Love Buffet Episode 9 Recap

On one hand, a love that was not meant to last because one boy couldn’t forget his old flame nor leave her alone. This boy could also not understand just how he felt for his “new” love. And on the other hand a new love just beginning as one boy finally grows up and realizes the difference between “like” and “love” and the one girl who is brave enough to let go and move on even when it breaks her heart. Will this trio ever sort out how they really feel and find happiness? Who knows? [Actually I do know if it follows the manga, but I won’t tell and completely spoil it for everyone else who hasn’t read it.]

“Not wanting to lose you, does that equal loving you?”

You can tell that no matter how Ah Yi is trying to keep his promise, it still hurts him. Ying Zhi keeps calling and won’t leave him alone and he does his best to ignore her. Why can’t the girl take a hint and just leave him alone and work out her own problems like an adult? While eating lunch in the cafeteria, Yi Cheng shows Xiao Feng her stone where he had drawn a little picture of her. This is after Ying Zhi kept calling nonstop. Xiao Feng asks if he always keeps it with him and he replies that he wants to remind himself of the moment she gave him the stone and it’s innocent happiness. And we all know that he wants to remind himself of that moment to keep strong in the face of Ying Zhi’s selfish pursuit.

When Xiao Feng goes to pick up takeout at Ah Yi’s workplace, in walks Ying Zhi with her coworkers. That woman even has the audacity to slip a note into Yi Cheng’s apron while Xiao Feng watches. Seeing this, Xiao Feng collects her order and rushes off with Ah Yi hot on her heels. He swears that he didn’t know that Ying Zhi was coming and that as soon as she and her friends are done eating, he will send her away. Yi Cheng then gives Xiao Feng the note without even looking at it and goes back into work. Xiao Feng reads the note – Ying Zhi wants Ah Yi to meet her at the convenience store near the apartment complex the following afternoon.

The next day at school, Ah Yi is even more distracted. When classes are done, Xiao Feng asks if he wants to go back with her. He refuses saying that he has after school activities that day. Xiao Feng, feeling guilty then gives him the note. Yi Cheng immediately drops it and asks what Xiao Feng is doing. Xiao Feng then confesses that if she had said nothing, Yi Cheng would still be seeing Ying Zhi as he cannot refuse her. Xiao Feng, breaking her own heart, says that she is strong enough to go without him, so he should go and meet Ying Zhi. Yi Cheng asks why she has to sacrifice herself and go it alone. Xiao Feng insists that she isn’t. Ah Yi, upset at Xiao Feng telling him not to see Ying Zhi only to turn around and tell him to see her, leaves and Xiao Feng sadly watches him go. What can’t he get? They say that one of the best expressions of love is letting a person go. Xiao Feng understands now that as much as Ying Zhi needs Ah Yi, Ah Yi needs Ying Zhi. He may love Xiao Feng, but is it enough to compete with his feelings for Ying Zhi?

The sad Xiao Feng goes to head home and wonders if Ah Yi has happily met up with Ying Zhi. Da Ye sees her depressed face and drags her off to a rooftop. Xiao Feng says that it is off limits, but she still follows Da Ye. She says that she heard only idiots and fools always climb upwards and Da Ye yells that God must be a fool then. Xiao Feng closes her eyes and enjoys the breeze while Da Ye slowly takes her hand and then gives it a painful squeeze. She tells him it hurts and he said he did it on purpose. Nothing like a little physical pain to take your mind off your emotional pain or give you an excuse to cry.

Yi Cheng did go meet with Ying Zhi who immediately tells him that she was worried that Xiao Feng would be angry and that he wouldn’t come. Can she not see how torn up the boy is? Ah Yi then says that he told her they couldn’t see each other anymore. Ying Zhi asks if this is because of Xiao Feng and then asks him to go eat with her. At a café, she says that she always just dumped her problems on him so that she never noticed his relationship with Xiao Feng (she just didn’t want to notice). She says that they can still be friends and that Xiao Feng shouldn’t be angry as there is nothing for her to worry about. Nothing for her to worry about? Ying Zhi is only Yi Cheng’s first love. What girl wouldn’t worry about her man going off to see his first love – especially when he stands her up for it?

