Love Buffet Episode 10 Recap

Aiyo. Even having read the manga series, I find this show frustrating to watch (just like the manga was frustrating to read). Sometimes it is hard to like and support the characters who can be complete idiots. In this episode, Da Ye asks Xiao Feng to go steady and Xiao Feng decides that she needs to go forward and stop liking Yi Cheng who has come to a realization about his own feelings. We have hesitations, misunderstandings, a new relationship, and a new letting go. Are these three any closer to achieving happiness or is this just the start of another storm which will lead to more heartbreak?

There is one kind of happiness called “to be together.”

Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng are sitting together on a bench outside the apartments. Yi Cheng is holding the broken mug and staring at it. He asks if Xiao Feng remembers the mug. When she nods, he tells her that it was Ying Zhi’s mug. Yi Cheng then talks about their first meeting at his grandfather’s company where he and Da Ye were forced to work. It was the first time seeing a girl smile made him smile. Ying Zhi would come and work with him when he was busy still working late at night. He started to fall for her even knowing that she had a boyfriend (he found out when he saw her crying on her birthday). It didn’t matter to him as he was even more captivated by her and spent as much time with her as he could. Needless to say his grandfather was not pleased when he found out about Yi Cheng and Ying Zhi seeing a lot of each other. His grandfather is displeased with Ah Yi’s behavior when the whole company is talking about the two of them and Yi Cheng seems more lost and distracted at work.

Yi Cheng is sitting unhappy in his chair at work when Ying Zhi comes with her mug and and a bright smile and offers to get him a cup of milk tea. He stands up and thanks her. Yi Cheng never could find the courage to confess his feelings and then one day Ying Zhi had disappeared without a trace. So now all he has left is that broken mug as a token of his feelings to keep Ying Zhi in his heart. We come back to the present and Yi Cheng tells Xiao Feng that then he met her. Watching Xiao Feng like Da Ye, Ying Cheng thought they were the same. He never thought that Xiao Feng would actually be braver and stronger than he was. He liked that side of her. Yi Cheng then admits that the person he is right now will still like Ying Zhi the moment he sees her. He then tells Xiao Feng that feeling needed by Ying Zhi and wanting to be by her side is what he wants. Right now he is not sure what to call the feeling. He puts the mug back in the box and walks over to the trash can. He looks back at Xiao Feng and says he wants to show what her really feels, wants to forget the old and start with the new. Yi Cheng then throws out the mug. About damn time! Yi Cheng then apologizes to Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng thinks back on all their happy moments together and realizes that the relationship has now officially come to an end. She then says that after all that brief period of liking him and being together, all that she is left with is heartbreak and that she is sorry to see it end. There were too many problems that she and Yi Cheng were not able to find the answers to in order to keep their relationship. Xiao Feng walks away crying where Da Ye waits to hold and comfort her while Xiao Feng apologizes to Yi Cheng in her head that she can do nothing but listen to his apologies.

Back at school, Xiao Feng is the last student left in the classroom (with a totally disastrous just rolled out of bed hairstyle) trying to finish the test. Her teacher tells her that she must stop writing and turn it in, but you know Xiao Feng just isn’t ready to. Afterward she goes and meets the waiting Da Ye and complains about the person who said if you try something you’ll be successful. Da Ye says it doesn’t matter because that person probably wasn’t talking about those two anyways. They then go off to eat and pass two girls who wonder just what Da Ye can possibly see in a girl like that. Of course Yi Cheng comes up right at that moment, too. He tells them that he heard that both of them confessed to Da Ye and were rejected and walks on. Well, not the wittiest retort, but nothing like pointing out that it is just sour grapes over their rejection.

