Smile, Donghae Episode 9 Recap

“To me, my mom is like a wound that never heals.”

We pick up right where we left off in the last episode. Bongi sees Saewa and Do Jin together and quickly fakes a stomachache to distract Donghae. Saewa is shocked to see Bongi and Donghae at her place as well and as they drive by the two, she tells Do Jin to keep diving as she needs to go go a drugstore. Truthfully, the way Bongi and Saewa act so guilty about Do Jin will only exacerbate the situation. True Do Jin likes Saewa and is openly pursuing her, but Saewa (as of yet) hasn’t started liking him back or dating him yet, so why must she hide from Donghae? And for Bongi not liking lying to people, that’s what she’s doing by keeping Donghae from seeing Saewa with Do Jin. Of course, Bongi has no idea what is going on between the two – she should talk to Saewa about that.

“Remember, for you, I’m easy to get.”
~Do Jin

After Saewa and Do Jin safely speed by, Bongi straightens up and says that she is okay now, exasperating Donghae. Meanwhile Saewa tells Do Jin to stop the car and let her out. He says that they aren’t near a drugstore and she says that she can’t let her mom see a guy drop her off. This way they can avoid drama. Do Jin says that he had been hoping to create drama. Saewa smiles and thanks him – she never thought she would be comforted by him. Do Jin replies that he is always willing to comfort her, so Saewa should let him know when she needs him. He then tells her to remember that he is easy to get. This seem to make Saewa uncomfortable. She gives him a smile and thanks him once more before she gets out of the car. He looks out at her reflection in the mirror and smiles brightly before driving off. He sure is stuck on her.

Back at Saewa’s place, Bongi asks Donghae how long he plans on waiting when he doesn’t know when Saewa will return. She encourages him to wait at a café or better yet, come again tomorrow. Donghae tells Bongi to leave while he will wait for Saewa. His phone rings and he happily announces it is Saewa. He answers and Saewa tells him to meet her at the café near her apartment. Donghae asks how she knew he was waiting for her. Saewa says she’ll tell him later and hangs up. Bongi asks what is going on and Donghae says that Saewa wishes to meet. He then thanks Bongi and says he will see her later before rushing off to the café.

Back at Tae Hoon’s apartment, Tae Hoon quickly moves to sit by Sae Young and grabs her hand. Sun Ok asks Sae Young just why she is at Tae Hoon’s. Eyeroll – kind of obvious, isn’t it? Sun Ok then yells at Sae Young for drinking the eel extract. Both Tae Hoon and Sae Young jump up. Sae Young hides behind Tae Hoon and Sun Ok demands again to know why she is there. Tae Hoon then drops a bombshell (note not THE bombshell) – he is dating Sae Young. This shocks Sun Ok. Tae Hoon then goes on to say that he has been studying for the bar and dating Sae Young – so the two have done nothing wrong. Sun Ok doesn’t compute that and just starts yelling at her son and hitting him – accusing Tae Hoon of lying to her and her husband as he wasn’t busy studying. Sae Young then gets between Tae Hoon and Sun Ok to stop Sun Ok from hitting him. Sun Ok tells her to butt out and Tae Hoon pulls Sae Young back behind him again telling his mother that Sae Young has done nothing wrong – he’s to blame. This does little to ease Sun Ok’s wrath.

Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo is still wandering around outside looking for her daughter and promising not to let Sae Young off the hook this time. Sool Nyeo goes into Tae Hoon’s building where a  trio of exam takers are standing outside Tae Hoon’s room talking about how he must have gotten caught dating and then saying his mother is scary. Sool Nyeo wonders what everyone is looking at instead of studying. She creeps closer to Tae Hoon’s room and starts eavesdropping around.