That night Ah Yi knocks on Xiao Feng’s window and calls her out. He tells her that he did meet with Ying Zhi and Xiao Feng immediately gets up and says she doesn’t want to hear more as she will then start crying and she doesn’t want to cry. Ah Yi won’t leave it alone and insists on talking. He can’t not care about Ying Zhi, but he also can’t help but care about Xiao Feng. To him at least, Xiao Feng’s pain and tears causes him more distress. Xiao Feng, crying now, shrugs off Ah Yi’s touch. When he puts his hands back on her shoulders, she gives him a mighty shove. Why? To her, that isn’t love, that is sympathy. And the fact that he has to compare and weigh his feelings for her against his feelings for Ying Zhi, really makes her unhappy. Xiao Feng then tells him that she doesn’t want such things and then declares that she really liked him before going into her room where she curls up under a blanket, has a long inner monologue and cries.

The next day an unhappy Yi Cheng meets with Ying Zhi. Instead of saying anything, he just holds her. He is unhappy with how things turned out with Xiao Feng, but he has only himself to blame as he just can’t let go of Ying Zhi (and she won’t let him go either). Meanwhile, Xiao Feng has made herself sick by crying and worrying. Her friends come to cheer her up and learn the whole story. One friend advises her to kiss and make up, but how can Xiao Feng when she just isn’t sure of Ah Yi’s emotions. The other friend tells them that they both need to mature a little – which is true to an extent.

Da Ye goes into Ah Yi’s room and it is empty. He asks if things have to end this way. Good question. Ah Yi is outside and pulls out Xiao Feng’s drawing. He recalls when he first saw it sticking out between two boards. He thought it was fate or a sign. How long had it been there? How long had she been waiting? Has she lost faith in him? He recognizes that Xiao Feng’s dream ever since she was a child was to live happily ever after with her prince. Didn’t he say that he would make her happy (what a great job he is doing on that department – he’s making her hurt worse than being rejected by Da Ye)?

The next day Da Ye and Xiao Feng are walking to school and Da Ye asks what happened to Xiao Feng’s eyes as they are all puffy. Xiao Feng covers her face with her arm and tells him not to look at her eyes and just look ahead and keep walking. Da Ye then says that she looks like she was up drinking all night and Xiao Feng then complains and says that her eyes get puffy too easily making her ugly. Da Ye asks if she has a handkerchief and XIao Feng digs for one, but comes up empty. In the meantime, Da Ye strips off his own shirt and wets it down to cool Xiao Feng’s eyes. (*I admit to liking this scene more in the manga as he had to run from the principle because he stripped off half his uniform for Fu-chan*). Xiao Feng is touched and starts crying while she presses the shirt to her eyes. She is sorry that he exposed himself for her. Da Ye then says that someone wanted to take a picture, but they would have to pay up if they wanted that (said looking into the camera). Xiao Feng keeps crying and Da Ye then asks if she cried like that when he rejected her. Xiao Feng stops crying and raises her head. Da Ye then says that he has decided that he won’t let her cry any more. Xiao Feng thanks him, but tells him not to worry and Da Ye drops the bomb!

What bomb? Da Ye confesses to Xiao Feng that his decision has nothing to do with being a good friend and everything to do with “liking” Xiao Feng! Our girl is completely baffled and lost. Didn’t Da Ye say that he didn’t understand that meaning of like? Da Ye says that was true in the past, but now he thinks that he knows what the feeling of like is. He leans in close to Xiao Feng causing her to lean back. Xiao Feng says that he knows she likes Ah Yi and and Da Ye replies that he does, but he also knows that their relationship is on the rocks. So he has every intention of intruding and trying to win Xiao Feng for himself. He definitely stands a chance since Ah Yi is going back to Ying Zhi (like a complete imbecile). Da Ye then taps her head and runs off leaving Xiao Feng trying to figure out what is going on.

