Quartet Episode 2 Recap

We start off episode two with Shun going to a tattoo parlor looking for her little brother Rin. He’s not there so she drops off the tattoo design that he wants. The man getting a tattoo says he heard Rin plans on becoming a professional boxer. Shun doesn’t answer and the man laughs and says he won’t tell anyone. However, since he has already heard about it, no doubt Tskukamoto has as well. Shun sits down and says as long as they get an international contract, not even Tskukamoto can do anything about it – wishful thinking on her part truthfully. The man says Tskukamoto knows that too, so Shun better make a move soon before Tskukamoto does something. Shun says she’ll be okay as she only exists to protect Rin. After leaving the tattoo parlor, Shun passes by a park where she sees a mother playing with her children and smiles happily. Even though she isn’t all that much older than her little brother, she is definitely a mother hen protecting him.

We then cut to Takeru who is out scoping chicks. He then sees the model, Hanoi, from the first episode who he had to replace after she overdosed. Takeru asks if she is okay and Hanoi smiles and said she just took the wrong amount. Takeru then asks where she got the drugs (funny how no one is the least bit suspicious half the time when Takeru starts asking questions). Hanoi tells him that she bought them from a group called “Spoon Brand” in Shibuya. Hanoi asks if Takeru takes drugs as well and he replies that a senpai asked him to supply some for a party. Hanoi asks if she can attend the party and have a little “love-love” with Takeru as well. She then takes out her cell to give him the dealer’s number. Taker asks what kind of people they are and Hanoi says she heard that if you give them trouble, they’ll show no mercy and if you become addicted, they’ll sell you off. Hanoi believes they are selling people to do human experiments. Takeru gets the message with the information, thanks Hanoi and leaves, his normally bright smile replaced with angry determination.

Shun gets off of work and calls her little brother. She is stopped by the bar owner who asks her to come in and help him. With what? He is putting hair remover on his chest. Shun goes to leave, but he tells her that he needs help reading the small print. She reads off the directions and sits back down while the bar owner talks about his glory days of old. Shun asks if he really wants to be popular and asks what he will do when he is. The bar owner doesn’t reply and keeps happily dancing. Shun looks closer at the bottle and tells him that it may cause impotence. Too bad if he becomes popular, he won’t get to enjoy it. At that moment, Shun gets a call from Rin. He tells his sister that Tsukamoto wants to see him. Shun asks where he is and understands from Rin’s silence that he is already at Tsukamoto’s place. Shun tells him not to go in alone as they never see him alone (safety in numbers? or is Shun less of a pushover?). Shun then says that Tsukamoto most know about them wanting to go pro. She then tells him to wait for him and she will be right there. She hangs up and runs out of the bar. Meanwhile, Rin does not listen to her and goes in alone, promising that today will the be the end of it.

Takeru meets up with the Spoon Brand and orders 30 sets of their expensive designer drugs. The man tells him that they don’t have enough on them. Takeru tells them to take them to their HQ to get the drugs as he already has the money to pay them. He is then given a blindfold and the driver, who keeps looking back suspiciously at Takeru, takes off.

Back at the fight club, Tsukamoto takes a break from beating a man senseless to talk to Rin. He congratulates Rin for actually coming without his sister. He tells Rin that he is a careful person, even if it is just rumors, Tsukamoto is still unhappy. Rin asks what he is talking about and Tsukamoto replies that he heard Rin wanted to go independent. Tsukamoto then complains that Rin and Shun are just illegal immigrants and delinquents. He then asks who the pair owes their success today to. Rin says that he is grateful and Tsukamoto asks if Rin really understands the word. Rin asks what Tsukamoto wants from him and Tsukamoto replies that he is happy as long as Rin makes money. Rin says he gets it and Tsukamoto asks him to throw the next fight as Tskuamoto as bet a large sum against him. If Rin can do that, then he will forgive him. Rin, of course, vows you won’t lose. Meanwhile, his sister is running as fast as she can to get to him in time.

