Sign Episode 8 Recap

Da Kyung backs away from the ME and goes to hide in a corner. What good does that do when she has already been seen? Anywho, a guard comes in and asks if the ME saw a Korean, but she actually doesn’t rat Da Kyung out. Amazing, ain’t it? The guard apologizes and leaves and Da Kyung comes out and thanks the ME who speaks fluent Korean. She tells Da Kyung how to leave and then tells her to pass a message on to Ji Hoon. Da Kyung is surprised to hear that the woman knows Ji Hoon and the ME replies what other Korean ME could do something that crazy. Totally agree with her there.

Da Kyung climbs out a window and then waits for Ji Hoon to arrive. He asks what she is doing outside when he told her to take pictures. Da Kyung replies that she has taken them and was just waiting for Ji Hoon to meet with her. Da Kyung then asks if Ji Hoon knows anyone at the place and that’s when our Japanese doctor comes out. Her name is Reiko. Reiko tells him that all he had to do was asks and she would share the information. Ji Hoon replies that if he had known she was on staff there, he would definitely have asked. Reiko then challenges him to see who can figure out the cause of death first. Ji Hoon replies that competition isn’t something you do in this field, all that matters is finding the truth. Reiko then says, but isn’t Ji Hoon competitive? Da Kyung breaks into the banter and asks how the two know each other. Ji Hoon smiles and says they are competitors who worked under the same professor. Da Kyung mentions that they don’t seem close for having worked together. Reiko replies that they aren’t close and in fact are big rivals. She sets up a meeting time and then walks away.

Back in Korea, Myung Han watches the news about the shooting he helped cover up, recalling how he was asked to lie to help his country. However, the one piece that could bring the stack of cards down is still at large.

Back in Japan, Reiko hands over everything she has to Ji Hoon who complains about how little there is. Reiko says that they are still waiting on DNA results and Ji Hoon asks about the crime scene where Da Kyung cuts in and tells him all she knows about it – she did some research before coming. Reiko compliments Da Kyung and Ji Hoon says her research is the least she can do since Da Kyung can’t perform autopsies. Snap. Ji Hoon asks why the body wasn’t identified when there was a ID card on it. Reiko shows him the pictures and you can see the ID card is unreadable. The skeleton appears to be of a woman in her late teens, but the teeth don’t match any dental records of missing people. Da Kyung then takes out the camera and they project the pictures on the wall and discuss probably causes and diagnoses. We then get the picture where Da Kyung accidentally caught Ji Hoon changing. The mortified Da Kyung says that she was taking a picture of a tree branch and then goes to stand in front of the picture, rubbing her hands together (begging Ji Hoon for mercy and understanding, lol).

Back in Korea at Yi Han’s place, Woo Jin and her former boss sit awkward. As both get up to leave, Yi Han brings the food and tells them both to sit down. His father does immediately and tells his son to sit as well, but Yi Han has more cooking to do. Woo Jin says she will finish and Yi Han asks why she is suddenly being so nice when she usually treats him like shit. Woo Jin asks what he means and he laughs and tells her to just sit down and eat. Prosecutor Choi then tells Woo Jin that both he and his son are keeping their relationship a secret as it doesn’t look good. Choi then asks if Woo Jin is seeing Yi Han. Woo Jin says they have no relationship and this relieves Choi who then comments on the age gap (only 6 years). Yi Han then leaves to get some alcohol and Woo Jin takes the opportunity to ask why she wasn’t chosen to go with Choi to the national office. Choi then tells her that he took a prosecutor who had connections. The sad and bitter Woo Jin says she sees and takes her leave. She runs into Yi Han who asks where she is going. Woo Jin stops and asks his age and when he replies 30, she walks off wondering why Choi lowered his son’s age. To make the two seem even less compatible than they are? Needless to say Yi Han has no idea what is going on.

