Gakeppuchi no Eri Episode 9 Recap

It’s done! Huzzah. It was a nice little comedy with a serious message… which would have been made even better without repetitious preaching.

Episode 9 picks up right where 8 left off, with Eri going to tell Kamoda the good news only to find his apartment empty. Masamune then joins Eri in her apartment as she paces back and forth trying to figure out just where Kamoda went. Eri fears that he may have committed suicide, but doesn’t think Kamoda would have had the guts to go through with it. Masamune then tells her that they should go look for Kamoda as Kamoda is an important person in Eri’s life. So the two set off on their search.

The whole office is depressed to find that Kamoda is still missing. At this moment Kirino’s head lackey comes in and introduces Weekly Treasure’s new editor-in-chief, Sakata. Another blow for the staff. Masamune asked what happened and they are told that Umemoto quit to take responsibility. Sakata then goes on to say that gambling and sex scandals will be eradicated and Eri’s serialization will be canceled. To top this off, her book copyright will be too. Oh geez.

Eri tries calling Umemoto, but can’t get through. She goes back home depressed. She looks into Kamoda’s empty apartment and turns around excited when she hears a noise. But it is not Kamoda, it is her mother returned from her onsen work. Eri tells her mother what happened. Eri asks if her mother thinks Kamoda will come back and if he will still take photos. Mitsuyo tells Eri that Kamoda is a lot like she is. Eri would never stop drawing, thus Kamoda can’t stop taking pictures. This comforts the disheartened Eri.

Eri starts going to publishing companies and magazines looking for work, but to no avail. She isn’t popular enough and only does the same old thing. They have no use for a mangaka like her. Ouch. When Eri returns home, there are men there taking measurements. What is going on?

The apartment complex is set to be demolished and luxury apartments are to be set up. Eri tells Masamune that they have to find a new place as soon as possible. Eri says that she and her mother have officially hit rock bottom this time. No work, no apartment, and her mother just broke her false tooth. Eri forces a laugh, but Mitsuyo and Masamune don’t join in and she trails off. The phone rings and its Umemoto.

Eri and Masamune go to meet with Umemoto. They go into an empty room with a few boxes. It is a dump. Eri is mad when Umemoto is no where to be found, but then he pops out of the wall where he was repairing a water pipe. He then tells Masamune and Eri that he plans on starting a new publishing company there. This shocks the two. His plan? He wants to start a magazine just as low as Weekly Treasure is. The company and the magazine will be the lowest of the low until they can climb up the ladder. Umemoto then asks Eri to do a 4-page serialization and she quickly agrees. Masamune then asks to help as well.

Eri and Masamune are walking home, happy to be working with Umemoto once more. Masamune then says the only thing missing now is Kamoda, which dampens the mood a bit. Then Eri stops. Standing at the top of the hill is Kamoda! Masamune rushes to him while Eri follows slowly behind. Masamune comments that Kamoda seems different. He then scolds Kamoda for taking off and leaving them to worry. Kamoda then notices Eri’s expression and asks what’s wrong. She then complains about him taking off without a word. He says “I’m back.” This earns him a shove by Eri as she starts crying. Noticing the atmosphere, Masamune quietly goes off and leaves the two to talk.

They end up sitting on the swings at a park while Kamoda gives Eri some pictures he took on his trip. Kamoda tells Eri that he wanted to take pictures again as that is what she liked about him. Since he had no money, he cleaned out his apartment and sold everything. He wanted to show Eri his new photographs first. This makes Eri exceedingly happy. She was worried that he would never come back. Kamoda said he would never do that. As he goes to tell her something else that is important, Eri breaks the news that the apartments are being torn down. This shocks Kamoda.

