Quartet Episode 3 Recap

We start out by seeing a ransacked apartment. It looks like someone is going from room to room frantically searching for something. The bathroom door is opened and we see a woman with two little kids, dead. We then come to the present where the injured Takeru wakes up. A hint to his tragic past and why he hates drug dealers so much? Enter Kuchinawa who says that it looks like Takeru trained well and should heal pretty fast. Takeru asks who Kuchinawa is and why he saved him. Kuchinawa replies that he is with a special police task force and tosses a picture at Takeru saying that he didn’t save him, just arrested a murder.

Takeru picks up the picture and it is of the last drug dealers he tried to take down, but nearly killed him instead. Takeru immediately says it wasn’t him, but the guy in the who killed them all (which is true) when he was unconscious. Of course Kuchinawa knows this too as that man is his henchman. Kuchinawa then tells Takeru that he can’t prove it, so who would believe him as there is too much evidence against Takeru. Getting sick of the game, Takeru just demands to be arrested. Kuchinawa asks Takeru to help get at the dealers in a more effective way. Takeru immediately refuses to be a police’s dog, saying he will keep doing whatever he likes. Kuchinawa then brings up Takeru’s past and tells him that if he cooperates, then Takeru just might find the key to the past he was looking for. Of course, Takeru will be compensated and the “murder” will be overlooked. Taker asks what happens if he says no. Kuchinawa then hands him a business card and gives him a week to decide before zooming out (Kuchinawa is in an electric wheelchair).

Back at Tsukamoto’s he is mowing down on food when Kasumi comes in. She asks why he eats like that and Tsukamoto replies because he never knows what meal will be his last. Tsukamto says that all Kasumi likes is sex. Kasumi coyly says he likes that type of woman. Tsukamoto asks how she would know and then if she loves him. Kasumi replies that she heard it from a mixed-heritage girl Seira. Tsukamoto thinks and then recalls who Seira was and tells Kasumi that she was hooked on drugs and would sleep with anyone as long as she got her drug fix. Kasumi then says that Seira confessed to being in love with Tsukamoto. Tsukamoto then asks if Kasumi is jealous of a girl from the past. Tsukamoto then turns on Kasumi wondering why she is so curious about him. Kasumi takes his hand from her throat and moves it down her body, turning his fury into lust. She then sees an illusion, of Seira, and screams no. Thus Tsukamoto forces himself on her.

We then cut to Shun who is sitting in a jail cell. She pretends to have passed out and the guard urgently opens the cell. When Kuchinawa’s henchman goes in, Shun immediately jumps up and attacks him, but he easily fends her off. The defeated Shun sits back down a male voice tells her that when people lose hope, there are two ways of living. Kuchinawa wheels in and says one way is curse your fate and live like a corpse or to live and sustain your life with corpses. Shun tells him she won’t to his useless words. Kuchinawa responds that useless horses need to be killed, meaning that he will help Shun if she can get a grip. Kuchinawa says he misjudged her and Shun tells him to go away. Kuchinawa then baits her with being able to see her brother.

Shun goes with Kuchinawa to the morgue where he tells her Rin’s death was handled as an accident. Shun tells him the police don’t have to do anything as she will get revenge for Rin herself as she will never forgive Tsukamoto. Kuchinawa tells her that given Japan’s government, revenge is not allowed. Kuchinawa goes across the room to sit by Shun and offers her a chance to cooperate with him in order to get her revenge “legally.” Shun looks at him darkly. Will she do it?

Afterward, Kucinawa and his man talk about a mission. The man tells Kuchinawa that once they are in, there is no way out. Kuchinawa replies that it doesn’t matter as long as they get in and if they fail, oh well. Why? The two people he has chosen have no family ties and no one will miss them if  they disappear. Ouch. Nothing like having two lives treated so callously. The henchman says that Takeru won’t be recognized, but Shun will be as they are infiltrating Tsukamoto’s gang. Kuchinawa says that Shun knows what she needs to do without him telling her and zooms off followed by his man.