“I’m sorry, mother, but I love our babies. I’m going to have them.”
~Sae Young

Inside Sun Ok is throwing the eel extract on the ground and calling herself an idiot for going through the trouble of having it made it it is just going to someone else. Tae Hoon tries to calm her down and Sae Young then gets on her kneed and pleads with Sun Ok to forgive her – she will never drink the extract again. Sool Nyeo then bursts into the room. Omo, things are definitely getting more complicated by the minute. Sool Nyeo asks why her daughter is there on her knees and why is Sun Ok scolding Sae Young. Sun Ok then screams that Sool Nyeo’s daughter seduced Tae Hoon. This shocks Sool Nyeo even more. She asks who and then approaches Tae Hoon and calls him “this thing” – sheesh. That annoys Sun Ok and Sool Nyeo asks Sae Young if that is true. Sae Young meekly nods and Sool Nyeo loses her cool and  goes to beat her daughter for seducing such a guy like that. Tae Hoon immediately steps in to shield Sae Young. Sool Nyeo tells Tae Hoon to get out of the way, but Tae Hoon refuses. He begs Sool Nyeo not to hit Sae Young and finally drops the final bombshell – Sae Young is pregnant! I am surprised they managed to hide it for nine episodes. Total shock. The mothers can’t believe. Sae Young apologizes and says that she loves the babies and will keep them. Sool Nyeo passes out and then Sun Ok. LMAO.

On to a less funny matter, Saewa arrives at the café where the anxious Donghae awaits. They sit down and Donghae apologizes for what he did. He got overly emotional at the station and couldn’t control himself. Saewa says his name, but Donghae plows on. He tells Saewa that his mom is like a wound that never heals. That’s not a good way to think about Anna. It hurts Donghae to look at his mother and whenever he sees someone with Anna, it’s like having salt poured into the wound. Saewa says she understands how Donghae feels about Anna. Saewa then says that she loved Donghae in America and she feels that she still loves him, but right now she believes that they are not right for each other. Donghae tells her to just look at him. Saewa announces that she is ambitious and wants to shine. Donghae says he knows this and that is what he likes about her. He accepts her for who she is, just trust him and stay with him. Saewa says that she will think about it, but Donghae begs her to consider now – does she trust him? Saewa nods and Donghae smiles in relief.

Back at the hotel, Bongi is putting a puzzle together with Anna and recalls seeing Saewa and Do Jin together twice now. As Bongi wonders what is going on between them, Donghae arrives. She asks if Donghae was able to meet Saewa and he smiles and says that he was thanks to Bongi. He then tells Bongi that he will need her help tomorrow as he plans to propose to Saewa. This shocks Bongi, I don’t know why considering that has been Donghae’s plan all along and she agreed to help him. Donghae says he was going to wait until he won the competition, but he has decided to bump it up. This makes Anna happy and an uneasy Bongi asks why. Donghae tells Bongi that Saewa seems to be feeling insecure and he wants to make her feel secure and let her know just how much he loves her. Bongi still looks really uneasy. Probably because of Do Jin and Saewa.

“I have good news in spite of all this. I’m pregnant with tiwns!”
~Sae Young

Sool Nyeo and Sun Ok are lying in the hospital with their respective children waiting anxiously by their sides. They comes to at about the same time and Sool Nyeo springs up in bed and says “pregnant.” Sae Young tells her mother not to be mad and then says that she has good news. Sae Young’s good news – she is pregnant with twins. Sool Nyeo hears this and passes out again! I can’t believe that Sae Young thought her mom would be happy to hear that. Sae Young panics and calls for help. The revived Sun Ok tells Sae Young to stop yelling as everyone knows Sool Nyeo faints all of the time (said with scorn). Sun Ok then gets up and tells Sool Nyeo to get up as this is not the time to be lying in the hospital. Sool Nyeo calls for water and Sae Young hurriedly gets her a glass. After Sool Nyeo sits up and drinks a bit, she then glares over at the young couple. Sun Ok then says that is why it is important to have good friends and neighbors. Sool Nyeo then fights back by saying that Sun Ok used to talk so proudly of Tae Hoon and now look at what he’s done. This is why he hasn’t managed to pass the exam because hew as pursuing Sae Young. Of course Sun Ok blames Sae Young for seducing Tae Hoon. Both mothers blame the other’s child for ruining their respective children’s lives. Sool Nyeo and Sun Ok then bicker over which kid is worse. This goes on for awhile. Funny, but nothing too important. I must say I like how Tae Hoon insists that it isn’t Sae Young’s fault and Sae Young insists everything is her fault. Sae Young and Sool Nyeo leave the hospital and Sool Nyeo slips and falls. Sae Young tries to help her mother up, but Sool Nyeo stays on the ground throwing a fit, asking Sae Young how she could do such a thing.