Eri then says she is having trouble find a cheap place to rent as that place was the cheapest in Tokyo. What will they do? Kamoda then says they can all live together: him, Eri and Mitsuyo. That way the rent will be cheaper as it will be split three ways. That’s not the shocking part, though. Kamoda then says matter of factly that he is proposing. Say What!?I I SO didn’t see that one coming. Eri doesn’t seem too shocked. Her first words are that they’ve never even dated, so how can he talk about marriage (and here I was thinking he was more fatherly to the girl). This doesn’t phase Kamoda. and he gets up and requests to date Eri and then marry her. Eri sighs and tells Kamoda that his proposal stinks as there is no feelings or mood. It isn’t romantic to be told to marry and save on rent (she’s got him there). Eri then outlines her perfect proposal. Who knew the tough tomboy had such romantic dreams?

Eri then walks over to a sign and complains about Kamoda proposing near the “beware of perverts” sign. Kamoda says he understands and Eri asks what. Kamoda then says Eri is turning him down. This shocks Eri – who said she was turning his proposal down. Omo! And here I thought she liked him as more of a dad figure, too. Wowza! Omo, what about poor Masamune? This shocks Kamoda. Eri says Kamoda can’t decide on a person’s feelings and then accuses him of being selfish. He selfishly left, selfishly came back, and is now selfishly proposing. Nice. Kamoda apologies and then Eri says it is boring when he isn’t around and that she also gets lonely. The two then start their usual bickering and then stop, smile, and laugh. Looks like that relationship is back on track. But it’s still weird.

Kamoda and Eri head back to the apartment where Mitsuyo is happy to see Kamoda return safely. The three sit down and Kamoda bows to Mitsuyo and asks permission to marry Eri who confesses that she loves Kamoda. Eri then bows as well. Mitsuyo seems to be in complete shock. She turns around and addresses Eri’s fathers. Mitsuyo then turns around and says that Eri’s father agrees. She then bows and asks Kamoda to take good care of her daughter who only knows how to draw. Kamoda agrees and bows back as well.

Then the wedding dawns. Eri and Kamoda are decked out in traditional Japanese wedding outfits and are walking the “Virgin Road.” They are getting married at a shrine with all of their friends and family present. The wedding seems a little extravagant for these two who have no money. The wedding begins with a famous historical novelist doing the ceremony and acting as a witness. The vows are exchanged and Kamoda and Eri are officially married. Still kind of shocked by this, but I guess this was all foreshadowed when Eri confessed she liked Kamoda and Masamune seemed to understand more than I did, just what Eri meant.

After the ceremony, Masamune gets a call on his cell and Mitsuyo catches the bouquet. It looks like there might be something between Mitsuyo and Umemoto. Then up runs Masamune telling Eri her manga won the grand prize. Everyone is happy and shocked. Everyone congratulates Eri on finally making it. Eri finally gets over her shock and starts yelling and celebrating. Umemoto tells her not to let it get to her head and Eri says she won’t and will work hard. Kamoda congratulates his new wife and soon everyone is cheering for the marriage and Eri’s success.

We then fast forward six years. Eri and Kamoda have a nice house and have two children (a boy and a girl). Eri is still popular and busy. Her son draws her a picture. Eri calls it a spaceship, but it is a portrait of her. We then cut to a interview about Eri and her success. Eri’s mother of course has to butt in and hog the camera and tell Eri’s story for her. Eri and the reporter start getting annoyed and eventually Eri yells at her mother and Mitsuyo apologizes and backs off. At this time, Himuro is handing out cards in a brilliant orange suit. Oh, geez. Some things never change.

That night at the dinner party, they discuss the interview and Kamoda going on a two week trip. He promises to be back in time for their son’ Jounosuke’s birthday. Eri then says they must have a huge birthday party when he returns. The family is a happy and lively one. Eri is burning the midnight oil to get her manga done on time. Kamoda turns in as he has an early flight. As he goes to leave, he watches his wife hard at work and smiles.

At Umemoto’s publishing company, Umemoto asks Eri to prepare a new serialization on marriage and family life. Eri willingly accepts the offer. Masamune then comes in and asks for a revision on Eri’s manuscript. It’s time for Mariko’s bottle and Masamune says he will make it and Umemoto then asks to hold the baby. It’s nice that their relationships are still good and that Eri still continues to work with them even though she is popular. Eri and kids return home where they see a rainbow and yell for Kamoda to hurry and return home to them.

