Gakeppuchi no Eri Episode 8 Recap

We pick up with Masamune overhearing Kamoda telling Umemoto about regretting not being able to tell people he was not the one who took the “miracle one-shot.” This shocks Masamune who has always respected Kamoda for that picture.

Masamune goes to visit Kamoda afterward to talk about it, but he goes on about how the publishing company has a new president (the former president’s son). Kamoda asks if that is the reason Masamune is there, and just as Masamune is about to ask about what he overheard, in bounces Eri to show Kamoda her new work – a sequel to her Poverty Tales manga about promotional sales of her book. Kamoda tells her it will fail as it is just the same as her other manga. Eri says that it is different as it has jokes in it this time. Masamune says that it is good and Eri decides to talk to Umemoto about it the next day. There goes Masamune’s chance to ask.

The next day the new president arrives at the publishing company. He doesn’t know much about the publishing industry per se, but he does know a lot about management. One of his first dictums is that several publications be canceled, one of them being Eri’s Weekly Treasure. This idea is opposed by a section chief who is quickly put in his place. After this, no one objects and the magazines are to be discontinued in month.

The upbeat Eri walks into the magazine office where her coworkers are all depressed after hearing they may be discontinued. This shocks Eri who falls and can only utter “discontinued” over and over again. Eri snaps out of it and decides to go meet the president for a talk. Just like Eri.

Umemoto goes to the new president and asks for him to reconsider. The new president doesn’t care and will not rescind his opinion. The president then tells Umemoto to quit if he can’t accept the change. He then brings up Uemoto’s past as the chief editor of Weekly Journal where he exposed a lot of corruption. After an incident of objection. Umemoto left his office and went to work on Weekly Treasure instead. The president asks how he could do that and Umemoto says that he enjoys his job, can’t he?

At this moment in barges Eri who wishes to talk to the president. Eri tells Umemoto not to worry as she will say what she wants. The president asks who she is and Umemoto introduces her as a mangaka who has a serialization in the magazine. The president then calls her, her serial. and the magazine vulgar and wonders if such a publication only appeals to the vulgar masses. How rude. The president then tells her to get out as it is not a place for a person like Eri to come to. The president then tells Umemoto to go to and to clean out his desk. Umemoto says that the world is not full of only refined people. Umemoto believes his magazine is the food of the common people. He then asks the president to reconsider once more and Umemoto and Eri both bow. The president then says okay if they can accept a condition.

What is this condition? Eri and Umemoto go back to the magazine HQ and tell the staff that they have only one month to sell 30,000 copies. This immediately depresses the staff as it is double their normal sales. Eri tries to buck up the staff, but their reactions are still not the best. After Eri’s speech about not wanting to give up the “vulgar” magazine without a fight, Umemoto jumps in and says that they will be crushed anyway, so why give in without a fight to hold on to their beloved magazine. Everyone then decides to give there all.

Eri, not able to stand still goes out in search of a scoop with Masamune who says that they will only end up accomplishing nothing without a plan. At that moment, Himuro pops up on the run again. Why? In order to repay Eri, he got into a fish scheme that fell through and now the investors are after him. Himuro then hits Eri up for money. This man. Eri gets angry and starts shaking her cousin. Masamune then comes between Eri and Himuro and tries to keep Eri from doing anything rash. Himuro then holds up a magazine with Kamoda’s Miracle One-shot on the cover which distracts the infuriated Eri. That was the first time Eri saw the photo. Masamune tells her that it was taken 5 years ago and that Kamoda even one a prize. Eri then takes off running, leaving Masamune and Himuro behind.

Eri accidentally runs smack into the president who then scolds her for being more low and vulgar, running willy nilly. The president then asks if Weekly Treasure will really be able to sell 30,000 copies or not. Eri gets up and says that they will definitely reach the goal and the president will be crying at the end of the month thanks to Eri’s scheme. Hmm, what scheme? Eri then stalks off followed by Masamune. The president’s lackey’s complain saying that Eri and co. should just give up as the fight is futile. The president says that nothing is more ridiculous then the endeavors of an incompetent person. Eri is rash, brash, loud, naïve, and ignorant, but she is not incompetent.

Eri runs into the office and says she has come up with an eye-catching plan. She runs up to Kamoda and asks him to expose himself. How? To talk about his miracle one-shot in order to save the magazine. Kamoda refuses. This upsets Eri and she keeps asking him why he won’t do it. Kamoda finally yells that he won’t “just because.” After fiver years, it’s kind of hard to admit that you really weren’t the person who took that once-in-a-lifetime photograph.

Meanwhile, the president is looking in to Kamoda and the picture. This could be troublesome if the president sniffs out the truth.

Masamune and Eri are walking home and Masamune asks if Eri is really interested in the photo. Eri then explains how it has drawn her in with its warmth and sadness. Masamune, hearing this then tries to confess his feelings, but can’t. And here I expected him to tell her that Kamoda didn’t take the photo. Masamune then runs off with Eri wondering just what is going on.

The president asks to see Kamoda who goes to his office. The president tells him of a new magazine endeavor that targets intellectuals. He wants Kamoda to be a part of the publication, to be a flag waver. Kamoda is not happy about the offer as it is based on his miracle one-shot. He then turns down the offer saying he is happy where he is. The president then iterates that the magazine will be folding soon, so why would Kamoda stay in a sinking ship. Kamoda doesn’t reply and just leaves. This definitely makes the president more suspicious.

