Love Buffet Episode 13 Recap

The end is here. It ends like the manga and yet not at the same time. My opinion: Even though the relationship issues between the cousins and Xiao Feng has been “resolved” they will be the eternal trio that can never be separated. So which choice did Xiao Feng make? Do you even need to ask? Only read after the jump if you want the ending ruined.

“Yesterday + today = tomorrow”

We start right where we left off, with Da Ye telling Xiao Feng that she was really afraid to tell him. Xiao Feng, of course [it is nice to have this end so I don’t have to listen to her whining, babyish voice anymore], says that isn’t true at all, but Da Ye doesn’t listen and keeps talking. Da Ye says that he felt Xiao Feng’s feelings for him, but honestly just can’t trust her. Da Ye apologizes and then walks away with Xiao Feng crying and (to herself) begging him not to apologize as there is always a sad story behind the apology. Xiao Feng then tries to comfort herself and starts looking for the lost heart once more (as if finding it will magically make everything all right). Xiao Feng then goes about blaming herself for what happened. I am not saying she is wrong, but nor is she entirely right. It is Ah Yi’s and Da Ye’s fault for realizing their feelings too late. It is Da Ye’s fault for agreeing to date Xiao Feng while she is still in love with Ah Yi. It is Xiao Feng’s fault for being too wishy washy and always hesitating. It is her fault for agreeing to date Da Ye knowing full well she wasn’t over Yi Cheng. The blame rests solely with no one here.

Xiao Feng is desperate to find the heart which symbolizes Da Ye’s love and concern. While she frantically searches, Ah Yi shows up. Xiao Feng springs up thinking that Da Ye has come and is surprised and disappointed when it is only Yi Cheng. Xiao Feng tells him not to worry and to let her and Da Ye work out their problems for themselves. Xiao Feng walks away, determined to set things right and work things out. She goes up to the Xing apartment and asks Da Ye out on a date. Da Ye refuses as he doesn’t think it’s a good idea at the moment, but Xiao Feng insists, finally wearing him down. Xiao Feng then vows to work even harder so she doesn’t lose Da Ye. I must say that I honestly don’t understand just what is going on with Xiao Feng. Does she truly love Da Ye? Or does she just not want to lose her best friend who she knows can make her happy as he is the one who can love her the most (and probably the least selfishly – even though he is on the possessive side just like Ah Yi)? Yi Cheng is awkwardly below listening to this. Will he admit defeat now?

The next day, Xiao Feng is busily doing research in order to have the perfect romantic date. The bookstore employees get annoyed that she’s been their for four hours without buying. The manager sends the two sales girls to follow her around to get her to leave, but Xiao Feng is so engrossed she doesn’t’ seem to understand they are following her. She finally snaps out of her daze as she yells out that she won’t admit defeat and then realizes where she is. How embarrassingly awkward.

Ah Ji asks Da Ye what’s going on between him and Xiao Feng. The unhappy Da Ye says they are having a date tomorrow. Ah Ji grills for details, but Da Ye doesn’t know what is going on – they will be following whatever plan Xiao Feng has. Ah Ji then teases Da Ye about already being bossed around by Xiao Feng. Da Ye ignores the  teasing and seriously asks Ah Ji what is the limit to waiting for someone [seriously, there is none – it is the amount of time people decide on for themselves until they can wait no longer – for some people it’s a lifetime, for others a few weeks, and for others months, and still others years]. Ah Ji thinks it’s about waiting for girls to come out and he says 40 minutes. He then says that it is all good since it is is Qiu Ying he doesn’t mind waiting. Da Ye then thinks about how Xiao Feng waited for Ah Yi and ended up losing him in the end. [Truthfully she gave him up after confessing to him – she didn’t technically lose him thanks to waiting.] He then wonders how long he must wait. Impatient much?

Xiao Feng bumps into Yi Jing at the bookstore. Yi Jing thinks they have loving books in common, but Xiao Feng replies that she is just doing date research. Xiao Feng pardons herself, but not before Yi Jing sees her notes. Yi Jing immediately pulls out her cell and calls Ah Yi inviting him out on a date. Yi Cheng’s repsonse: “click.” Priceless. And just why is Yi Jing asking him out? Hoping that by bumping into Xiao Feng and Da Ye together – she can finally score with Ah Yi? Yi Jing immediately calls him back and when he answers, she begs him not to hang up. What she really meant to ask was how about they go and ruin Xiao Feng and Da Ye’s date. Aiyo. How ridiculous. I really hope that Ah Yi won’t go, but I bet he will.

