Love Buffet Episode 11 Recap

One of Asian dramas most prominent happenings – the accidental kiss – helps throw our trio into even more chaos. Not to mention Da Ye’s mother is not fond of the indecisive Xiao Feng who isn’t in love with Da Ye as much as she probably should be. Fair warning: Xiao Feng is her typical horrible self. Meaning that she puts her foot in her mouth several times. She really needs to check herself before her horrible “word vomits” spew out causing lots of misunderstandings – just like how she ALWAYS hesitates.

Two people being together does not equal love.”

We pick up with the arrival of Da Ye’s mom. Xiao Feng is surprised at just how glamorous Da Ye’s mom is. Da Ye greets his mom and asks why she is in Taiwan. She replies that she thought she’d just drop by and see him and then asks when he had so many kids (corny). You can definitely tell that besides taking after his grandfather, Da Ye takes after his mother a lot as well. Da Ye’s mother finally notices Xiao Feng and asks if Xiao Feng is his friend. Xiao Feng nods, but Da Ye puts his arm around her and says that she is not his friend, but rather his girlfriend. This surprises his mother who then says that when Da Ye was younger, every girl was his “girlfriend” – too true. Da Ye replies that is not the case this time, Xiao Feng is seriously his girlfriend. Xiao Feng then smiles and introduces herself.

Da Ye’s mom is then taken to Xiao Feng’s house where she meets Mrs. Hu and Xiao Yi. Da Ye’s mother immediately bows before Mrs. Hu and asks her to look after Da Ye. Then Mrs. Hu bows down, shocking all the kids. The two then get up. Mrs. Hu then says that it is really her two daughters that look after the boys and not her. Xiao Yi then lets it slip that Xiao Feng is Da Ye’s girlfriend – apparently Xiao Feng has kept this from her parents. The laughing stops and we get an awkward pause. Da Ye’s mother says that she knew just 10 minutes before, so she only knows a little earlier. Awkward forced laughter. Xiao Feng then glares at her sister for spilling the beans. Come one, her parents were bound to find out anyways.

As they go upstairs to the Xing apartment, Xiao Feng apologizes for not telling her mother about dating Da Ye. His mom says that is no problem, when she was young, she liked to keep it a secret, too. Da Ye’s mom then invites Xiao Feng for a meal. Xiao Feng happily agrees and Xiao Feng is happy to think that Da Ye’s mom approves of their dating (or at least isn’t against it). Da Ye’s mom looks around and comments on the neatness and then says that Xiao Feng must not like “proper” guys (some kind of Chinese saying). Xiao Feng doesn’t get this and Da Ye’s mom explains it. Basically because Da Ye is more like a housewife. Da Ye then asks after Ah Yi’s mom. Da Ye’s mom replies that his aunt went to visit Gu Du. The two women are very good friends.

Speaking of Ah Yi, in walks Ah Yi, his mother and Gu Du. Xiao Feng introduces herself and Gu Du says that her mom is a flight attendant. This amazes Xiao Feng and Yi Cheng scolds her for making such a big deal out of it. Ah Yi’s mother says that is okay as Xiao Feng has a lot of energy. Da Ye’s mother then tells Ah Yi’s that Xiao Feng is Da Ye’s girlfriend. This shocks little Gu Du (no wonder, she was really rooting for Ah Yi and Xiao Feng). Xiao Feng then tries to silence Gu Du by saying it’s not what she thinks. Sheesh. Her comes stupid Xiao Feng opening her big mouth without thinking. Da Ye’s mom then says that if Da Ye inherits the family company, then Xiao Feng will be the CEO’s wife. Shocked, Xiao Feng turns to Da Ye’s mother and says that Xing mama is thinking too much. Uh oh. Xiao Feng and Da Ye may be dating, but she doesn’t like him to the marriage extent yet. Of course this upsets Da Ye’s mother who interprets it as Xiao Feng dating Da Ye while not sincerely liking him (which is technically true as she is still not over Yi Cheng). Da Ye’s mother then gives Xiao Feng a good scolding (which I believe she deserved anyways with her wishy washiness when it comes to matters of the heart).

