Sign Episode 7 Recap

Da Kyung is saved by Ji Hoon and the case is officially solved. The southern branch team is relocated to Seoul as the southern facilities get a major face lift. Jang comes to Myung Han with another favor of a doctored autopsy. Of course, this goes on while Da Kyung and Ji Hoon are in Japan investigating Korean skeletal remains (how they can tell the skeleton is actually Korean is beyond me as it is pretty beat up). Plus a cute moment between Yi Han and Woo Jin and we get more history between Woo Jin and Ji Hoon. This episode was not nearly as fun as the last one.

After a brief flashback at how we got to Da Kyung running from the killer, we get back into full swing of things. It looks like Da Kyung is running through a barn or an abandoned store house. Ahn picks up a pipe and grins crazily while breaking windows. Da Kyung hears all this and keeps running.

The police are all gathered at one point looking at maps. Yi Han asks what is going on and apparently the security camera caught the car but did not see where it is going. So the police are waiting to hear  from the security company. Yi Han says there is no time to waste, but what else can they do?

Meanwhile, Ji Hoon keeps searching for Da Kyung  while getting information for Jae Young who keeps him abreast of all the latest discoveries. Meanwhile, Da Kyung is found by Ahn. He tosses her like a rag doll. Back to Ji Hoon, the tire samples from the other truck reveal that it possibly was near an old metal factory which is also large and isloated – the perfect place for Ahn to do his dirty work. Ji Hoon’s team looks at a map and finds a metal factory near the interchange where the vehicle was spied earlier.

Ahn goes after Da Kyung with a chair, but she manages to doge. In their struggle, she manages to gain control of the chair and smash it into Ahn. While he is down, she runs off again. Back at the prosecutor’s office, the police offer is getting nowhere. Woo Jin tells him to take a break and she sits down with Ahn’s father. We learn that Ahn’s father has even witnessed his son murdering at least one of the girls. Woo Jin then gets him to confess the location of where his son takes them in hopes of getting to Da Kyung before it is too late.

Yi Han overhears the police scanner telling the location just as Ji Hoon’s team tell him the location as well. Ji Hoon is already at the site and goes on to find Da Kyung who has managed to make it outside. Ahn is in his truck and begins playing a cat and mouse game with Da Kyung who is trapped with nowhere to really run to. She manages to keep dodging the truck, but Ahn also purposely misses as he is really having fun with the game. Da Kyung hears the sirens and stands still. Yi Han watches as the truck gets closer and closer, but before it can hit her, out comes Ji Hoon in his borrowed car. He gets between Da Kyung and the truck, saving her life.

Yi Han opens the truck door and checks Ahn’s pulse. Ahn is still alive and Yi Han calls for a doctor. Da Kyung approaches the smashed car and looks inside. It is empty and there is blood on the steering wheel. We then her Ji Hoon (who is okay with a minor head wound) ask if she is okay. Da Kyung looks at him with tears in her eyes. He keeps repeating the question and Da Kyung finally shakes her head and starts bawling. Ji Hoon doesn’t know what to do, especially when she comes to him and hugs him while crying. Yi Han then comes up and puts a blanket over Da Kyung before giving Ji Hoon a thumb’s up and telling him “nice timing.” Ji Hoon then begins patting Da Kyung’s back.

Da Kyung then wakes up in the hospital where we hear news that Ahn was arrested. She then recalls Ji Hoon coming to her rescue. Ji Hoon then says she is one tough girl. After all she went through, all she has is scratches. He then asks if she has brain damage. Before she can say anything, her father comes in. Da Kyung tries to keep up the ruse of being a doctor in the hospital, not realizing that he already knows. He then begins hitting her, but Da Kyung refuses to quit. Her father then says that after what happened to her sister, he can’t bear for  Da Kyung to work in that field. He breaks down and cries and Da Kyung criesm, too saying that she will work even harder because of what happened to her sister. Father and daughter hug while Ji Hoon watches on. You can tell that he is really affected by witnessing that.

The southern branch team, minus Sook Joo, are all excited believing that they will get reinstated to the main branch in Seoul since they basically cracked the kidnapping case. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Myung Han shows up and asks where Da Kyung and Ji Hoon are. He is told that they are still being treated at the hospital. Myung Han then thanks everyone for working hard to raise the NFS’s reputation and securing the 50 million investment. That was all. The southern branch members are horrified that they have not been relocated to the main branch. They ask after Woo Jin and her promise, but since she is in trouble, too, she can’t help them.

