Quartet Episode 4 Recap

**Anyone else kind of think of the Mod Squad when it comes to this series? Young delinquents taken in by the police to form a special unit to take down the bad guys?**

Episode four opens with Shun talking about her childhood when she came from China to Japan. They were filled with hope when they first came, but soon that turned to despair as Shun’s father drank all day and her mother sold herself to buy drugs. To protect her baby brother from their violent father, Shun got stepped on herself many times. Rin was the little brother she was proud of, but he is no longer alive. She blames Tsukamoto for taking away her hope and refuses to forgive him. Don’t blame her there.

Back to the present, Takeru and Shin have just arrived in the fictional Midori (as in no such place really exists in Japan). We rewind a little bit starting when they first found Midori and then finally get back to the point of breaking glass. When Shun and Takeru turn around there are two little boys who yell at the “stupid Japanese” to get out of there. They are talking in Mandarin which Takeru doesn’t understand at all, but Shun does as she used to live in  China (in real life Fukuda learned basic Mandarin phrases for her role). Shun explains that the kids know they are outsiders and not to mind them, but Takeru is still annoyed.

Matsushita Yuya, Fukuda SakiThey keep walking and Shun has such a sad expression. Takeru stops and asks why she has such a face and then asks Shun to by him some steamed buns. Takeru asks for four and walks off, leaving Shun to foot the bill. She then follows and scolds him for wandering alone when she is not his babysitter. Takeru then asks if the frogs in the bucket are edible. Shun doesn’t know and doesn’t care and tries to urge Takeru to move on. Takeru then asks Shun to ask the man. Shun asks in Chinese and you learn they are frogs and toads which are kept separately because one kind is poisonous and the other isn’t, but they are both good eating. This surprises Takeru who can’t believe you can still eat the poisonous ones. The seller then tells Takeru that if you eat the frogs “this” will be strong. Shun understands what he means and is uncomfortable. Takeru who is clueless (lmao, don’t know how he missed that reference) asks what was said. Takeru keeps insisting, but the embarrassed Shun refuses to say and walks off.

Continuing on their way, they pass a temple which attracts Shun’s attention and she flashes back to Rin and their playfulness just before he died. Takeru moves on while Shun stays a little longer and then follows. It’s a real shanty-town in the heart of Japan. Night falls and they are stopped by a man who asks if they are Japanese. Shun tells the man that she is just like him and came over when she was 7. The man asks about Takeru and she replies that he only understands Japanese. The man then asks what the two did to arrive in Midori and Shun replies they are looking for a place to live as the cops and yakuza are after them. The man then gets up and beckons them to follow him. Takeru looks so lost.

The man takes them to his hotel and then says it is 10 million per night. Shun doesn’t like this, and bargains him down by 20 million for the entire week. Takeru sees the amount of money being given and is unhappy, but Shun and the innkeeper both tell him to shut up. The man then tells Shun that regular cells don’t work due to a special radio wave, so he can get them a special one for another million. Talk about highway robbery. The man tells her to rest well and she flicks off her pinky. When he asks what it means she tells him he is a little chicken (take a wild guess as to which part of his anatomy she is referring to).

Matsushita TakeruThey get up to the room which is small and only has one bed. They begin eating their buns and Takeru says that they need to get started right away. Shun says that they have to wait for the insider to make contact first, but Takeru is impatient and wants to go out and try to score some drugs first. Shun tells him that they are outsiders so they are probably being watched and shouldn’t act too rash. Takeru then says that trusting an insider can be dangerous as who knows their true loyalty. Shun tells him that he doesn’t even know the language so he should just shut up and listen to her. Takeru doesn’t like this at all and says he will do it himself. He takes paper and asks Shun to help him write “I want to buy drugs” in Chinese. Shun writes it down (translator’s note says that she actually wrote I want to buy buns) and hands it off to Takeru who reads through it and then thanks her before leaving. Baka. Shun can’t believe he is really going out to do it.

Takeru walks the streets until he finds a group of men that he thinks might help him. He then shows the note and asks where he can by drugs. The Chinese don’t understand at first and then one turns to the other and says that the man is looking to buy “buns”. They cannot believe how stupid Takeru is and decide to mess with him a little. Takeru says he doesn’t understand what they are saying and then they point to an alley and say “drakku” is over there (drakku is drugs in katakana). Takeru follows while the younger guys is sent to get some more men. Takeru is looking but doesn’t see any drugs and soon his face is slammed into a box of garbage. Takeru fights back and then runs as more men appear.