In class, Xiao Feng concentrates on Da Ye’s confession instead of class and then tells herself to forget as he cannot be serious. She then notices that Ah Yi did not show up to class and wonders if he is sick or avoiding her. She then yells out and wonders if Ying Zhi is taking care of a sick Ah Yi. Talk about good at embarrassing herself. At home she notices that Yi Cheng is still not back and that Ying Zhi hasn’t shown up either. She is annoyed that she cannot get Yi Cheng off her mind. Every time she hears something, she thinks it might be Yi Cheng. She hears something outside and thinks that Ah Yi might have dropped off a parfait for her like he used to. When she opens the window there is Da Ye and he has his plain stone on the windowsill. He tells her to just forget Ah Yi and remember that just like now when she is thinking of Ah Yi, to open and close the window a few times and come look for Da Ye. He asks if she gets it and when she is silent, he asks again. Xiao Feng says she gets it and Da Ye jumps up (not that he has to jump very high) to tap her forehead before running off. Xiao Feng looks at the stone and recalls when all the moments between her and Ah Yi in regards to the stone. She then hears Da Ye upstairs playing maracas and tapping on the floor. This brings a smile to her face.

The next morning a bubbly Da Ye bounces down to greet Xiao Feng and ask her to walk together. On the way, Da Ye asks if she heard him. She replies that she did. Da Ye then asks why she didn’t reply back (tapping the ceiling with an umbrella or what not). Xiao Feng claims that is too embarrassing, plus it was late at night. Da Ye then tells her to at least say something out loud if she can’t knock (would he be able to hear if she doesn’t shout it?). Da Ye then teases her about her shortness and how she probably wouldn’t be able to reach the ceiling. Xiao Feng claims she finally reached average height and Da Ye says he was just teasing.

The good mood is spoilt when a bus arrives and Ah Yi steps off. Yi Cheng then says a brief good morning before hurrying off. The surprised Xiao Feng asks why Yi Cheng would need to take the bus and Da Ye replies that he moved out of the apartment and in with their grandmother. Xiao Feng wants to set off to have Ah Yi explain himself, but Da Ye stops her and says that Yi Cheng’s answer would not make her feel any better, which is true – he moved out because of her and his messed up emotions. Da Ye then tells Xiao Feng that he “won’t let her go.” Xiao Feng quietly accepts this, but you can tell she is hurting. She walks off and an annoyed (at Ah Yi, not at Xiao Feng) follows closely behind.

In class, Xiao Feng realizes that Da Ye is right. She can’t ask Yi Cheng to move back in or not to leave as she has no right. Xiao Feng then says that it looks like she and Ah Yi really are just going their separate ways and that there is no chance for them to get back together. True.

Ah Yi arrives at the apartment and quietly begins packing some more of his stuff. Da Ye comes in and complains about Ah Yi acting like a thief, quietly taking his stuff. Yi Cheng then says he is staying at his grandparents longer and just came back to get a few things, he’ll come by for more stuff later. Da Ye then announces that he will take Xiao Feng back. Ah Yi says that she isn’t an object. Da Ye knows this, he is just letting Ah Yi know what he will go after Xiao Feng and take her away from Yi Cheng. Ah Yi doesn’t rise to the bait and just says he will be at their grandparents and that the rest is up to Da Ye. Seriously? Or maybe Ah Yi feels he has lost the right to fight for Xiao Feng because of his actions and confusion? (Even in the manga he never fights for her – the two just quietly let each other go and enter into a season of heartbreak).

The next day Da Ye seeks out Qiu Ying who says she has to reject him as he is too late to confess (teasing of course). Da Ye teases right back saying he knows as she loves her “Ah Ji” Laughing out loud. Qiu Ying smiles and the two walk together. She asks when Da Ye realized his feelings. He says that watching Ah Yi and Xiao Feng struggle, made him realize that he wanted to protect her and wanted to see her smile instead of always cry. What’s more than that, he even had another feeling – that of wanting Xiao Feng for himself. Qiu Ying smiles and congratulates him for finally understanding romantic love. She then asks why he is hesitating. Da Ye says that he doesn’t want to disappoint Xiao Feng and she teases him about not having a problem disappointing her. She then tells him to be brave and confess to Xiao Feng as that is more like him.

At school, Da Ye makes an announcement of an impromptu mini concert and invites all students to join them (I HATE public proposals and confessions –talk about embarrassing and not to mention the burden of acceptance as everyone wants you to accept when you yourself might want to reject and may not be ready for it). Xiao Feng and her friends recognize Da Ye’s voice and excitedly go to leave while Ah Yi ignores the announcement and continues working.

