Love Buffet Episode 12 Recap

“Two people holding each other at the same time is called…”

*as a disclaimer, the new girl’s name is Yi Jing, but I have realized that I have also called her Ji Ying. So wherever there is Ji Ying, it is supposed to be Yi Jing**

Da Ye tells Xiao Feng that he was scared that she didn’t need him and only felt pity, so he is really happy that she came. Da Ye goes to kiss her, but Ah Yi walks by, ruining the moment. Da Ye tells his cousin that he won’t give Xiao Feng to him and Ah Yi tells him not to take advantage. Da Ye then bends down and kisses Xiao Feng. A cute, sweet moment between the two. Da Ye pulls away and asks when the hat will be done. Xiao Feng replies that it won’t be soon as she isn’t very fast. Da Ye smiles and says that if he can wear it, he will be cured of all sicknesses. Aiyo, how can you spout such lines, so mushy and full of cheese, so well. Although Calvin is the master among Fahrenheit members for his cheesy pickup lines (Jiro and Aaron are pretty good, too, only Wu Chun is more awkward). Da Ye says that he is happy to have a belt made with love and Xiao Feng tells him it’s a hat and tries to take it back, but Da Ye holds his arms above his head, effectively making Xiao Feng unable to reach it. God, he is so tall! They are so cute with their playfulness.

Later, Xiao Feng goes to Qiu Ying for help in finishing he hat so she can quickly have it ready for Da Ye. When Da Ye is officially released, Xiao Feng waits for him with the hat on and welcomes him home saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Da Ye smiles and bends down and Xiao Feng takes off the hat and puts it on his head. Xiao Feng then says that she wishes to remember love doesn’t come easy and that when two people come together as a couple, it must be fate.

The trio visit the Xing grandparents Jack and Rose to celebrate Da Ye’s release and health. Poor Yi Cheng looks so out of place. He is unhappy and looks like a fifth wheel (which he technically is). Jack says he really wanted to see the scene at the hospital and is sorry to have missed it. Xiao Feng says there was nothing to miss and Da Ye jokes and says you call that nothing and goes in to “reenact” the scene. Xiao Feng hits him and tells him to stop joking while Yi Cheng looks even more unhappy (he brought his unhappiness on himself, though – as did Da Ye in the beginning). Ah Yi calls the young couple crazy and Jack scolds Ah Yi for eating the popcorn all alone.

Back at school, Xiao Feng complains to Da Ye that a test is coming soon and she still hasn’t read all the books nor finished three reports. For her wanting to work in social services, she really needs to strive to study harder. These two. Da Ye then pulls out notebooks and says going through all of them, he will definitely pass (apparently Xiao Feng doesn’t really take notes either). Da Ye then says it’s a pity they are in different classes as his notes can’t help her, otherwise he would share. Da Ye then teases Xiao Feng and tells her to pray for her own luck. Xiao Feng pouts and Da Ye says that face is really cute. Xiao Feng calls him mental and the two walk on.

Ah Yi is at a student council meeting. When it is over and all the members leave, one stays behind. Ah Yi asks if she hasn’t finished yet and then asks her name. She introduces herself as Lin Yi Jing, a second year Japanese. She hasn’t quite finished all the notes and tells him to leave. Ah Yi then sits down and then begins Yi Jing’s string of self insults. Ah, this character in the manga was interesting as well. She has a really weird, self-depreciative personality (and totally crushes on Ah Yi). She then says with her looks she’ll be safe even at midnight, and then wonders if he thinks she is too slow to be the note taker, or maybe her Chinese characters are too ugly. Sheesh. Ah Yi looks at her in a kind of shock and says that he never said one word to her. Ji Ying apologizes and grabs her notes and goes to take off. She trip and Ah Yi catches her. Of course, a button manages to pop off her shirt at that moment and an embarrassed Ah Yi averts his gaze from the exposed bosom. Of course, at this moment Da Ye and Xiao Feng walk in requesting Ah Yi’s notes. Awkward.