Woo Jin seeks out Ji Hoon. The two go for coffee where Woo Jin says she was the stupid one who let Ahn go for the arson case. She felt she was blinded by her ambition. If only she had her eyes open, then maybe she could have prevented at least the last murder. Ji Hoon states that it wasn’t her fault. No one could have known. Woo Jin then asks if he remembers how they first met. We then flashback to the past at a batting range where a unhappy and frustrated Woo Jin kept missing. Ji Hoon saw that and intervened. He then stepped in to coach and help her. Woo Jin says that since he was the first one to help and guide her, that is why she fell for him. Ji Hoon wants to leave, but Woo Jin then has one more question. Why did Ji Hoon go to the factory when the police were en route. Ji Hoon says because he was responsible for his colleague. Woo Jin then leaves, but you can tell she doesn’t really like that answer.

Myung Han arrives at Hong’s office, but is unhappy as soon as he sees Ji Hoon is also there. Hong asks for Ji Hoon’s immediate promotion to the Seoul branch. Myung Han then says that Hong must really like Ji Hoon. Hong then says that Ji Hoon has quite the reputation in Japan and he wishes Ji Hoon to go there to work on a similar case. This makes Myung Han happy to think he can be rid of his problem. Ji Hoon refuses the return to Seoul and the trip to Japan. The southern branch is in a bad state due to lack of equipment and staff. Ji Hoon also says that he alone didn’t solve the case, it was the hard work of the team. Myung Han tells him to stop, but Ji Hoon continues complaining that if they had everything they needed, they could have stopped the killer sooner. Hong then decides to help the southern branch as his favor to Ji Hoon. There goes the money Myung Han wanted for  the main branch alone.

Afterward, Myung Han says that it is all over. Ji Hoon says that it isn’t. Myung Han asks if he still sees him as only a professor and Ji Hoon replies that there is only one boss at the NFS and that was Jung. It won’t be fun if the game stops here. Ji Hoon will continue on with the battle against Myung Han.

The southern branch crew are elated to find out that they will be going back to Seoul, although they wonder why Myung Han is so wishy washy with his decisions. Apparently the southern branch is getting revamped and new staff so they are to relocate to the Seoul branch. Da Kyung packs up her office and goes to visit Ji Hoon next door but he isn’t there. Where is he? He is visiting Jung before he leaves. Jung says that it won’t be easy to work under Myung Han. Ji Hoon is surprised that Jung already knows about his reassignment. Jung then asks if it has been 20 years since Ji Hoon’s father’s death. Ji Hoon was in middle school. Jung didn’t believe that Ji Hoon would really become an ME, but here he is and he has stuck it out. Ji Hoon is not sorry he chose this path and swears to continue as an ME until he dies.

Ji Hoon arrives back at the Seoul branch and you can tell he has a lot of mixed feelings. He goes back to his old office and slips the nameplate back in and moves the magnet to show he is there (I assume as I can’t read Korean). He opens his door and sets his stuff down and begins unpacking. The first thing that gets put out is his picture with Jung. Da Kyung then pops in and says that she is in the room next door. She asks if he needs help and he just asks if she is okay. Da Kyung replies that she is and asks if he is okay. He then tells her that if she is okay, she needs to stop talking and leave. Nothing has changed on that front it seems. Ji Hoon is then called out to start his schedule.

On his way to his morning autopsies, he runs into Myung Han and his lackey. Myung Han congratulates him on his return and then arms him to be careful. One more reckless action and Ji Hoon will be fired. Ji Hoon then says he will not allow the same thing to happen twice. Which means that Myung Han better be on his toes.

We then cut to a club where two men are shot. Looks like it will be the next case handled.

