Gakeppuchi no Eri Episode 6 Recap

Eri’s big break has finally come! Or has it? Eri finds a chance to publish her own manga. Will it be a success or failure? Only time can tell. Unfortunately this episode goes back to the preachiness. I hate that. But other than that, I really do enjoy this series. I don’t think I will take on recapping any new dramas until I can successfully finish recapping all the series currently in progress. Must learn to finish what I start.

Masamune and Eri’s fellow coworkers congratulate her on the 1st anniversary of her serialization. However, Eri does not seem happy at all. One coworker mentions that Eri is still only bringing in 80,000 yen. That seems to be the problem – Eri is discontent that her serialization has ran for a year with no change to her monthly income. Kamoda tells Eri she should be happy that she even has a serialization as her becoming a celebrity is still a long way off. Eri ignores this and turns to the head editor and asks for a big return.  Umemoto then asks what has Eri actually done to deserve such a bonus. Masamune then steps in and mentions the idea of publishing a collection of Eri’s serialization. Eri latches on to this idea as her dream is to be able to live off royalties. Umemoto shoots this idea down by saying only a tiny portion of major writers are able to survive in this publishing depression, thus publishing a book is no easy task. Eri mutters under her breath about that being her sweat and tears as well. Uemoto then asks if she plans on collecting the money for her most recent article or not and she quickly grabs it out of his hands.

Eri goes back home complaining about wanting to publish a book. Her mother is looking at information she just received in regards to her middle school reunion which will take place in Tokyo. Mitsuyo wonders what has become of all her old classmates and Eri urges her mother to go as she only works day in and out. Mitsuyo says that the fee is 5,000 yen – money she doesn’t have. Eri gladly hands over her pay (just enough for the fee). Eri says that her mother might be able to rekindle an old flame if she goes. Mitsuyo then mentions an attractive person in the class next door and gets all giggly thinking about meeting him once more. What if love is revived. Of course, Eri says that neither of t hem could have anticipated what kind of trouble the reunion would give the Aihara family.

Mitsuyo is having fun at the reunion. Her crush is definitely not what she hoped. She walks over to the food and begins putting it in tupperware to take home. While doing this, an old friend approaches her. Well, I wouldn’t call her a friend – one of those fake nice people who likes to show off their superiority. She derides Mitsuyo by saying she didn’t change at all. Mitsuyo takes it as a compliment, but you know that Yo-chan wasn’t being nice at all. Mitsuyo then fills Yo-chan in on what has happened in the past few years – losing two husbands and having to pay off the 10 million yen debt. Yo-chan cannot believe how rough Mitsuyo has had it. We then learn that Yo-chan’s husband works in the publishing industry and owns his own company now. Yo-chan invites Mitsuyo to come over to catch up sometime. Hmm, in publishing? Gee, can’t imagine how that will effect Eri and her mother at all.

After the reunion is over, the mother and daughter eat the food her mother brought back and talk about the events of the night. Eri is interested in learning about Yo-chan’s husband and tells her mother that she must meet that man. Mitsuyo and Eri go to visit Yo-chan. Eri tells her about being a mangaka and shows her the magazine (which she derides). Yo says that she doesn’t read such vulgar things, but her husband finds them amusing. This encourages Eri to ask for a favor. Eri asks Yo to help her get her serialization published in a book. This shocks Mitsuyo (I don’t know why) and she asks her daughter what she thinks she’s doing. Yo, surprisingly, immediately agrees to help. In doing so, she still belittles Eri’s work and her publication. Yo tells Eri to drop the serialization for new, unpublished work. Mitsuyo asks if that will be okay and Yo assures the two that her husband will listen to her. Yo then says the new theme will be “Women’s Love and Life” – definitely something that Eri knows nothing about. Yo then gives Eri a popular series as reference.

The next day Eri informs Uemomoto that she will be getting her book published independently. He asks where and she tells him about the popular comic series that went independent. This piques Uemomot’s interest. If they publish Eri’s work and it sells well, then it will help the magazine sell more, too. Eri tells him that if it sells well, then she might not have any more time for the magazine – thus shouldn’t he raise her guarantee now versus doing it later when she’s more well-known (aiyo, this girl). Uemomoto laughs and says for Eri to tell him that again when she actually becomes famous and then hits her with his fan. True, true. She’s putting the cart before the horse which can definitely lead to trouble.

Mitsuyo calls up Yo and thanks her for putting up with Eri’s sudden request and agreeing to help. Yo says it is nothing and then says she has gotten herself into a fix. Of course, Mitsuyo asks if there is anything she can do to help. I smell something rotten in Denmark.

Eri comes home and Mitsuyo is packing. Yo’s request was that she needed a maid. She will pay Mitsuyo 10,000 yen a day. Eri is shocked and happy to learn about the money, but is worried about how her mom will handle working as a maid during the day and working at the club at night. Mitsuyo tells her daughter not to worry and takes off to go to work.