Of course this makes Xiao Feng feel bad and she doesn’t like it that Da Ye’s mother is painting her to be a horrible person (but she is in a way, she really is!). Of course Ah Yi and Da Ye jump to Xiao Feng’s defense at the same time. Yi Cheng does let Da Ye speak up first and Da Ye tells his mother that he was the one who wanted to be with Xiao Feng and he is the one who forced her. Aiyo, why did he have to use the word “forced”? Idiot. In that way, he and Xiao Feng are perfect for each other. Gu Du supports Da Ye and Da Ye tells his mom not to worry as he is her son so he believes that Xiao Feng will truly like him someday soon. Da Ye’s mother makes a snarky comment and sits down complaining about how she is even more hungry now. Ah Yi’s mother says they should all go to eat. Xiao Feng, feeling bad says that she will go home instead of joining them. Da Ye’s mom makes a big deal of this and Da Ye tells Xiao Feng she doesn’t have to go and he will stay with her. Xiao Feng then says that she wants to go. Nothing like fighting a war with your boyfriend’s mother.

At the buffet, Da Ye’s mother sits between Xiao Feng and Da Ye and then scolds Gu Du’s eating habits (as Gu Du and Xiao Feng are eating the same food). Xiao Feng then stops eating her friend food and gets up to get something else. Idiot. Ah Yi comes up and calls her dumb. She asks why and Da Ye and Gu Du comes up to. Da Ye apologizes for his mother’s behavior. Gu Du then says she will put in a good word, but since she is just a kid, Da Ye’s mom won’t listen to her. Da Ye makes a lame joke, but he does get everyone to smile eventually and lightens the mood. But things quickly go south again back at the table as Da Ye’s mom keeps picking at Xiao Feng’s eating habits and utensil abilities. HIs mom even goes so far to say how she and his dad worried that Da Ye would pick up a person off the streets that no one wanted. Major burn!

The next day Da Ye’s mother’s comments and bullying escalate until Da Ye and Yi Cheng are fed up and run off with Xiao Feng and Gu Du. Standing alone, Ah Yi’s mother comes up to her friend and calls her an evil witch. LOL, no one is on Da Ye’s mother’s side. The quartet stop running and Ah Yi complains that Gu Du has gotten heavier while Xiao Feng complains about the heat. Da Ye helps to wipe the sweat and Gu Du and Ah Yi mock them by doing the exact same thing. A really cute moment between the foursome and they play and chase each other around. The mothers come and Da Ye’s complain about the kids’ immaturity. Ah Yi’s mother says that between the kids is a world they cannot understand. Too true. Da Ye apologizes on behalf of his mom and Xiao Feng says she should apologize as Da Ye’s mother loves him very much. The two mothers then make their presence known and Da Ye asks how they were found. Simple, they followed the trail of dropped nuts. Yi Cheng calls her stupid once more and Xiao Feng says that the other three didn’t notice either. Da Ye’s mother grabs Xiao Feng’s cheek and says she won’t apologize. Xiao Feng smiles and says she also won’t and like that the relationship is somewhat mended.

At school, the teacher announces that Yi Cheng is running for student council president. When asked to address the class, poor Ah Yi can only say “please take care of me.” He really is so shy it’s cute. The class then sets out to make election materials. Yi Cheng goes off by himself to look at some information and Xiao Feng goes over to talk to him. When she goes to get up, her hand slips and when Yi Cheng went to catch her, their lips met. Awkward. Xiao Feng immediately jumps up and says there was a bug and rushes out of the classroom followed by her friends. Xiao Feng rushes to the bathroom and washes her mouth off. When her friends arrive she immediately tells them it was an accident. They know and both give her conflicting advice. One says to tell Da Ye and the other says not to (guess which advice Xiao Feng follows?). Da Lin says that even though it was an accident, Da Ye could still be upset by it so Xiao Feng shouldn’t’ tell. Her other friend says its best for Xiao Feng to spill the beans before one of their classmates lets it slip.

Da Ye notices that Xiao Feng seems a little down, but she insists that she is fine. She then decides to tell him, but before she can, Da Ye announces he found a job so that he can earn money to take her out on dates and stuff. He wants her to be happy and by his side. Hearing this, Xiao Feng loses courage. She instead asks Da Ye what he wants for Valentine’s Day instead. Da Ye smiles and says he has the greatest gift by his side already. Gag me.

Xiao Feng waits for Yi Cheng at his work and begs him not to tell Da Ye. Yi Cheng wants to know why. Xiao Feng says she is afraid of hurting Da Ye. Ah Yi says he understands and won’t. Xiao Feng thanks him and leaves. The hurt Yi Cheng watches her retreating back and says she really is an idiot – why would he tell?

