Smile, Donghae Episode 7 Recap

Poor Donghae, all the women in his life are keeping secrets from him and dragging Bongi into the middle of things. Both Saewa and Anna want Bongi to keep it a secret from Donghae that Anna will be appearing on Saewa’s show to look for James and Anna’s parents. Also, Saewa and Donghae explore Seoul at the same time as Anna and Bongi, and Sun Ok’s and Sool Nyeo’s war is put on hold until Sun Ok can get her money back. I do like how Saewa knows that she is doing wrong, but she can’t bring herself to stop – is her pride and career really worth exploiting Anna and the man she loves?

Anna tells Saewa not to leave and then confesses that James is really not a bad person. He had to leave for awhile and before he came back, Anna and her parents had already moved. So Anna believes that James must be looking for her, too. Anna then lectures Saewa about misunderstandings building and how Donghae and Saewa are fighting because Saewa stayed away for too long. Anna then tells Saewa to stop staying away as Donghae really loves Saewa. Ignoring that, Saewa asks if Anna can really appear on TV as Donghae will be mad and wouldn’t want Anna to do it.

We then see Donghae approaching the PD where he immediately tells the man that he refuses to do the show. The man tries to get him to change his mind, but Donghae refuses and to get Saewa out of a difficult situation, says that he initially promised and backed out, so it is not Saewa’s fault at all. He then takes his leave. Like the PD, will believe that.

Bongi goes back to the hotel room, but neither Donghae or Anna is there. Saewa brings Anna to meet the PD who is livid and ready to cuss Saewa out for not bringing Donghae in like she promised. Saewa interrupts and introduces Anna to the PD and tells him that Anna has agreed to go on the show to look for her parents and Carl Laker’s father. This brings the smile to the PDs face, but he does ask Saewa if Anna will end up backing out like Donghae. Saewa assures him that Anna won’t. Saewa then gives the PD a picture of Anna from when she was adopted and then tells him all they know about Donghae’s father – his American name was James and all he left Anna was his harmonica. Wow. That’s it?

Bongi finds Anna just as Saewa and the PD leave. She asks Anna what is going on and Anna immediately says that she wasn’t with Saewa. Anna then says they were together, but didn’t talk. Bongi, knowing that something is up, asks Anna what is wrong. Anna then asks Bongi to keep a secret. Anna is going to look for James, whom Donghae hates. Bongi doesn’t think that Anna should lie to Donghae about something that important, but Anna insists on keeping the secret or else she will never find James.

Back at the Camilla, Hye Sook asks Do Jin to call if he hears anything from the Jos. Do Jin then informs her that Mal Sun’s checkup went well. Hye Sook is happy to hear this as Mal Sun is getting up there in years. Do Jin then wonders if they will be returning to Korea soon. If so, then he has to get on top of finding Dong Baek from the Jos. It won’t be easy as she went missing twenty plus years ago. Hye Sook tells him to try his best and when they can’t find her, maybe the Jos will realize once and for all that Dong Baek won’t be coming back. Do Jin asks about putting out TV and newspaper ads asking for Dong Baek to find them if they can’t find her. When Hye Sook says nothing, her son smiles at that and says that she must really be afraid of Dong Baek’s return. After all, his mother deserves to inherit the hotel. Hye Sook tells Do Jin to watch his mouth as you never know who could be listening, but then goes on to say that she has put everything into making the hotel a success and has even sent Do Jin to Switzerland to study (Switzerland, believe it or not, is actually THE place to go for hotel management).

We then cut to the Lee house where poor Pil Jae is trying to make breakfast for himself and his daughter. Needless to say he makes more of a mess than anything else. Kang Jae is in the room with Sun Ok and is trying to get her to get out of bed and to eat herself. Sun Ok keeps demanding the return of the money. She says that she will starve to death unless he gets it back and Kang Jae says he will die right behind her. She then says that he is all talk and demands to know where the money went. Kang Jae finally says he bought a cabbage patch. Sun Ok is immediately afraid that he is trying to start up a kimchi business. Kang Jae assures her that isn’t so and then says to wait a few months and he will return the money. Sun Ok says she needs it now to repay Sool Nyeo. Kang Jae says that he will explain to Sool Nyeo, but Sun Ok says as the head of the household he can’t beg anyone, she’ll take care of it.