Back in Japan, Da Kyung and Ji Hoon hike to where the body was found and begin their own investigation. While Da Kyung looks around, Ji Hoon looks at the pictures from when the body was found. Da Kyung leaves the cave and looks out at the sea before coming back in and telling Ji Hoon that the ocean is outside and the cave was made of limestone. How could a teenage girl die in such a place? Da Kyung asks what will happen to the body if they can’t identify it. Ji Hoon says it will be enshrined in a temple and Da Kyung wonders about the girl’s family. Ji Hoon tells her not to bring personal feelings again. They look at the data and find that an endangered flower that is not found anywhere near the cave was found on the victim. Ji Hoon wants to go to a library to find a map from the time to figure out where the plant could be found. Da Kyung then says there is a temple that is preserved from that era not too far from the cave.

When they arrive at the temple, a monk helps them out by showing them a map of the area during the time. Ji Hoon asks about Rose of Sharon, but the monk doesn’t know. They look at a current map and the monk tells them about a school for Koreans that was opened in about the 1930s. The girl would have been attending around that time. Finally a lead that might help them find the girl’s identity.

In Korea, the man the police is searching for is seriously wounded. His friend begs him to get help, but he refuses as he knows the police and men in suits will be looking for him. His friend says he isn’t a criminal, but a victim, but it doesn’t matter as he has been framed. Meanwhile, Jang and Myung Han meet. Jang brought a present from the congressman – a record of classical music. Myung Han then tells Jang about his early years and his anger at the deaths of those he autopsied. It wasn’t long and he began having murderous thoughts of the people who killed them (and now he lets criminals get away – for shame). Myung Han says that the men he is helping set up are trash just like the murderers of the innocent. Cutting back to the injured man, his friend tells him to call the police from the Chinese drug case (meaning Yi Han), but he refuses saying that all cops are the same and his desperate friend says he will think of a way to help.

Back at the NIS, Jae Young tells the other two of the three stooges about In Hyuk’s autopsy and how he thinks there is something not quite right about it. The other two tell him that he is probably overthinking and is getting more like Ji Hoon. Will they uncover what Myung Han did or will it be a successful cover up?

Da Kyung and Ji Hoon arrive at the school and learned that before the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima, yellow Rose of Sharon used to cover the school grounds. The principal is then handed the faded ID picture. He can’t recognize the worn picture, but he recognizes the haiku on the ID. He reads it and then takes another look at the picture and thinks that it might be Aki-chan. The principal isn’t sure if it his her or not as the picture is not clear. Da Kyung asks him who he thinks it is. The principal says that it might be a girl who he knew as Aki-chan. He doesn’t know her real name or even if she attended the school. Da Kyung asks about what incident he was referring to and he says that one night a stone flew in through the window. When he went to look, he found Aki-chan on the ground begging someone to come back alive. She then runs off as a woman came up. The woman asked the principal if it was Aki-chan and says  that Aki-chan was the daughter of someone at the local market. We then learn that the body found was most likely Aki-chan’s as the girl the principal met has severely stooped shoulders.

At the lab, Reiko gets the test results back and learns that a high content of mercury in her bones. This makes Reiko think the victim had syphilis as the Japanese used mercury to treat the disease once. Ji Hoon then arrives to get the lab results and disagrees with Reiko. He believes that Aki-chan probably had tuberculosis (mercury was also used to treat this as well) as the principal at the school said Aki had no marks on her body (common with syphilis). Reiko is surprised that Ji Hoon has managed to track someone down who knew the dead girl and the two walk to where the principal and Da Kyung wait. The principal is then taken to see the skeleton. He is surprised by how small the skeleton seems. Reiko then shows him the stuff that was found with the corpse and tells him to look through it to help identify the girl. The principal replies that he did not really know the girl so he cannot identify her. Da Kyung begs the principal to think hard, but he can’t think of anything to help. Reiko announces that the victim is then unknown and will be transferred to a shrine. Da Kyung interrupts and says to wait as something has been bugging her. She then asks if they can stop somewhere.