Meanwhile, Ah Ji is nervously sitting at Qiu Ying’s house. While waiting for her to bring some tea, he notices the study abroad information. Ah Ji then recalls what she asked him during their trip with Da Ye and Xiao Feng. Qiu Ying brings the tea and notices Ah Ji’s unhappy expression. Ah Ji asks if she is going far away to study. As much as you want them together, you don’t want her to sacrifice her future, especially if it is something she really wants to do. Can Ah Ji wait for Qiu Ying if she decides to go abroad?

At the restaurant, it is really awkward. Da Ye has lost all of his sparkle and vivacity. Xiao Feng tries to keep up a good date atmosphere, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Xiao Feng asks to try his food and Da Ye smiles brightly and lets her try a taste. Xiao Feng exclaims over how good it is and then tells Da Ye she spent a lot of time researching trying to find just the right restaurant for their date. Da Ye’s response I so lackluster. Why did he bother going if he was just going to be depressed and in a funk? Plus, Xiao Feng is trying a little too hard for the date to be a real success. Xiao Feng doesn’t care about his attitude, she is just happy that she finally got him talking a little. She then informs Da Ye that they have a lot of places to go and they will definitely have fun. It’s like Da Ye is predisposed to not have fun or be happy.

After they finish eating, Da Ye is still unresponsive. Xiao Feng  tries to make future plans to go back to the restaurant. When he doesn’t say anything she grabs his hand and she still doesn’t get a response, although Da Ye doesn’t let go. Xiao Feng is unhappy not to get a response from Da Ye, but plows on with her “perfect” date plans. Of course, at this time Yi Jing and Ah Yi show up. Xiao Feng gets a response from Da Ye all right. His unhappy mask gets an angry tinge and his hand tightens around hers. I hate how fake Yi Jing is. She tells Ah Yi that they finally found the two and then tells Da Ye and Xiao Feng that it is such a coincidence. Yi Jing then says the should all go for a drink. Ah Yi refuses, but Da Ye says the more the merrier even after Xiao Feng refused as well. Oh geez. Drama, drama, drama.

Together at the café, Xiao Feng tries to figure out just what Da Ye was thinking. Such an awkward, tense atmosphere. Yi Jing then says that she and Ah Yi are coincidentally going to a movie, too. Xiao Feng tries to feed Da Ye cake, but he refuses and the situation gets tenser. Then Ah Yi opens up his big mouth and wonders just what is going on between the two. They had a huge fight and now are dating, so why are they looking so gloomy? Da Ye says it is not any of Yi Cheng’s business and then asks his cousin why Ah Yi is going out with a girl he doesn’t even like. Yi Jing immediately says they aren’t on a date and Ah Yi honestly says he is there to interrupt the date between Da Ye and Xiao Feng. Da Ye gets angrily to his feet and asks Ah Yi what’s it to him if Da Ye and Xiao Feng break up as the reason will never be because of Ah Yi. Da Ye then grabs Xiao Feng and pulls her out of the café. Yi Jing asks what they can do and Ah Yi replies that he doesn’t know. He wants Da Ye and Xiao Feng to break up, but he doesn’t want Xiao Feng to be so sad.

Outside, Xiao Feng says Da Ye’s name. He stops walking and let’s go of her hand. Da Ye asks what the rest of the date plan is. Xiao Feng replies a movie and then a ride on the ferris wheel. Da Ye then decides that the ferris wheel will be good enough and walks on ahead with Xiao Feng following behind.

Meanwhile, Ah Ji asks Qiu Ying about her going to study abroad. He says that if she leaves, they won’t get to see each other again. Qiu Ying tells him to fly over and study with her after he graduates. Ah Ji then tells her his plans was to form a band and compose music. That means he needs to stay in Taiwan. Qiu Ying then says he can find a job and they can talk on the phone every day. Ah Ji then shoots her down, saying he won’t be able to afford to talk to her often even with a job. She will be happy, but he will be lonely. Ah Ji then calls her selfish. Qiu Ying then says they should break up if their relationship is fragile enough to be destroyed by distance. She goes to leave and turns around and kicks him out as she realizes that they are at her house. Omo. Can Ah Ji be any less mature?