Xiao Feng wonders what is going on and then notices the big boobs. They are so big, they popped out. Xiao Feng then remembers Da Ye and immediately covers his eyes and tells him not to look. LMAO. Da Ye, of course, moves Xiao Feng’s hand and she puts it back over her eyes while Yi Jing tries to cover up. Ah Yi then says why aren’t they asking him anything. Xiao Feng then asks what happened, how could he do that in school? Ah Yi is annoyed by this, but Xiao Feng says he wanted her to ask. Touche.  Yi Jing then says it was a complete accident as she slipped and “Respectful President” saved her. Ah Yi says that is right and not to think too much. Xiao Feng then elbows Da Ye and asks if he heard what the girl called Ah Yi who then scolds them. Xiao Feng then goes over and puts her hairpin on Yi Jing’s shirt, so she is no longer exposed.

Da Ye says that since it is an accident then they can all forget it happened. Yi Jing says that it is only them who wishes to forget, so they must have seen something disgusting. Aiyo. I am not sure if I ever truly liked this character or not. Maybe it’s a little less annoying on paper then in real life. Ah Yi, annoyed by Yi Jing’s incessant complaining and painting them as bad guys, scolds her and Da Ye and Xiao Feng intervene, telling him not to be mean. YI Cheng says he is just saying the truth. Da Ye asks for her name and she tells him. Da Ye then tells Yi Jing that maybe she is prettier than she thinks. Yi Jing calls him a liar, which shocks Da Ye (a girl he can’t charm? Say it isn’t so!). The fed up Ah Yi tells them to forget it as Yi Jing has no hope. True dat.

Ah Yi then asks why they came to see him. Da Ye and Xiao Feng say it is near exam time, so they would like to borrow his notes. Ah Yi looks a little made, especially when Da Ye asks if he finished the report for their one class already. Xiao Feng begs to see the notes and report and Da Ye asks if he can see Ah Yi’s old business law stuff he studied in their second year. Ah Yi refuses, but both Xiao Feng out and act cute. Yi Cheng says he can’t stand them and gets the stuff for them. Xiao Feng gives him a huge smile and thanks Ah Yi who then cracks a smile as well and tells her to stop calling him “respectful president.” Ji Ying, forgotten, observes this strange trio. Yi Jing seems to really focus on Xiao Feng while the three joke and play.

The next day Xiao Feng is praising Ah Yi’s academic abilities and Da Ye says it is all because of the Qing blood. They then see Ah Yi and Ji Ying. Da Ye says that Ah Yi has so many admirers, and Xiao Feng points out that it is just Yi Jing. Da Ye then asks if Xiao Feng noticed the hairstyle change (it is the same as Xiao Feng’s from the other day). Xiao Feng scolds at Da Ye for paying too much attention to another girl and Da Ye says that isn’t true. Ji Ying’s hairstyle is the same. Xiao Feng chocks it up to coincidence. Ji Ying then notices the two and Ah Yi turns around as well.

When Da Ye and Xiao Feng approach, Ji Ying gets really nervous and starts her ceaseless prattle which only annoys Ah Yi. Xiao Feng asks why Ji Ying is sorry and nervous, but Ji Ying doesn’t say and just says that she will leave using a more formal language that harkens back to a time of lords and vassals. This girl (eyeroll). Poor Ah Yi gets scolded by Xiao Feng for being mean to Ji Ying and Ji Ying says that she wishes to change the bad habit herself. So she is aware of it at least. Ji Ying then gets out a gift for Xiao Feng. It’s a cute new hairclip to replace the one Xiao Feng gave her to fix her shirt. Xiao Feng says was unnecessary. Ji Ying is upset as she thinks Xiao Feng doesn’t like it. Wow. The annoyed Ah Yi goes off to the teacher’s room followed closely by Ji Ying.

