Love Buffet Episode 8 Recap

For all those who haven’t read the manga, this episode might come as a shocker, although even if I hadn’t, I think I might have seen this coming. Unlike in Korean dramas where a person realizes their feelings and it really is too late, this drama gives the person a second chance. Ah, Ah Yi, how I wish this plot did diverge from the manga, but oh well.

Anywho, the ball is now going to be back in Da Ye’s court thanks to this episode. With the reappearance of Ying Zhi, poor Xiao Feng is neglected by Yi Cheng. She tries to trust him and her feelings for him, but it is really hard to see him constantly going to another girl. True, no declaration has been made, but both their feelings were pretty obvious (until Ying Zhi entered in an mucked things up). Who will Yi Cheng choose? Will Xiao Feng stand her ground and fight for her man? Will Da Ye’s comfort begin to open Xiao Feng’s heart to him once more?

Sympathy ≠ Love

As I said in the previous post, episode 7 ended with our main character getting stood up by Yi Cheng. Now we get to learn the whole story. Just as Yi Cheng was on his way to meet Xiao Feng for their special birthday date, he gets a call from Ying Zhi. He tells her that he has something going on and she immediately breaks down and asks him what she can do. Looks like she’s going through more problems with her boyfriend. Yi Cheng then texts Xiao Feng to tell her that something came up and that he couldn’t make it. He then rushes off to see Ying Zhi. She cries and tells him about her trouble with Eason and how she doesn’t know what she’d do if she didn’t have him. This is, of course, after she bawls him out for trying to answer his phone when he is with her instead of listening to her woes. Seriously? Talk about a seriously self centered girl. Yi Cheng holds her to his chest while she cries.

Meanwhile, a furious Xiao Feng makes up her mind to wait no longer and goes to the payphone (apparently she forgot her cell so she didn’t get Yi Cheng’s message). She keeps calling him, but keeps getting the phone turned off message. Poor Xiao Feng. Yi Cheng checks his phone and notices the 16 missed calls and tells Ying Zhi to go to bed as he is leaving. She then says that it is a good thing he is there. Poor Yi Cheng. You can tell how upset he is and guilty over ditching Xiao Feng, but he just can’t leave Ying Zhi alone.

Back at the apartment, Xiao Feng finally sees the message after her bath and wonders what was so important that he broke their date. She then hears footsteps approach her window. She listens intently, but doesn’t get up right away. Ah Yi goes to knock, but can’t bring himself to do it. He then sets a parfait on her windowsill and leaves. Xiao Feng hears the retreating footsteps and looks out the window. She takes the parfait and leans against her desk, depressed. Just what is going on?

The next day at school, Yi Cheng is absent. Xiao Feng stares at the seat and decides that she needs to make things clear. That night she asks Da Ye where Yi Cheng was as he was absent. Da Ye replies that he doesn’t know as Ah Yi left early in the morning. Da Ye’s smile fades and he asks what happened to the two as Yi Cheng came back late. Weren’t they celebrating Xiao Feng’s birthday? Xiao Feng wonders if he is sick or if something happened to him. She is seriously worried, but is also changing the topic at the same time as she doesn’t want to tell Da Ye about being stood up by Yi Cheng.

Ying Zhi’s car then pulls up and Yi Cheng gets out. Ying Zhi immediately bounces out of the car and asks if Xiao Feng liked her birthday present as Ying Zhi personally picked it out. This hurts Xiao Feng deeply as she thought that Ying Zhi had carefully picked out a gift for her. Xiao Feng forces a smile and said she loved the present. Ah Yi just hangs his head and says nothing. Ying Zhi says her goodbyes and leaves and Da Ye says he is going up and tells his cousin and friend to talk it out.

After Da Ye leaves, Xiao Feng tells Yi Cheng that she waited until 7pm for him to show up. The guilty Yi Cheng then asks if she received the message. Xiao Feng then tells him that she had forgotten her cell (probably because she was so happy and excited to be going on their first official date). Yi Cheng apologizes and Xiao Feng asks why he didn’t come. Ah Yi apologizes and says he cannot tell he the reasons yet, he needs time. Ouch. Why can’t he just tell her? He then leaves her standing in bewilderment. Back in his room, Yi Cheng stares at Xiao Feng’s white stone and then makes a call to Xiao Feng who is sitting in her bedroom. He apologizes again for not explaining. Xiao Feng asks if he’s okay and she asks if he is okay as he didn’t show up or go to class. Yi Cheng then says that Ying Zhi has some problems. Xiao Feng asks what problems and Ah Yi tells her about Ying Zhi’s fight with her boyfriend. Xiao Feng asks why he didn’t just say that earlier and if that was all, why did he ignore her calls? Yi Cheng remembers Ying Zhi tells him not to answer the phone and remains silent. Xiao Feng, stung, says as long as he’s okay and hangs up. The big dummy. Caught between a broken mug and a painted stone. Why can’t he give up those old feelings. Afterward, Xiao Feng cries as the happiness of receiving Yi Cheng’s present has been marred by learning that Ying Zhi was the one who picked it out.

