Smile, Donghae Episode 10 Recap

Saewa is in a state of agitated shock at seeing Do Jin in a family picture with Kim Jun. What does it mean. That answer is obvious, but Saewa is still in denial. She confirms Do Jin’s identity as the vice manager at the Camilla Hotel and as Director Kim’s son with the maid. Instead of hanging around to meet Kim, the rattled Saewa hightails it and wonders why Do Jin kept his true identity and parentage a secret.

Do Jin and his parents arrive home and learn from the maid that a young female announcer had visited. She is immediately balled out for letting someone she didn’t know into the house from Jun, then Hye Sook, and then from Do Jin who warns the maid not to let it happen again because she knows his mother’s attitude.

Do Ji Won, Oh Ji EunAt the hotel, Donghae bawls Bongi out for wearing Saewa’s wedding dress. Bongi asserts that she was just helping Anna make adjustments by modeling it, but Donghae doesn’t care – Saewa wouldn’t like it if she learned someone else wore her wedding dress. Bongi quickly goes and changes. Anna sits making alterations while Donghae counts money and makes a list. Bongi tells him that she managed to get her friend’s restaurant for Donghae and they are even willing to let him use the kitchen. Donghae smiles and thanks Bongi who then asks if he expects her to cook for him and Saewa. Donghae replies that he will be the one doing the cooking. This shocks Bongi as she didn’t know he could cook.

At the Lee household, Tae Hoon can’t concentrate on his studies because he’s worried about Sae Young. He goes to the door and notices his cousin Songi. He gets her attention and asks her to let him out. Songi initially refuses, but Tae Hoon convinces her to let him out. As soon as she does, out comes Sun Ok who quickly drags him back to the room to lock him in while she has Songi go lock the gate.

Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo is trying to have a talk with Sae Young. She gets irate when her youngest doesn’t talk or get out of bed. She then throws back the covers and discovers Sae Young is missing! Where is she? Sae Young snuck out to the Lee household and wonders what she should do. Sun Ok wouldn’t like it if Sae Young went inside. So Sae Young goes around the house to Tae Hoon’s window and call his name. Tae Hoon thinks he’s hearing things now, but he goes to the window and there is Sae Young! Tae Hoon laments over how pitiful she looks. Sae Young says she is okay because she has the twins to protect her.

At the station, Saewa is lost in thought thinking about Do Jin’s real identity when another announcer comes in and asks if she is okay. Saewa then learns that Kim has returned to the office and immediately leaves to see him. Kim was supposed to return the next day but came back early. He is apprised of Saewa’s situation when she barges in. She tries to explain herself but she is unceremoniously kicked out of the office. After she leaves, Kim calls for a gathering of all the producers. Uh-oh, this can’t bode well for Saewa.

When she gets back to her desk, Donghae calls and asks the flustered girl if she is free for dinner as he has something important to tell her. Saewa wonders what it is. Donghae won’t tell her and just asks if they can meet after work. Saewa distractedly agrees. The happy Donghae hangs up and he and Bongi get ready to go out and prepare the stuff for the proposal.

Park Jung AhSaewa is in the bathroom trying to regain her composure. She refuses to sit still and let something bad happen. As she is about to get up and leave, two female announcers come in and start ridiculing her situation. They then bring up Do Jin who is handsome, young, and an elligible bachelor. Any girl who snagged him would have it made because of who his parents are and the fact that he is being groomed to take over the Camilla hotel. After the other announcers leave, Saewa comes out considering what they said. Uh-oh.

Bongi gets to the elevators first and overhears Do Jin calling Saewa. This shocks Bongi who then tries to hide and keep Donghae off the elevators, but all three end up on the elevator together. Donghae is oblivious to Do Jin’s conversation as he is lost in happy thought about what to do for the proposal preparations. Meanwhile, Bongi gets a fright when she overhears Do Jin set up a date with Saewa for that night at the same time as Donghae’s. She gets an even bigger scare when Do Jin brings up marriage to Saewa. Just what is going on? When Do Jin hangs up, he notices Bongi and asks what she is doing there when she is supposed to be on suspension. Bongi answers that she had some business to take care of. They finally reach the lobby and the three go their separate ways.