The guilty Xiao Feng then goes to Qiu Ying to learn how to knit. Nothing like a present made with guilt and not love. This shocks Qiu Ying, but she does agree to help and Xiao Feng spends all of her spare time knitting. Her friends can’t believe what she is doing – will Xiao Feng finish in time for Valentine’s? Da Lin then says that ugly homemade gifts are the number one don’t. Xiao Feng gives her an evil death glare. We all know that even if it is ugly, if it’s from Xiao Feng, Da Ye will love it. Xiao Feng hopes that knitting it will relieve her guilt, but then she worries it will only make it worse. She drops her yarn and Ah Yi picks it up. Yi Cheng then says that poor Da Ye will be stuck with such a horrible gift. Ah Yi smiles and Xiao Feng thinks back to the accidental kiss. She just can’t get it out of her mind. Enter Da Ye and Xiao Feng rushes off with him.

Da Ye tells Xiao Feng he has to go to work and can’t walk home with her like he usually does. Xiao Feng is touched by his caring, but that makes her feel even more guilty. At home, Xiao Feng decides to go out and see Da Ye at work. She then thinks she’s a horrible person for not telling Da Ye and making him a hat out of guilt (yep – she is). Ah Yi gets home and sees the depressed Xiao Feng. They sit and talk and Yi Cheng scolds Xiao Feng for acting like a child who did bad and his hiding it from her parents while figuring a way to suck up to them. Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Ah Yi asks if she hates what happened and Xiao Feng breaks his heart by saying yes. Ouch. Ah Yi then says he doesn’t hate what happened because it wasn’t a kiss. Xiao Feng laughs and Ah Yi asks why. Xiao Feng says it’s because she said she hated kissing him and he then replied it wasn’t a kiss. They are really rude. Ah Yi then mutters that he doesn’t find it funny at all. Xiao Feng then makes up her mind to tell Da Ye as it really wasn’t that important. More ouchies for Ah Yi.

Ah Yi goes home and recalls what Xiao Feng said. You can tell how much it hurts him and even though it was an accident, just how much he actually thought of it as a real kiss. He pulls out his wallet and takes out the picture. So just like the mug, he is carrying that around with him everywhere. Despite what Ah Yi did, I really did always want him to end up with Xiao Feng. Poor Yi Cheng.

Xiao Feng practices confessing to Da Ye. Seriously. The next day, Da Ye picks Xiao Feng up and Xiao Feng tires to figure out how to start the conversation. Da Ye is happy to be spending time with Xiao Feng and the mood is so good, that Xiao Feng just can’t find ways to say it as she doesn’t want spoil the mood. Ah Yi tells her that it will be faster if he does it, but Xiao Feng says its meaningless if she doesn’t do it herself. Which is true as she is the one making a big deal out of everything. But in the end, Xiao Feng just can’t seem to bring herself to say it though she does try. Perfect. She can say stuff that she doesn’t really mean or want to say, but can’t bring herself to say what she really wants to and means. Geez she is so annoying.

Da Ye gets back to the apartment after work and mentions Xiao Feng telling him something. This shocks Yi Cheng who asks if Xiao Feng told him already. Da Ye replies yes and Ah Yi says it isn’t a big deal. Da Ye laughs and says that to someone like Ah Yi it wouldn’t be. They are definitely not talking about the same thing. Yi Cheng tells him not to take it to heart. Da Ye says he wants to. Ah Yi then tells him that Da Ye can hate him if he wants. Da Ye says he doesn’t want to hate him, but wants to support him. Yep, definitely not talking about the same thing. The surprised Ah YI asks if Da Ye is playing with him (supporting Ah Yi trying to hook up with Xiao Feng!) since Da Ye is the one going out with Xiao Feng. They both ask simultaneously what the other is talking about and Ah Yi asks if Da Ye is talking about the classroom incident. The phone rings and Ah Yi tells Da Ye it was nothing, just a small matter and goes to answer the phone. Oy. Da Ye was referring to the election. He definitely knows something is up now.

The next day Xiao Feng is supporting Yi Cheng all out when Da Ye comes up. This makes Xiao Feng feel a little guilty. After Da Ye leaves Ah Yi asks if Da Ye said anything to her. Xiao Feng replies no and Ah Yi says he thinks Da Ye knows. This shocks Xiao Feng as she still hasn’t had the chance (I take that back, she still hasn’t screwed up the courage to tell him) to tell Da Ye about the incident. Ah Yi says he almost accidentally told Da Ye, but Yi Cheng’s mother called and thus the beans didn’t get spilled. But now, Ah Yi believes that Da Ye really suspects something. Xiao Feng runs and looks for Da Ye and she believes that she is in big trouble.