The next day Ji Ying has copied Xiao Feng’s hairstyle again. Xiao Feng asks if she is waiting for Ah Yi when he comes out and gives Ji Ying her notes back. He then presents Xiao Feng with a present. Xiao Feng hopes it is food, but it is notes that Ah Yi copied for Xiao Feng to help with the exam. Ah Yi cracks is little smile and Xiao Feng invites him to study with her and Da Ye. Ah Yi says he won’t go, but we all know he will. Xiao Feng then invites Yi Jing after the girl asks if Yi Cheng always studies with Da Ye and Xiao Feng who is beginning to wonder if Yi Jing has a crush on Ah Yi. Yi Jing then admits that she is copying Xiao Feng in hopes that Ah Yi will like her. Yi Jing then tries to run away and Xiao Feng stops her.

Yi Jing says that she has noticed that Ah Yi cares a lot about Xiao Feng. He is always softer and warmer to Xiao Feng than anyone else. Xiao Feng doesn’t want to hear this or believe it, but Yi Jing insists that it is true, Ah Yi likes Xiao Feng. Yi Jing then wonders if Xiao Feng will give Da Ye up and go back to Ah Yi. Xiao Feng says it won’t happen, but not very convincingly. When she gets back to class, she looks at Ah Yi and wonders if he still likes her. Xiao Feng believes it is impossible because he had Ying Zhi. But then again, she has no idea what is going on between Ah Yi and Ying Zhi these days (nothing as he has finally broke free of her). She is now wondering what to do and how to face Ah Yi. Oh, this girl. Totally annoying, too.

Meanwhile, Yi Jing spies on Ah Yi. He notices this and calls her a stalker. Yi Jing apologizes and asks if Xiao Feng is there as he was supposed to be studying with Xiao Feng and Da Ye. Ah Yi says he doesn’t know and that Xiao Feng probably forgot. Yi Jing then wonders, aloud, if its because of something that she said to Xiao Feng. She then quickly covers her mouth while Ah Yi wonders what is going on.

Later, Yi Cheng calls out Xiao Feng. In his hands is the parfait he always gave her before. He holds it out to her, but Xiao Feng rejects it! Ouch, it’s like rejecting his feelings. Since Yi Cheng isn’t talking, Xiao Feng gets up to go and Yi Cheng calls out that he doesn’t know what Yi Jing told her. This stops Xiao Feng and Yi Cheng scolds the absent Yi Jing for saying such things without considering other people’s feelings. Xiao Feng says that is right and goes on to say that Yi Jing hasn’t seemed to realize the feelings were already gone. This girl needs a shirt that says “I am an idiot.” She never seems to be able to grasp a situation or realizes anyone’s true feelings. Ah Yi then sets Xiao Feng straight. Yi Jing is right. Ah Yi wasn’t careful and let his secret show. He then confesses to Xiao Feng! T_T Not going to happen. This shocks Xiao Feng and she tries to laugh it off as a joke, but Yi Cheng says it isn’t a joke.

Yi Cheng says that it should come as no surprise to Xiao Feng that he likes her (having told her that already before Ying Zhi came and ruined everything with her neediness). Xiao Feng, of course, asks about Ying Zhi. Yi Cheng says that he did meet with Ying Zhi several times, but that he realized one day what his true feelings were towards the older woman. He wanted to make up for the regret of the past. Yi Cheng stands and says that the person he is now, really wants Xiao Feng. He then asks if Xiao Feng likes him as well. Xiao Feng wonders how he can say that he likes her and be so selfish in coming and going as he pleases. Xiao Feng then vocalizes these thoughts and asks if he doesn’t know she has a relationship with Da Ye. Ah Yi says he doesn’t care and can’t throw away his feelings, plus he doesn’t want to hide anymore. Nor can he stop liking her. He then tells her to at least let him keep liking her. The angry Xiao Feng storms off.