The next day, Yo takes Mitsuyo all around the house, explaining all of her duties. Mitsuyo sees a picture of t he husband and compliments him. Of course, Yo brags about him and talks about the places overseas they have been. She asks Mitsuyo if she has ever gone abroad – of course she hasn’t! When Mitsuyo cooks dinner, Yo complains about the meal being a simple, country bumpkin meal. Mitsuyo then says that she made Yo’s favorite. Yo says not to bring up the past anymore and then takes out an Italian cookbook, instructing Mitsuyo to make the recipes in their as Italian is her husband’s favorite. Instead of throwing out the wasted food, Mitsuyo packs it up to take home. While she is working hard putting up with Yoshie’s demands, Eri is drowning in frustration, not getting into the theme she is supposed to write on.

Yoshie ends up throwing a home party with rich wives just like her. They poke fun of Mitsuyo behind her back by calling her an unrefined bumpkin. Of course, Yoshie doesn’t let on that Mitsuyo is her “friend.” Meanwhile, Eri helps her mom in the kitchen. Yoshie comes in and says they need more glasses and then complains to Mitsuyo that the meal this time better be up to standard and not another plain, country meal. She also informs the two to speak formally and to use the back entrance as they are no longer “guests” in her home. When Eri brings out the extra glasses she hears the women bragging about Yoshie’s new home which will be her 3rd and costs a “measly” 100 million yen. I think that Yo-chan is just playing rich and might not be as well off as she is letting everyone believe. Plus, we haven’t seen her perfect, rich husband yet either.

As the two leave that afternoon, Yoshie goes to give Eri money, but Mitsuyo refuses. Yo insists, though and Eri reluctantly takes her day’s wages. On their way home, Eri asks if her mom will continue as a maid as she doesn’t like Yoshie. Mitsuyo says that she just can’t ignore a friend in need. Eri then says that she doesn’t believe that Yoshie really sees Mitsuyo as a friend. Mitsuyo insists that Yo is her good friend, besides she is helping Eri publish a book. Eri then feels guilty, saying that her mother can’t raise her head to Yoshie anymore because of her favor. Eri then complains that her serialization doesn’t bring in enough and she is unhappy that her mother has to do all the hard work for money. Eri then promises that she will sell her book as soon as possible and make lots of money so her mom doesn’t have to bow to anyone and can finally have an easy life.

Eri is hard at work drawing when Kamoda and Masamune drop by. Eri hides her sketch and asks what they are doing there. Kamoda explains that Masamune was adamant about visiting Eri to comfort her. Masamune says that he brought fireworks and watermelon for a change of pace – so how about a break so they can enjoy their summer? Eri is excited when she hears watermelon. The  two men ask how things are going and Eri lies saying all is well. Kamoda, suspicious begins inching towards her desk. When she goes to help Masamune find a knife to cut the watermelon, Kamoda makes his move to look at the drawings she hid. While she is cutting the melon, Kamoda asks what are the drawings and if she did them herself. Eri quickly grabs them away and scolds Kamoda for looking without asking. Masamune ses this and says the style looks completely different. Eri says that when she tries she can do such things and then presents them to Masamune for his opinion. This can’t be good.

Masamune happily takes them, but is happiness seems to fade a bit as he looks at them. Eri asks what he thinks and Masamune says that they are okay and entertaining. This makes Eri happy, but then Kamoda butts in and says they aren’t interesting at all. Masamune tries to get him to stop, but we all know Kamoda will give his honest opinion. Eri says that stuff sells and Kamoda says that selling is not everything. Eri then refutes that it is. If it sells well, she can get out of poverty quicker and give her mother an easier life. What is so wrong about that? Kamoda then asks again if she thinks the drawings are interesting, He then says that needs to put her heart and soul into her work as that is what attracts her readers. Wouldn’t the result be the same, popularity? Kamoda then says her popular work won’t sell at all if she has no feelings in it. You can tell this hits Eri hard. Masamune then interjects saying that Kamoda didn’t have to take things quite that far (but you know Masamune probably agreed with him as he didn’t look too thrilled about the art either). I am with Kamoda, if it has no feeling and you are just doing it for money and it is not something you are actually proud of, is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Alone playing with fireworks, Masamune confesses he didn’t like the work either and thought it was boring as well. But since he wanted to cheer for Eri, he lied. Masamune then says he is a failure as an editor. Kamoda says there is nothing wrong with that as Masamune did it out of kindness, this does little to assuage Masamune’s guilt. Masamune says that Kamoda is different as he went through hell – working as a wartime photographer was rough, right? Kamoda remains silent like he always does when his past is brought up.