Back at the Lee house, Pil Jae and his daughter are eating together. His daughter asks if Pil Jae has remembered that it will be her mother’s death anniversary in two days. Pil Jae says he hasn’t forgotten and then wonders if Sun Ok has as she is the one who prepares the meal every year. Enter the angry Sun Ok with Tae Hoon. She takes Tae Hoon’s cellphone as Pil Jae enters and asks what is going on. Sun Ok says nothing and just tells Pil Jae to go to Tae Hoon’s apartment and bring all of his things back. Pil Jae wonders why, but Sun Ok won’t tell him and just sends him off. Sun Ok then tells Tae Hoon that he is not allowed to leave his room at all until the exam and he can only use the chamber pot. Omo – harsh.

Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo and Sae Young arrive home and Sool Nyeo tells her youngest that she is going to kill Sae Young and then herself. Sae Young tells her mother not to as Sae Young is pregnant (meaning more lives at risk), At this time Saewa comes out of her room and asks what is going on. Sool Nyeo clings to her eldest and asks what she will do. Saewa demands to know and Sae Young confesses she is five months pregnant with twins. This shocks her unni who asks if she is out of her mind and then demands to know who the father is. Saewa stamps her foot and asks if Sae Young is out of her mind once Sae Young names Tae Hoon. Sae Young stands up for herself and tells her mother and sister to stop. She is a grown up, too (even though she is still very immature). Sae Young says she doesn’t need her mother’s permission to get married. Though Sae Young knows she has gone about things backwards, but she does intend to marry Tae Hoon. Saewa asks if Sae Young is sure and Sool Nyeo clings to this last shred of hope, but it is quickly dashed when Sae Young says she isn’t an idiot and pulls out a sonogram. Sae Young then says that Tae Hoon will become a prosecutor or judge and Sool Nyel will have the prominent son-in-law she’s always wanted.

“Do you want to ruin your life with one stupid mistake?”

Sool Nyeo begins throwing things at Sae Young when she says this. Sae Young yells at her to stop as she is pregnant and Saewa demands her little sister shut up. Sae Young wants to know why as she has said nothing wrong, but the upset Saewa reiterates for her sister to shut up (she doesn’t want the scandal spreading around the apartment complex). Saewa then turns to her crying mother and tells her to stop as well. They need to think rationally about the situation as crying won’t make the babies any less real. Sae Young wants to know what Saewa is talking about as Sae Young already has plans. Saewa tells her sister that since she has gotten knocked up without being married, she has no right to talk about plans (that is so wrong). Saewa says that no one told Sae Young not to date, but Sae Young should have been responsible. She is only 22 and still in college. We then get the typical speech: do you want to ruin your life over a mistake? Omo. Not going to help with Sae Young. Sae Young immediately says that it isn’t a mistake and she doesn’t want her babies to hear such a thing. To Sae Young, she has hit the jackpot. Boy this only infuriates Sool Nyeo more.

Back on Jeju, Jun and Hye Sook return to the hotel. As Hye Sook gets a call, Jun continues on alone and is swamped by ahjummas. Apparently he is a very well-liked former announcer. The group of women pose for a picture with Jun while Hye Sook watches on unhappily as her husband’s shirt is smeared with another woman’s lipstick. Jun goes to the elevator and Hye Sook tells him to go up alone as she is expecting a phone call. She then goes into the bathroom where the woman who got the lipstick on Jun is bragging to a friend. Hye Sook goes up to her with an angry glare and asks to borrow the lipstick. The ahjumma hands it over and continues gushing. Hye Sook then says it looks cheap and smells. She then tells the woman to be careful as cheap smells are hard to get out. Wow, she is vicious. She then throws the lipstick in the sink and throws money on the counter.