Back with Da Ye and Xiao Feng, the situation isn’t much better. They are riding the ferris wheel, but Da Ye has his unhappy face on and is sitting as far from Xiao Feng as possible. Xiao Feng tries to get him to talk, but he ignores her. Xiao Feng then says it is her first time riding a ferris wheel (almost in tears – geez). She then tells him that she is afraid of heights. Da Ye still says nothing and Xiao Feng cries and wonders just what he is thinking. Her tears finally bring him out of his funk and he turns to face her and holds her hands. He tells her not to cry as he can’t speak if she does. Xiao Feng says she will cry and that he doesn’t have to talk. Da Ye tries to talk and Xiao Feng childishly covers her ears and says she doesn’t want to listen. Da Ye uncovers her ears and then wraps her in a hug while asking her to break up. This makes Xiao Feng cry harder. Da Ye knows they are getting closer, but the more he loves her, the more he hates himself. Never a good thing. He hates being afraid of losing someone and how miserable they are striving so hard to be together. Xiao Feng asks what else she can try and Da Ye then kisses her. Another painful, sad ending. Eyeroll. Especially since it could have easily been avoided.

Yi Jing and Ah Yi arrive at the ferris wheel where they see Xiao Feng and Da Ye kissing. Da Ye tells Xiao Feng that he may have said the reason for them breaking up wouldn’t be Ah Yi, but he was really lying. Da Ye then rushes out of the ferris wheel. Ah Yi sees this as well and he hurries and rushes in to be with the crying Xiao Feng leaving Yi Jing all alone in one of her persecution word vomits. Yi Cheng asks what happened and the crying Xiao Feng tells him not to worry about her. Great. Now everyone is officially miserable. Nothing like 13 episodes of misery, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities.

Back at the Xing apartment, Yi Cheng demands to know the reason why Da Ye broke up with Xiao Feng. Ah Yi also asks what the meaning behind Da Ye saying he hated himself was. Yi Cheng then complains that Da Ye has only thought of himself. Da Ye tells Ah Yi that he only wanted to make Xiao Feng happy, but he can’t let Xiao Feng be miserable with him. Yi Cheng says it’s okay if Da Ye blames him for the breakup, he doesn’t care. Ah Yi then says that the important thing is that he seriously likes Xiao Feng – what about Da Ye? Can Da Ye forget about Xiao Feng? Da Ye’s reply: “how is that possible?” And yet he had the gall to break up. Whatever. I am washing my hands clean of this troublesome threesome (well quintet if you had in Ah Ji and Qiu Ying). At this moment both boys get calls from their mothers. What is going on? Xiao Feng cries in her room wondering why it feels so surreal to have lost Da Ye. All that girl does is cry and overthink and hesitate.

At school, Xiao Feng learns that Xiao Sen is in a realtionship. Apparently it’s been awhile, but Xiao Feng was so engrossed in her own love drama that the two girls didn’t tell her. Xiao Feng apologizes and then says that for the entire year she had no sweetness and now everything has come to a bitter end. Melodramatic, yet true. She then gets a parfait tossed at her. Xiao Feng complains that it is plain. Ah Yi smiles and says they were out of strawberry. Then in rushes Da Ye who drags Yi Cheng off to talk. Mysterious, much? Xiao Feng stares after them wondering what is going on. Her friend asks if she really likes strawberry parfait and Xiao Feng replies that she doesn’t – plain is her favorite. She then thinks to herself how since Ah Yi thought it was her favorite and always bought it, she began to think it was her favorite, too. And because Da Ye wanted her to be happy, he always considered her. After awhile, Xiao Feng thought she could be happy. Xiao Feng chocks this up to her inexperience in dating. She is used to having the cousins by her side, letting the habits get the better of her. Because of this she is trapped and unable to move forward. She then wonders what she really wants. Seriously? She only understands this now? Yeah. None of these characters are the brightest crayons in the box.

Da Ye demands to know if Ah Yi was going to tell Xiao Feng. Yi Cheng says that he wasn’t – how could he? Da Ye says that if Ah Yi is going to make her suffer again, then it is better Da Ye does it and makes himself out to be the truly bad one. He then walks off leaving Ah Yi to stare after him. More mystery. Just what is going on?