The next day Da Ye invites Xiao Feng out for breakfast (in the middle of the afternoon, lol). Xiao Feng goes with him and the two visit his grandparents who are also back in Taiwan again. Da Ye’s grandmother Rose is so happy to have Da Ye bring a girl home that she quickly runs out to get his grandfather who is at work. Xiao Feng says that she is surprised to learn she is the first girl Da Ye has brought home (tells you just how seriously he likes her). Da Ye says that he can’t bring random girls home to his grandparents’ house – he’s not like that. While she is  gone, Da Ye takes the opportunity to show Xiao Feng around the house. Xiao Feng sees a painting on the stairs and Da Ye says how he and Ah Yi painted it when they were younger, thinking it would please their grandparents. Of course, Jack & Rose (gotta love the Titanic reference hear) were less than thrilled, but didn’t have it covered up to cherish the memoires of their grandchildren. As Da Ye goes on up ahead, Xiao Feng imagines the two boys playing and is happy to be learning more about the two. The two stand out on the balcony and Da Ye talks about the past and his words bring to mind that when the two were forced to work in Shanghai, that must have been when Ah Yi met Ying Zhi. Trying to lighten the mood, Da Ye asks if he is boring Xiao Feng. She immediately replies that she likes learning about his past and they talk about if she’s lived in the same place all her life and then discuss how warm their current neighborhood is.

When Rose returns with Jack in tow, Jack immediately compliments Da Ye for brining a girl home. Da Ye then confesses that Xiao Feng is not his girlfriend, that her feelings are not like that towards him (not anymore and not again yet). Da Ye then says that Xiao Feng has a deeper meaning to him. He doesn’t explain what he means. Jack and Rose are disappointed to learn they aren’t dating, but say it is okay because it could happen in the future. Rose then brings out the photo albums and they look at the pictures of Da Ye and Yi Cheng when they were kids. Jack then brings out a year old album from the company picnic. Xiao Feng comments on seeing Ying Zhi. This angers Jack who wishes to know if Ying Zhi was seeing the boy again. Da Ye quickly lies to cover for Yi Cheng saying they only saw her once. Jack and Rose then complain about how age didn’t matter, what mattered was that she has always had a boyfriend and yet would always be with and lean on Yi Cheng. Hearing this, Xiao Feng sadly wonders why her good friend and the man she loves always chooses sad loves (flashback to when Ah Yi told her that he was willing to accept the part of her that still like Da Ye).

On their way home, Da Ye apologizes for what happened at his grandparents. Xiao Feng says that everything is okay. Besides, she likes Jack and Rose. She sees that Da Ye and Yi Cheng resemble their grandparents a lot. Da Ye repeats that he shouldn’t have brought her there. At this time, Ying Zhi and Ah Yi pull up. Da Ye is annoyed and Xiao Feng is hurt. Da Ye scolds Ying Zhi and Yi Cheng for being together and Ying Zhi (oblivious) says they went to eat and then tells Xiao Feng to bring her friends to the same place next time. Xiao Feng angrily says that it is late and she needs to go in before she get’s scolded. This surprises the other three. Ying Zhi then takes her leave.

Yi Cheng then knocks on Xiao Feng’s window and calls her out to talk. He explains that they only ate and talked. Xiao Feng says that it isn’t any of her business and Ah Yi asked why she ran away. Xiao Feng turns and glares at him before standing up. She then says that she is worried that Ah Yi is getting himself into another hopeless love. She scolds Ying Zhi for basically cheating on her boyfriend with Yi Cheng, stringing Yi Cheng along. Ah Yi jumps to Ying Zhi’s defense saying that she is rather fragile and he feels that he has to be there for her. Xiao Feng thinks Ying Zhi is selfish and should sort things out for herself. Ah Yi says she isn’t like that and Xiao Feng demands to know what happens when Ah Yi needs Ying Zhi. Will she be there for him when Yi Cheng needs her the most? End conversation with a silent Ah Yi who just can’t answer. Da Ye stands unhappily above having heard everything.