We then cut to the opening of the first episode where we saw Shun standing at a mirror getting ready to cut off her hair. She chops off all her hair and we then cut to the tattoo parlor she visited earlier. She is getting the sleeves she had designed for her brother and her hair is now short and blonde. When it is finally done, she looks in the mirror at her new image and says that she has to move on.

Later, Takeru follows the henchman who ignores Takeru and just keeps walking. This annoys Takeru who asks why the man always ignores him. The man then says that conversation can only take place between two human beings – surely Takeru understands that. Takeru mistakes his meaning and says that man does seem really supernatural and tells him to admit that he was an android. When the man doesn’t reply and still keeps walking, This ticks Takeru off and he tells him that he can see the anger from the man’s back. The man finally turns and Takeru asks to fight. The man ignores this challenge and turns and walks into a room. Takeru wonders what his problem is and then notices the sign on the door which announced the name of the department which is a mile long.

The two finally enter and Takeru perks right up when he sees Shun in her tank top and tight fitting jeans. He asks what is going on and if Shun is a friend of Kuchinawa’s. K replies that Takeru should know Shun. This takes Takeru aback. He then says he smelled the same scent before, but where. As he gets close, Shun goes to hit him and he dodges, before he is grabbed an slammed into the table. Takeru then recalls that Shun is the girl he met when he was attacked in the bar.

The briefing begins (Takeru sits with an icepack on his head, lol) and they are introduced to a new drug being sold and the man behind it – Tsukamoto who is a member of the Kansai-based mafia. His drug dealing built him a place of prominence within the group. K says that they have finally found that Tsukamoto is holing up in Midori. A place where the police do not tread and it is basically overrun with illegal immigrants. The lights come up and K tells that Shun and Takeru must pose as a couple and infiltrate Midori and Tsukamoto’s factory. Shun doesn’t like this at all as she believes Takeru will be a burden and wants to go alone. K tells her that while they trust her skill and ability, they want someone there who can stop her when she is driven to take revenge for Rin. Shun flashes back on Rin’s death and K goes on to say the mission is to arrest Tsukamoto and destroy the factory. If either Shun or Takeru dies, then the mission can still be carried out.

Takeru says that means they are just sacrafices. K says that is not necessarily true (how isn’t it?). Of course, the two will be well compensated if they live. Nice. Takeru asks to be treated nicely and K then says there is a third member who is an insider. Takeru asks for the person’s name, but K refuses to give it saying that the person will find them when the time comes. K and his goon then leave with K saying that they pray for their safe return from the bottom of their hearts. Takeru wonders how K can say such a thing, but Shun doesn’t pay him any attention.

The next day the two set off in search of the opening to Midori. They find a car and Takeru asks if it is the one as they were told it was an unauthorized rental they can abandon at Midori. Shun replies that means the car is stolen. This shocks Takeru and Shun calls him an idiot again. When they get in the car, Takeru asks to call off the mission and Shun asks if he is scared. Takeru says that chances are high they will never make it out of Midori, plus they could get themselves killed. Shun doesn’t care. Takeru then says they should just make love instead of fighting. Shun hits him and the two set off. His charm definitely doesn’t work on her know, but I wonder if it will later. I think it will.

K and his goon are in the parking garage when out steps the bartender who asks if K is going to make the same mistake again. K asks what he means and the bartender replies that the two are not professionals. How can they succeed when the special forces failed? K says they don’t know yet, but he believes they could see results. The bartender replies that K hasn’t changed at all. K replies that he has as K has lost his legs and the bartender quit. K then zooms by and the bartender asked if Shun and Takeru were picked because they came from his bar. K tells him that if they thought of the bartender as a threat, his bar would have been destroyed when Shun and Takeru were chosen. K then asks the bartender to be an advisor when the two need one. K has been disappointed, but he still has hope. The bartender then says it is not disappointment, but rather longing. Just what happened between these two?

Shun and Takeru finally arrive at Midori’s entrance. They walk through an alleyway and Takeru is shocked at the squalor and smell and wonders if things will be okay. Then the arrive at a market and when it opens up, there is an entirely different world that seems unlike Japan at all. Takeru is in shock, but Shun smiles, feeling at home. Then something crashes to the ground and the episode ends.

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