Quartet Episode 6 Recap

The old man is sitting and playing his instrument by the hotel again. All I can think of is shamisen, but I don’t think that is what it is. We then see the pink quilt moving in the bedroom and out pops Takeru’s head with a big smile and then out pops Shun’s with another big smile (this has to be a dream). Shun pokes Takeru’s nose and he complains about it being ticklish. The two are acting like a gooey newlywed couple. Definitely has to be a dream. The quilt goes back over their heads and we hear giggling and other stuff.

We then come back to reality and Takeru is sleeping in his chair with a goofy grin when Shun comes in. He looks at her and smiles saying he had a wet dream. Shun asks if he wants help flattening it and it turns out it is just his arm beneath the blanket. Taker then grabs Shun in a hug and says that she was sexy in his dreams. Shun pushes him away and then slaps him. Takeru says she felt it, too and then Shun points out that the Chinese violin’s music had changed – a message from Kasumi. Shun then tells him to hurry and grabs her coat and walks off. Takeru gets up and whines for her to wait up before following.

They meet Kasumi who tells them that the numbers she leaked to Kuchinawa turned out to be fake. Shun asks who he contacts all the time and Kasumi doesn’t know. But she does know he met with an outsider the other day. Why and what for, she doesn’t know. Takeru comments that they must be doing something suspicious and Kasumi promises to look into it. Takeru then excuses himself as he has something to do and Kasumi pardons herself as Tskuamoto will return soon. Takeru watches her leave in awe of her ability to walk into the lion’s den alone. If caught, Kasumi will die. Shun says that when that time comes she and Takeru will fight with their own lives to save Kasumi’s. Takeru smiles and agrees before going off and telling Shun not to follow. Shun is curious, but tells him she won’t follow. But will curiosity get the better of her?

Back at Tsukamoto’s, one of his goonies gives him the stack of money they earned last night (from the roulette game I suppose). Tsukamoto is happy that it seems like he’s got the men in his pocket now. He believes they will become cash cows willingly coming to him for his “entertainment.” Tsukamoto then asks if his man recorded it. The man gives him the disk and asks if they should send a copy to the watchers. Tsukamoto tells him no as the disk is their last resort, an insurance policy of sorts. Until they need to bring it out and use it, they will treat the business man as a VIP and golden goose. Tsukamoto then throws the disk in his desk and tells his man to hurry and learn Japanese as it is quite bad. The goon apologizes and says that he will work even harder. Kasumi hears all of this and then walks away.

Shun goes to visit Xiao Chun for treatment, but Xiao Chun takes Tao and says they have to meet someone. Shun asks if Xiao Chun is avoiding her because of Tan. Xiao Chun then tells Shun to leave quickly for her own safety (meaning get out of Midori before something bad happens) and leaves. Meanwhile, Takeru goes to enter a place, but is stopped because the doorman doesn’t recognize him. Of course the man speaks Chinese, so Takeru has no idea what is being said. Just what is Takeru up to?

Tan is at the casino and his right hand complains that after a certain person comes, everything is chaos. Tan tells him to kick the guy gambling out after two more turns when Takeru finally manages to make it in. He then tells Tan that he has come to settle things. Tan ignores him and his man stands up. Tan tells his friend to ignore Takeru and eat. Takeru calls them boring and steals their food. That definitely gets their attention. However, they are soon distracted by the upset client who pulls a gun and asks to be allowed to gamble more. Tan tells him to get lost and the man then says that Tan is only allowed to live because of Tsukamoto. This pisses Tan off and Tan lights into the man who is grabbed by his goons. Tan pulls a knife and tells the man once more to get lost. The man vows revenge and runs off quickly followed out by Takeru.

Hearing that he is involved somehow with Tsukamoto, Takeru keeps tailing him. Meanwhile, Shun watches Xiao Shun who refuses money for the treatment, but takes some food instead. Shun then continues to keep watch over the two. Why? Mother and son then go to a factory where Shun recognizes the truck outside as the truck from the intel pictures. She looks at the picture and the truck once more before leaving.

Inside the factory, Xiao Chun and Tao pass by workers making and packaging drugs. Apparently Xiao Chun massages the head of the factory. He tells her that Tao looks more and more like Long. Xiao Chun replies that Tao doesn’t mention his father anymore recently. Tao has also told his mother that he will protect her. The director then says he hopes that Long can return safely. Xiao Chun thanks him, but says she has a suspicion that something has happened to her husband. The director asks what she is suspicious about and Xiao Chun asks if he really went missing after leaving the factory or is everyone lying. The director says that Long is like a brother to him and that since he brought him over, he will investigate to find what happened to him.

Takeru follows the man to the same factory that Shun followed Xiao Chun to. Shun greets him and Takeru asks what is going on. Shun doesn’t know what is going on in the factory, but they definitely need to find out. Takeru asks if Xiao Chun is in with the bad guys and Shun replies that Xiao Chun does not charge her in-town patients. This surprises Takeru and Shun says that it must be because she makes enough money from doing whatever it is she does in the factory to not have to worry about money. Takeru wonders if she is a dealer or something like that, but Shun cuts him off and asks about the man he followed. Takeru replies that he has a connection to Tsukamoto, but since the man and Tan spoke in Chinese, he couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Shun says that it looks like the factory has a connection to drugs just when the doors open and men in suits wheel something out covered by a bag. They noticed a blood stain on the burlap which was then put into a truck. What is going on? Takeru steals some guy’s bicycle and chases after the truck while Shun runs on ahead.

Kasumi goes into Tsukamoto’s desk and pulls out the disk and watches it. She is thoroughly shocked and horrified by it. Not surprising, it was a gruesome game. It is played until there is only on survivor. The survivor is then shot by the man in the suit. He begs for his life, but the man just keeps shooting until the sole survivor dies as well. Kasumi wonders who the businessman is as she has seen him before. She then decides to copy the data to her laptop. Meanwhile, Tsukamoto has arrived. Uh-oh will Kasumi get caught? She hurriedly cancles the transfer and goes to put the disk back. Tsukamoto comes to find her and asks what she was doing. Kasumi rushes off to her and says that she was anxiously awaiting his return. Tsukamoto feels her shaking and asks why she is trembling. Kasumi says she is afraid that he will abandon her one day like Sera. Tsukamoto tells her she is special and the two end up on the bed.

Shun and Takeru have followed the truck to a junkyard. The man takes the sack and puts it in the backseat of a junk car. Takeru wonders if that means it is really a corpse inside the bag. The man then climbs up to the bulldozer and repeatedly hits the car until it is smashed flat. The angry Takeru wonders what is going on and goes to leave and grab the guy for questioning. Shun stops him and tells him to wait to see if there really were corpses. That will take too long for the impatient Takeru, but Shun tells him that if they tie up and interrogate the man, Tsukamoto will be made aware of the operation. The angry Takeru stands down and can only glare. After the man leaves, Shun and Takeru go down to see just what was squashed in the car. When they get down there, blood is leaking all over the place. They wonder just what is going on and why are there corpses. Seems like things are even bigger than they expected.

Kuchinawa asks if the man in the video was Diet member (government official) Nishida. Kasumi confirms this and Kuchinawa warns Kasumi to stay out of Tsukamoto’s office in the future. Kasumi doesn’t wish to because if she can get a copy of the disk, they can use it as evidence. Kuchinawa warns her that Tsukamoto is smart and should not be underestimated. He then makes a call requesting someone to investigate something for him.

End episode.

So Kasumi remains in the clear, but for how much longer can she play in the tiger’s den without getting caught?

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