As Kamoda leaves the president’s office, there is a Masamune we have never seen before. Who knew Koizumi-san could have a side that actually had a very intense dark look (only for the briefest of seconds)? He pulls Kamoda into the stairwell and asks him how long he will keep his secret. Masamune then says that Eri almost cried when seeing Kamoda’s one-shot. Masamune doesn’t like it that Eri is being tricked, and everyone else for that matter as well. Masamune tries to talk Kamoda into confessing the truth and freeing himself from the burden he is carrying. Umemoto comes up the stairs at this time and overhears the last part before excusing himself for being impertinent.

At the riverside, Kamoda reflects on Masamune’s words that Kamoda is deceiving people. Meanwhile, at the office, Masamune is all alone when Umemoto comes in. He asks Masamune to spend some time with him. Probably to talk about Kamoda.

Back at the apartments, Kamoda comes in and pays Eri a visit to talk. So will he confess his transgression?

Umemoto takes Masamune to a bar and asks if Masamune knows about Kamoda’s secret. Masamune says that he does and Umemoto apologizes for not telling him. Masamune says that he feels betrayed for having admiring Kamoda for so long only to find out it wasn’t his picture.

At this time, Kamoda confesses to Eri that he didn’t take the picture. Eri says that he had to as his name is on it. Kamoda flips the magazine open to the interview with him and tells Eri about how he dreamed of being a war cameraman after watching Vietnam footage. He worked hard and when to his first war front at 23. Reality was a lot different than what he had envisioned. It wasn’t cool, it was horrifying. One day he came to a village where he was popular with the children. Watching them play, he decided he wanted to take pictures of the living, not the dead or dying. One day, he gave the kids his camera to play with and at that time the photo was captured.

Kamoda took the photos in to Umemoto when he still worked at the prestigious journal. Umemoto commented his photos aren’t good enough for what he is doing. Umemoto then stumbles on the picture of the one-shot and asks to hold on to it. Kamoda, not thinking anything suspicious, allows him to. Umemoto then submitted the photo for a prize without Kamoda’s knowledge. Kamoda found out when he was eating ramen one day. He confronted Umemoto who apologized to him for keeping it a secret. Just when Kamoda goes to spill the beans about the photo, reporters come in and swarm him. So it all just got out of hand and he never got a chance to correct it.

Umemoto tells Masamune that people are weak and that is why they just couldn’t bring up the truth. Kamoda tells Eri that one reason he didn’t tell the truth was hoping for a regular income. But then there was more pressure and he was consumed by guilt. Poor Kamoda.

The next day Kamoda tells the president that he didn’t take the photo and can’t participate in the exhibit. The president then says that Kamoda must participate because it has already been decided and announced. The president then says if Kamoda doesn’t particiapte, then he will automatically close down the magazine before the month is over. The low-down dirty rat!.

Eri gets home and tells Kamoda that she heard about the exhibit. What will he do? It may be none of her business, but she’s worried about him. Kamoda throws open his door and tells her to come inside. Eri nods and goes in. Kamoda gives Eri his photographs and notes from the time he was a war photographer and begs her to draw a manga of him that tells the truth. Eri asks him if he is sure and he says he is. Eri needs something eye-catching and Kamoda wants to finally be able to move forward once again.

Eri starts looking at the photographs and say they may be a warzone, but they are warm photos that tough the heart. Kamoda says they were always rejected for not having the right pathos. Eri tells him that she loves his photos and asks him to take those touching photos once again. She then goes back to her room and starts working on Kamoda’s manga while he lies awake and thinks about Eri telling him that he is the kind of man she likes. Eri then begins churning out page after page of Kamoda’s story.

The next day Eri turns in her sketches and tells Umemoto that it is at Kamoda’s request. Umemoto looks through them and says they will put them in the next issue. The drawings and Kamoda’s journal as is. Umemoto then tells Masamune that only he can right the article. Yosh! Things are coming together. The staff all work hard to get Kamoda’s story done as fast as possible to make their deadline. This is their last hurrah. Will it be enough?

The day of the exhibit arrives and the president opens the event. Just as he leaves the podium after giving his speech. His lackey runs up with the newest edition of Weekly Treasure which exposes Kamoda’s lie. Needless to say he is not thrilled at all.

Eri and Masamune then show up and the president asks if they intended to release that all on their own. Eri then says she can ask the same question. She hits the bulletin board with Kamoda’s pictures and says that the president just made things up as well. Kirino asks what she means and Eri vehemently says that the pictures portrayed are not Kamoda’s. Reporters come over and ask if this is true and Kirino laughs it off saying it is just Eri’s publicity stunt to sell her manga.

Eri butts into Kirino’s speech and says that Kamoda is not how Kirino portrays him. Eri lists all of his faults like being sly and cowardly. That doesn’t matter to her as he is the type of guy she loves. Eri then says that Kirino can’t use people just to make money. Kirino finally gets angry and calls her a low-class mangaka protecting a low-class cameraman. Eri doesn’t care if they are low-class. She is proud of it. The typical Eri.

Umemoto goes to Kirino’s office to get the verdict. Weekly Treasure got the sales increase they needed. Umemoto thanks Kirino who then scolds him for using his friend’s shame in order to increase circulation. Umemoto then hands in his letter of resignation. Say what?

He goes back to the office where the staff are anxiously awaiting the verdict. Umemoto announces that the cancellation is withdrawn. Masamune then says Kamoda should be told and Eri runs off to tell him. When she gets back to the apartment, Kamoda’s room is empty and he is gone! Oy. What are these men doing?

What will happen in the final episode?

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