Yi Cheng comes up to Da Ye and Xiao Feng in the cafeteria and Da Ye invites him to sit. Looks like they are trying to go back to their original threesome relationship (wait, that sounds totally wrong – I mean back to their original three-way friendship – whatever, it just doesn’t sound good whatever way you put it). Anywho, when Yi Cheng sits down, he comments that Xiao Feng’s hairstyle must be modeled after a chicken. LOL. Yes, he did say that! Da Ye laughs at that and Xiao Feng complains. They are back to normal for the most part. Talking, bickering, and sharing food. Xiao Feng is surprised that their relationship has gone back to the way it originally was so quickly. Now the distance between them doesn’t seem so far and there is only friendly feelings. Xiao Feng recalls Yi Cheng’s throwing out the mug and knows that he is still seeing Ying Zhi every now and then, but she won’t be sad over it or cry over it anymore. Good for her.

Da Ye stands outside with the overly happy Ah Ji who says that the year is really filled with love and hope. So ickily in love he is with Qiu Ying. Da Ye turns and asks if Ah Ji is happy. Ah Ji says he is as Christmas is a lover’s holiday. Da Ye says that is right and gives a big sigh. Ah Ji asks what is wrong – doesn’t Da Ye have plans with Xiao Feng. Da Ye says he does not as he doesn’t want to add to Xiao Feng’s stress. Ah Ji is surprised that Da Ye is bugged by such a “small” matter. He then calls Da Ye blind. Da Ye asks what Ah Ji means and then says that he will tell him a secret. Ever since Da Ye confessed to Xiao Feng, their relationship has had zero progress. Da Ye wants to take it slow, but is afraid that if there is continue non-improvement, then he and Xiao Feng will just stay as normal friends. Ah Ji smiles and says that this is Da Ye’s punishment (way to be a friend!). Ah Ji then compares Da Ye’s previous dating to Doraemon where you open the door and you’re already there (not quit sure I get what Ah Ji means). Da Ye asks what kind of joke that is and says that Ah Ji is annoying, Da Ye then asks what can he do. Ah Ji says that chasing girls cannot be taught and that you need skills. Ah Ji then clasps his hands together and says that God has been good to him in allowing him to spend Christmas with the girl he loves. This gushiness annoys Da Ye and he asks Ah Ji to ditch Qiu Ying and accompany him at Christmas instead (lol, like Ah Ji would do that). But this gives Da Ye and idea. Ah Ji has no idea what Da Ye is talking about, but Da Ye is happy at the thought about “spending it together” – what plot has he up his sleeve (well, actually, I already know Smile with tongue out)?

And we don’t have to wait long to find out. Da Ye and Ah Ji have planned a Christmas party! And they have expressly gone to Xiao Feng’s class to invite everyone there. Ah Yi looks less than thrilled, but no surprises there. When Da Ye is about to announce the location of the party, Yi Cheng drags him away, leaving poor Ah Ji to finish the verbal invitation and hand out the fliers with the location. Yi Cheng then asks his cousin just what he is doing. Da Ye replies that he is helping everyone throw a Christmas party (well, that was a no-brainer). That way everyone would be happy. The party will be held at Da Ye’s and Yi Cheng’s grandparents’ house. Ah Yi asks if Da Ye has gotten permission first and Da Ye tells him not to worry as he has already asked their grandfather who has agreed. Da Ye then asks Yi Cheng to come as Yi Cheng shouldn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with (ouch!). Yi Cheng tells Da Ye not to worry about it. Ah Yi isn’t free that day as he has to work. Really?

Xiao Feng pulls Da Ye aside and asks if it is really all right to have so many people at his grandparents’ house. Da Ye tells her not to worry as his grandfather likes to be surrounded by people and constantly throws parties himself. Xiao Feng then says that even if everyone doesn’t come, there could still be 30-40 people. Da Ye then smiles and tells Xiao Feng that he used everyone (nothing like admitting your master plan to the girl you hope becomes your girlfriend). Da Ye then says he wishes to celebrate Christmas with Xiao Feng and thus used the party as an excuse. Xiao Feng just stares at him blankly and Da Ye then confesses that he really wants to spend Christmas alone with Xiao Feng (how sweet!). This seems to surprise her (I don’t know why as Da Ye has made his intentions and feelings perfectly clear). Xiao Feng then smiles, looks like she’s happy about it when she finally thinks of it.

