Sign Episode 5 Recap

Thanks to Myung Han’s mistake at the very end of episode 4, a monkey wrench is thrown into his plans for Hong’s backing. What Wrench? Yi Han, who was staking out the autopsy for no apparent reason, tells Woo Jin about a possible serial killer that he found out about while trying to investigate the arson case. This sends Woo Jin to the southern branch just in time for the 3rd body to be found with identical wounds like that of the 1st one Ji Hoon and Da Kyung performed an autopsy on (and of course just like the corpse Myung Han autopsied in front of Hong). Throw a maniacal vehicular serial killer into the mix of politics and intrigue surrounding Yoon Hyung’s death, the growing relationships of our crime fighting quartet, and there is a lot going on.

Just like at the beginning of episode two where we rewind to see the full autopsy for Yoon Hyung, we rewind here to see Da Kyung and Ji Hoon going to the karaoke joint for the black lights. Ji Hoon wants to be up front with why they are there, but Da Kyung just books a room and the two go in. Ji Hoon wants to know why and Da Kyung replies that the woman would never let them take the lights if she knew it was being used for an autopsy. Da Kyung starts singing and keeping a lookout while Ji Hoon climbs up on the table and tries to unscrew the lights. Just as he is starting, the worker comes in with refreshments (on the house). Da Kyung starts banging the tambourine and Ji Hoon, looking like a complete idiot, starts doing a weird dance with the screwdriver. The woman warns them to be careful and leaves. Ji Hoon then sets back to work on the lights. They successfully secure the lights and leave some money and an apology note stating they will return the lights as soon as they are done with them.

After the autopsy, Da Kyung goes to ask Ji Hoon to return the lights with her, but Ji Hoon refuses. Da Kyung keeps trying to get him to go, but he is adamant. Ji Hoon goes back into his office and Da Kyung says that it is just because he is embarrassed for stealing and then having to return them. Da Kyung goes to enter his office and catches him dancing like he did back at the karaoke joint. He blows a gasket as now he is really embarrassed saying that she is his assistant so she should do it by herself and quit bugging him. Da Kyung tells him that she was just there to say she was taking the lights back and then tells him to continue with what he was doing.

Back at the main NFS branch, Myung Han is cautioned by an older staff member to wait for the official blood test results before stating that the death is for sure an accident. Myung Han then tells the man that Hong won’t want the answer in two days time (the amount of time it takes to do the blood tests). The doctor tries once again, but Myung Han remains firm with his decision. He goes to meet Hong who praises his efficiency and skill as he knows car accident cases are difficult. Myung Han takes the praise and then goes to lunch with Hong and his staff. Yi Han who was skulking around watching the autopsy questions the doctor (the two are familiar with one another). Even though it is not Yi Han’s case, the doctor does give him details about the young woman and the eagle bruise from the vehicle. Yi Han’s interest is piqued even more when he learns that Hong (the father of the daughter who killed Seo Yoon Hyung) was there personally observing.

The real reason Yi Han is there has to do with the arson case he’s been working on. He goes to the lab where they tell him that they’ve managed to track down the burnt receipts. Apparently they are from a toll booth near the southern branch. So this means the arsonist commutes back and forth between Seoul and the south. Hearing this, you know Yi Han’s paths will cross with Ji Hoon’s and Da Kyung’s soon.

Meanwhile, a teenager is on her way home from school. She is on the cell with her mother, happily talking. She hangs up after she sees a strange man, but when she looks again, he is gone. She cleans off her glasses on to have him appear behind her and hit her. While she lies stunned, he takes out a syringe. Looks like our serial killer is back again. Meanwhile, the mother keeps retrying to call her daughter who is not picking up the phone. As she walks along the road (she actually wasn’t too awful far from where the attack took place) the killer in the white truck speeds by.

Yi Han goes to the south where he interacts with the policeman who is working with the southern branch of the NFS. He butters him up and he goes looking through his notes. The man then gets a call and accidentally drops the pictures in his notebook. Yi Han bends over and picks them up and notices the picture of a bruise with an eagle imprint. He then recalls Myung Han’s autopsy and the doctor’s words about the eagle imprint. Yi Han asks the policeman about it and he replies that it was a car accident that is giving him grief as the local NFS ME reports that it’s a homicide. You can see the wheels turn in Yi Han’s head.

