Dramas Based on Manga Part 2

So this will be dramas plus movies based on popular manga series. Some I forgot in the initial post, but remembered later and could kick myself for forgetting. I know there are more, but can’t seem to remember any more other than these at the moment.

  • Juvenile Orion by Sakurako Gokurakuin

The manga series was a spin-off of the Aquarian Age franchise – a trading card game. The series follows Mana who moves back to the mainland of Japan to start high school. There she runs into her old friend Kaname who wishes to avoid her due to an incident that Mana can’t quite recall. The two and several others are pulled in to a vicious battle to take control of the Aquarian Age.

  1. Aquarian Age: The Movie – This 2008 Japanese movie totally deviated from the manga in very disappointing ways – like they totally took Mana out of it! The plot was actually completely different as well, not that you can say this movie had much of one.
  • BLOODY MONDAY by Ryomon Ryo

The manga follows genius hacker Falcon who happens to be a high school student who gets caught up in a terrorist scheme to unleash a deadly virus in Tokyo.

  1. BLOODY MONDAY – this 2008 jdrama was very popular when it aired and starred young rising actor Miura Haruma in his first serious leading role, Narimiya Hiroki played the leading villain J and Sato Takeru played Miura’s best friend (they are really good friends in real life as well). Since it’s success it had a second season that aired just last year. As for veracity in plot in regards to manga, I don’t know as I couldn’t really get into the manga, but I loved the first season of this drama series.
  • Kimi wa Petto [Tramps Like Us] by Yayoi Ogawa

The manga follows the life of a young man who is taken in like a stray by an older woman. The boy becomes a “pet” to the ambitious office worker and is named Momo. The two live together and come to have a very unique relationship. Will it lead to true love?

  1. Kimi wa Petto – this jdrama aired in 2003 and starred Matsumoto Jun of Arashi fame and Kyoko as the two people who form an unlikely pet-owner relationship that eventually leads to love. I can’t vouch for accuracy as I have not read the series, but I can say that I absolutely loved this drama!
  2. You’re My Pet [너는팻] – this Korean movie after many setbacks has finally moved forward and is slated for release sometime this year. It will star Jang Geun Suk in the role originated by  MatsuJun and Kim Ha Neul will play his owner.
  • Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa

This manga follows the life of high schooler Yukari whose life is dictated by her mother’s wishes for her daughter to get good grades and go to college. Yukari ends up meeting a strange group of design students and becomes their model for their senior fashion show. She learns about the ups and downs of life, love, and what it means to have a dream.

  1. Paradise Kiss – this Japanese movie is slated to hit theaters in Japan in May of this year (I think) and stars Mukai Osamu and Kitigawa Keiko in the leading roles of George and Yukari
  • Tenisu no Ojisama [The Prince of Tennis] by Takeshi Konomi

This manga follows the arrogant Echizen Ryoma. He is rather small, but a powerful tennis player. When he first enters high school he beats some of the best players on the team. Along the way his arrogance is tempered and he learns from his teammates and they develop strong bonds of friendship.

  1. The Prince of Tennis – the Japanese movie was released in 2006 and starred many actors who went on to star in the musical as well, i.e. Kanata Honga, Hiroki Aiba, etc. It follows the manga the best it can as the series is long and the movie is like only 2 hours or so. I did absolutely love this movie!
  2. Wang Qiu Wang Zi – The Chinese adaptation began in 2008 and had 2 seasons. It did deviate from the manga mostly due to cultural differences. I am totally addicted to this drama which stars Qin Jun Jie as the head strong young tennis genius.


  • Narimiya Hiroki was so fillppin’ cool in the first season of Bloody Monday! Melon soda, seriously never looked so yummy, lol. Oh, & I suppose Miura was okay ;)*

    I’ve noticed those who have watched Kimi wa Petto either LOVE or HATE it- there is no middle ground. Believe me, I wanted to get into it, but I just couldn’t get past the concept of a human being owning another human being as a pet. That said, I will still be catching the Korean movie: I do have alot of faith in Jang Geun Suk ^_^

    • Narimiya Hiroki as J. Shivers. Gotta love him with his cat-ate-the-canary smile and the melon soda! Totally agree there. Watching Bloody Monday, I kept trying to figure out why Miura looked so familiar and then I realized he was the lead from the movie version of Koizora. He did a great job in such a heavy drama for his first big lead role.

      I don’t like the idea of a human being owning another and thus didn’t touch the manga, but I was going through a MatsuJun phase because of HanDan and checked out the live action and fell in love with it. Despite his somewhat mediocre acting at times, the boy did make a good “pet” – and that sounds so wrong to say. I will check out the movie. I have faith in JGS, too, but am not too convinced I like the female lead yet, I’ll have to see. I saw her in On Air (couldn’t watch past the first episode) and didn’t like her, and I love/hate her in Stained Glass.

  • Jun-kun was the reason I picked up the series, too, & the reason that I managed to stick through the series. I know what you mean by him looking as if would make “a good pet,” lol (admittedly, he was v. cute during many moments) & I didn’t think his acting was poor by any means in the series- it’s just the premise of the story that I couldn’t get my head around.

    I’ve only ever known Kim Na Heul by her movie work & of the ones that I have seen, she was great in all of them. Very likeable, & IMO, she definitely has a broader range as an actress that Koyuki…

    Re Koizora- the boy was almost unrecognisable! I think I prefer my Miura with regular black hair howevs… ;))))))

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