Yi Cheng goes home and Da Ye goes to heat up food for his cousin. Ah Yi then tells him that he told Xiao Feng. Da Ye wonders what he means. Ah Yi then says his feelings were discovered, so he told Xiao Feng the truth. This surprises Da Ye who quickly turns angry and asks his cousin what Ah Yi wants him to do. Ah Yi says he doesn’t know, he just knows he is certain about his feelings and won’t keep them a secret anymore. Then angry Da Ye glares at his cousin and goes off into his bedroom.

The next day Da Ye and Xiao Feng are in the library. Xiao Feng wonders if Da Ye knows about what happened or if Ah Yi didn’t tell him anything. Please, one look at Da Ye and everyone would know that he knows. Da Ye then comes up behind Xiao Feng and hugs her. Xiao Feng tells him they are in the library and Da Ye tells her that he knows Ah Yi confessed to Xiao Feng, but Xiao Feng is Da Ye’s girlfriend. Da Ye then tells Xiao Feng she belongs to him (PEOPLE BELONG TO NOONE!!!). He then holds her tighter and Xiao Feng can feel the worry in his embrace. Da Ye is definitely insecure in their relationship, who can blame him as he started dating her knowing she still liked Ah Yi who has now confessed his love. Xiao Feng doesn’t want Da Ye to be unhappy, she is already his girlfriend. She puts her hand on his arms. I guess her way of saying that he needs to be calm as she will stay with him and not go to Ah Yi.

That night Yi Jing is stalking Ah Yi once more, but pretends that it is an accident. Crazy lady. Ah Yi asks why she is there and she apologizes, saying she wasn’t following him (she totally was). Ah Yi says he never mentioned she was an walks on. She then does what she always does. It is seriously getting old and please this girl is stalking him!! Ah Yi says he isn’t mad and he tells Yi Jing that she does talk to much. Yi Jing apologizes and then confesses that she likes him. Ah Yi apologizes and says that she was right, he does like Xiao Feng. Yi Jing says she knows and then says she will do everything to become exactly like her love rival. Omo!! Can anyone say this girl is sane? And truthfully, becoming someone else for the person you like is most definitely NOT a healthy love. Ah Yi does smile at her ridiculousness and goes to leave. Yi Jing stops and asks if he can like her a smidgen of the way he likes Xiao Feng. What a desperate person with no self respect. But, if anyone can make Ah Yi forget Xiao Feng, this hapless girl just might.

Meanwhile, we learn that Qiu Ying is being pressured to consider her post-graduation future. Her advisor then strongly recommends that she go study abroad. Poor Qiu Ying is definitely conflicted. What will happen with her and Ah Ji?

Da Ye finds Xiao Feng and presents her with tickets for a holiday trip. It will be him, Qiu Ying, Ah Ji, and Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng happily agrees to go and then realizes that it is an overnight trip with Da Ye. What will her mother say? Xiao Feng then tries to broach the subject of going by helping her mom in the kitchen, but she just makes a big mess, especially when her mom asks if she is going with Da Ye. Xiao Feng replies that she is going with Qiu Ying and other girls and her mom warns her to be aware of Big Bad Wolves. Her mom definitely knows Xiao Feng is lying, but doesn’t stop her daughter.

Later Xiao Feng is out shopping with Qiu Ying who asks how it went with Mrs. Hu. Xiao Feng says she can go and then says that her mother mentioned the big wild wolf. Qiu Ying says her mom obviously knows, but is letting Xiao Feng go anyways (saying she trusts her daughter not to do it?). This shocks Xiao Feng who wonders if she should back out, but Qiu Ying says there is no need if Mrs. Hu is not actively stopping her. She then picks up a cute underwear set saying it is good for the first time. Aiyo. We know Qiu Ying plans on going all the way with Ah Ji (given his personality, though, I can’t see that happening, at least not yet). This completely shocks Xiao Feng. Oh please. Xiao Feng says she is not ready and Qiu Ying says that Da Ye says the male and females will be in separate rooms which annoys Qiu Ying. She will do everything in her power so that the couples room together instead. Xiao Feng is relieved to hear this and refuses Qiu Ying’s help in picking out sexy underwear as she “doesn’t need it.”

