Sign Episode 4 Recap

We take a bit of a break from the Seo Yoon Hyung case that was prevalent in the first three episodes. That is not to say it is forgotten, but this episode mainly explores the difference between the main NFS branch in Seoul and the southern branch in terms of staffing and equipment. And, of course, we also have more relationship building with Ji Hoon & Da Kyung and Yi Han & Woo Jin -mainly thanks to the two women drinking themselves into stupors. The girls are actually quite alike when they are drunk. We also get to see more of the human side of Ji Hoon that his normal blusteriness hides, a new mystery, and some advances in Yoon Hyung’s case – sort of.

Ji Hoon is not at a loss for words for very long. He immediately turns down Da Kyung’s proposal of reworking Yoon Hyung’s case together and goes to prepare for an autopsy. Da Kyung reminds him that she is now an ME, but Ji Hoon refuses to except her and keeps telling her to go back to Seoul. She ignores this, of course, and follows him in to the autopsy room where the bereaved and a detective await them. The case seems to appear to be a murder and robbery, but Ji Hoon notices something right away in the crime scene photos. What? The rest of the crew and the detective are shocked when the mother and son just leave instead of staying. Ji Hoon goes to start the autopsy, saying that the new hire hasn’t arrived yet from Seoul, but Da Kyung pops in and says that it is her. Ji Hoon finally yells and says that she is not qualified to be an ME. Da Kyung then defends herself saying that she had four years of pathology, plus in the past year she has witnessed 30+ autopsies. Ji Hoon finally shoves the scalpel in her hand and tells her to do it, shocking Da Kyung and the rest of the team.

Da Kyung prepares for the autopsy and shakes like crazy. She even throws up before making the first incision. Her reaction here is interesting as she didn’t have that many problems when she helped Ji Hoon perform Yoon Hyung’s. She did the incisions herself during that one, too. Her colleagues tell her that it is all right as all first timers are like that. The autopsy is successfully completed and the men fool around by asking why kind of lunch they should have – pig intestine stew with lots of intestine chunks or maybe cow blood soup? Da Kyung rushes off to the bathroom where Sook Joo (Ahn Moon Sook) overhears her throwing up and asks if she’s all right. Sook Joo then takes Da Kyung under her wing and does her best to comfort her saying that the three stooges like to do that and she has scolded them for using food to torture newbies. Sook Joo tells Da Kyung to hang in there and when Sook Joo returns to the main branch in Seoul, then she will see that Da Kyung in promoted – like Sook Joo really has that much power. It seems she has still not grasped the reality of her situation. Da Kyung asks why Ji Hoon has gotten worse and Sook Joo tells her to bear with it and keep going in hopes of advancing her own career. Da Kyung doesn’t really know what to say to that. Sook Joo also informs Da Kyung to throw a welcome party to get to know the staff and then tells her to get to work on the report as soon as possible as it will look bad if she is behind on her first report.

Da Kyung seeks Ji Hoon out later with a cup of coffee for an apology (and obviously for advice). She knocks on his office door but receives no answer. She lets herself in and notices his ME school ring. She picks it up and accidentally drops in under a bookcase. In trying to get it back, Da Kyung manages to knock the bookcase on top of herself, rendering her unable to really move. This is when Ji Hoon comes in and asks what she is doing. Da Kyung says she came to apologize with coffee and accidentally knocked over the shelves which she thought was sturdier than they really were. Ji Hoon asks her to tell him again and to this time not lie as he knows she came looking for his opinion. Da Kyung refuses to admit that and Ji Hoon goes to abandon her alone in his office. Da Kyung then calls out after him that yes she needs his help. She has determined the cause of death, but not the nature of the death. Ji Hoon helps her up and asks to immediately see the crime scene photos. Da Kyung is reluctant to do this, but he goes to her office (which is a great deal messier than his was originally) and grabs the photos and swipes all the stuff on her table on the floor. He then throws all the pictures down and says the nature of the crime is obviously suicide and not murder. That explains the weird angle of the wound, the lack of bruising and signs of struggle, and the cut on the victim’s hands. Da Kyung understands this and decides to write it off as murder. This greatly upsets Ji Hoon for her falsifying the results. Da Kyung then reminds him that he said it was their job to honor the wishes of the dead. The man took great care in planning his suicide to look as a homicide in order for his family to get the insurance money. Ji Hoon says that it is completely elementary stuff for ME’s to know about suicide and self-inflicted wounds but she knows nothing about that. What will Da Kyung do?

She goes to visit the family’s apartment the next day and let’s them know of the suicide. The wife replies that Ji Hoon had already visited several days earlier to explain the suicide and that her husband’s last gift to her and their son was not insurance money, but rather his unconditional love. The mother excuses herself and they do one of those split scenes where it looks like the two are together, but they are merely in the same place at different times (like in the concert scene where Da Kyung “chased” after the Hong girl who murdered Yoon Hyung). In that scene we watch Da Kyung look at Ji Hoon in wonder and then smile as he is not as bad as he first appears to be. Guess this means she won’t falsify the records?