The next day walking to school, Ah Yi wishes Xiao Feng a happy birthday. She thanks him and then says she is now older than he is. Yi Cheng then calls her an old lady and the annoyed Xiao Feng says that if she is an old lady then Ying Zhi is a super-old lady. Yi Cheng then scolds her for only being a few days older and yet being so immature. He leaves and Xiao Feng goes in the opposite direction. She then has to back track. LMAO at how she totally forgot which class she was going to just because of Ah Yi.

In class, Xiao Sen and Da Lin give Xiao Feng her present. Xiao Feng happily receives it,  but is disappointed to learn that neither of her friends are able to spend her birthday with her. Xiao Feng then seek out Qiu Ying who says that she has a date with Ah Ji. Xiao Feng asks if her senior would rather spend time with her boyfriend instead of the lonely Xiao Feng. Qiu Ying is quick to choose her boyfriend. Poor Xiao Feng! [Not really, I already knew what was coming and it is a given that most of the time in dramas when something that important is “forgotten” a surprise is really panned instead]

Xiao Feng is depressed in her room and daydreaming about Ah Yi proposing to her on her birthday. Which is then ruined when he smacks her on the head with the certificate. Which was really just a picture frame falling off the wall and bringing her back to reality. Ah Yi recalls Da Ye telling him about a surprise party for Xiao Feng and he is on his way out when a frantic Ying Zhi calls. She went to visit Eason at work, but he was on a business trip. Now she is trapped with Eason’s boss who won’t leave her alone and is making her drink. Yi Cheng tries to find out where she is, but she hangs up as Eason’s boss is trying to get in. Drama queen.

Da Ye comes a knockin’ on Xiao Feng’s door. He tells her that a classmate wants a Wimbledon video and he remembered that Xiao Feng has the keys to the tennis room where the video is. Xiao Feng is a little surprised by this but eventually agrees to go. Da Ye catches sight of Yi Cheng getting into a cab and quickly diverts Xiao Feng’s attention so she doesn’t see. They get to the club room and the door is unlocked. Yi Cheng says maybe it is a robber and shoves Xiao Feng in first (if he had really thought that, he would definitely have protected Xiao Feng by going in first). The lights come on and everyone who said they had other plans are all there with a cake (sans Yi Cheng who is frantically searching for the missing Ying Zhi). Xiao Feng is happy to be spending her birthday with her friends, but is sad that Ah Yi is not there. Da Ye lies and says that Yi Cheng had to work. Bad Da Ye!

Yi Cheng learns that Ying Zhi is in a bar and continues searching. He finds it and picks up a flower pot outside to brain Eason’s boss with. When he gets inside her finds Ying Zhi laughing and having a good time with Eason’s FEMALE boss. The witch lied!!!!! When Yi Cheng asks what happened (after getting laughed at and mocked by both women) Ying Zhi replies that she didn’t know what to do as Eason’s boss asked her what he’s been up to, but Ying Zhi doesn’t know. She then passes out. Seriously?????? That is the reason she made up some bull story to get him there. Yi Cheng should just leave the selfish, drunk passed out witch. What she pulled was a load of crap. Despite her “vulnerability” there should be a limit to what he lets her get away with.

Yi Cheng rushes to the tennis club, but by the time he gets there, it is dark and empty. When Yi Cheng gets home Da Ye says that he was at work. Ah Yi asks what he means and Da Ye says that he told Xiao Feng that Yi Cheng couldn’t make it because of work.

In class the next day, Xiao Feng overhears other classmates complaining about how they went to Yi Cheng’s work and he was not there so they couldn’t get a discount. The annoyed Xiao Feng quickly leaves and pulls Da Ye out. She understands he was just trying to help her, but she complains that him doing that hurt more than it helped. True, lying in that case was NEVER a good idea. Instead of going back to class, the embarrassed Xiao Feng hides. Yi Cheng finds her, but she pretends to be asleep. He lovingly puts his shirt over her head to block the sun and apologizes. As he walks away, Xiao Feng cries and wonders if that “sorry” was a signal that the end was near.