At the station, Da Ye asks if Xiao Feng met Ah Yi before leaving. Xiao Feng replies she hasn’t seen him and Da Ye says to keep their mini vacation from Ah Yi. Xiao Feng wonders why (again, complete idiot) and Da Ye says that if the situations were reversed, he would make sure that the trip didn’t happen or go along as well to make sure they can’t do anything. This amuses Xiao Feng and she calls Da Ye very “manly.” Da Ye says he would find Xiao Feng and bring her back. This warms Xiao Feng’s heart and the two continue on to meet Ah Ji and Qiu Ying. The foursome then set off.

Ah Yi gets up and sees a note saying that Da Ye is going off to play with Ah Ji. Will he learn the truth and run out to find Xiao Feng later?

When they arrive at the house, Da Ye makes a comment that gets Xiao Feng think about getting “eaten” again and Da Ye teases her for her red face. The two then go off and chase each other and Ah Ji gets up the courage to ask Qiu Ying to accompany him alone that night (lol, Ah Ji is so innocent, but Qiu Ying actually thinks he is talking about “that”). Ah Ji immediately tells her not to misundertand as she just wants to go on an evening stroll. Qiu Ying scolds him for saying something so simple so complicatedly. Ah Ji then asks the question straightforward. Ah, those two are so cute. Qiu Ying, of course agrees.

The foursome are out barbecuing and Xiao Feng says it is a relief to be staying in separate rooms making Qiu Ying question if Xiao Feng really wanted something to happen. While they are getting ready to grill, Qiu Ying notices the meat hasn’t been marinated yet and then says she is finished. What is going on? What did she remember?

Back at the apartments, Ah Yi sees Mrs. Hu and tells her he bought his lunch and dinner as Da Ye is out with friends. Mrs. Hu says it is a coincidence as Xiao Feng is, too. Yi Cheng, being smart, definitely puts two and two together (as does Mrs. Hu, not that she didn’t really already know). Poor Ah Yi is definitely hurt by this. In a way you wonder if Da Ye had any plans of making Xiao Feng totally his before Ah Yi could interfere?

Back at the campsite, Ah Ji and Qiu Ying have a cute moment as they went together to buy the groceries she forgot. Qiu Ying then recalls what her counselor says and asks Ah Ji what would happen if she was not by his side and they don’t get to see each other for a long time. Ah Ji doesn’t get it and Qiu Ying clarifies a bit and Ah Ji gets sad, wanting to know if she was planning on leaving him already. Poor Qiu Ying seems to be torn. It seems she wants to go, but she doesn’t want to leave Ah Ji. They then wonder why the bus isn’t coming and notice that the next bus isn’t until tomororw!

They call Da Ye and let him know. The two have to walk back up the mountain leaving Da Ye and Xiao Feng alone for the night. Da Ye says it is cold and wants to go inside, but Xiao Feng is nervous and wants to wait some more. Da Ye pulls her inside and we cut to a scene with them smiling and then Da Ye asks if she feels something is not right. Xiao Feng asks if there is. Da Ye says that it is strange. How come the house is so small, but they are so far from each other (this he yells) and we cut to see them at opposite ends of the room. Seriously? Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng. The two have to yell just to have a conversation. Xiao Feng says he is thinking too much and then Da Ye comes over by her and she goes to rummage through her back. Then he comes to help and she goes off for a glass of water. Stop being so obvious already! Da Ye comes over again and asks if she is purposely avoiding him. Xiao Feng then says “big bad wolf.” This surprises Da Ye and he asks if Ciao Feng thought he would do anything to her. Xiao Feng says that she doesn’t think so, but having a girl and boy alone in a room together…