At the party, grandfather is totally in his element, flirting with the young girls (in front of his wife no less). Xiao Feng arrives and is immediately greeted by the grandparents who are happy to see Xiao Feng once again. Grandpa Xing compliments Xiao Feng’s appearance and goes to hug her, but Rose (Grandma Xing) stops him and sends him away to play with electronics while she and Xiao Feng go to the kitchen to cut fruit (lol, she is already treating Xiao Feng like a daughter-in-law). In the kitchen, Rose tells Xiao Feng that Da Ye is like his grandfather and arbitrarily hugs girls – don’t take it personally. Xiao Feng smiles and says she won’t. She then says that Da Ye and Jack (Grandpa Xing) are really alike – both warm, totally the opposite of Ah Yi (what a thing to tell his grandmother!). Rose then asks which grandson will Xiao Feng pick. Xiao Feng asks what Rose is talking about and Rose says that she can tell the sweet feeling like she once had a long time ago in the past. Rose then says that it doesn’t matter which one Xiao Feng chooses as no matter what, Rose will be happy for her. But, still not letting go, Rose asks who Xiao Feng would seriously choose if she had to choose between the cousins. Rose then goes on to say to choose the one who will be with Xiao Feng the most. Choose the one who you can love 100%, but who will love you 150% (Da Ye wins that hands down as Yi Cheng still can’t give his all thanks to Ying Zhi). That is Rose’s prescription for happiness.

Afterward, Xiao Feng is staring listlessly while holding two Christmas ornaments. Her friends ask her what Rose said to her as Xiao Feng has been acting weird ever since. Is it because Yi Cheng isn’t there? At this time, Da Ye then comes over in a Santa suit and tells the girls to go over and eat and not just stand around the tree. The girl’s then say they’ve already eaten their fill (their stomachs are bulging). Her friends then complain that Santa is so skinny and Da Ye jokes back that they should be saying they have never seen such a handsome Santa before. Da Ye then compliments Xiao Feng, saying she looks like Snow White (which isn’t a bad comparison to me), but this irritates Xiao Feng and she says that Da Ye has no idea how to compliment girls. Xiao Feng then says Da Ye should call her a very cute snowman. Da Ye then says she is very cute, embarrassing Xiao Feng and sending her two friends away to give them some couple’s privacy. An embarrassed Xiao Feng asks if the band is going to perform and Da Ye says no as Ah Ji is absent due to today being a very special day – a day with love.

Qiu Ying and Ah Ji are out walking and he is trying to take her hand, but can’t bring himself to do it. Qiu Ying then says that today doesn’t feel like Christmas and then says that she is very happy to be spending the night with him. Their awkwardness is too cute.

Back at the Xing house, Da Ye announces the lighting of the Christmas trees and everyone goes outside and there is a countdown and then the backyard it lit up and fireworks go off. While everyone is ooing and awwing, Da Ye smiles and Xiao Feng and mouths if it is good. Xiao Feng agrees that it is and smiles. Da Ye just stares and smiles and we flashback to him telling Xiao Feng that he wanted to spend that Christmas with her. We then have an inner monologue by Xiao Feng talking about warm feelings and how all boys and girls together look really cute. We also get to see Qiu Ying take the initiative to hold Ah Ji’s hand (she does it so naturally without a hint of awkwardness). Everyone wants to be happy, not lonely. We then cut to Yi Cheng who is on a bus and sees Ying Zhi happily with her boyfriend, spending Christmas Eve together while he is all alone. Yi Cheng then says he had almost forgotten that Ying Zhi could have such a happy side – something you only get to see when she is with Eason (how horrible for him, but then again, he chose that love).