After school, Da Ye looks for Xiao Feng and learns that she is heading home. He rushes out to find her. Xiao Feng then runs into Ying Zhi who warmly greets her. Xiao Feng then turns and asks if Yi Cheng has plans with Ying Zhi. Ying Zhi replies that they have no plans, she just looking for him in hopes they can do something. Xiao Feng then says that Yi Cheng is very busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to do all the things he needs to do. Ying Zhi doesn’t let this phase her and says that Ah Yi is a really good friend. Enter Yi Cheng while Da Ye angrily watches from behind a column. But he does come out, too. Why? He’s giving Ah Yi and Ying Zhi a piece of his mind. Ah Yi steps in front of Ying Zhi and tells Da Ye to stop and mind his own business as this is just between him and Ying Zhi, but Da Ye is right. Ying Zhi is immature and hasn’t changed at all which doesn’t help the wavering Yi Cheng. Poor Xiao Feng is hurt to see how quickly Ah Yi jumps to Ying Zhi’s defense. Unable to get through to Yi Cheng or Ying Zhi, Da Ye says that it doesn’t only involve two people now and he then grabs Xiao Feng’s hand saying that they will get nowhere talking to those two and he pulls her away. Yi Cheng, Yi Cheng. Who is the biggest idiot of them all? Ni.

Da Ye then takes Xiao Feng to climb a mountain. Random (but that’s what happens in the manga, just when they visited the grandparents instead of at that exact moment). The two huff and puff and Xiao Feng wonders why they have to climb and Da Ye says it’s because he wants a fit and happy life (for himself and Xiao Feng). The two keep climbing until they reach the top and can see the sunset over Taipei. Da Ye smiles and says that the things that are the most worth seeing are the ones that take a little work to get. Xiao Feng stares at the amazing view, admiring it, but then thinks of Ah Yi and begins crying. Da Ye catches her tears and tells her to look at the scenery as well so their trip isn’t wasted. So Xiao Feng watches the sunset through her tears.

Back home, Xiao Feng helps her sister once again. When her jie asks how things are going, Xiao Feng then asks if what is going on in the manga is sympathy versus love. Xiao Yu says that is right in away. Sympathy can turn to affection, but if that is all there is, then those relationships will come to an end sooner or later as the two will have nothing in common. This pleases Xiao Feng as she thinks it might just be sympathy and nothing more between Yi Cheng and Ying Zhi. But then her sister rains on her parade by saying that it is an entirely different matter if both parties need each other. Xiao Feng knows that Ying Zhi needs Ah Yi, but does he need her as well?

The next day, Xiao Feng stakes everything on Ah Yi’s reply. Reply to what? Xiao Feng asks him to stop seeing Ying Zhi. He asks why and Xiao Feng says it’s because she is his friend and doesn’t want to see him get hurt, but can’t quite bring herself to come right out and confess how she feels to him. Yi Cheng, knowing what she means, quickly says that he will see Ying Zhi no more. Xiao Feng tells her friends about Ah Yi’s promise and they are happy, but Xiao Feng isn’t sure if she did the right thing. She trusts that Ah Yi will keep the promise, but she also sees him hurting by turning Ying Zhi away. Yi Cheng  tells Ying Zhi not to come around any more. When she asks why, Xiao Feng appears and Yi Cheng goes and grabs her and the two walk off.

Xiao Feng finally stops him and asks where he is taking her. Ah Yi says nothing and Xiao Feng asks if he knows that she likes him. He replies that he’s known for quite awhile now. She then thanks him for keeping his word while also feeling conflicted that he is hurting for turning the weak Ying Zhi away.

That night, Ah Yi stares at the cup and stone and thinks back on all the moments between Xiao Feng and he (good and bad) and what was going on with him and Ying Zhi. He resolutely picks up the mug to throw away, but just can’t bring himself to do it. LET GO ALREADY!!!! Da Ye looks into his cousin’s room and sees him sitting on the bed with the mug. He quietly closes the door and leans against it, unhappy. No one is really happy right now.

The next day Da Ye is out grocery shopping and bumps into Xiao Feng who is carrying several shopping bags. He quickly takes them and comments on how heavy they were for such a small girl. She thanks him for helping and then tells him to wait a moment. She runs off and comes back with a bag of donuts to show her gratitude for everything that he’s done for her (although that is nowhere near enough thanks for all he has done for her). Da Ye asks if something happened and Xiao Feng says that Ah Yi promised to stop seeing Ying Zhi. Da Ye looks less than happy and we end the episode.

The previews show Xiao Feng choosing to give Ah Yi up so he can help Ying Zhi and Da Ye announces he will confess and go after Xiao Feng. Yep, definitely following the manga. This happens in like between volumes 10-13 I think if anyone is curious to know what will happen in advance.

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