Xiao Feng and Da Ye are eating together and Da Ye asks what happened. Xiao Feng tells Da Ye not to be so stiff and then finally tells him what happened. Da Ye asks if that is all. Xiao Feng says it was and says it shocked her and she apologizes for being clumsy. Da Ye tells her it is okay as it was no big deal and just an accident. What hurts Da Ye is the fact that Xiao Feng didn’t tell him right away. Xiao Feng says even though it was an accident, lips touched. Da Ye then says it was also because it happened with Ah Yi. Xiao Feng is unhappy that Da Ye comes back to her liking Ah Yi. Da Ye says he wants to forget and be good to her, but he can’t. The accident happened with Ah Yi who is still in Xiao Feng’s heart. Xiao Feng gets indignant and says that Da Ye knew from the beginning that she still liked Ah Yi – so what can she do so that Da Ye will trust her? Xiao Feng is both justified in being hurt as Da Ye did go into the relationship knowing that, but then again, Xiao Feng should not have agreed to date Da Ye with his cousin still buried in her heart. Isn’t funny that it didn’t take Xiao Feng all that long to get over Da Ye, but it is taking her quite awhile to get over Ah Yi? And talk about irony. Both cousins said they will accept Xiao Feng – even the part of her that likes another guy. Sheesh.

Xiao Feng asks if she had immediately told him, would he still be unhappy? Da Ye says no, but Xiao Feng doesn’t believe him. He may have accepted it a little better, but would have been unhappy afterwards. Da Ye says that he wouldn’t be happy, but he would be less unhappy. Since Xiao Feng didn’t tell him right away, that means that she actually thinks there’s something more to the kiss than there was. In agreement there – intentionally hiding things usually means there is some kind of guilt lurking. Da Ye accuses her of still liking Ah Yi. Xiao Feng then tells Da Ye to kiss her and make it even. She closes her eyes and puckers up. The upset Da Ye lets go and tells her that isn’t the point. Xiao Feng pouts angrily and walks away while Da Ye broods, hurt.

Her two friends are looking for her wondering how things went with Da Ye. When they spot the unhappy Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng immediately throws herself in their arms and cries, thinking about why is it so hard to forget the past and why is walking towards happiness so difficult. What a whining baby.

Da Ye is brooding and is joined by Ah Ji who spots Qiu Ying from a distance and calls out to her. Da Ye says he has good eyesight to see Qiu Ying from such a distance. Ah Ji says that is a given and Da Ye says that he has good eyesight as well, so why does he see what he doesn’t want to? Ah Ji reveals he has Qiu Ying’s schedule, but even so, he can still recognize her from a distance. This lovey-doveyness is an annoyance to the depressed Da Ye.

Xiao Feng is worried if she made the right decision and if Da Ye is done waiting for her. She decides that she may have to calmly think things over once more. Calmly think things over once more? She has never calmly thought anything over. Oh whatever. Xiao Feng staring up at Da Ye’s room concerned that it is late and he still isn’t home. Ah Yi comes up and the two have one of their normal teasing conversations. What they don’t know is that Da Ye is home and is sitting outside his apartment listening and not looking very happy at all. Yes, Xiao Feng and Ah Yi are close. But it is the decision the two of them made, so can Da Ye man up and live with it or not? Truthfully, it would be better for him to back off and let the two start over, but that won’t happen.

After Yi Cheng finishes showering, he returns to his room to find Da Ye who asks about Xiao Feng’s picture. This surprises Yi Cheng who asks if Da Ye knows about it, too. Da Ye asks if Ah Yi wants it. Ah Yi asks what as it was his to begin with.  Da Ye then says he doesn’t mean the picture but Xiao Feng. The angry Yi Cheng then punches his cousin. Da Ye doesn’t retaliate and just says that he understands now that Ah Yi still cares for Xiao Feng and leaves the room. Ah Yi calls him an idiot (his favorite expression for the people around him). He then looks at Xiao Feng’s picture and wonders that since Da Ye found it first, can Ah Yi really consider it his? Aiyo, what complicated thinking.

