Sign Episode 6 Recap

The investigation to find the serial killer begins! And boy, you see some things you don’t expect. We get to see new sides to our main characters and new relationships begin to develop – mostly Yi Han’s and Da Kyung’s. They develop a camaraderie. Ji Hoon gets high praise by being put in charge of the investigation only to get thrown down again because of a kidnapping. Woo Jin is the same, she is flying high after finding the serial killings, but goes crashing when a mistake from the past comes back to bite her. Looks like she is more connected to this case and Myung Han isn’t the only one who made a big mistake. Only keep reading if you want to know who the killer really is. Don’t read if you want to watch for yourself and see what happens first hand.

We open back at the crime scene with the CSI team digging out the bodies. Ji Hoon tells Woo Jin that nothing will be finalized until he gets the bodies back to the lab to examine, but it looks like all four skeletons have also suffered from being hit by a car. Back at the main NFS headquarters, Myung Han learns that skeletons were found on a farm near the southern branch. So the crime has already been solved. His lacky points out the big mistake that Myung Han made and asks what will happen now. Myung Han then says that he gave his life to the NFS. He then says that it doesn’t matter who solved the case as long as it was solved as that is an ME’s job. Not what I expected from him.

Back at the crime scene, Yi Han requests to join the special investigative team but Woo Jin refuses as he is a lone wolf and doesn’t like to work with others and it takes team work for that stuff. Woo Jin then asks Ji Hoon to go to Seoul to the main prosecutor’s branch. Ji Hoon looks at Da Kyung and then turns to leave. Da Kyung calls out and asks to go along and assist, but Ji Hoon tells her to stay and man the branch in his place. Da Kyung is very disappointed and Yi Han tries to comfort her because they are both being left out of the serial killer case.

Yi Han and Da Kyung head back to the Southern branch and Yi Han asks if she needs to go to a hospital. Da Kyung says she’ll be fine and then says it seems he would be the one in most need of a hospital. He says he is fine an that he manages to get beaten every day and survive. Da Kyung tells him good job and then invites him in to the office to get treated. The two are quite alike and form a bond (after beating each other up). They even complain about how hard things are with Ji Hoon being a jerk and Woo Jin being a cold woman who ignores people. Yi Han then grabs a bottle of alcohol and the two begin to drink in commiseration of not being able to help with the case, though Da Kyung was reluctant at first.

Back at the main prosecutor branch, the prosecutors are reluctant to say that it is indeed a serial killing even with the evidence and Ji Hoon’s verification. Myung Han then comes in and admits his mistake in saying that it was a simple hit and run. He has later found that his victim was also just like the other six found in the south. The prosecutor then says that a different team will take over as they cannot trust the NFS who made such a mistake. Myung Han then apologizes and points out that despite his grievous error, it was still and NFS ME who found the serial killings. He then requests that the NFS remain involved in the case and even asks that Ji Hoon be put on the special investigative team. Omo, this is just too weird. What is going on is definitely hard to figure out. Isn’t Myung Han supposed to be keeping Ji Hoon away from Seoul?

Afterward, Myung Han approaches Ji Hoon who chides him for being blinded by 45 million. Myung Han then says that he remembers when he first met Ji Hoon – even interviewed him for the position. Myung Han says that no matter what has happened over the years, he has remained dedicated to the NFS. Ji Hoon then replies that Myung Han has never done anything to the NFS, everything he has done has been for himself. Ji Hoon then interjects once more that he will prove that he was right a year ago still and walks away.

A briefing goes on and Woo Jin is interrupted and told that the main suspect (the farm owner) has been arrested trying to flee. She then instructs the team to do their best to find the evidence to convict him.

Back at the southern branch, Yi Han and Da Kyung tease each other about the fight. Yi Han chides Da Kyung for being so violent and she justifies that she was terrified and wanted to defend herself. She then teases Yi Han for being so fragile when she elbowed him. He states that he wasn’t outside or the one that grabbed her. The two then realize that the person who touched her was more than likely the accomplice or the culprit. The two then hurry to try to get back to Seoul but there is three hours until the next bus and no police cars are available.  Yi Han then calls the arson suspect to give them a lift. The three then speed on their way to get to the NFS to tell them about what happened an to turn in Da Kyung’s coat to see if they can get DNA from it. Yi Han gets a call from HQ and has to report for duty and can’t go so Da Kyung must make her way on her own.

Back at the NFS, Ji Hoon divies up the tasks for the special team in order to find the real culprit. Myung Han’s lackey is upset by this as Ji Hoon does not appoint the most senior people in charge of  the case. Ji Hoon then says that the people he chose all are top notch and the leaders in their field despite their lack of experience. Myung Han tells him to stand down, but he is still not happy. The suspect then confesses that he murdered the girls to Woo Jin and when Ji Hoon is told, he says that they still need to find the evidence to substantiate the claim. The meeting is adjourned and Jang shows up wondering just what Ji Hoon is doing at the main NFS branch.

Jang tells Myung Han that the opposing party in the presidential election is spreading strange rumors about Hong and Seo Yoon Hyung’s death. Myung Han tells him not to worry as the Seo case was already taken care of. Jang says they still cannot afford to have Ji Hoon there to help solidify the rumors and make a scandal. Jang also says that it is all his doing that Myung Han got the position as head of the NFS. Myung Han then makes a threat of his own and assures Jang that he will never let Ji Hoon fly.