Back in Korea, Yi Han visits Woo Jin and is surprised by her actually being nice to him. This totally throws him for a loop. Yi Han then asks if she is doing that because she knows who his dad is. Woo Jin asks what he means and Yi Han replies with the niceties she’s been spewing at him. Woo Jin then says she wouldn’t do that. Yi Han gets really close to her and then says that she definitely is an ass kisser. When he leaves the angry Woo Jin wishes she could cuss him out, but she can’t because of his dad.

When Yi Han leaves he runs into his sunbae who asks for help with the shooting case. Yi Han replies that he may know of someone who has connections and could help, but that person is very mistrustful. His colleague then tells him to please help. Yi Han, being Yi Han will of course help. Outside, Yi Han sees Woo Jin who is trying to get into her car with great difficulty (someone in a van parked way too close). Yi Han asks for a ride and when Woo Jin refuses, he pretends to call his dad, immediately changing Woo Jin’s attitude. Yi Han is definitely having fun teasing and playing with Woo Jin.

Back at the cave, Da Kyung can’t help but think the place must have had special meaning to Aki-chan. The principal takes off his hat and asks if that is where Aki was found. He is then asked if he remembers anything. He takes a look around and eventually goes to the cliff overlooking the ocean. That place used to be a lookout for wives and children of fisherman who would come there waiting for their husbands and fathers to come home. It was also a place where people could see the soldiers coming home. Da Kyung then asks if it was possible Aki was waiting for the principal’s return (as the window incident happened just before he had to leave to serve during the war). He doesn’t think it is possible because she barely knew him. He then recalls a girl at the school who was bullied because of her disease. The principal had stopped the bullies and stood up for Aki-chan. He then sat across from the crying girl and gave her his handkerchief. How sweet. Back in the present, the principal asks if they think that small act of kindness made Aki wait for him and die. Da Kyung says that wasn’t the only reason she probably died and asks him once more to think hard about the girl to see if he can remember anything at all. Unfortunately, he just can’t seem to remember anything about her. Drat.

Woo Jin and Yi Han arrive at the place Yi Han needed to go and he asks her to wait for him. Woo Jin doesn’t want to, but swallows her annoyance and says that she will. Yi Han then climbs the stairs and calls for Dong Koo. He then busts down the door where Dong Koo has already climbed out the window and is running away. Of course Yi Han follows him. After a long chase they end up back at the car where Woo Jin sees Yi Han chasing Dong Koo down and opens her door sending the man sprawling. She asks what is going on and Yi Han tells her about the gang fight and how Dong Koo is a member of one of the gangs. Yi Han then asks Woo Jin, doesn’t Dong Koo seem like he knows something. Woo Jin agrees and Yi Han asks where Jong Ho is. Dong Koo immediately replies that Jong Ho didn’t do anything wrong. This angers Yi Han since Jong Ho is the one Myung Han helped set up for murder, Yi Han believes he is the culprit. Dong Koo reiterates that Jong Ho is innocent as he was there when the shooting took place. Yi Han thinks Dong Koo is lying and Dong Koo replies that the news reports are what are lying, not him. Woo Jin then tells him to speak slowly and tell them again. Dong Koo then explains that everything that has been reported is a lie – he and Jong Ho didn’t even have guns. Yi Han asks for details and we get to see the flashback of the crime from Dong Koo’s perspective. Dong Koo then reveals the real killer was a soldier – an American soldier. Just what Jang and the congressman hoped wouldn’t happen.

Back in Japan, Reiko and Da Kyung are at the shrine where Aki-chan is laid to rest. How sad that after all of that, they couldn’t find her real identity. Reiko says that is common for skeletons. Da Kyung then says that Reiko is just like Ji Hoon – cold and Da Kyung can’t figure out what either of them are thinking. Reiko says that an ME who approaches the corpse objectively is better than one who approaches it emotionally. Da Kyung says that Ji Hoon is still too cold. Reiko then says that Ji Hoon wasn’t originally like that and mentions how Ji Hoon brought his girlfriend to the lovers’ shrine. We then cut to Ji Hoon as he looks  through the different boards until he comes to his and Woo Jin’s. Flashback to the past where they were a cute happy couple.