Sool Nyeo is at the salon wondering why Sun Ok hasn’t shown up to work or wired the money. Sun Ok pops in with all of Sool Nyeo’s favorite homemade foods. Sool Nyeo is almost swayed, but then asks about the money. Sun Ok says that something came up and that she will have to return the money a little later. Sool Nyeo says she’ll take the food for now and then goads Sun Ok to go to Sool Nyeo’s house to clean up as the housekeeper quit. Sun Ok quickly agrees to do it. I feel bad that she has to take all of Sool Nyeo’s crap just because she couldn’t manage to scrape the money together. But, what can she do?

At the station, the PD tells Saewa that the possibility of finding Anna’s parents and lover is slim given how long ago everything happened and how little information they had, but they will still try and Saewa better make sure Anna is there. After he leaves, Saewa asks herself why she keeps wanting more and wonders what will happen when Donghae finds out. Poor Donghae keeps thinking about Saewa and their argument and falls in practice yet again, earning him more scolding from the coach. Donghae says he will stay after to practice more and then he sees Saewa in the stands. She tells him that she understands and isn’t mad anymore, making Donghae happy (too bad he doesn’t know why she really isn’t mad at him). The two then decide to go visit Namsam, where you can see all of Seoul.

Bongi and Anna are having a great time in Namsam, touring around all the popular places. Bongi asks Anna why she particularly wanted to go to Namsam and Anna tells her its because James said they should go there together when they got to Korea. Bongi asks about James and we learn that Anna knew next to nothing about him. She doesn’t know his last name or why he was in New York. The only thing she can remember is that he was from Donghae and that is how Donghae got his Korean name. The two climb to an observation deck and Anna comments on the beauty of Seoul, but then says how sad she is as she is finally in Namsam, but James isn’t there at all.

As Bongi and Anna head down, Donghae and Saewa are heading up and the two cable cars pass. Saewa asks why Donghae seems so down and he replies that thinking about his mother, he really didn’t want to go to Seoul, but thinking about Saewa, he just couldn’t stay away. When the two get to the top, Donghae immediately shouts his love for Saewa who tells him to quiet down as people were staring. Donghae then asks Saewa to do what she used to do in college when she practiced being an anchor. Saewa then gives a news report on Donghae and states how she will be there to participate in his dream as well. It then starts raining. The two start running, but Saewa falls and hurts her foot. Donghae picks her up and carries her and then runs off to get some bandages and an umbrella. At this time Do Jin calls, but Saewa ignores it. Donghae comes running back and immediately bandages her foot and asks if she needs to see a doctor. Saewa apologizes and Donghae says that he is the one who should be sorry as its his fault she slipped. Saewa, feeling even guiltier apologizes yet again.

Sae Young is online doing a video chat with Tae Hoon (she is in her traditional dance clothes and beating a drum). She asks how well she is doing for their babies and Tae Hoon praises her for doing such a wonderful job. Sae Young then tells him to eat slower because this lunch conference is about the only time they get to see each other. The doorbell rings and it is Sun Ok. She immediately puts the food in the fridge and then complains about the messy house. Sae Young, calling her “mother”, says that it is the housekeeper’s day off an Sun Ok says that Sool Nyeo is getting old and that Sae Young should be taking care of more household duties. Sae Young tries to win brownie points, but this leaves Sun Ok wondering just why she is acting so funny.

Sun Ok starts vacuuming in Sae Young’s room and finds clothes thrown under the bed. Sun Ok says she pities anyone who will be Sae Young’s in-law as the girl is hopeless (too funny as we know that will be her). Sae Young then rushes in and tells Sun Ok that she will finish cleaning her own room. Tae Hoon has finished eating and then calls out for Sae Young. Sun Ok hears the voice but can’t determine where it is coming from. Sae Young rushes in front of her laptop and hurriedly closes it. Sun Ok thinks the voice sounded familiar and Sae Young immediately chases her out of the room. Crisis averted for now.