Bongi tries to broach the subject about Saewa possibly having another man in her life, but can’t spit it out, so instead she tells Donghae to bring his mother along. This makes Donghae happy as he was worried what his mother would do all alone all day. He then rushes off while the uneasy Bongi tries to gather her wits and figure out just what is going on.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji Won, Oh Ji EunThe trio enter the ring shop and Donghae is attracted to a band with tiny diamonds all the way around. Anna agrees that it is pretty. Donghae then asks for the distracted Bongi’s opinion. Bongi, coming back to the present, tells Donghae that a simple band with one stone is more suitable as Saewa never cared about frills, even as a child. Donghae isn’t certain about this and asks Anna’s opinion and his mother just states that it is pretty. Donghae then promises to buy his mother a ring after he saves up more money as this ring is especially for Saewa. Bongi then asks if he can afford it. Donghae says he can as he has saved for over a year to be able to. He then gets the price from the clerk. Bongi immediately takes the calculator, entering her own figure, saying she just bought rings earlier and knows the going price. The clerk wants too much. Good thing Donghae had her there otherwise he might have got hosed.

When they leave the shop, Donghae confesses to Bongi that Saewa is the whole reason why he has come to Korea. Bongi then mentions that Donghae said they’ve been dating for six years. A lot can happen in that time, what if the love has changed? Donghae replies it isn’t love if it is easily changed and goes on to say that Saewa is his life. Hearing this, Bongi makes up her mind to confront Saewa and leaves a confused Donghae and his mother on their own to begin setting things up at the restaurant.

Alex, Lee Joo YeonBack at the Lee house, Tae Hoon tries to kiss Sae Young through the bars when Sool Nyeo shows up! Sae Young immediately sprints to the front and locks herself in the Lee house. Sun Ok comes out and calls Sae Young pathetic and then lets in the angry Sool Nyeo who demands Sae Young come with her. Sae Young hides behind Sun Ok and asks for protection, she doesn’t want to leave. Sun Ok doesn’t want to protect her either and tells her to get. Sae Young says that she is family, but Sun Ok denies this and says that Sae Young will only ruin the Lees. Sool Nyeo asks how and Sun Ok replied because Sae Young got knocked up and it determined to destroy Tae Hoon’s promising future. Sool Nyeo points out that it takes 2 to get pregnant and that Tae Hoon could have forced himself on Sae Young (who adamantly denies that she never said no).

Sool Nyeo then brings up money. Sun Ok says she will repay the debt quickly and Sool Nyeo then asks to talk to Tae Hoon to end matters. Sun Ok lets he son out and Sool Nyeo demands a cool 1200 from Tae Hoon a month to support Sae Young (for medical expenses and food). Tae Hoon needs to shoulder his responsibility. Sool Nyeo then makes matters worse by telling Sun Ok that her son will have no future. Even if he manages to pass the bar exam, he can only be a low-level civil servant for life as Sun Ok has no money or connections to raise her son’s position. Sun Ok retaliates by saying Sae Young, as a single mother, will be no catch. Sool Nyeo should know all about that. Ouch. Sool Nyeo, deeply wounded by this, calmly asks for Sae Young to come with her. Sae Young refuses and Sool Nyeo promises to be calm and not yell. Sae Young still refuses and even calls Sun Ok mother. Hearing this, Sool Nyeo starts crying and runs out running past the bewildered Kang Jae.

Park Hae MiSool Nyeo runs to a convenience store where she immediately opens a can of beer and begins drinking. Why is she crying? Her daughter whom she loves and raised called Sun Ok mother and refused to go home with Sool Nyeo who then says that she will stop being Sae Young’s mother. Let’s see how long her youngest can last. Meanwhile, Pil Jae is at the same store buying things for his wife’s death anniversary. He wonders if Sun Ok has forgotten the memorial service and he feels bad about bringing it up what with the whole pregnancy issue. Sool Nyeo and Pil Jae head to check out at the same time. Sool Nyeo immediately recognizes him, but he doesn’t her. He tells her he was there first. Afterwards, Sool Nyeo sits and watches him walk away. Nothing is going her way. She starts crying again and laments about how her daughter doesn’t know how hard it was on Sool Nyeo who lost her husband at a young age so she had to struggle and work hard to raise her two daughters. I really like seeing this human side of Sool Nyeo. You can see her love for Sae Young (not just Saewa) and just how human she is. It’s a good side to see.