Outside, Ah Ji says that Da Ye is lucky to have him and his friends otherwise Da Ye wouldn’t have been able to get a hold of the instruments. Da Ye says he had no other option and the concert starts. Xiao Feng and her friends coem running up and join the crowd (apparently he is singing a song from the tdrama Hana Kimi – a good drama that eventually grew on me – I didn’t like it at first which starred fellow bandmates Jiro and Wu Chun). He then changes the lyrics to say that he loves Xiao Feng, shocking the crowd an Xiao Feng herself and then he begins rapping his love. Omo. The crowd parts to show Xiao Feng and she then pulls her two friends in front of her – embarrassed, who wouldn’t be? I do have to love Da Ye’s serious expression as he confesses his love to Xiao Feng. Her two friends then push her forward as Da Ye jumps off the stage. The crowd eggs them on and tells them to kiss. Da Ye, knowing Xiao Feng was embarrassed and quickly grabs her hand and runs off, leaving Ah Ji and the others to try and save the situation.

Xiao Feng then complains to Da Ye for rushing things and making decisions one sided. Xiao Feng says that Ah Yi is still the one in her heart, so Da Ye’s public confession is burdensome to him. What a blow (but seriously, she and Ah Yi just broke up – Da Ye is rushing things). Our sad Da Ye apologizes for making her feel burdened by his feelings. In the manga (I don’t know if this will happen in the drama), Da Ye backs off and explains to the school that his feelings are one sided and not to bother Xiao Feng. He then acts more distant around her and doesn’t necessarily stick to her like he would like just to give her some space to get over Ah Yi and accept his feelings. It’s kind of cute set in high school – not so much sure how it will work at the college level.

Xiao Feng returns home to be greeted by Gu Du who wonders why Ah Yi has moved in to their grandparents’ house. Xiao Feng doesn’t know what to say and then says the lie that Ah Yi gave about feeling bad for Da Ye doing all the chores and that is why he moved in with the grandparents. Gu Du then grabs a hold of Xiao Feng’s hand and drags her off to the grandparents’ house. Xiao Feng wants to leave as she feels awkward. Gu Du then says that she needs to talk to Ah Yi and bring him back. Ah Yi shows up, but Xiao Feng covers Gu Du’s mouth and ducks behind the rock, watching Ah Yi just walk by and go into the house. Gu Du scolds her and Xiao Feng starts crying. Gu Du calls them both idiots and starts crying as well as she wanted Xiao Feng and Ah Yi to be together instead of Ah Yi going with Ying Zhi. The two girsl then hold each other and cry.

Xiao Feng goes out with Gu Du and buys a bagful of candy and junk food. Gu Du says she isn’t a kid so she doesn’t need that stuff. Xiao Feng then brings up Gu Du crying with her and Gu Du hands her a business card with her number and tells Xiao Feng to call her when she is in pain. This makes Xiao Feng happy and she gives the little girl a big hug. Gu Du then warns her to only call when Xiao Feng needs her. Xiao Feng is happy to have all of this support, but since she is the one who made the decision to break with Ah Yi, she doesn’t want people to worry about her anymore.

While Xiao Feng is lost in thought, there walks Ah Yi who sees her, but then ignores her. Da Ye sees this and calls Ah Yi out. Xiao Feng tells him to stop and the three go somewhere to talk privately. Da Ye scolds Ah Yi for acting cool and running away – acting like a victim. Xiao Feng tells Da Ye to stop and he tells her to leave if she doesn’t want to listen. Xiao Feng stays and Da Ye then says that Ah Yi isn’t the only one in pain. Yi Cheng then confesses what Xiao Feng told him about him just feeling sympathy and not love. Ah Yi then says that he just doesn’t understand at all. Xiao Feng takes pity on the normally cool Ah Yi – in the end he is just like her – confused about feelings and just what to do. Da Ye yells at him for not understanding and Xiao Feng cuts him off saying that is in the past. This kind of shocks Ah Yi who widens his eyes and then walks off silently. Da Ye and Xiao Feng watch him leave and Da Ye says that it looks like Yi Cheng owns a big piece of her heart so it will take a lot of work to win her. Xiao Feng looks at him and he says that even though he wants to be cool and not pressure her, he can’t stand to see her cry.

