Quartet Episode 7 Recap

The buzzer rings and Xiao Chun sends her son to answer the door telling him to turn away any customers as they are closed for the day. Tao comes back in with a big smile and dances. That means Takeru has come! Xiao Chun does not look pleased at all to see her Japanese acquaintances. She tells Shun and Takeru to leave, but Shun says it is about Long’s disappearance – so they have to talk to her.

While Takeru plays with the little Tao, Shun and Xiao Chun begin their talk. Xiao Chun is displeased that she was followed and then says she only went to the factory to work on a customer. Shun then asks what Long’s job was. Xiao Chun asks how that could be related to his disappearance. Shun then asks what the factory is producing. Takeru then looks up and says that they can already guess and mentions that Tsukamoto wants Tan and his people to produce drugs for him. Xiao Chun then asks if they will answer her question first. Shun says they saw corpses taken from the factory and brought out of town to be destroyed. Xiao Chun asks if that is what happened to Long, but Shun does not know for certain – she just knows that people have died at that factory.

The upset Xiao Chun asks why and then says that she and her son are able to live like normal people because of that job (we then see Takeru giving a very dark glare – you do understand his feelings though, for him everything is black and white when it comes to drugs – there is no in between). When Tsukamoto proposed building the factory, a lot of unemployed people came over, like her husband. They were struggling and didn’t even have enough to feed their children since they were abandoned by society. They had no choice. Takeru finally erupts and says that since Xiao Chun got a better life, she didn’t care about the consequences of her and her husband’s actions. Xiao Chun then says she doesn’t care what happens to the Japanese who buy the drugs. She will not pity them or feel sad. Takeru then yells that he doesn’t care about junkies either (he cares about the people affected by the junkies). Shun says his name and Takeru calms down a little. He then asks Xiao Chun about the families of the junkies. What happens to them, to their children? Their lives become hell as the children of addicts. Takeru cannot forgive this.

Tan then walks in unhappy to see the two Japanese in his house. He asks them what they are doing there when he told them to not bother his little sister anymore (she looks older than he actually). Gotta love how he asks if they cannot understand the “human” language (meaning Chinese). Takeru then gets up and says they are leaving and walks out followed by Shun.

Outside, Takeru is mowing down on food while the upset Shun sits not eating anything. He tells her if she won’t eat then he will eat her share. Shun stares off into space with no reaction at all. Takeru asks her why the long face and Shun replies that what they are doing now will effect Xiao Chun and a lot of other people’s lives. Takeru says it is no time to be soft as he and Shun are the ones in trouble. He then tells Shun not to think too much. He gives her back her food and tells her to eat something. When she finishes, the two will go boxing until they can’t think anymore. Shun says she feels very lost and gets up and leaves. A shocked Takeru asks if she has forgotten about her revenge and then sits back down to finish eating.

Back at Xiao Chun’s house, Tan is teaching his nephew to box when Xiao Chun asks just what happened at the warehouse. Did long disappear because he found something out. Tan tells her that he doesn’t know what Shun and Takeru said, but he can tell his sister that they are lying. Xiao Chun begs for the truth. Just what is the truth?

Back at the hotel, Takeru is trying to figure out how to practice with the wooden whatchamacallit when the hotel owner shakes his head and comes out to “teach” him. Takeru stands back and watches as the man just randomly hits the thing and tells him to feel it. And here I was expecting some cool moves. Takeru laughs and says he understands and does some more careful, nicely executed moves which meet the owner’s approval. Takeru then thanks the man for letting him do it for free, but the man reminds him that it’s 10,000 an hour. Takeru’s trick to get out of paying didn’t work. He then goes back to practicing his moves. Meanwhile, Shun is praying at the shrine and recalling when she first met Xiao Chun.

Xiao Chun tucks Tan in and recalls the talk she had with her ge. Apparently Tan knew that Long was murdered, but he didn’t tell Xiao Chun because he wanted to protect her. Xiao Chun understands this and doesn’t hate her brother for it. However, she can no longer her trust him since he lied to her. Seems kind of odd in a way. She doesn’t hate him as she would have given up if she knew her husband was dead, but now she can’t trust her brother? Weird. What will become of Xiao Chun and her son?

Shun packs her stuff and tells Takeru that she cannot continue the mission. She spend the whole night thinking about it and cannot judge or bring legal action down on the people of Midori. Takeru asks if she really can just run away? Even if she does, Kuchinawa will just send someone to replace her. Shun doesn’t care, she doesn’t like what she is doing. Takeru then says he gives up and doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to work with someone who didn’t even do anything and wants to quit. Then comes a knock on the door. It is Xiao Chun!

The shocked Shun stands up and Xiao Chun says that she wants to help the two with their mission. Shun asks why and Xiao Chun says for herself. Plus, this is the town’s problem, thus Xiao Chun is responsible. Xiao Chun also doesn’t want her son to be ashamed. She wants Tao to be able to be proud of her. Takeru looks at Shun and says that Xiao Chun has made up her mind already. So what will Shun decide?

