Quartet Episode 5 Recap

Kasumi informs Kuchinawa that she has successfully made contact with Shun and Takeru and he tells her to support them as much as possible. Kasumi says that it doesn’t seem like they trust her, but that can’t be helped given the situation. I am not sure who is talking every time, so either Kasumi or Kuchinawa says that the reason for the cooperation will be revealed.

Tsukamoto then comes in and Kasumi quickly stops her chat with Kuchinawa. Tsukamoto tells her that there was someone playing with bombs in the market. Gee. Wonder who that could be? Kasumi feigns ignorance and Tsukamoto says the bomb is just proof that there are still people willing to go up against him. He asks Kasumi out to eat and she complains of the constant Chinese food and asks to go to Ginza for a change. Tsukamoto tells her it sounds good and then calls her an idiot. He can’t leave just yet as the police are still hot on his trail. When Kasumi leaves to get ready, Tsukamoto checks out the laptop only to see a game of solitaire. He wonders if Kasumi is just passing time playing computer card games.

Meanwhile, in the industrial section of Midori, Shun and Takeru search for someone named Tan without much luck. She finds a person who knows him, but he refuses to tell her what Tan is like or where she can find him. Takeru just sits on the sidelines bored and unhappy that people look at him funny as he is Japanese. A little boy sits down and then begins mimicking him. How cute. Takeru tells him to stop and the little boy does his best to mimic the Japanese as well. This amuses the bored Takeru and we get to see some of Yuya’s dancing skills (he’s a singer and a good dancer) as he tries to get the little boy to imitate his dance moves. Looks like Takeru made a friend!

The little boy runs off when Shun approaches. She hits Takeru in the back of the head for goofing off. Takeru asks if she managed to find Tan, but Shun replies that no one is willing to help them or get involved with this Tan fellow. Then comes Xiao Chun who speaks in Japanese to Shun, which surprises our blonde heroine. Xiao Chun then invites the two to her house which is near by. Takeru whispers to Shun that Xiao Chun isn’t bad for a married woman. Shun stomps on his foot, but ends up hurting herself. Xiao Chun looks at Shun’s leg and says that it is an old injury that should be treated as soon as possible. Thus the three go to Xiao Chun’s massage parlor.

Shun tells Xiao Chun her story about coming from China and how her father used to beat her and her little brother. Shun’s injury happened when she stepped between her father and her brother. Xiao Chun asked what happened to Shun’s father and Shun replied that he died in a car accident. She didn’t even cry at his death. She was just happy to not to be beaten any more. Xiao Chun then asks about Shun’s mother and Shun replies that her mom sold herself for drugs. Xiao Chun reveals that her husband went missing three months earlier. That is why Xiao Chun was praying at the shrine. Xiao Chun then reveals she has a son Tao. The little boy that Takeru was playing with earlier was her son!

Takeru is playing outside with Tao when a young man comes out and asks Tao to come back in. He obviously doesn’t want the boy hanging around a Japanese person. Takeru ignores this and tries to continue playign with Tao, but Tao does go back inside. The man then yells for Takeru to leave. Takeru doesn’t understand why the man is so upset and the two begin pushing each other. Then out runs Xiao Chun and Shun. The man is Xiao Chun’s older brother. Shun then warns Takeru to not be so rash. Then up runs a man and tells Xiao Chun’s brother that Takeru is at the casino. The brother tells Takeru he will deal with him later and runs off followed closely by Shun and Takeru.

So Xiao Chun’s older brother is the infamous Tan that Shun and Takeru was looking for! Tan runs into the casino where Tsukamoto sits in his arrogant glory with Kasumi by his side. Tsukamoto asks Tan to obey him as without Tsukamoto’s help, Tan will not be able to help his people with such small dealings. One of tan’s men agrees with Tsukamoto, but Tan stands firm and refuses to become involved with the Japanese gangster. Shun goes to butt in, but Takeru puts a hand out to stop her and whispers that Kasumi should handle this. Shun says she cannot trust Kasumi yet and walks away leaving a shocked Takeru. Uh-oh. Is Shun going to do something stupid?

Shun tells Tsukamoto that as a Japanese person he has no right to be there and should just leave. Tsukamoto (who does not understand Chinese) asks what Shun said. When it is translated, he laughs. Shun isn’t hit type, but he likes that she is strong. He then asks Shun to sleep with him. Skeezy old bugger. Shun looks down and keeps her face averted. Tsukamoto comes closer and Takeru and Kasumi worry that he recognizes her. But Tsukamoto doesn’t. He tells her she has a pretty face and then gives her the nickname “Syrupy” before saying he will take good care of her. Shun then asks if he is willing to gamble with her. If Tsukamoto wins, Shun will sleep with him. This obviously excites Tsukamoto who then asks what happens if Shun wins. Shun states that if she does, then Tsukamoto’s “small stick” will never stand again. Tsukamoto quickly agrees.