At the Lee house, Kang Jae comes home to hear Tae Hoon calling out for leniency and his cell phone. Sun Ok tells him that it is only for a week so he can endure it that long. Kang Jae asks his wife why Tae Hoon is locked up like a prisoner. He grabs Sun Ok and demands to know what is going on. Sun Ok then says that when she delivered the extract she saw Sae Young sprawled out on Tae Hoon’s bed drinking the extract Sun Ok had made for Tae Hoon while Tae Hoon massaged Sae Young’s legs. At this time Pil Jae and Bongi enter. Bongi wants to know why her mom is crying and Pil Jae asks if Sae Young was the girl who came to visit when Bongi was supposed to be getting her wedding gifts. Sun Ok then says that Sae Young is pregnant with twins. This shocks the entire family. Sun Ok then bawls saying how the son that she has done everything for has betrayed her (going a little overboard here). Can you blame her for locking him in his room? Kang Jae, angry immediately unlocks the door to talk to Tae Hoon to ask if it is true. Tae Hoon immediately kneels and apologizes. This does not appease his father who goes to beat him, but is stopped by Sun Ok.

The family gathers together and Sun Ok says that now she knows why Sae Young was always smiling at her. Kang Jae asks how long they’ve been dating and we now go back and forth between the Lee family and the Yoon family as Tae Hoon and Sae Young explain how long they’ve been dating. They met at a bookstore seven months ago (Interruption by Sun Ok telling Tae Hoon not to lie as Sae Young doesn’t read books, omo). Tae Hoon told Sae Young that being with her put him at ease. Sae Young also says that Tae Hoon sees her and thinks she is the best (important to Sae Young who is overshadowed by the perfect Saewa). We then get an interjection from Sool Nyeo saying that Tae Hoon was only interested in getting Sae Young in bed and that is why he said such things. She then refuses to let the two marry, Sae Young will marry Tae Hoon and Saewa tells her to face reality. Sae Young believes that as long as they are together, they will surmount all difficulites. You should see Saewa’s derisive face at that comment. Poor Donghae has his work cut out for him (despite his flaws and hang-ups, he doesn’t deserve a girl like Saewa, he deserves someone better).

Kang Jae asks his son what his plans are. Sun Ok says that Tae Hoon will of course take the exams. Tae Hoon agrees to that and adds on he’ll marry Sae Young once the exams are over. Pil Jae wishes to know how (basically since Tae Hoon has no job or money – good question). Sun Ok then laments again at how Sae Young has destroyed her son’s life. IT TAKES TWO!! Tae Hoon tries to defend Sae Young, but Sun Ok tells him to shut up and study. Sun Ok will take care of the rest. Tae Hoon apologizes to the whole family once again and Bongi takes him out and is soon followed by Sun Ok. Pil Jae asks Kang Jae what he is going to do. Kang Jae says he is more worried about what is going on at Sae Young’s.

“I wanted to be loved, to be so loved as to make us forget whether it’s day or night, whether we’re awake or dreaming.”
~Hye Sook