Da Ye says he just had fun teasing her because she is too cute. He had no big bad wolf intentions. Xiao Feng then says she knows this, but she is a traditional woman. Da Ye asks if that is  true and then says if she ever wants him to get serious, he will change his attitude in a heart beat (as he gets up close to Xiao Feng). Xiao Feng then asks if he wasn’t serious earlier when he called her cute. Da Ye says that was, of course, his true feelings. Xiao Feng then asks what part of her is cute as there are much prettier girls around. Da Ye says it must be because he is wearing magical classes that can only see one shining girl. Gag. Xiao Feng smiles and the two get closer when Ah Ji and Qiu Ying finally arrive. Ah Ji immediately apologizes for “interrupting” the two. Qiu Ying and Ah Ji then leave and tell them to continue and Xiao Feng rushes after the two to say they weren’t disturbing them as they weren’t doing anything.

Back at the apartments and unhappy Yi Cheng crumples the note Da Ye left, recalling Mrs. Hu’s words.

The foursome finally gets to eat. Da Ye is really sweet and gives Xiao Feng some meat. While the two are eating, they watch Ah Ji and Qiu Ying grilling and bickering and smile. Ah Ji asks what they are looking at and Da Ye says that the two look very happy together. Ah Ji says they are happy as wherever Qiu Ying is, is heaven. Da Ye and Xiao Feng then both reach for the pop at the same time and crush hands earning him teasing by Ah Ji. Da Ye turns the tables around and tells Qiu Ying that because of her, Ah Ji couldn’t sleep well all the night before. This seems to please Qiu Ying. Ah Ji blames the coffee and the two continue their cute little talking and teasing. Xiao Feng takes the opportunity to askDa Ye for a walk so the two couples can have some alone time.

On the walk, Da Ye thanks Xiao Feng for coming. He asked her really casually so she wouldn’t know just how much he wanted her to come with him. So he was really pleased when she agreed to come. He then tells her about a magic way to see meteors and makes her do something silly. When she opens her eyes he tossed up a handful of flowing…candy? This surprises and touches Xiao Feng who smiles and wishes that she will be the start that shines brightly in Da Ye’s eyes. She then tells Da Ye that he isn’t the only one who wants to be with his lover. Da Ye smiles and holds Xiao Feng (I don’t think her head even reaches his shoulder). The tender moment is interrupted by an older man who asks what they are doing outside. The two then walk off together. When they get back to the house, Qiu Ying and Ah Ji are sleeping at the table upstairs.

The next morning, the two couples slept in the same room with each couple sleeping together) Da Ye gets up and puts a bracelet on Xiao Feng’s wrist. Xiao Feng pretends to be asleep the whole time, but Da Ye notices that she is awake and smiles. Ah Ji then wakes up, unhappy to see the sun has already risen. Qiu Ying wakes up and wonders what is wrong and Ah Ji is so sad to see the trip is coming to an end. Then Xiao Feng fake wakes up and pretends to be shocked by the bracelet. Da Ye just laughs as he knows already that she was awake. Xiao Feng asks if it was too unnatural to herself. Oh yea, it was so fake, it was horrible. Da Ye then shows off the bracelet and Qiu Ying says she recognizes it as the special one where you can choose the charms yourself. Da Ye says she is right and that he spent a lot of time selecting them and then explains them all. How sweet, but so corny. Ah Ji congratulates Da Ye on his mastery and then says that he will find something to represent his heart to give to Qiu Ying. Xiao Feng vows to treasure the bracelet and Da Ye’s feelings.

They get back to Taipei and the boys and girls split up to keep up the ruse they just went with each other and not as couples. Xiao Feng gets back and Ah Yi asks where Da Ye is. Xiao Feng doesn’t answer and says her luggage is heavy and goes to walk past him. Ah Yi notices the bracelet and asks if it was Da Ye who gave it to her as he has never seen it before. Xiao Feng just says she is going in first instead of answering. While it is true that she does not owe Ah Yi an explanation (and her obvious avoidance of the subject gives it away), it does not help their situation at all. Ah Yi then grabs Xiao Feng and she recalls Da Ye’s words just before they left for the trip about Ah Yi not standing for the two being alone together. Ah Yi then, in his head says he likes her – why isn’t she answering him? He then goes in to forcefully kiss her, but Xiao Feng turns her head away. Ah Yi then hugs her and says even with that expression she gave him, he will not give up. Omo, if Da Ye sees this there will be hell to pay. Poor Xiao Feng looks unhappy and uncomfortable.