The next day Da Ye waits for Xiao Feng and he reiterates that even if Xiao Feng tells him not to pressure or anything, he can’t not care about her. The two then go off to school together. Da Ye asks if she gained weight. She hits his back and he takes her hands and puts them around his waist and tells her to hold on type as the pedals faster. Xiao Feng’s mood has lightened and she tells him to stop so she can give him a ride. Da Ye doesn’t believe she can, but she gets in the driver seat and after an unsteady start, the two plow on ahead (kind of like how their relationship will turn out – a rocky beginning and a solid, steady love).

At the tennis club, Qiu Ying rigs the drawing to put Da Ye and Xiao Feng together to go buy stuff for the club. The members tease them for going on a date. Reading her discomfort, Da Ye asks Qiu Ying along and she actually readily agrees. Why? Ah Ji comes along as well – kind of like a double date. Ah Ji sees a figurine that reminds him of Qiu Ying. He wants to buy it and put it next to his bed (kinda weird and freaky in a way). Qiu Ying then picks up a couple figurine and tells him to get that instead since there is two of them (so cute). Da Ye then picks up a pig figuring and says that it resembles Xiao Feng. Omo – he did not just say that to the girl he likes! Smile with tongue out Xiao Feng asks how it is similar and he says that it is round like Xiao Feng and when it gets made it makes the same noise. Xiao Feng, annoyed goes off to buy the rest of the stuff and accidentally bumps into a display and knocks things over. Da Ye immediately steadies her and helps her pick the mess up. Ah Ji and Qiu Ying watch them, agreeing on the two’s chemistry.

Later the girls go off on their own and Xiao Feng asks why Qiu Ying has such a “scary” expression on her face. Qiu Ying then mentions the moment earlier where Da Ye was holding on tightly to Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng immediately denies the tight hug and says that Qiu Ying is the one being passionate with Ah Ji. Qiu Ying definitely doesn’t like having the tables turned and the two girls continue on. Qiu Ying apologizes for telling Xiao Feng earlier that she wouldn’t cry if Xiao Feng got together with Ah Yi (she has cried even more since). Xiao Feng lays her head on Qiu Ying’s shoulder and says it isn’t her fault. Xiao Feng believes that the blame lies solely on her as she is not special or has any redeeming qualities. Then we have more good natured bickering about Qiu Ying liking Ah Ji. A nice breakup to a heavy moment. I do dislike how XIao Feng immediately thinks there is something personally wrong with her that she couldn’t keep Ah Yi. Not a healthy way to think at all.

Xiao Feng and Da Ye arrive home late as buying things took a little longer than expected. Da Ye asks if she needs him to explain to her mother. Xiao Feng says there is no need and Da Ye says that he is there for her whenever she needs something. He then talks about trying to go her pace and making sure he doesn’t rush her. He is having a hard time figuring out what to do as his mind is a mess because he has realized his feelings. He walks off and Xiao Feng immediately matches her pace to his and they walk together side by side again.

Xiao Feng gets home only to have her sister come out and ask her to buy a pen. Xiao Feng doesn’t want to, but eventually goes and does it (as she gets to keep the change). On her way to the store she sees Ying Zhi and Ah Yi, who is sleeping comfortably. Ying Zhi puts her coat over him and then rushes in to the story quickly. Xiao Feng is hurt to see how deeply Ah Yi can sleep with Ying Zhi (basically meaning that he really trusts Ying Zhi). Xiao Feng believes that this is proof of how their love was really just all of her own feelings, but she can’t blame Ah Yi who genuinely thought he liked her and she honestly thought he really did, too. Now here they both suffer having failed to work things out.

Ah Yi goes home where Gu Du scolds him for still being at their grandparents. She tells him to go home and then asks just where is Xiao Feng lacking that he hates her. Gu Du then says she is not happy to be with her brother if he is going to act that way – running away. Ah Yi thinks to himself that he is not running and hiding from Xiao Feng, but rather himself. Ah Yi then asks if his sister will never look up to him again. Yi Cheng then packs up and goes home to the apartment while Gu Du writes an email to Xiao Feng about how Ah Yi is trying to be brave and explain how things turned out how they did.

We end the episode with Ah Yi taking the broken cup and knocking on Xiao Feng’s window. Oy. I know what comes next without even the previews to tell me. Ah Yi still hasn’t quite woken up and like Da Ye, he will realize the truth too late. Meh.

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