Da Kyung arrives at the shrine where Ji Hoon asks why she is there. Ji Hoon quickly covers up the picture of him and Woo Jin. Da Kyung then asks about his relationship with Woo Jin and how she happened to overhear they were a couple. Da Kyung says that Ji Hoon needs to let go of his one-sided love since Woo Jin has broken up with him. Ji Hoon calls her nosy and stalks off. Da Kyung runs after him and tells him Reiko wants to buy him a beer before leaving and he then asks Da Kyung why she  took the picture of his butt. Da Kyung says it’s just because she wanted to see it and runs off. Ji Hoon goes back to the shrine postings and burns the picture of himself and Woo Jin. So this means he is letting go?

Back in Korea, Yi Han is questioning Dong Koo who tells him everything he knows. Yi Han then asks where Jong Ho is, but Dong Koo doesn’t want tos ay. Yi Han comes out and asks Woo Jin how things are on her end. Woo Jin then asks how reliable is Dong Koo as the evidence at the police station corresponds with the NFS findings. Woo Jin then tells him to end the case by bringing Jong Ho in. Yi Han points out that Dong Koo has no reason to lie even though the evidence stacks up against Jong Ho. Woo Jin says she doesn’t have the power Yi Han thinks she has and Yi Han asks her to get Yoon to help. Woo Jin says she can’t get him involved in such cases again and Yi Han asks if she still likes Ji Hoon. While they were talking, Dong Koo ran away and Woo Jin tells Yi Han again to stop and not trust the word of a gangster.

Back in Japan, Reiko asks Ji Hoon about his demotion and the Seo case. Da Kyung defends Ji Hoon’s autopsy results and Reiko asks to hear more as she was a fan. This surprises Ji Hoon and Reiko replies that a friend converted her. That friend was coming as she was interested to meet Ji Hoon. This surprises Ji Hoon. Reiko also reveals the girl helped uncover the skeleton during the archaeological dig she was on for her thesis. And who is the girl? None other than Kang’s daughter and Seo’s murderer! What game is the little vixen playing? We then learn she will be leaving for Europe soon. Reiko gets a call and leaves and Ji Hoon asks if they have met before. Kang says they haven’t and then asks if he performed the autopsy on Yoon Hyung oppa. Kang asks about Yoon Hyung’s final moments, quoting his views on death. She then asks if Yoon Hyung looked happy in death. Talk about suspicious. Ji Hoon asks if Kang really thinks Yoon Hyung was happy to die. Kang then gets up and leaves to catch her flight. As she goes to leave, and puts on her coat, Da Kyung recognizes her from the surveillance footage. Ji Hoon realizes it, too. Kang pauses and smiles at them and the two run after her as they have finally identified Seo’s murderer. Of course, they don’t catch Kang in time. But hey, statute of limitations won’t be up for awhile, so they need to get the evidence and nail her butt.

Da Kyung screams in frustration, saying they might always miss the girl. Ji Hoon says that no matter how long it takes, they will find the evidence and Kang will be brought to justice. Go them.

Upon Ji Hoon’s return to Korea, Myung Han gives a lecture about scientific evidence and lack there of in cases. As he talks about how victims’ bodies are crucial evidence, Ji Hoon comes in at this point, interrupting and sits down to finish listening to the lecture. Myung Han wraps up and asks for questions. Ji Hoon then asks him why the NFS was founded and Myung Han gives a perfect textbook answer. Ji Hoon then asks for the NFS motto. Myung Han hesitates but eventually states that it is to reveal the cause of death using objective and scientific evidence. Ji Hoon then asks what happens when the NFS fabricates and discards evidence. This makes Myung Han uncomfortable and he says he won’t answer questions not pertaining to the lecture. Hah! Ji Hoon then recites the laws for those MEs who fabricate and destroy evidence.

End episode.

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