The bet deals with licking frogs. Whoever gets the poisonous frog loses the bet. Tsukamoto gets to choose first because Shun called the bet. As he is choosing his frog, one of Tan’s men points out that Shun brought two poisonous toads to Tan. This surprises Tan, but he doesn’t care which one dies as they are both Japanese. Tsukamoto chooses his frog and licks it to beat heck (ewwwwww). Tsukamoto then says that something came out of the frog and tosses it before collapsing. This shocks Takeru and Kasumi, but Tsukamoto rolls over and says he is immune to lots of poisons. He then spits at Tan. Thus Tsukamoto wins the bet. Kasumi, in order to save Shun, jumps in front of Tsukamoto and slaps Shun, yelling at her for stealing her man. Nice save. Tsukamoto asks if she is jealous. Kasumi turns and smiles and then caresses Tsukamoto’s face, going to kiss him. Tsukamoto stops her because of the poison from earlier. Kasumi then takes off her coat and goes to a different party of his body, shocking Shun and Takeru. Tsukamoto gets angry and pushes Kasumi away as he almost had Shun. He then grabs Kasumi and leaves.

“Everyone has their own difficulties. Therefore, you can’t just disapprove or make assumptions about others.”

Shun gets up off the floor and Takeru asks if she is okay. Tan comes over and tells them to leave. Takeru asks if Tsukamoto is really producing drugs, but Tan refuses to answer and keeps telling them to leave. Takeru calls Tan and his men suspicious and then leaves with Shun. Once outside, Takeru downs breaded and fried frogs. Shun asks him how he can still eat after watching what happened. Instead of feeling disgusted, Takeru actually became hungry after watching that scene. Shun then says that even though she doesn’t know Kasumi’s motivation, at least the other girl did not lie to them. Takeru asks if Shun is referring to Kasumi. He then tells Shun some advice his father always said. Everyone has difficulties so you shouldn’t disapprove of their actions or make assumptions about them. Shun smiles at this and Takeru tells her that his dad is no longer around. Shun asks if he died and Takeru tells her about coming home from tutoring to find his father, mother, and sister all murdered. He speaks offhandedly, but you know from his nightmares that it affects him more than he lets on. Hearing this, it seems like Shun is coming to like her rash partner even more. She then picks up one of the cooked frogs and gives it a try. *Shudders*

Shun later relates the whole story of what happened later at the hotel. Shun asks if the culprit was ever found and Takeru said the DNA was found, but not the culprit. The DNA was run through tests and came back positive for narcotics. Shun asks if that is why he attacks dealers. Takeru then says that both buyers and dealers are horrible people and the police are useless. He hangs up his jacket and laments about becoming a policeman’s dog. Shun then tells him wild dogs have no owners and then says  that his fangs have been pulled. Takeru then growls and approaches Shun who just rolls her eyes at his childish antics. He asks if she can’t be more gentle and she pets his hair and says that they can sleep together. What’s she got up her sleeve this time? Takeru is happy to hear this and asks if she is serious. Shun then slaps him and calls him an idiot.

Takeru says he is sleepy, grabs a blanket off the table and falls back into the chair, immediately snoring. Shun goes to disrobe and his snores stop. She turns to look at him and his eyes are opened and he smiles. She calls him transparent and jumps into bed fully clothed. Takeru’s smile fades and he looks up at the ceiling saying that the time to go to the graves is approaching.

We then cut to Tsukamoto and Kasumi who have just, erm, had a little fun. Tsukamoto expresses surprise over Kasumi’s jealousy. Kasumi asks if he doesn’t like it. Tsukamoto calls her an idiot and tells her not to get cocky before walking off. He coughs and says that it’s getting harder lately and he should probably have taken some medication before showering. Kasumi then recalls when she got a call from Sera who was high. Sera says that a big shot played with her and then said he’d sell her away. Kasumi tells Sera to run, but Sera just wigs out. Back in the present, Kasumi is brought back to reality by Tsukamoto asking for a towel. How can she stand to do what she does, even if she wants to avenge Sera?

A group of men come in a truck and one makes a lot of noise about drugs. He is then knocked out and we get to see a warehouse where drugs are made. Then we have the woman from the last episode’s weird game show. She promises them drugs and tells them to each pick a number and put it around their neck. So that’s how that game was created. A man in a nice suite comes and tells Tsukamoto that the entertainment better be good since he gave up an important meeting. Tsukamoto promises that he has worked hard and ushers the man inside. End episode.

I admit now to confusion about the order of events once more. They showed that tape at the end of the last episode of the revised version of Russian Roulette. But is it happening at this moment or was that a flashback? They need to be a little clearer about these things. They blend them too well together so you aren’t quite sure if something is the past or the present.

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