At the station, Saewa asks why Bongi called her out and Bongi manages to get straight to the point and asks Saewa point blank if she is seeing Do Jin behind Donghae’s back. Why? Saewa says that Bongi has overstepped her bounds and it is none of Bongi’s business who Saewa dates. Bongi apologizes for crossing the line, but then says she’s seen Saewa and Do Jin together. Bongi warns Saewa not to hurt Donghae as he loves her plans on proposing (oops). This shocks Saewa, but Bongi quickly changes the subject again before Saewa can latch on to it. Bongi pleads for Saewa not to hurt Donghae again because he does truly lover her. Saewa then starts badmouthing Tae Hoon, saying Bongi needs to knock some sense into her brother who put Sae Young in a bad situation. Bongi defends the two saying they were in love. Saewa says Sae Young and Tae Hoon are ignoring reality and being irresponsible. She then blasts love, saying Bongi has been burned before, so how can she call anything love? Saewa says she doesn’t need advice and she has work to do and goes back to the station wondering if Donghae really did plan on proposing that night.

Smile, Donghae episode 10At the Lee house, Sae Young please for Sun Ok and Kang Jae to let her stay since they will be in-laws soon. Kang Jae says that Sae Young needs to understand how her mother feels and needs to go home. Kang Jae will find time to talk to Sool Nyeo at a later date to work things out. Sae Young refuses because she needs to be near Tae Hoon to help him out. If she isn’t there, he will worry instead of study. Kang Jae gets upset and calls Tae Hoon out and immediately starts beating him with a baseball bat to the shock and horror of his family. Pil Jae and Sun Ok do their best to stop him and manage to wrestle the bat away. The incensed Kang Jae bawls Tae Hoon out for his irresponsibility that hurt Sun Ok. He then turns and leaves. Omo. Didn’t expect the mild Kang Jae to have such a furious temper.

Back at the station, Saewa ponders Donghae and Do Jin. She recalls all the nice things Donghae has done for her and weighs them against all the things Do Jin can provide her. This is bad. She is already considering it!

At the restaurant, Donghae is busy chopping veggies when Bongi appears. Anna and Donghae ask her why she looks so down. Bongi puts on a smile and says she is fine. Bongi then tells Donghae that in life no one knows how things will turn out. She tries to caution him, but he won’t listen and immediately starts cooking. He wows Bongi with his cooking skills. He confesses he spent a lot of time in his grandfather’s restaurant as a child. He also made all of his mother’s meals because of her allergy. He found it fun and got better at it more and more. Then his grandparents passed on and the restaurant closed. He had to work a lot of odd jobs, but he still cooked his mom meals everyday. How sweet! Anna then tells Bongi that Donghae is a certified chef. This surprises Bongi and she then asks Donghae about skating. He says he found he had a knack for it and that skating relieved his frustrations and anger. Plus, the American kids didn’t tease him anymore when they saw how he could skate. Donghae then confesses that if Saewa wishes to remain in Korea, he will stay and coach short track. He just needs to win the world cup to make that possible. This makes Bongi feel lousy again. She wishes that Donghae and Saewa will be happy and that Donghae doesn’t get hurt.

At the Lee house, Pil Jae washes Songi’s hair and threatens to shave her head because it is such a bother. Songi adamantly refuses as it is chic to have long hair in the autumn, plus boys like long hair. This shocks Pil Jae who wonders if Songi already likes boy. He then says he will disown her if she does the same thing Tae Hoon does. Songi promises not to and makes her dad promise not to find another woman either. Songi then asks about the memorial service. Pil Jae says they will hold it next year as Sun Ok is too upset to prepare and do it. Pil Jae then says he will go to the grave the next day and talk to his wife.

Ji Chang WookMeanwhile, Sun Ok is sitting listless in her room when Kang Jae comes in and days that after Tae Hoon takes the exam, they should let the kids marry. Sae Young will be showing soon as well. It’s better for everyone if they do. Kang Jae will try to talk to Sool Nyeo and get her to agree to it. Hearing this, the lifeless Sun Ok lies down on the bare floor. Yeah, definitely not what she wanted for her son at all.

In her car, Saewa recalls all the things said about Do Jin and what her mother said about Saewa being her only hope. What decision will Saewa make? Do Jin heads to the gym when he notices the time and Donghae has the restaurant all set up and is practicing his proposal. Where will Saewa choose to go?

Yay! Saewa chose Donghae! She goes to the restaurant. He tells her to sit down and he will bring out her favorite pasta. Saewa tells him to wait. Oh no!!! She then says that she is breaking up with him as she doesn’t love him anymore!!! No!!

I really hate Saewa here.

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