Back at the party, everyone is happy and playing a confession game to see who can earn a louder “eh”. Xiao Feng’s friends want her to go and tell her story, but Xiao Feng refuses and then Yi Cheng walks in. The party gets really quiet. Yi Cheng smiles and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Yi Cheng asks what game they are playing and tells them to go back to it. Da Ye and the other classmates invite Ah Yi to go up and confess. Ah Yi does and looks at Xiao Feng, making the atmosphere awkward once again. Everyone wonders if he will confess to Xiao Feng. Yi Cheng then confesses that he fell in love with a not so great girl at the same time an outgoing guy did. Yi Cheng was determined to win the girl, but they never replied to his emails or anything. Yi Cheng then confesses he fell for Michelle Obama (I kid you not!)! Needless to say, he earned quite a few “ehs” for that story because everyone thought he was talking about Da Ye and Xiao Feng. Da Ye smiles and says that he thought Yi Cheng had to work. Yi Cheng says he forgot something and came to get it – but then his eyes stray to Xiao Feng again and Da Ye does not look to thrilled by this. After a pause, Da Ye puts on a smile and starts the game once again.

In his room, Yi Cheng pulls out and unfolds Xiao Feng’s drawing. This guy is so annoying in the way that he can’t let go. First he keeps Ying Zhi’s mug forever and now he is holding on to Xiao Feng’s picture. Is he regretting throwing Xiao Feng away to pursue Ying Zhi who will probably never give him a chance to be anything more than a confidante and friend?

Everyone has migrated outside once again and Xiao Feng is complaining about all the couples and the romantic atmosphere. Da Ye says that Xiao Feng is probably wishing that Yi Cheng was next to her now instead of him. Xiao Feng then asks since when has he been so petty and low. Da Ye replies that even he has those moments and he is jealous – isn’t that love? Xiao Feng says that back when she “liked” (ouch – still past tense) him, those words would have been nice to hear. Da Ye gives her a surprised look and Xiao Feng then says if only she had liked Ah Yi back when he started liking her. She then says that all she has are these thoughts of “if only.” Xiao Feng blames bad timing, or unright moments. Xiao Feng then turns to Da Ye and asks what she can do to glitter and shine like him. Da Ye says he is not a Christmas tree. Da Ye then asks how his jealousy can be glittery and shiny? Xiao Feng says that he is bravely shining. She admires that as he is more brave than she is. All she can think about is what should she do, she always hesitates, is always afraid of getting hurt, is always that weak. Da Ye says that if Xiao Feng says that in her eyes he is brave, glittery and shining, then she must be referring to herself because in his eyes there is only her (gag me on the sappy corniness, but the sentiment is nice).

After Christmas, Ah Ji is at the water fountain with a goofy smile on his face. His good mood is interrupted by Da Ye who calls out that someone should call the police as alcohol is coming from the fountain instead of water. Ah Ji agrees that he is drunk as this is the first time that he has a girlfriend and it is the school’s goddess no less (Qiu Ying is approaching behind him with a smile while he is oblivious). Ah Ji confesses more of his feelings and then Xiao Feng laughs and addresses Qiu Ying, making Ah Ji turn around embarrassed and he says that he didn’t say anything. Xiao Feng and Da Ye laugh and Da Ye asserts that Ah Ji is just drunk. Ah Ji then offers Qiu Ying the fountain while Da Ye continues to tease him about getting drunk.

Later, in her room, Xiao Feng takes out all the things that Yi Cheng gave her and decides that it is time to get rid of them. She throws them away, but then takes it all out again. Should she really throw it out when the items are innocent? Plus, there are a lot of good moments attached to the items. Xiao Feng, cleaning – literally, then recalls Yi Cheng throwing out the broken mug finally wonders if she does the same, will that signify that everything has come to an end? While she is busily cleaning windows, Yi Cheng arrives home and asks why she is suddenly cleaning. Xiao Feng tells him not to bother about her and asks if he is going to work. Ah Yi asks if she wants to go together as his boss says they need the extra help. Xiao Feng (inwardly) scolds him for asking her to do something together with her (which takes back all the things she has thought earlier about finally going back to being normal friends – because if she really felt that way, then she wouldn’t be so unhappy about him asking her to help) when she is trying so hard to finally shelve the old feelings. Xiao Feng says that she still has cleaning to do so she can’t go with him. Yi Cheng (smarty-pants that he is) asks if there is another meaning to those words (there totally is!). Xiao Feng says there is not and tells him to leave quickly before he is late for work.