Da Ye blatantly ignores Xiao Feng, hurting them both. Da Ye then gets distracted and involved in a an accident. Xiao Feng is upset that Da Ye didn’t come when she started yelling and playing with the kids. Yi Cheng comes home and says Da Ye isn’t there. He then asks if Xiao Feng really wants to see Da Ye. Xiao Feng says yes, and then practices selective hearing. All she hears is Da Ye and car accident and runs off instead of waiting to hear what exactly happened and at just what hospital Da Ye is in. IDIOT!! Xiao Feng only stops to grab the hat and runs off. I know she is worried, but the girl needs to learn to THINK before acting and speaking.

Xiao Feng realizes her mistake and has no wallet or cell phone. So what does this means? Xiao Feng tries to figure out which hospital and comes to the conclusion it is the one near his grandfather’s house which is the furthest away from Xiao Feng. She then sets off running. Meanwhile, we cut to a bored Da Ye who is stuck in the hospital for check-ups and not for a serious life-threatening accident. Ah Yi is there reading a magazine and wondering when Xiao Feng will show up. Da Ye asks for Ah YI to entertain him and Yi Cheng smiles and tells him to keep dreaming.

Xiao Feng finally arrives and is happy to hear that Da Ye is in that hospital. She asks if he is still alive and Ah YI comes out and says he can’t be dead as he is just doing check-ups. Xiao Feng then complains to Ah Yi for not telling her everything and he says she ran off too fast before listening. Ah Yi tells her the room number and Xiao Feng goes to run off, but then worries about Da Ye not wanting to see her. Ah Yi then asks her if she isn’t going to go, but Xiao Feng makes up her mind to go whether Da Ye wants to see her or not and takes off running. All the elevators aren’t opening and she decides to take the stairs instead as she really wants to see Da Ye and be by his side. Da Ye gets the urge to see Xiao Feng, too and leaves his room asking to be discharged. The nurse tells him he can’t and follows him and the two finally run into each other.

Xiao Feng then immediately scolds Da Ye as sports is his specialty – couldn’t he dodge better? Da Ye then asks if Ah Yi told her, she tells him yes and Da Ye says he doesn’t want her sympathy. Xiao Feng then tells him that she walked to the hospital which shocks Da Ye. She then asks who made her embarrass herself for. She also pulls out the hat she is knitting and throws it at Da Ye saying who does he think she’s making that for. Da Ye is surprised by all this. Xiao Feng cries and says that even now she doesn’t have the confidence to say she loves him and she started the hat out of guilt, but she only thought of one person while making that. Da Ye asks if that was him and she says yes. Da Ye hugs her and thanks her. He then say he has been scared wondering if Xiao Feng really needed him and wanted to be with him or if it was only one-sided. Da Ye thanks her for coming to see him and goes in for a kiss just as Ah Yi approaches.


End episode. And the previews show things are heating up and still unresolved. How so? We get to see a girl confessing to Ah YI (she’s copycatting Xiao Feng). We get to see Ah Yi confessing to Xiao Feng. We get to see Xiao Feng and Da Ye planning their first overnight trip – will “it” happen? And we get to see Ah Yi trying to kiss Xiao Feng. Aiyo. Will the drama ever end? Eventually Smile with tongue out.


  • Thanks for the amazing re-caps! I can’t wait for the next episode!!!! ^_^

    I’ve been loving this drama because of Aaron and Calvin. Even went far as to reading the Manga

    Just a bummer, i know who’s she’s gonna end up with. *snif snif*

    • You’re welcome! Yes, the next episode looks like it will be a good one. I do love Aaron and Calvin in it. Their acting has improved a lot since their KO One days (although it’s still not the greatest, but still good). A lot of people want to see Xiao Feng end up with a certain someone, but I know they’ll be disappointed as well since this drama does follow the manga series pretty accurately.

  • “The Accidental Kiss” is inevitable in about 99% of Taiwanese idol dramas, lol. But we likey ;))))

    I skimmed this post only because I intend on watching it in one hit once it’s all released but thankyou for the recap!!!

    Anything with 2 or more Fahrenheit members in it can not be a bad thing, ne?

    Btw, since when did Aaron get so, er, nice to look at? My last impression of him was of a skinny scrawny Mummy’s boy (in They Kissed Again) but now… I’m thinking it must be the eyeliner *tweaks eyebrows* xP

    • I think the accidental kiss is inevitably in 99% of all dramas – or at least rom-coms. Melodramas have more of the first forced kiss.

      I agree, if there is a Fahrenheit member, I am more interested. Totally love Aaron who is growing up into a fine-looking young man and Calvin is slowly growing on me. Aaron does look totally hot in eyeliner. How unfair when a man can be more attractive with that little basic makeup.

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