That night, Do Jin goes to the gym but is disappointed to find that Saewa is not there. After he gets home he gives her a call and Saewa asks if he is calling just because she didn’t go. Do Jin then reminds her that they agreed to work out together every night (after he complains about her ignoring his calls all day). Saewa sits down on her bed and says that she doesn’t recall ever agreeing to that and Do Jin reminds her about their dinner. Saewa hangs up and Do Jin smiles as he is enjoying the hard-to-get Saewa. It’s funny how it seems like a game to him, but yet you can tell there is a seriousness under his frivolity.

Back at the hotel, Anna is practicing the harmonica in the hopes of finding James during the next day’s program when Donghae returns to the room. Anna immediately hides the harmonica out of sight. Donghae asks how her day was with Bongi and Anna says that she had fun touring Seoul and that Bongi is a really sweet and nice girl. Anna then asks if Donghae and Saewa made up. Donghae says that they have and that Saewa has forgiven him for not agreeing to appear on TV. Anna’s smile fades and she immediately apologizes. Donghae laughs and asks why all the women in his life are apologizing to him and then tells Anna to go to bed as she must be tired.

The morning dawns and Hye Sook is in a cute outfit, happy to be going to Jeju with her husband. Jun comes in and asks why there are two suitcases and Hye Sook says one is hers and the other is his. She didn’t want their stuff to get mixed together. Jun then drops the bomb and says that he canceled her ticket as he thought she was too busy. Poor Hye Sook is crushed. Really, I feel bad because her husband keeps putting her down, but then she has that really cold and ambitious streak which makes me feel a little less sympathetic. Jun goes to leave and Do Jin comes down and wishes them a good trip. Do Jin is unhappy to realize that his mother is staying behind. He asks if Jun is making Hye Sook stay (which he is) and Hye Sook says that Jun thought she was too busy and then says she’ll be in to the office a little later.

Back at the hotel, Bongi is prettying Anna up and tells her that when she gets to be Anna’s age, Bongi hopes that she can be just as pretty. Donghae says that Bongi would have to be pretty now to be pretty later (burn!). Donghae asks why Anna is dressed up and Bongi says they are going out to a palace later. Donghae (who is getting a cold) leaves for practice and Bongi says that they should tell Donghae, but Anna refuses. They get a call from Saewa telling them when and where to meet an they head off to the station. Saewa greets them and Bongi asks if she isn’t doing to tell Donghae. Saewa replies that she isn’t and that Bongi needs to help keep it for her. Poor Bongi! She doesn’t like this at all.

Donghae is scolded for not having his head on the contest and for even getting sick. Donghae apologizes and goes back to his room where he wonders what happened to Anna and Bongi as they weren’t supposed to leave until after lunch. Back at the TV station, Anna and Saewa are getting ready when Bongi gets a call from Donghae asking where she is. Bongi replies that they are still in the hotel room, but Donghae (who is in the hotel room) hears one of the workers in the background and demands to know where Bongi and his mother are. Donghae immediately races out of the hotel and Bongi tries to get to Anna to tell her that Donghae knows.

At the salon, Sool Nyeo invites Sun Ok and the girls to watch Saewa’s first broadcast. Sun Ok makes a snarky comment about Saewa doing this instead of the nine o’clock news, but immediately tries to cover it up. The program begins to start and Hye Sook turns on the TV and sees the advertisement for the program that is there to help reunite families. Donghae arrives at the station and asks where the recording is and runs off to get there. The show is about to start and the PD asks Anna to play the harmonica as Donghae arrives. Anna is shocked to see her sun who grabs her arm and drags her off stage. Saewa and Bongi try to stop him, but he pushes past. Omo, what will happen next?

You’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out!

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