Back in the apartment, Eri is lying on the floor, deep in thought when her good for nothing cousin shows up again. Himura says that she looks down and Eri asks why he is there. Himura said he heard a rumor and came to cheer her up. This surprises Eri. Himura then looks at the drawings and complains that they are boring (3 strikes, you’re out). Himura then mentions Mitsuyo’s funny hair. Eri says it isn’t funny – she is used to it now. We then learn the hairstyle was practical as Eri’s mom couldn’t afford to get her hair done often, so she chose the tightest, longest lasting perm and thus her afro was born (not like it’s a true afro at all). Himura says that Eri’s family is interesting as her mom’s got a ‘fro and her pa was blown to bits. Ouch. He then, of course, hits Eri up for money. Cheering up indeed. Although, he is right, Eri could use her own life and family to make an interesting manga.

Mitsuyo comes back home and sees Eri staring off into space. She asks if Eri was done with the manga for Yo-chan and Eri says that she has no idea what to draw. Mitsuyo then says that she always liked how Eri just drew when she was younger. She never over-thought anything. Mitsuyo says that is when her daughter is at her best. Eri needs to feel the experience through her body like the Aihara do. During this enlightening speech, Eri stares at her mother’s hair and finally laughs, finally finding it a bit funny. So much for a serious conversation. But seeing her mom’s hair and her working and recalling the day Mitsuyo got the perm first, Eri gets inspired and finally starts drawing again.

Later, Eri runs into Kamoda and she tells him that she found what she wanted to draw and he wishes her luck. Kamoda tells Masamune this when he gets to work. This makes Masamune happy that Eri has found what she wants to draw. Kamoda says that Eri has returned to her original rough style and this makes Masamune anticipate the work. Uemomoto hears this and says that her drawings for someone else is not the magazine’s business. Masamune tells Kamoda that it is obvious the chief is worried, but doesn’t want to show it too much. This of course, earns him more attention for the chief who asks him to hurry with his copy.

Hard at work, Eri keeps recalling all of the events she and her family went through and draws them out one by one from her childhood being teased for being poor, her father’s death, the debt collectors, and even what happened when she came to Tokyo. She works day and night barely eating or sleeping to finish the manga.

Eriko drops off the manga and Yo-chan wishes that it will be a bestseller that can earn the Aiharas the money they need to lead a comfortable life. Eri doesn’t really quite know what to make of Yo who ignores the manuscript and sends her off. Mitsuyo then comes and Yo tells her that Eri has just left after bringing the manuscript. Yoshie will show it to her husband when he gets home. Yo then gives Mitsuyo her month’s pay. I sense disaster. Mitsuyo goes through the envelope she is shocked by how much money was in there. Yo asks what is wrong. Mitsuyo then talks about how hard she used to work just to make a fraction of the amount Yo is giving her. Mitsuyo then says she is in no position to say what she is about, but Yoshie needs to treat money with more weight. She does not take it seriously and that is wrong. Yoshie’s husband worked hard for the money, Yo needs to cherish it. This annoys Yo who says that it is not Mitsuyo’s business how she spends her money. Yoshie doesn’t want to think about her hardluck life from before when they did their best to scrape 100 yen together. She gathers up the stuff on her desk and gives it to Mitsuyo to throw out and leaves. Mitsuyo tosses it in the trash. Uh-oh. There went all of Eri’s hard work!

Eri rushes into the office saying her manga will finally be published. Masamune asks if she has completed it then. Eri says yes and Kamoda asks if it will be a masterpiece. Eri replies that it will be. Masamune then gets a call from Mayama (Yoshie’s last name). Eri, thinking it is a publication meeting call, takes the phone. While she is talking, Masamune says he wanted to be in charge of Eri’s first book. Eri then yells, asking how it could go missing.

Eri rushes over to Yo’s house asking about the manuscript. Yoshie says she has no idea what happened, it just disappeared. Eri and Mitsuyo asks what will happen to when it comes to publishing. Yoshie then goes and gets a check for a million yen! This does not make Eri or her mother happy. Mitsuyo says that it would be better to find the manuscript than have Yoshie give them money as compensation. I think Yoshie knows exactly what happened. She was peeved at Mistuyo for lecturing her so she had it thrown out on purpose. Mitsuyo begs Yoshie to help them look for the manuscript one more time. Yo refuses and leaves. Eri wants to give her a good talking to, but Mitsuyo stops her and asks her what happened when she brought the manuscript. They then realize the manuscript went out in the trash. Thus starts their journey to find the bag of trash the manuscript was in. Of course, they run into the trashmen collecting garbage and learn that it was already collected and was brought to the headquarters.

The two rush to the collection place and tell him to stop getting rid of it as they need to look for a really important manga manuscript. The man says it will be hard to find anything in the trash heaps, but he then kindly turns a blind eye. The two then begin digging through layer upon layer of trash in hopes of finding the lost manuscript. The two dig and dig, getting more dirty and tired, but to no avail. They cannot find it in all of that trash (and they’ve only managed to climb half of their piles). Eri is about ready to admit defeat, but her mother refuses to let her give up. At that time, Eri puts her hand right on the manuscript and the two have a tired celebration.

