First Impressions: Control

What to say about Control? I have finally caught up with the translated episodes and must say that while it is entertaining, it is nothing new.┬áIf you’ve seen Galileo or even Trick, then you have basically seen Control. Throw in a little of the US series Criminal Minds and the Kimura Takuya drama MR. Brain and that is this series in a nutshell.

Fujiki NaohitoI love seeing Fujiki Naohito in a less serious role. Even though Hotaru no Hikari is a comedy, he did play the straitlaced more serious counterpoint to our beloved, funny himono onna. And the last thing I saw him in was his somewhat depressed role in Nakanai to Kimeta Hai. So I really do love his childishness. And I really do love the main actress who reminds me a bit the lead from Unfair (of which I have only seen the first episode – but their passion to catch the criminals remain the same).

That being said, as enjoyable as it is, you have to wonder why they have put out another series that has been done before in different variations. You can see the same thing happening in Trick except that deals with explaining the truth behind what can be seen as supernatural occurrences, or magic. For every thing that seems like a mysterious occurrence there is a trick that can help find the culprit and prove that they are not what they say they are. The same thing can also be seen in Galileo. Instead of the smartypants, could care less psychology professor, we have a science professor who utilizes his scientific knowledge in order to help the police solve the crimes (of course he is paired with a female officer as well).

The cases are interesting and have hidden twists that I didn’t necessarily see coming while some others were more obvious. I must say that the whole process of finding the criminal is interesting because every time you think they have the right person, our leading lady realizes that something just isn’t right and goes one step farther to finally bring the real perpetrator to justice. And these perps are not as evil as you might think they are. Each case thus far has had a tragic story behind it.

I do like how it looks like we’ll be delving into the pasts and psyches of our main characters and learning what is really behind their actions and behaviors (of course that has been done as well before). I am really intrigued to know if there is anything going on with Matsushita and Yokoyama (even though I know there is supposed to be something between our two main leads of Matsushita and Fujiki).

While I will keep watching it (totally a fan of Fujiki, our leading lady, and Yokoyama Yu) and can say it is worth watching at least once, it is nothing entirely extraordinary or new and is pretty much like several other dramas airing of late.

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