Qiu Ying finds Xiao Feng and says she heard that Da Ye and Xiao Feng broke up. This surprises Xiao Feng’s friends who weren’t aware. I guess she didn’t tell them yet. Apparently Da Ye is announcing to everyone that he is single. I guess this is what Da Ye partially meant by being the bad guy. Seriously, that is a little too much. Xiao Feng tells the girls it is all her fault she can’t blame Da Ye. Qiu Ying tries to talk about her problem but only makes Xiao Feng feel worse about losing Da Ye, so she keeps it bottled up. Truthfully, if we are being honest, Xiao Feng is an ignorant and very selfish character.

When Xiao Feng goes home she runs into Da Ye’s mother who asks if Da Ye is home. Xiao Feng says she wasn’t with Da Ye. Mrs. Xing goes to leave and then asks if Xiao Feng knows about the Shanghai thing. Xiao Feng replies that she doesn’t so Mrs. Xing tells her that a new company is opening up and that the boys are supposed to go their to finish their studies and learn the ropes to take over the company. However, only one of the cousins will be allowed to stay in Shanghai. Who will it be? Mrs. Xing asks the stunned Xiao Feng to support whatever decision Da Ye has to make. Xiao Feng goes back into her room and just cries.

At school, Ah Yi goes to talk to Xiao Feng about the Shanghai matter. She doesn’t want to listen to him and goes to walk away, but he stops her and says he has to talk. Yi Cheng tells Xiao Feng that no matter how many girls like him, he will only like her. Xiao Feng then bites his arm and goes to run off. Ah Yi calls after her, asking if she hopes it’s him. This stops Xiao Feng and she turns around. Ah Yi then asks again if Xiao Feng hopes that he is the one who will go and stay in Shanghai. Xiao Feng asks why he is bringing it up. Ah Yi then says to listen to him. He wants to be with her. This angers Xiao Feng who want to know why he says this only now. Yi Cheng wishes to know how she feels as it will determine what he does. Xiao Feng asks if that means his future is based on her and he tells her that she does honestly effect his decisions about the future. This shocks her. Ah Yi says he doesn’t know the outcome, but he will say this one more time. Regardless of what happens, he will like only her forever. Xiao Feng doesn’t believe anyone can honestly say such a thing nor make such a promise. Ah Yi fervently says he can. Xiao Feng sys she can’t carry such a heavy burden and walks, no runs, away, leaving him alone. That girl! Although it is a bit of a burden (mostly if you do not reciprocate) – what right does she have to run away instead of facing anything? Why can’t she talk to him and tell him what she’s feeling – as confused and messed up as she is?

Xiao Feng wonders why her future has to be decided like this. She thinks back on what Yi Cheng just said and thinks about how she wants to tell him that he should stay, but she can’t. She cannot say or do anything. The only thing she can do is wait for time to pass and for them to make the decision. Xiao Feng cries while out drinking with her friends, Da Ye packs Xiao Feng’s hat and sits morosely while Ah Yi sits at his desk staring at Xiao Feng’s drawing. The next day dawns and the two cousins have to leave. They pause at Xiao Feng’s door and stare at it for a little while before walking on and leaving.

While Qiu Ying and Xiao Feng are out walking, they pass a children’s salon. This inspires Xiao Feng. It looks like she has finally decided to move forward and do something with her life. She sets about studying and trying to get over the past. It seems really random in away.

Time passes and the cousins are coming back. Xiao Feng is helping her sister again. But Xiao Yi kicks her out as she is really distracted. She then hears the two cousins return and bolts out. She happily greets them and asks them silly questions (about seeing pandas, etc).  The cousins look unhappy and don’t reply right away. They then come down with serious expressions. Ah Yi breaks the silence and says they have come to their decision. Gulp. Dun-dun-dun. Before Ah Yi can finish his sentence, Da Ye breaks in and says he is the one going. This surprises Xiao Feng who tries to laugh it off. Da Ye then rips her heart out by saying he has no reason to stay. Ouch. Xiao Feng uses a round about way to say she is sad (by saying every girl in school will be sad to see him go). She fights back tears and asks when he is leaving. He will go in 2 weeks. This surprises her even more, but she pretends not to care and goes back in to help her sister. Ah Yi calls her a “two-mouthed girl” saying the opposite of what she mans and Da Ye says it is better that way. Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

In her room, Xiao Feng prepares for a big cry fest as she will have to pretend to be happy and smile the next day. Da Ye sits in his room unhappy while Yi Cheng is at the window staring out. This way, they can all be alone and wallow in their misery. Good for them.