Da Ye then comes up and teases her for putting her face against the clean glass. Xiao Feng tells him not to tease he and then asks if he is going out. Da Ye says that it is almost Ah Yi’s birthday, so he is going to buy a gift. He then asks Xiao Feng to help him get a gift for his cousin. They end up at a bakery where Da Ye complains that the cookies look like a gift for marriage. Xiao Feng says that the meaning is different. Da Ye then says a useful gift will be better (like pens or a notebook). Xiao Feng says that she doesn’t want to give him anything that will last and be kept as a memory. Da Ye says that Ah Yi could still keep the cookie box, but in the end, they still bought cookies. When wrapping them up, the lady asks what kind of ribbon they want and Da Ye is hurt a little as Xiao Feng, without thinking, says blue as it is Ah Yi’s favorite color. Yep, she can’t forget the guy.

Afterward, Da Ye asks what Xiao Feng is doing for New Years and Xiao Feng states that she has no plans, but she usually will go see fireworks. She doesn’t want to this year. A group of girls walk by and comment on Xiao Feng and Da Ye being a couple. Xiao Feng then recalls when the same thing happened with her and Ah Yi and tears up again (geez, she should just get over it already as her attitude is getting really annoying). Da Ye points out a food stall and asks if Xiao Feng wants one. Xiao Feng quickly wipes her tears and says that it will be her treat and rushes off to get to the stand. Da Ye follows quickly behind and grabs and kisses Xiao Feng! Da Ye pulls away and says that he will always be there to accompany her so Xiao Feng shouldn’t take Yi Cheng’s memories out with her (good advice!). He then holds her and says he wants to steal her. They are doing this in the middle of a crosswalk and the mood is interrupted by honking horns. Da Ye quickly pulls her away and lets go. He then goes to the stall and buys some fried fish for them.

Da Ye gives her the fish biscuit and she thanks him. She knows he is acting like nothing happened not to put pressure on her and make the situation awkward. When he takes out the fish biscuit, he tells her it is magic and can talk – it even has important words to say to her. He then has the fish ask her to date. Xiao Feng laughs at this and then Da Ye gets a very serious expression and asks Xiao Feng to go steady as he will make her forget Yi Cheng.

Back at the apartment, Xiao Feng sits in her room and recalls the kiss and Da Ye’s confession. Xiao Feng says that her heart feels heavy hearing the “go steady” confession versus Da Ye’s “I like you” confession. She goes to the window and opens it, looking up at the Xing apartment. She wonders if she should accept Da Ye and if she does, will it change anything?

New Years comes and Da Ye is spending it with Xiao Feng’s family! Xiao Feng’s mother tells Da Ye to eat up and the left overs can go to Ah Yi. Da Ye says that he doesn’t want Ah Yi to get any of the food and Xiao Feng’s mother makes a comment and Da Ye asks if that means that he is rival’s with Xiao Feng’s dad who says that Da Ye can take Xiao Feng’s mom and give him freedom. Mrs. Hu then jokes about getting divorce papers. Xiao Feng’s sister then wonders who she will live with and Da Ye invites her upstairs to live, thus Xiao Yi tells her parents to hurry with their divorce. Mr. Hu calls out that he was just kidding when Mrs. Hu comes in with the “divorce papers” – a tray she hits her husband on the head with. Mr. Hu then says that he will never divorce he as he loves him so much. Xiao Feng then realizes that she can laugh so much because the warm Da Ye is there.