Back on Jeju, Hye Sook pours some wine and asks her husband if anything is wrong. Jun complains of a stomach ache and says he will go out to get some medicine. Hye Sook says they should take a walk instead, but he insists on the medicine. Hye Sook then offers to get it. When she comes back, the ahjummas follow her. Hye Sook takes care of her husband and a good moment between the two is interrupted by the gaggle of angry women. This then leads Jun to bawl out his wife after they have left. Hye Sook then said she did some thinking on her way down to see him. Will he be happy? And she was right, her husband wasn’t happy to see her. This makes Jun feel a little guilty. Hye Sook then says she has waited for the time he would be happy to see her but that has never happened. Knowing that takes her back to “that” memory. What memory? Ah, the day Jun said he was calling off the engagement and Hye Sook tried to kill herself to make him stay. No wonder their relationship sucks. No wonder he didn’t return to Anna instead. Jun says that it doesn’t matter as he married her. Hye Sook then says she wanted him to love her (because pulling that stunt would so guarantee his love). Jun says they are middle-aged and over such notions. What crap. Hye Sook tells him to stop making her sound like a fool and Jun says that they should just stay as a married couple. She may be cold and ambitious, but that was way too cruel.

“They say memories are best left as memories. You know what memories are, right? James is only a memory to you. You have to let him go. Instead, I’ll make you happy”

At the Camilla, Donghae is doing sit-ups while Anna is holding his legs. Anna wipes his face and he apologizes for the way he acted at the station. Anna then caresses his face and says that she is sorry. Donghae hugs Anna and tells him to forget James who is nothing more than a memory as Donghae will do his best to make Anna happy. She smiles and cries at the same time. Happy to have such love from her son, but unable to forget James.

Do Jin calls Hye Sook to check on his mother and father. Are they strolling on the beach? Hye Sook says they are, can’t Do Jin hear the waves? Do Jin can’t and he then asks if Jun is with Hye Sook. Hye Sook says he is, but he is on the phone with someone else and can’t talk to their son. Does Do Jin know the truth behind his parents’ marriage? The whole truth, not just that they are unhappy. Hye Sook then tells her son to marry someone he loves. Do Jin says that he will and Hye Sook goes on to talk about how love can be great, but how it still needs to be worked out. Do Jin says he knows and is working hard to achieve that. He wishes to introduce the girl to his mother soon. Wow, he’s moving fast. This surprises Hye Sook and she asks what kind of girl it is. Do Jin says he’ll tell his mother later and tells her to have a good time with Jun. Not going to happen.

The next day Saewa is told that she has to leave the show. Her boss tells her not to be hung up on the fact as the PD is threatening to quit the show himself if they don’t get a different host. And Donghae plans to propose today. Saewa asks what will happen and she is told they will hold a meeting once Kim gets back from Jeju. When Saewa goes back to her desk, the other announcers are all gossiping about her. The go up to Saewa and ask if the chief producer is putting her back on the radio since no new programs will start until next season. If Saewa goes back to the radio now, she won’t get back on TV for a long time. And new announcers will be chosen soon as well so Saewa will be in an even more difficult position. Not helping the situation. Saewa then calls and asks for Kim Jun’s home address. What is she plotting?

Anna and Bongi are looking at the dress, wondering if it will fit Saewa. Bongi is afraid it is too big, making Anna worried as it needs to fit Saewa perfectly. Anna then asks a favor of Bongi – try on the dress talk about foreshadowing. Bongi tries on the dress and it fits like a glove. Anna compliments her beauty and asks if Bongi has a boy to marry. Bongi replies that she did at one time, but he left. Anna then asks if he is a memory just like James. Bongi replies that James might be a memory still to Anna, but to Bongi, her old fiance is no longer a memory. Bongi has completely forgotten him. She then changes the subject and says Saewa is a little thinner so Anna will need to tuck a few places in. At this moment Donghae comes in and stares at Bongi in the dress. He doesn’t look too happy.

Meanwhile, Saewa arrives at Jun’s house. She is let in and told that Jun and his wife just arrived at the airport and will be home soon. Saewa tells the maid she will wait for them and to go about her business. Saewa then notices Do Jin in the family picture and gets quite a shock. Meanwhile, Do Jin is driving his uncommunicative parents home. He asks if they had a good time and when he is greeted by silence, his smile faces to an unhappy frown. Cut back to the Kim house and Saewa is still trying to figure out why he’s in the picture. DUH!!! End episode.

What will happen next?

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