Da Kyung gets to the NFS branch just as Ji Hoon exits the building. Da Kyung immediately tells him that she might have important evidence – her coat might have been touched by the culprit. Ji Hoon takes the coat and tells her to go back. Da Kyung then explains that her little sister died at the same age as the victims. She expects this to make him let her help, but it has the opposite effect. He says her personal emotions will get in the way and blind her to crucial evidence. Da Kyung asks if it is not personal for him as he want so beat Ji Hoon, but he jus tells her to leave while he is being nice. Da Kyung then remembers that the man was left handed as his watch was on his right hand. Our arsonist then offers to take Da Kyung back to the southern branch (I have a feeling that he might be the real killer – despite his appendicitis alibi, plus why else would he still be hanging around the NFS headquarters?).

Inside, Ji Hoon washes his hand and looks at wear he wears his watch an then looks at the bag that contains the coat. Before he does anything, he is called in to start examining the skeletons. And the medical team begin doing their thing. Back at the police station Yi Han goes and grabs bread from another officer’s desk after being scolded by the chief. Yi Han then sees a map and puts two and two together. He connects the arson case to the serial killer as where the bodies are found match the areas where the fires are. Yi Han asks for advice from a senior who says that serial killing and arson can be related. The senior then points out that all the arsons are centralized around one location. Our poor Da Kyung is really in trouble it seems. You’d think Yi Han would realize this as the person he suspects of arson is the same guy who gave him and Da Kyung a ride and also has a truck identical to the killer’s.

While investigating the skeletons, the also reinvestigate the corpses of the three victims, and realize that Yoo is different from the other victims. Yi Han confirms this in his investigation by going to the one place that was a little off in regards to the others. Back at the NFS, one of the team talk about a serial killing in Italy where a man started a killing spree all because of one girl who rejected him. Talking with Yoo’s mother, he learns that she lived once where the other girls did. Yi Han asks if there was anyone who had a grudge against her daughter and Mrs. Yoo remembers an obsessed high school classmate who even set a fire to try to lure her daughter out. Alarm bells then start ringing in Yi Han’s head. Uh Oh.

Back at the NFS, the team notice similar marks on the bodies and on the bones. Ji Hoon then remembers the left handed remark of Da Kyung. He picks up a hammer and goes to strike a team member and the team member instinctively goes to protect with his right arm. That’s why there are those wounds on the victims. Ji Hoon then calls Woo Jin and asks if the culprit is left handed and Woo Jin replies that he isn’t. Ji Hoon then gets a call from the cell phone reconstructor who sends the picture that the last victim’s cell took. At the same time, Yi Han sees the yearbook with the arsonist’s picture in it. Ji Hoon sees the cell photo and realizes that Da Kyung has one off with the killer. He puts in a desperate call and tells Da Kyung that she is with the killer.

Our arsonist (who had been grilling Da Kyung about being an ME, the farm, and seeing the suspect), then turns and smiles at Da Kyung before hitting her in the head. Back at the NFS, the prosecutors, special investigator’s team, and the police come together to discuss the kidnapping and everything else. Woo Jin then realizes that Ahn (the arsonist) is the same guy that she released for lack of evidence. Gotta love how everything comes back more connected and twisted then ever. Yi Han then barges in and gives information about Ahn and the new stuff he learned from Yoo’s mother. Apparently the initial culprit is really Ahn’s father – that’s why he confessed. Woo Jin’s old boss then bawls her out for letting the man go. The investigation goes public and after the debriefing, Myung Han then says that Ji Hoon will have to answer for Da Kyung’s kidnapping.

Yi Han chases after Woo Jin and asks if she is okay. Woo Jin doesn’t want to deal with him and Yi Han then says that it is his fault that Da Kyung was put in danger as he was the reason she was in the car. Meanwhile, Sook Joo is channel surfing trying to find out what is going on with the search for Da Kyung. As Ji Hoon is leaving to go ).back to the southern branch, he runs into Da Kyung’s frantic father. Afterward, he borrows a sunbae’s car and rushes off to find Da Kyung himself (getting updates from her team and recalling information from the initial investigation). Now it’s a race against time to get to Da Kyung before Ahn kills her.

Ahn’s car has been spotted and Ji Hoon and Yi Han and all other forces are rushing to get there. Da Kyung wakes up , her hands are bound and she struggles to free them with no luck. Then in walks Ahn (I love this actor from Pasta  and Call of My Country). Ah complains that Da Kyung is not his type, so he is wondering what he can do to have fun with Da Kyung. She screams and ask why he killed the girls and he says there is no reason for them to die, they just do). Da Kyung says that she will get him and he says that she will die before she can. Da Kyung finally manages to free her hands and hits him in the head so they have matching wounds. She says that she won’t let him kill her and runs out. Ahn looks after her, blood dripping and smiles. Looks like Da Kyung is fun prey for him.

Ji Hoon recalls what Da Kyung said earlier about the victims not getting to live their lives and he repeats over and over again that she must live. Back at the farm, our crazy Ahn (a very convincing actor), gets in his truck and tries to run down Da Kyung). Will he succeed? Don’t know that’s where the episode ends.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Even though I had a feeling since episode 5 that Ahn was the killer, wow. A lot of stuff is definitely going on and things are getting more complicated. Who knew that Ahn who was released for lack of evidence (mainly just because Woo Jin was p*ssed that she didn’t get a promotion), would end up not only being an arsonist, but a serial killer?

I must say that I was surprised that Yi Han didn’t put it together earlier as he had originally suspected Ahn for the serial arsons he was investigating. Can’t wait to watch the next episode!

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