Woo Jin is surprised that Yi Han knows where she lives. Apparently she doesn’t recall much from her drunken stupor of the previous night. Yi Han then says that she told him herself when she called him to go karaoke. Woo Jin is really embarrassed, especially when she found out that he got inside her apartment and. She yells at him for this and he asks how he could possibly leave a completely wasted, passed out woman alone in the hall. Good answer. Anyways, Yi Han gets back to the point and says that he has a case that could help launch Woo Jin’s career and get her in the National Prosecutor’s Office. He then explains what he has uncovered during his arson investigation. Woo Jin’s interest is piqued, but she fears there isn’t enough substatntial evidence to support the claim of a serial killer. Yi Han then gets on his…ipad-like device and pulls up a recent news article about the 3rd girl who’s body was just found. Proof enough. At the scene of the dumped body, the mother is hysteric – who can blame her? She cannot believe her precious daughter is dead.

Woo Jin goes to see Myung Han the next day to ask about the case. Myung Han wants to know what Woo Jin is doing and Woo Jin then asks if he may have made a mistake with that autopsy since he was under Hong’s watchful eye. Myung Han denies all of this and Woo Jin tells him about the similar crime in the south and how both girls were abducted from the same area. Myung Han begins to sweat, especially when he finds out that the ME ruled the other death has a homicide covered up to look like an accident. Woo Jin then asks about the blood work, which hasn’t been done, and then tells him to let her know immediately because if drugs are found in the girl’s system, then that is proof enough that it was homicide. She goes to leave and Myung Han asks who the other ME was. He is less than thrilled to learn that it was Ji Hoon. Myung Han then calls in a worker and demands to have them run every possible test on the girl’s blood. The worker says he will get right on it, but also says that since she died of excessive blood loss, they can only run so many tests before they are out of blood.

The body is brought to the southern branch of the NFS the next day and Da Kyung’s heart hurts as she watches the grieving mother. After the autopsy preliminaries, Da Kyung tells Ji Hoon that she thinks it’s a second victim, that this girl is just like the other one. Ji Hoon thinks she’s jumping to conclusions too early as the autopsy hasn’t been performed, but let’s face it, it’s really obvious the two crimes are related. The policeman asks if this is true as he knew this girl personally and watched her grow up, so he really wants to get the b*stard behind this. Enter Woo Jin. Ji Hoon, needless to say, is very unhappy to see her.

The autopsy shows that the girl probably did meet the exact same fate – all they really need now is the blood sample results. Da Kyung brings in the finished autopsy report and Woo Jin grabs it before Ji Hoon can. She then dismisses Da Kyung who leaves, but stands and listens outside the door. She gleans that the two were once dating, which shocked her. Ji Hoon wants to know why he should cooperate and help Woo Jin. She replies that this case will make her career and will allow him to go back to the main headquarters. Ji Hoon then does make a comment about how he may be selfish and hot-headed, but at least he doesn’t stab people in the back – what did Woo Jin do to him? It seems like it is something more than leaving him just because he joined the NFS.

Meanwhile, the three stooges visit Sook Joo and ask if she wants a chance to get back at Myung Han for exiling her in the south. Sook Joo doesn’t believe them, but in walks Woo Jin who requests the blood tests. Woo Jin states that if they can find drugs in the two girls’ blood, then the whole team will be allowed back at the main head quarters. Sook Joo doesn’t need to be told twice and begins all the testing while the others wait with baited breath.

Back at the main NFS branch, Jang Min Suk pays Myung Han a visit. Jang says that he has heard the rumors (not surprising since he is a prosecutor, too) about the possibility of Myung Han making a mistake on the autopsy the other day. What will that look like to Hong if it turns out that Myung Han was wrong? Myung Han says that there is only a 50% chance that the girl will have drugs in her system – not a big chance at all (um, hello? 50% is a relatively big chance – it means it can go either way). Jang then says that Hong funding the NFS is then only 50% as well. Jang then warms that no matter the outcome of this case, Ji Hoon cannot come back to the main headquarters. How will they be able to prevent this if Ji Hoon can prove a serial murder?

The southern lab results turned up negative for drugs like morphine, etc. Sook Joo calls Ji Hoon and ask him what she should do as there is only enough blood to run one more test. Ji Hoon tells her to wait for his decision and continues to pour over the autopsy report and photographs. Da Kyung is in her office doing the same and decides that she will go off on her own and put her CSI skills to work. She will go to the scene of the crime and look for clues.