While Takeru is being chased down, Shun tries to get a call out, but the cell really doesn’t work. She opens the window and listens to a song being played by an old man on an instrument I forget the name of and recalls her childhood and her mother at the drug den selling herself for a fix. Shun then goes to her bag and takes out Rin’s ashes, recalling his death once more. Lots of flashbacks in this drama. Meanwhile Takeru continues to run for his life. He need to learn patience. For an intelligent guy, he sure is stupid.

Fukudas SakiShun goes back to the roadside temple with Rin’s ashes where there is a woman praying. The woman asks about the box and Shun explains that it is her little brother’s ashes. She doesn’t have a grave so she can’t bury him. The young woman says they can ask the priest to look after the ashes until a grave is found and the two girls go up and pray at the alter for Rin. The girl turns and introduces herself as Xiao Chun and says that it will be great if they can quickly find a grave for the ashes. Shun introduces herself and thanks Xiao Chun. She then sees Takeru running with the gang of thugs hot on his heels. Shun takes off running, leaving Xiao Chun to take care of Rin’s ashes.

Takeru finally is cornered and the men are cursing at him (for being a “damn Japanese”) when Shun shows up. The men all turn to look at her. We then cut to a scene where Shun is sitting and watching Takeru being beaten by the thugs. They ask Takeru why a Japanese is there. Takeru laughs and repeats the phrase in Japanese earning him another kick for not even being able to speak Mandarin. A chubby older guy then turns and asks Shun who replies in Mandarin that they had no place to go so they ended up in Midori. The man then asks why they were trying to buy drugs. Takeru then glares at Shun, calling her a not nice name, and says that she wrote buns instead of drugs. Shun then calls him an idiot as anyone should have understood that. Takeru replies that no one would understand it and Shun gets angry as well and yells at him, calling him a big idiot with no brains. The angry Takeru tries to get up and one of the men stands up with a gun and asks what they are talking about (because the thugs can’t understand Japanese). Takeru and Shun then stop their shouting match.

Watanabe NatsunaKasumi then stumbles in laughing. The thugs want to know why she is there and discern that she is a wasted junkie. Kasumi laughs and takes off her coat and says, in Japanese, in 3 seconds run for the door. This catches Shun’s and Takeru’s attention – they are surprised. The Chinese, not understanding, just keep laughing and parroting some of the Japanese words. Kasumi then pulls a bomb out of her cleavage and Shun and Takeru get up and run followed by Kasumi while the men just stare. They safely make it out before the explosion. They dust themselves off and Shun and Takeru cautiously approach Kasumi. Shun recognizes her as Tsukamoto’s woman. Kasumi says that she is their comrade. Takeru asks if she is the one K mentioned. Kasumi glances at Shun and grins.

quartet-4-comradesThe trio walk down the streets while Kasumi briefs them on what is going on. Tsukamoto is being extremely careful at the moment. Kasumi wants to get to the new drugs, but can only play dumb so the location of the factory is still a mystery. Shun then asks if Kasumi is only there for Tsukamoto’s pleasure then. Takeru tells Shun to shut up and Kasumi continues. She says that she is certain Tsukamoto’s transactions are going down in Midori as there is a lot of foreigners and money around of late. Kasumi then gives Takeru some pictures of the car that goes in and out of Tsukamoto’s. There are a lot people who hate Tsukamoto (big surprise there) and Kasumi points out one in particular, a casino owner. Takeru wishes to join forces with him, but Kasumi says it is impossible as they hate the Japanese. Takeru complains about how hard this mission keeps getting and Kasumi bids the two farewell, saying they will be in contact like this from now on. Shun asks Kasumi exactly who she is and Takeru seconds the question. Just who is Kasumi and how is she related to Kuchinawa (I think it has to do with that Seira girl who is dead – but I don’t know for sure as of yet). Kasumi looks a little uncomfortable and says she will definitely tell them in the future and walks away.

We end the episode with some weird broadcast of a different kind of Russian roulette. Men are stood in a line and each will take a turn shooting the others in the head. Totally weird and random. We end with a gunshot being heard.

What will happen next?

I do like how Shun is better when it comes to assessing the situation. She is impatient to take Tsukamoto down, but she is rational enough to understand that she must bide her time. I also like seeing how when it comes to rashness, Takeru is the worse, but when it comes to people skills, he definitely wins over Shun (at least when the people in question are other  Japanese and not Chinese immigrants).

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