Kamoda is out in the country taking pictures of farm workers. He is happily taking pictures of an old couple working the fields. They tell him their pictures won’t be interesting, but he believes seeing a couple still working together is a great thing. The grandparents then comment on how Kamoda seems to want to go home. He admits that he does and that he is leaving that day. The couple say Kamoda’s wife will be happy. Kamoda says he wonders as Eri is different. At this time, the little four-year-old grandson runs into the street after a ball and Kamoda runs to push him out of the way. Splat!

Eri is hard at work and happy thinking Kamoda is coming home when she gets a phone call. She rushes to the hospital where Kamoda is. When she gets there, he is in critical condition. There is a great chance that with his extensive injuries, he will die. Omo, how crazy. Eri calls and tells her mom the news and Mitsuyo tells Eri to brace herself and leave the children to Mitsuyo. Eri says she will and that she will believe that Kamoda will absolutely recover. After she hangs up, a nurse comes and tells her to go to her husband.

Eri goes to his side and calls out his name. He says that he is clumsy. Eri asks what he is saying at a such a time. Kamoda then smiles and says that it will be material for a manga. Eri agrees to this and he smiles more. Eri then says that he has to hurry and get better so they can have Jounosuke’s birthday party. Kamoda nods and says when the kids are older, he wants all of them to go on a trip to see the countries he’s been to. Eri agrees and tells him to rest. Kamoda tells Eri he will be find so go and work. Eri says she can’t draw at a time like that. Kamoda then says that when Eri is drawing manga is the times he loves the best. Eri cries and says it’s his first time saying it. Kamoda then says that he respects her and that his favorite thing about her is how she makes a decision and never quits no matter what others say or think. That makes Eri amazing to him. Eri wipes her tears and sniffles. Kamoda then reaches up and pats her head and thanks her…for what? Then his hand falls and the monitor bleeps. Say it ain’t so!

After the funeral, Masamune visits Eri’s house. Mitsuyo brings him tea and he tells her that Eri seemed to have an empty heart at Kamoda’s funeral. She just kept staring at Kamoda’s portrait. Masamune has never seen Eri like that before, plus she can’t draw manga. Mitsuyo then says that no matter what happens, no matter how painful something is, Eri can’t stop drawing. She has to draw.

Meanwhile, Eri is with her children in front of her husband’s shrine. She calls him selfish to the end. But despite him selfishly leaving, she was very happy every day. She thanks Kamoda’s picture and tells him with tears in her eyes that she is drawing. She then goes out into the living room with the children and tells Masamune that she will continue with the deadline. Eri will work hard to finish all the work she is behind on. This makes Masamune happy to see her back to her old self.

Eri sits down in her office and begins to draw. We then get a montage of Eri’s life. From her childhood in poverty to her struggling life as a mangaka in Tokyo from when she first met Kamoda. As she draws, she keeps recalling all these memories and puts them down on paper. Her times with her husband and how happy they were. Her final drawing is Kamoda’s last request to go on a trip together to visit the countries he’s been to.

Eri hands it in to Umemoto who says it is interesting. He asks what the title will be. Eri says “Eri on the Brink” and then changes the title to “Gakeppuchi no Eri.” Umemoto and Masamune smile as it is fitting for Eri’s life.

At the publication ceremony, Eri thanks everyone and explains that the book encompasses her whole life – the good times and the bad and how money to her meant the same as live to everyone else. A nice, long inspiring speech. Eri then says she plans on taking her children to visit the countries their father went to and she will then draw those experiences. The crowd breaks out into applause.

And we end this series with Eri working hard and drawing like she always. does.

Wow. Everything seems to have happened in the last 45-50 minutes with Eri finding love, succeeding, having a family, and losing her husband. Craziness, craziness.

Overall a good series even if it did get too preachy and the plot of each episode was basically recycled and reused over and over again with new people and settings.

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