The next day Xiao Feng asks Ah Yi to help her throw a going away party for Da Ye. He says she is warm-hearted and she replies that she wants a warm memory. Ah Yi asks if a memory will be enough. Xiao Feng does not answer this and just says she will have to trouble him. I think he knows that a memory isn’t enough, but what else can she do?

Ah Yi brings the complaining Da Ye to the goodbye party. Da Ye doesn’t want to spend his remaining days with his cousin, but Yi Cheng hints at all Xiao Feng did. Da Ye is pleased to have all his friends gather to say goodbye. Xiao Feng the presents the present and card that they all wrote on and chipped in for. All Xiao Feng wrote on the card was “Thank you for everything.” Da Ye is really touched and everyone is doing their best not to cry. Ah Ji begs him not to go as he doesn’t like separation (he shoots Qiu Ying a glance at this), but he then changes the atmosphere and proposes a toast for Da Ye to have a good and safe journey back to Shanghai.

Xiao Feng sits outside and Da Ye sits next to her. She tells him about deciding on becoming a hairstylist. HE congratulates her on finding her bath. Xiao Feng says when he returns, she will have to cut his hair and he makes a promise to visit her for a haircut. Da Ye then thanks her for the party and she tells him that she is happy if she can make happy memories to accompany him wherever he goes. Da Ye looks at her and stands up. He asks if he can hug her one more time before he leaves. Xiao Feng stands up and the two embrace. One last hug to last them lord knows how many years.

While this is going on, Ah Ji proposes to Qiu Ying! She is shocked and happy. It is such a clumsy, yet sweet proposal. Her promises to get engaged and support Qiu Ying so she doesn’t have to depend on her parents to study. He will then graduate, earn money, and go to America to start a band. Qiu Ying gets him to stop talking and he then pulls out a big ring. Qiu Ying asked how he could afford it and he tells her it is made of glass. She happily says it is childish and they kiss!! Yay, one couple happy at least!

The day for Da Ye to leave comes. Ah Yi is moving out as well because he isn’t capable of living alone (meaning Da Ye isn’t there to cook and clean for him). The Hus bid a touching farewell to Da Ye who scolds his cousin for not talking. And when Ah Yi does, he just say that he agrees with what Da Ye said. This breaks the tension a little. Da Ye then singles out Xiao Feng and tells her goodbye. She clenches her fist and tells him goodbye. The two cousins leave and Xiao Feng goes to her room to cry some more because that is all she knows how to do.

In the taxi, Ah Yi wonders who is the idiot – him or Da Ye? Ah Yi says if he was Da Ye he wouldn’t care about their relationship and do whatever it takes to stay by Xiao Feng’s side whether she really liked it or not. But Da Ye can’t do that. He can’t forget about Ah Yi’s feelings for Xiao Feng and that fact that he does care about his cousin. Da Ye wonders if things would have turned out differently if Xiao Feng hadn’t liked Ah Yi. Why doesn’t he feel good after giving her up?

Xiao Feng decides to move on and make a fresh start. While cleaning up her bad, she find the lost heart. Picking it up, she quickly runs. Got to get to Da Ye before he leaves, right? Da Ye bids his grandparents goodbye and Ah Yi stops and asks again if it is really all right. Xiao Feng is on her way to Da Ye, not wanting it to end there. Da Ye says that it doesn’t matter who hurt who or who is involved. He still likes Xiao Feng. Da Ye the asks to delay his flight when Xiao Feng pulls up. She calls out his name and rushes to him and shows him the heart she found. She confesses that she really likes him and it may be too late now, but she had to tell him that before he goes. Da Ye looks happy and Ah Yi looks sad. Ah Yi then jumps in the taxi and says he will go to Shangahi instead so Da Ye and Xiao Feng can be together. This throws Jack and Rose for a total loop. Just what is going on?