Meanwhile, Yoshie is at a party where she has just been named the president of a prestigious organization. As she is about to give her speech, Eri and Mitsuyo run in with the manuscript. Yo dismisses herself and asks them what the matter is as they were embarrassing her. Yo takes the manuscript Eri offers and looks at it. She is greatly displeased to see it is about Eri’s life and not an exciting romance. Eri says that she and her mother had plenty of excitement in their life. Yoshie says be that as it may, she and her husband sell “celebrity” and not trash about poverty that won’t sell. Eri says she has confidence in her book, but Yoshie refuses to listen. Evil witch. Quite honestly (I don’t know about in Japan), but the publishing industry is rather stale. So many books embrace the same common plots and themes. Who cares if they are popular when they are all essentially the same and thus become more of a boring staple. Wouldn’t it be better to have something fresh to engage more people – especially those tired of the old drivel?

Eri cannot believe her manuscript is worthless. Yo then says that Eri should have taken the proffered money when she had the chance as money is so much better than publication. Yoshie then walks back into the ceremony, but Mitsuyo rushes after her an bows down, asking her to reconsider publishing the book Eri worked so hard on. Eri rushes over to her mother, telling her to stop bowing for Eri’s sake. Mitsuyo replies that isn’t it and Yoshie remarks on Mitsuyo’s patheticness once more. Thus we get a speech about how the world only wants pretty, bright, expensive things – not junk about poverty that no one would read. Eyeroll. Like that wasn’t expected.

Mitsuyo has had enough and tells Yoshie that she is wrong and is the one who is pathetic. Yo asks what she means and Mitsuyo say Yo doesn’t know how to bow her head when she is wrong and doesn’t understand the value of money at all. Yoshie thinks money is everything and can use it however she wants – that is not correct at all. Yoshie looks around and laughs off Mitsuyo’s scolding and walks away. This riles Eri’s goat and she starts her typical rant. Eri says that she only wants to be rich to give her mom a comfortable, happy life. She doesn’t want pretty, shallow things like Yoshie. The rant ends with them saying that even the lowest of people have pride. Yoshie then starts screaming saying poverty looks good on the mother and daughter and goes back up to accept her presidency.

Eri returns to the office with her rejected manuscript. She is in completely dazed state. Her coworkers all try to comfort her and to encourage her to get back to her usual vivacious self as her manuscript will have the light shine upon it someday. When that doesn’t work, Uemomoto comes out to knock some sense into Eri. He asks if she finished the work for the magazine. Eri lifelessly replies that she hasn’t. Uemomoto then accuses her of being selfishly depressed. He then tells her if she puts a hole in the serialization then she can leave.

Later, Eri hands in her work and apologizes for causing such a ruckus. Uemomoto then encourages her and hopes that she can understand just how difficult the world of publishing really is. Eri then leaves – leaving her manuscript behind.

A few days later Masamune and Kamoda come in to the office early and find a frantic Eri, desperately searching for her manuscript which has gone missing again. Kamoda scolds her for being so careless a second time. Eri wonders if the chief ripped it up and threw it out, but Masamune assures her that Uemomoto wouldn’t do anything like that and Kamoda accuses Eri of having a persecution complex. Uemomoto comes in and asks what about his face (Eri said it showed evil intent earlier). Eri notices he had her manuscript and Uemomoto tells her the good news – the press has decided to publish it with an initial print run of 5,000 copies. This shocks Eri. Uemomoto then gives Masamune the job of overseeing the book. Masamune excitedly takes on the assignment and runs out to begin working at the man branch for the book. Eri says she thought he said it wouldn’t be easy to publish. Uemomoto asks if she is unhappy. Eri shakes her head no and asks if her book will sell. Uemomoto says he doesn’t know, but it is an entertaining manga and wouldn’t popularity come naturally. Eriko then vows to follow him for life.

A month later, Eri’s manga is released. She and Masamune stake out a bookstore and watch as a customer picked it up and bought it. At home, Mitsuyo is happily looking over the manga and showing it to the picture of Eri’s dead father. Yoshie is horribly unhappy to see in the newspaper that Eri got the manga published and Masamune and Eri watch as more people come and buy her book. Is it a sign of future success to come?

One can only hope! Totally excited to watch episode 7 which features the male lead from Ghost Friends as a guest star.

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  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.! It is because you want to share your enthusiasm about new dramas with the likes of us. If we don’t have someone like you( and Javabeans for Korean Dramas, many of us non- Japanese and non-Koreans will not be able to enjoy the many dramas available. So thank you once again for sharing !

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