We then cut to an unhappy Ying Zhi who is out with Yi Cheng. All she is doing is complaining about Eason breaking their New Year’s date. She hugs Yi Cheng’s arm and says that she is lucky she has him or she will be lonely and pathetic. Yi Cheng stops and asks what kind of relationship they have. Ying Zhi replies that they are good friends, why, what is wrong? Ying Zhi then replies that he had hoped they could be more than friends and tells her that he has waited patiently for her. Yi Cheng then tells her to call Eason as that is the person who makes her happy and who she wants to be with. Ying Zhi says that even is she wants to call him, she can’t because he is busy with work and she doesn’t want to interfere with that. Yi Cheng then scolds her for lying to herself and not telling Eason how she really feels and ask her boyfriend to spend more time with her and be more caring with her. Ah Yi then asks if Ying Zhi is afraid Eason will leave if she demands too much from him. Yi Cheng then asks is that why Ying Zhi keeps coming to him – because he never rejects her. Ying Zhi replies that she had never used him. Ah Yi then says he knows that – it is him that used her. At one time, he believed that he really liked her. Over time the line became blurry – did he love her or just like the fact that he was needed by her. He has finally figured it out! He doesn’t really love her wanting and needing isn’t the same thing as loving. He then says that this will be the last night they see each other until things are completely cleared up. Ying Zhi is still wishy washy and Yi Cheng says she needs to stop suppressing her own feelings as everyone needs to face them and chase their own happiness. Ying Zhi finally works up the courage to call Eason as she doesn’t want to run away anymore versus talking things out and letting him know. Ying Zhi thanks Yi Cheng and he says that he should thank her instead. The two hug and he wishes her happiness. It is finally over (too bad it’s too late – or is it?).

Yi Cheng rushes off and says he doesn’t want to lose Xiao Feng’s smile. He wants to be able to bring her happiness and return to her side. While Yi Cheng rushes to meet Xiao Feng, she and Da Ye are having fun playing around with the kids and shooting off fireworks as the countdown begins. Ah Yi has realized it too late as Xiao Feng is realizing that Da Ye can give her the feeling of happiness, so going out with him should be the right answer, right?

Da Ye goes to head back up to his apartment, but Xiao Feng stops him. He asks what is wrong and she says that about what he asked her the other day. She tells him that she still has Ah Yi in her heart and she doesn’t know how long  those feelings will linger. Xiao Feng then says that she will be brave and try to get rid of her feelings completely so that she can face Da Ye. Da Ye asks what Xiao Feng is saying and she bows and holds out her hand. Da Ye rushes down the stairs and holds her while Xiao Feng thinks about how she liked him once and how she will like him again (almost like she is forcing herself which is fair to no one). Yi Cheng, of course arrives at this moment and sees this. But since he is still in her heart, he shouldn’t just give up, right? But knowing his personality, he probably will.

The next morning, Da Ye and Xiao Feng give Ah Yi his birthday present. Ah Yi is definitely upset that he got such a lame gift. Xiao Feng says that those cookies are famous and have even been featured in several magazines. Da Ye tells his cousin that if he doesn’t want the cookies, then Da Ye will take them. YI Cheng quickly says that he will keep them and Xiao Feng says (inwardly) that she knows they are talking about her and not cookies. Yi Cheng forces a smile and then thanks them. Da Ye then tells Xiao Feng that he is going to tell Yi Cheng. Da Ye then confesses that he and Xiao Feng are together. Yi Cheng’s smile dissipates, but her forces it again and says that he knows. A very awkward situation for the trio.

Yi Cheng sits alone in a park and flashes back on the past few moments with Xiao Feng and Da Ye, and himself. Poor guy. But he did bring it on himself (just like Da Ye did).