In the cab, Ah Yi pulls out Xiao Feng’s drawing. At least she will be happy. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng and Da Ye are in hot pursuit to catch Ah Yi before he can leave. Da Ye assures Xiao Feng that Ah Yi can’t leave as he doesn’t have his passport. Xiao Feng laughs and says that in Da Ye’s heart, Ah Yi holds a very important place. Da Ye says that they have been close like brothers and always went through everything together. Da Ye had just realized how much Yi Cheng meant to him and that is why he let go of Xiao Feng. He apologizes to her for initially running away and promises to bravely face things from now on. His realization seems a little too sudden, but I think anyone could understand that is partly why he gave her up.

They get to the airport where an abashed Yi Cheng says it turns out you can’t board a plane with someone else’s passport. Wow, smart Ah Yi actually did something really stupid! The three laugh and Ah Yi says he will pack and catch a later flight. Da Ye stops him and Ah Yi asks what is wrong. Da Ye holds Xiao Feng’s hand and says it is better if he goes to Shanghai. Ah Yi asks if Da Ye is scared that he will take Xiao Feng away. The three laugh and tell him just to  try. And just like that, Da Ye leaves. [This is with Xiao Feng thinking that the three of them can only walk their path forward together. Even though she decided to liked Da Ye, it still seems weird how they are an inseparable threesome.]

We then spring forward 2 years.

Xiao Feng is a stylist for children in a small, personal salon. She gets a message from Qiu Ying telling Xiao Feng that she is getting married and that she is pregnant. Xiao Feng laughs and pictures a baby Ah Ji. Xiao Feng runs out and tells Ah Yi the good news. Ah Yi gets up and smiles. Why? Xiao Feng turns around and there is Da Ye, back after two years in Shanghai! Funny at how brightly Ah Yi’s face lit up at just seeing his cousin. Da Ye is immediately whisked into the salon where he is sat down. Ah Yi hands him a book and tells him to pick one. Da Ye looks at them and says they are kids’ styles. Ah Yi says that is because it is a kids’ salon. He and Xiao Feng will have to charge and uncle like Da Ye extra. Da Ye says he is a fashionable man, not an uncle. Da Ye then asks for the picture back. Ah Yi says he cherishes the picture even more now. Da Ye says that he believes that he is the one drawn and Ah Yi says it is obviously not Da Ye. Meanwhile, poor Xiao Feng is trying to figure out just what they are talking about. The two laugh, but don’t tell her. Xiao Feng then threatens to shave Da Ye bald for not talking. And this is the end.

Xiao Feng and Da Ye are technically supposed to be a couple, but really, they don’t feel like one at all. It still feels like they are back as the original trio. So, I say, they are the eternal threesome despite the fact that Xiao Feng chose Da Ye.

Hmm, not sad to see this go. Aaron’s & Calvin’s acting has improved, but I must say that the lead actress still remains an annoying, whiny, Cindy Wang wannabe. The drama did stay true to the manga in a lot of ways, so kudos for that. But I believe that this drama would actually have been better in the high school setting versus the college one as a lot of situations would have suited high school a little better. But, whatever. I am disappointed in quite a few ways. They seemed to rush the ending a bit too much. I know that the manga had a lot of back and forth and stuff that they can’t include everything, but they could have had a little bit of a less rushed conclusion that actually felt like an ending.


  • I agree–nothing seems resolved in the end, although in true Shakespeare fashion, they did manage to have someone get married and have a kid.

    • I think in a lot of tdramas, someone has to get married with a kid. I understand that Da Ye and Xiao Feng technically “chose” each other, but the ending just seems so open and the threesome just seems like they went back to normal versus having Xiao Feng and Da Ye as a couple.

  • light of death note

    what kind of stupid drama is this….?????
    the lead actress should have died….
    or any one should have died…
    da ye look stupid…and the lead actress doesnt deserve anyone of them…
    it was such a crappy story….

    but im not dissappointed at all….
    at least i know that ah yi is still SINGLE…..hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
    CRY….stupid GIRL……

    • Well, it’s a stupid drama based on an equally stupid manga. Really, with all the drama and stupidity of the main characters… Although, I think it’s a little extreme to say the characters should have died – even when they annoyed the heck out of me.
      Oh well, I watched this for one reason only because I love Aaron Yan. His acting is improving a lot 🙂

  • am not done with the drama but i have quit watching……..i dnt lyk the guy sh ended up with

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