Yi Han is at the southern toll gate and is discouraged to learn that without dates and times (that part of the receipt had been burned), she cannot tell him who they belonged too. Discouraged, he gets back in his car and goes to leave only to be hit by a white truck with an eagle insignia. Omo, has he literally hit our killer?

Da Kyung goes over the crime scene with a fine tooth comb and can find nothing. She hears someone coming and tries to hide. She is shocked to find Ji Hoon there as well. He chides her for coming when she is so scared. Da Kyung then reports that she has found nothing. Ji Hoon tells her to stop looking as a crime scene investigator and to look as a ME. Ji Hoon then begins asking her questions about how the body got certain wounds and the two begin talking and trying to figure out the case. They then deduce that the killer must have thrown the body from up the mountain and start the trek upwards.

The two find a few buildings just up the mountain from where the body was found. They split up and begin poking around. Ji Hoon tells Da Kyung to call if anything happens. Da Kyung then immediately calls him and says it is safer to stay on the phone together. Ji Hoon hangs up after repeating to only call when she finds evidence. Ji Hoon pokes around inside a building and finds a huge stockpile of animal tranquilizers. He then puts in a call to the NFS just as a shadowy figure runs behind him (Sook Joo has been waiting all this time and refuses to continue testing until Ji Hoon gives her confirmation as they can’t waste their last blood sample – Woo Jin was getting antsy). Ji Hoon tells Sook Joo what to run the test on and she sets off running. It is then confirmed that the horse tranquilizer was in both girls’ systems. Myung Han learns this as well and the test results fall from his hand. He knows he’s in deep trouble now.

Back at the farm, Da Kyung goes outside and sees a tarp covered vehicle. She removes the tarp and finds the white truck. It is dented with smashed glass and covered in blood. You’d think the killer would have cleaned it up some, but no. Da Kyung then calls Ji Hoon and tells him that she found the truck covered in blood. A figure then passes behind her. She turns around and asks Ji Hoon on the phone if it was him. He replies that it wasn’t and Da Kyung says she knows for sure someone was there. And boom! We have a hooded figure. Da Kyung screams and runs for it while a worried Ji Hoon tries to get out, but he has been locked in! He puts in a frantic call to Woo Jin telling her to come to the scene of the crime ASAP. When Woo Jin tries to get more information he just screams at her to hurry.

Da Kyung is running for her life and trying to keep the killer at bay while Ji Hoon does his best to try to break down the door and get out to help. Da Kyung finds a hiding place and pounces on the criminal, beating him with a beam. The guy yells at her to stop and manages to push her away. I had a feeling after Da Kyung started whacking him that it was really Yi Han and I was right. Ji Hoon finally finds the two and Da Kyung screams that he is the criminal and he adamantly refuses that he isn’t and is a cop. He even flashes his ID, but Da Kyung insists that he is and Ji Hoon pounces and hits. Woo Jin then gets there and announces that Yi Han is really a police officer from Seoul.

The four then set about trying to figure out what was going on. It’s hard for Woo Jin to get a word in edgewise as Yi Han and Da Kyung keep bickering. Poor Yi Han is very upset that Da Kyung beat him thinking he was the criminal. He then tells them about meeting the arsonist in the car accident. He told him about copying a truck at a nearby farm and told him where it was located. Yi Han then went there and mistook Da Kyung for the killer as with her hood up, he couldn’t tell she was a girl. Woo Jin then asks why Da Kyung and Ji Hoon were at the farm and Da Kyung replies that she was looking for clues at the crime scene and they were led there.

Da Kyung then takes the other three to see the blood covered truck. Woo Jin then calls in for a warrant and reports the serial killings. There are three victims. Ji Hoon then corrects her as he noticed something in the snow. What? After scuffing around, he uncovers a human hand (skeletal). Woo Jin stops making her report and Ji Hoon points out the skeletal remains buried in the snow. Omo, this guy is really sick apparently. Several more bodies are unearthed by the CSI and transported to the southern NFS branch.

We then end the episode there.

I do love how this episode has this central focus and how all crimes either lead back to the original or pose problems for the bad guys. Like, in this case, Myung Han rushed the autopsy results before all the tests had been done, thus putting him in a sticky situation with Hong. Just think how he would have shone if he had discovered the murder and serial killings?

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