At school the next day, Da Ye asks if Xiao Feng wants to eat with him. Xiao Feng happily nods and Ah Ji says that he can’t make it. Da Ye then says he wasn’t asking Ah Ji along as well – only Xiao Feng. Da Ye then announces to their friends that they are officially a couple now. This surprises their friends, and makes them happy as well. They are congratulated and they asks when that all happened. Da Ye then says he will take good care of Xiao Feng (corny as ever). Then there comes Yi Cheng and when Xiao Feng sees this, she takes Da Ye’s hand off her shoulder. Noticing this, Da Ye gets annoyed and puts his hand back on her shoulder. Seriously – how horrible!

In the bathroom, Xiao Feng asks if Da Ye would be upset. Her friends say that even they felt awkward. Xiao Feng says that it was subconscious and that she did not do it intentionally. Her friends then tell her to go and apologize. Xiao Feng finds Da Ye who looks upset and the two leave in an unhappy silence. Xiao Feng says his name and Da Ye stops and turns asking if he is going too far and taking their relationship too seriously? Should he back off? Da Ye is stupid for agreeing to date Xiao Feng when she is not over Ah Yi and Xiao Feng is stupid for agreeing to date before she is officially over her ex. Xiao Feng also has a horrible habit of never saying what she means and exacerbating the situation. She tells Da Ye that isn’t true at all and that she just isn’t used to PDAs like he is. Total burn. Nothing like turning the tables on Da Ye’s old habit of casually touching and kissing girls. Da Ye then says that they meant nothing to him and that Xiao Feng is the only one still caring about the past. Xiao Feng gets angry and says that she has never lied to him and then complains about how he said he would help her forget the past and now says all this stuff. Da Ye turns and walks away and Xiao Feng goes to follow, but stops as his back is so sad and he isn’t turning around. She then starts walking an stays a few steps behind.

When they reach the apartments, Da Ye says he will think about what just happened and goes to go upstairs. Xiao Feng grabs his sweater and it rips. She apologizes and Da Ye turns around where she bows and apologizes again. She apologizes for acting like she is all that just because he confessed that he liked her and then she said all those awful things. When she goes to apologize yet again, Da Ye stops her and says that he should be apologizing as Xiao Feng was honest that she would need time to completely forget Ah Yi. Da Ye then sits down and says that he likes Xiao Feng too much and is rushing things. Da Ye takes her hand and says that they should just take things slow. Xiao Feng smiles and agrees.

Back in her room, Xiao Feng is painstakingly trying to sew up Da Ye’s hoodie that she ripped. She thinks about how fragile and easily breakable their relationship is at the moment, but then she also thinks about how when Da Ye goes to leave her, she will quietly hold on to him (is that affection – no – it is plain selfishness actually). Xiao Feng says that she wants to go forward and takes the sweater up to Da Ye, apologizing for its ugliness, but he doesn’t care.

Xiao Feng is with Qiu Ying who is knitting arm warmers for Ah Ji. Xiao Feng compliments her skills and Qiu Ying mentions that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and then asks if Xiao Feng wants her to teach her how to knit. Xiao Feng says there is no need for that and Qiu Ying asks how things are progressing in Da Ye’s and her relationship. Xiao Feng confesses that she isn’t dating Da Ye because she likes him (poor, poor Da Ye), but because she wants a fresh start. Xiao Feng then asks if she is being selfish, should she really be dating Da Ye, and can she give him happiness. At least she knows that she is being selfish. Qiu Ying says that whether or not Xiao Feng can give him happiness is up to Da Ye, but Xiao Feng caring like that shows that Da Ye’s importance is increasing in Xiao Feng’s heart. The two may not have the best start, but they are heading in the right direction, which seems to assure Xiao Feng that she made the right decision.

Back at the apartments, Xiao Feng is playing Red Light, Green Light with the kids and when she looks behind Da Ye is suddenly there playing as well. He comes up to save the kid who got caught and Xiao Feng catches him just as a taxi pulls up. Xiao Feng says that he is in for it now when Da Ye says “mom.” Xiao Feng asks who he is calling mom and says that him saying that is no use. Da Ye then smiles and walks towards a woman. Looks like Da Ye’s mother has officially arrived. Havoc will break loose. But not until the next episode.

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