Ah Yi finally lets go and walks away. Xiao Feng collapses on the bench and cries. What a way to ruin a good mood. That night, Xiao Feng calls and asks where Da Ye is and then if she can come to find him. But he is already on his way back to the apartments. Xiao Feng hangs up and wonders why Ah Yi’s embrace made her feel so sad. She then urges Da Ye to come back as she can’t forget that sadness on her own. She rushes out to meet Da Ye and quickly rushes in to his arms. He asks what happened, but Xiao Feng doesn’t want to say. Da Ye pulls back and begs her to tell him.

Of course, Da Ye storms up to his apartment and calls out to Yi Cheng. When Ah Yi comes out Da Ye demands to know what he did to Xiao Feng. Ah Yi makes a comment and gets punched by his cousin who demands to know why Ah Yi won’t leave Xiao Feng alone. When Da Ye goes to hit him again, Xiao Feng tells him to stop and holds his arm, crying. When her tears hit his skin, Da Ye looks at her and says that she still cares about Ah Yi. Da Ye then wonders to himself why it feels like he is ruining the relationship when it is the opposite? He shakes off Xiao Feng’s hand and tells her to leave as he won’t her Ah Yi. Xiao Feng reluctantly leaves and Da Ye kicks a chair and tells Yi Cheng that he can only make Xiao Feng cry so why is he doing that to Xiao Feng. Da Ye then goes to his room and leaves the hurting Ah Yi alone on the floor of the kitchen.

Xiao Feng is in her room, playing with the bracelet, wondering just where Da Ye’s anger was directed. Was it at her or Yi Cheng? The next morning, Xiao Feng tries to talk to Da Ye, but he ignores her and doesn’t say anything, just wears an angry expression. Xiao Feng tries to be normal and finally asks if he is still angry. She then says she doesn’t mind almost getting kissed anymore. Omo. How stupid can she be? Da Ye walks away saying he isn’t going to school. Dumb girl shouldn’t have said anything like that to Da Ye.

Yi Jing rushes in to see Ah Yi asking what Xiao Feng’s hairstyle was as she couldn’t find her that day. Ah Yi says he doesn’t know and then asks what does Yi Jing know how to do but copy Xiao Feng? She will not get a reply from him anyways. Yi Jing then quickly kisses his cheek. When he asks why, she says it is because him saying she won’t get a reply is like him trying to convince himself and not her. Ah Yi then tells her that no matter how many times he is rejected by Xiao Feng, it’s because he is willing.

Back in her room, Xiao Feng is looking up at Da Ye’s window. He still isn’t home. Xiao Feng then notices the heart is missing on her bracelet. She frantically begins searching for it, but can’t find it inside her house and goes outside to look for it. At that moment Da Ye comes and asks what she is doing. Xiao Feng says she is out for a walk. Da Ye tells her to hurry and go in. Xiao Feng asks why he is angry and ignoring her. Da Ye says that being by her side right now makes him hate himself for his ugly feelings. Xiao Feng doesn’t understand and asks what she did wrong as she will apologize. Da Ye then turns and tells her that she chose to protect Ah Yi the other day. Xiao Feng says it isn’t like that, she just doesn’t want Da Ye to hit people because of her. Da Ye then walks over to her and asks what he’s supposed to do. She came to him for help, of course he would be mad at Ah Yi. Da Ye then says it isn’t Ah Yi’s kiss that scared her, but how she would face Da Ye.

End episode with some really interesting previews.

Even though I know the end of the story, I really wonder if the drama will change it or keep it? Who will Xiao Feng really end up with? Da Ye or Ah Yi?

Wanna share your thoughts?

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