Myung Han is in the car where he hears the news of a party choosing their presidential candidate. He then meets with Jang who asks after Ji Hoon’s reassignment. Jang then says that since Hong is a scholar, he things he can rule uprightly. Jang then introduces Myung Han to a new figure. Who is? Kang Joong Hyuk. Myung Han seems shocked to meet him. Ah, Kang is the one whose daughter killed Seo, not Hong’s daughter. I got that confused earlier. Myung Han knows that Kang must be calling him out for something important. Kang says that he is right and asks Myung Han to help him one more time, and help Korean and the NFS as well. Kang tells Myung Han that he will get everything he has ever wanted if he helps. Omo. I really hope that Myung Han grows a concious before it is really too late.

When Myung Han leaves, Jang gives him the rundown. Two gunshot victims will be coming in. The story is that it was an illegal Russian gun and a fight among gangsters. A shooting occurred and one ran away. Myung Han says it is well constructed story. Jang says that is because it is the truth. A well-constructed truth then. So Myung Han needs to paint the mice and make sure the autopsy conclusion matches. He ten says that Ji Hoon will be out so he can’t interfere.

Ji Hoon and Da Kyung arrive in Japan and Ji Hoon asks Da Kyung why she followed him to there. Da Kyung says it was on the chief’s orders. Ji Hoon can call and ask and then shout at the phone about not needing a newbie assistant, or he can yell at her and tell her to get lost and leave again. Ji Hoon says that since she knows already, she can just leave. Of course Da Kyung doesn’t and Ji Hoon then stops and asks why the sudden change in plans. They were supposed to leave the next day, but had there trip sped up. Da Kyung replies that it was supposed to be at Vice Minister Hong’s request. Yep, Ji Hoon does know there is something fishy.

Da Kyung is enjoying her first trip to Japan and acts more as a tourist than as a professional. While taking pictures, she accidentally sees Ji Hoon changing clothes. Shocked, she accidentally takes a picture of him in his polka dot boxers. She hides herself when a representative for the Korean embassy shows up and listens in on the conversation. The Japanese don’t want interference from Koreans as it might cause international tension between the two countries. Da Kyung then jumps in and asks if the skeleton is Korean, why should the Japanese be doing the autopsy.

Back in Korea, Woo Jin who is suspended is playing a video game. She is getting her butt kicked when Yi Han shows up and tells her what to do, but not in time. She asks what he is doing there and he says he is on probation for accidentally putting an NFS ME in a killer’s car. He invites her to a barbecue place. It turns out the place is his house. Woo Jin asks if Yi Han likes her but he adamantly says no. Woo Jin agrees to stay for dinner and as the two go to enter, the chief prosecutor comes out. Needless to say Woo Jin is shocked to learn that Yi Han’s dad is her former boss and the chief prosecutor.

Back in Japan Ji Hoon asks if Da Kyung is spying on him. Da Kyung denies this saying she was just sight seeing when she overheard the conversation. She then asks what Ji Hoon will do. Back at the NFS, the gangsters are brought in. Jae sees this and asks what is going on and he is told that it is an emergency autopsy that was just brought in. Joo then unceremoniously kicks Jae out who was in the room only to collect samples from an earlier autopsy. He definitely detects something fishy. Thus the autopsy starts and Myung Han watches from the observation room.

In Japan, Ji Hoon and Da Kyung arrive at the place where the Korean skeleton is kept. He asks if she has a camera and she replies that she does. Ji Hoon then tells her to go and take pictures of the skeleton while he distracts the guards. Ji Hoon does manage to distract them, but Da Kyung is spotted by a Japanese ME who was working when she snuck into to the room where the skeleton was kept. As she begins to take pictures, she is interrupted by the Japanese ME.

Back in Korea, the autopsy wraps up as expected. Myung Han asks Jang if all the bullet casings from the crime scene were collected and disposed of. Jang says yes. Myung Han then asks if the other person was caught. Not yet. If they don’t find that person then the whole setup will be exposed.

We then flash to the person in question who is on base practicing his shooting. His CO walks by and says he is the best marksman in the regiment. He salutes and his CO notices blood. He then says that he injured himself (but we know the truth).

And thus we end the episode there with Da Kyung in trouble, along with Ji Hoon, and with the new case heating up. Will Myung Han’s, Jang’s, and Kang’s carefully stacked house of cards topple even further in the next episode?

Not as good as the serial killer episode. This one doesn’t necessarily scream watch the next episode. But not every episode can be a cliffhanger that drives you to watch another and another. But I admit that those episodes are my favorite as they tend to be the most interesting.

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