes back and Ke Zhong asks where Guo is. Yu Ping indicates she will be down soon and this makes Ke Zhong feel relieved as his mother had just requested him to choose a dance partner to open the party soon. When Guo comes down, she is wearing a coat, which she is then forced to take off by the coat checker. What is Guo wearing? Yan Ling’s leopard print dress. Let’s ignore the fact that Yan Ling is rail-thing while Guo has a little more meat (she’s slim but not as tiny as Yan Ling), and Guo definitely stands out, which is not what she wants. She is unsteady at first, but recalling Yu Ping’s comments and encouragement, she starts walking with confidence, which is quickly destroyed by girls badmouthing her. She trips and falls and Ke Zhong rushes to her rescue and invites her to dance. The two stumble their way through laughing.

Michael Zhang, Ella Chen

“Dance my Cinderella”

Meanwhile, Yu Ping watches and calls Gou is Cinderella. He hopes that she is enjoying the moment and ignoring the derision of those around her. Yu Ping then runs off as he is very emotional. How he wishes he was Ke Zhong. We get a montage of all the moments he had with Guo and how he is sad that she is no longer “his” alone. What can he do?  He wants Guo to be happy (even though he is hurting). But again, what can he do when the one he loves is Guo and there is only one of her and she is dating Ke Zhong? Yu Ping then takes out one of the candies he bought for Guo and eats it while curling up and crying. Poor Yu Ping. I curse Ke Zhong who has no pure motives for dating Guo.

Jerry Yan

For Yu Ping, there is only Guo

The next day, Ke Zhong is called off on business and Yu Ping leaves for Taipei. Guo is left alone with Mrs. Qi who has come to a decision. If Guo is the one Ke Zhong chooses, then Mrs. Qi will do her best to mold Guo into a suitable partner for her son.

Aiyo. Looks like Guo’s life is going to get harder and more complicated.

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