Kasumi is out in the streets, telling a bodyguard not to follow her as she can take care of herself. The guard tells her that the Japanese are despised there, so he must go with her otherwise Tsukamoto will yell at him if anything happens because she was alone. Kasumi then complains that more people will notice with him following her. He then tries to be cute and plays around which just makes Kasumi angry. The man is an idiot. But he does give Kasumi some good advice. To trick a smart person, use an idiot. That definitely has its possibilities. Kasumi passes by the violin player, but cannot pass on her message because of being followed by Tsukamoto’s goon.

Kasumi get’s back to Tsukamoto’s place with the ingredients for dinner. She tells him it will make him energetic. No poison frogs, though, as she doesn’t want him dead yet. Tsukamoto then says she has the desire to kill him then. Kasumi asks what he is talking about and has a servant come and take something away that she views as disgusting. Tsukamoto then says that there is better foods right in front of them. Kasumi says she wants to eat, too, but appetizers are prepared. Then out comes a man whose head is bandaged on crutches. Kasumi recognizes him as the man she bombed to save Shun and Takeru. Uh-oh.

Kasumi feigns innocence. She knows nothing about that man or the bomb. Tsukamoto then says that he was told the punk and Syrupy (Shun) was saved by her that night she threw the bomb. Kasumi immediately deniest his as why would she save the woman who tried to steal her man (granted this happened before the frog incident). Tsukamoto plays along and then says he asked someone to investigate. He then pulls about pictures of Kasumi and Sera who appear to be very close. Tsukamoto then says if she wants revenge for Sera, then she should just come and kill him. She had so many chances, why did she never make a move? Tsukamoto then points out her entire background has been fabricated. Suspicious, huh?

Kasumi smiles and stands up. She asks if Tsukamoto was stingy with his fee or was the investigator no good? She then launches herself at the laptop. Tsukamoto stops her and says that she is a disgusting woman who is suspicious and dangerous. Kasumi laughs and says that he is disgusting and his whole body makes people sick. He slams her head backwards and then pulls out a drug telling her it is strong before kneeing her. He lets go and she collapses. Tsukamoto then says she was deliberately led to find that disk. He asks how she likes the drug. Kasumi can’t move and the guy on crutches is coming closer. He tells her to enjoy her last meal as tomorrow she will be the man course. That doesn’t sound good.

Takeru coms back into the hotel room and Shun asks if there was a message and he replies that there wasn’t. Did Kasumi call Shun? Shun replies in the negative and both of them wondered what happened to their cohort. They have to let Kasumi know that Xiao Chun is willing to help them. Takeru tells Shun to go ahead to the temple first and he will catch up to them later. What is he going to do then? Shun leaves.

Tao gets a call from Xiao Chun who tells him to take care and she will be home soon. She is at the factory massaging the director again. He warns her to take care of Tao so he doesn’t get pneumonia. Seeing Tao’s energetic face, makes the director happy. Xiao Chun thanks him and we cut to the factory where they are producing drugs. Xiao Chun tells him to keep still while she gets a towel. She grabs her bag and begins to stuff things inside. She is stopped by a man and she says the director is allowing her to go to the bathroom. Then out comes the director telling her to please put the bag down before it’s too late. Xiao Chun tells him she cannot go against her conscience. He tells her to not be stupid and think of her son. Xiao Chun says that she is doing this because she is thinking of her son. The angry director grabs a knife from the table and stabs the retreating Xiao Chun. The director tells her that he really wanted to protect Long. Xiao Chun smiles and says she doesn’t blame him. This way she will get to see her husband soon. She then continues to leave the factory.

Shun and Takeru wait at the temple where Shun prays and Takeru wonders if something has gone wrong. Shun tells him not to jinx the mission. Takeru apologizes and says that Kasumi still hasn’t contacted them. Shun says it can’t be helped. They will have to do this themselves. Then comes Xiao Chun who collapses, but hands over the factory’s drugs. Takeru goes to run off to the factory and Shun tells him to hand the drugs over to Kuchinawa. Takeru cannot forgive the factory people and wants to go in an bash some heads. Shun tells him to think of Xiao Chun. If he acts rashly, he destroys all of her hard work. Xiao Chun then says she doesn’t hate anyone. Takeru then goes back, grabs the drugs and runs off. Good Takeru. Xiao Chun then asks Shun if she became a mother that her son can be proud of. Shun nods that Xiao Chun has. Xiao Chun then says she has to call her son and say she is going home now. Shun says that she will call and tells Xiao Shun not to worry.

The upset Takeru keeps running while Shun desperately tries to stop the bleeding. Xiao Chun smiles up at Shun and passes away. The upset Shun cannot believe her friend is dead. At this time Tan and his gang runs up. Tan grabs his sister from Shun’s arms and asked how this could have happened. He demands to know what happened and why Shun came. How is she different from Tsukamoto who selfishly used Xiao Chun. Shun says that Xiao Chun volunteered and faced the enemies on her own volition. This does not balm Tan’s feelings. He tells Shun to shut up, but Shun continues. The drugs that Xiao Chun died for have been taken by Takeru to the police. Tan asks again who Shun is to sacrifice his little sister for her own purposes. Shun says that if drugs are being sold in Midori, then Tsukamoto will be over. Tan tells her to mind her own business and commands his goons to tie Shun up and bring her with them. He also tells them to call the brothers.

Takeru makes it to the exit of Midori. Will he get out with the drugs? What will happen to Shun and Kasumi?

Who knows? Will have to wait until the next episode comes out.


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