Tsukamoto says the fighters all have the same invincible mentality. He then says that stepping all over these prideful youngsters and making them mew for forgiveness like cats is his favorite thing to do. Outside, Tsukamoto’s girl, Kasumi, quickly texts that there will be a match that day. When some men come downstairs, she quickly hides her phone and tells them to go on inside. What is she up to? Inside Tsukamoto says there is one more thing. He asks Rin what he thinks that is. Before Rin or Tsukamoto can say anything else, the men come in and give Tsukamoto a pair of hedge clippers. Tsukamoto takes this and goes back into the other part of the room where he goes to town on the man he was beating up earlier.

Takeru and the dealers arrive at their warehouse. The one making the deal says he has to perform a full body check on Takeru and pats him down. Needless to say, he also fondles bits of Takeru. In doing that, he finds a baton. He takes the baton and hits Takeru, but Takeru soon springs back up and starts fighting back. Thinking he has the upper hand, he asks one of the dealers how many partners he has and to quickly call them up one at a time. Takeru vows to eliminate them all. The man makes the call, but Takeru has been set up! The driver was already suspicious and the others were warned ahead of time and were waiting for Takeru. The men mock Takeru for only having a police baton. So this is the guy going around and busting all the dealers? They tell him to throw away the baton and once he does, they knock him out.

Shun is closing in on the club where Rin is getting the crap beat out of him. Kasumi whines about hating violence and Tsukamoto shakes her off and slaps her. Once he leaves, she quickly pulls out her phone and texts our silver-haired Kuchinawa. Hmm. So she is in league with him? He smiles and wheels himself off. Shun finally arrives at the club where the doorman doesn’t want to let her in. She easily dropkicks him and gets in. When she gets inside she sees the sorry state her brother is in. She immediately rushes to help him, but Tsukamoto’s men hold her back. She tells her little brother to get up, but Rin can’t seem to get a handle on the man he is fighting. Tsukamoto comes over and Shun demands that he stop and let her brother go now. Tsukamoto refuses as the people are all excited and want to see “trash” being taken care of. Tsukamoto calls her arrogant for thinking about becoming pro behind his back. Shun looks at Rin who is in a dangerous stranglehold. Shun begs Tsukamoto to save her brother, but he invites her to bed instead. What a squeezeball. At this moment, the other fighter snaps Rin’s neck. Totally saw that coming. I knew Rin wouldn’t last long in this series.

Shun is in shock as she watches her brother’s lifeless body fall to the floor. She screams out his name and fights even harder to get free. At that moment the police show up and the men let Shun go. She quickly crawls over to her brother who she tries to get to wake up. So not happening. She cries as he still doesn’t move. There went her reason for living. The cops then surround her and drag her away. She struggles to break free and go back to her brother, but it is no use.

Takeru has been beaten and tied to a chair. The main dealer asks who is behind Takeru and Takeru replies that the dealer is thinking to highly of himself as no one really cares all that much about them. The don’t believe that Takeru could be acting alone with all the men he’s taken out. One of the other dealers asks if they should drug him and take him to Tsukamoto. The main dealer hits the other one and tells him to shut up. Takeru demands to know who Tsukamoto is and they begin beating him even more saying that since he’s dying then there is no use in him knowing. Takeru is close to passing out when a knock sounds. One of the guys goes outside and says there is only a toad. The main dealer tells him not to be stupid as toads don’t know. The man goes out and is immediately taken care of as is the second guy who goes to check. Takeru turns his head and sees a blurry man in a suit walk in. The man says nothing and deftly and efficiently deals with the scummy dealers. When he gets to the injured Takeru, Takeru glares up at him before passing out completely. It was the same guy who followed Takeru outside the bar in the first episode.

We then cut to an IM conversation. Kasumi writes that the unknown person must be happy as things turned out like he wanted. The other person replies that it is unfortunate that Rin has died. Kasumi replies that this is  the perfect opportunity to get Shun on their side. The other person says whatever she thinks is up to her. Kasumi replies that she doesn’t care as there is some things only idiots can do. The other party says to leave “him” (Takeru?) alone for awhile as he only has one place to hide. Kasumi replies that was this mystery person’s original purpose after all. End episode.

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