The next day, Da Kyung is especially nice to Ji Hoon in the examining room and says that she is just observing. Jae Young (Im Ho Gul) asks Ji Hoon to let Da Kyung assist, but is quelled with just one look. Da Kyung then announces her welcome party and hopes that all of her coworkers can make it. Yeah. We all know that Ji Hoon has no intention of going. Sook Joo who asked for the party ends up skipping out as she realizes that Myung Han deliberately sent her to the southern branch because of her gift and actions. Wan Tae (Jung Eun Pyo) refuses to go as Da Kyung is a startup ME with no connections that could help him back to Seoul while Jae Young and Sung Jin (Moon Chung Shik) can’t go as they have to get all the files organized before the next day. Meanwhile, Myung Han and the main NFS people are having a grand dinner in honor of the 45 million won investment they are getting from congressman Hong.

Poor Da Kyung tells her dad over the phone that the facilities of the hospital are all top notch and that she has great coworkers. She hangs up and then looks over at the lively party next to her and then looks back to her own empty table full of alcohol and food but devoid of any people. The owner asks her when the others will show up and Da Kyung opens up a bottle of soju and tells him that she will eat everything herself. Omo, that’s going just a tad overboard. Meanwhile, Yi Han is buttering up a classmate of Hong’s daughter to find out information. He gets the girl drunk and she lets slip that Ms. Hong has gone abroad to Japan, Hiroshima to be exact, to study. What is Yi Han fishing for exactly? His dinner is interrupted by a call from Woo Jin who is completely drunk. Poor guy has to take care of her again. She asks if she really seems like a boot licker and he calls her drunk, but she denies this and says that no matter how much she drinks, she is never drunk…right. Yi Han manages to get her home with some great difficulty and gets her on her bed. He then looks at the pictures on her nightstand table and smiles at the cute girl she was. His smile slips when he sees the heart frame that has a picture of her and Ji Hoon in it all happy and in love. I have to say my favorite scene is when Yi Han manages to get her into her bedroom and he sees how pink and feminine it is – the complete opposite of how Woo Jin behaves.

Back in the south, Da Kyung is drunkenly yelling for Ji Hoon and calling him bad names while rolling around on the floor. Ji Hoon denies knowing her, but the restaurant owner doesn’t believe him. He then says that the girl must be very disappointed that not a single person showed up to her welcome party. Ji Hoon goes to leave the the owner asks him to take Da Kyung as he doesn’t want to call the cops and have her spend the night in jail. So Ji Hoon forks over the money for the bill and actually piggybacks Da Kyung out of the restaurant. He gets as far as a platform and dumps her unceremoniously on it. Da Kyung wakes up and starts pulling on his cheeks and calling him names. She also tells him to take a break and look up at the starts every now and then. Looking straight ahead and going full steam is not the way to live his life, he needs to look up and relax every now and then. Da Kyung passes out again, but the annoyed Ji Hoon does look up and seems to be at a bit of a loss when looking at the sky.

The next afternoon, Da Kyung wakes up in a senior center and notices the time. She says that she’s dead and quickly rushes out. Ji Hoon is on the phone to Jung. He apologizes for not calling in a year and then tells Jung that he must make sure to go for regular hospital checkups. Jung then tells Ji Hoon to not stay indoors all the time and to go out and take a walk in fresh air every once in awhile – kind of like how Da Kyung told him to take time to look up at the stars. Ji Hoon then says he looked at the stars the other night and that made him want to talk to Jung. They hang up while Da Kyung¬†hesitates¬†outside the door not knowing how to face Ji Hoon after what she did. Ji Hoon says that Da Kyung did not scare him and basically said that she doesn’t need to apologize. He has no expectations or anything from her. He then calls her crazy and tells her that she shouldn’t drink like that as it only makes her craziness worse. He then says to be careful that she doesn’t wind up a corpse in their morgue as she has a tendency to fall asleep on the road when she is drunk. Ji Hoon then walks away. Da Kyung laughs at this and his happy that he showed off-hand concern, now if only he could work on his way of saying it so it doesn’t sound so bad.

We then flash to a girl running through the woods. She is running from someone who is sitting in a truck with her picture hanging from his mirror. We, of course, do not see this man’s face. The girl finally makes it to the road where she can barely walk straight and keeps calling for help. She is then hit by a white truck (driven by the weird guy stalking her) and dragged into the pickup.

Myung Han greets Hong and his entourage and takes them on a tour of the NFS. It’s kind of boring listening to all of his explanations of different uses and jobs of the lab and what the money they receive will be used for (though if the money is all used at the main branch, how will the outlying branches be able to perform on the same level?). Hong then requests to audit an autopsy and Myung Han steps up and says he will do it. At the same time, Ji Hoon and his crew are prepping for an autopsy as well. Myung Han is doing it on the girl we saw the other night while Ji Hoon has a different corpse, but the two autopsies are meant to parallel each other as the crimes are both the same. Of course, Myung Han is explaining everything that he is doing, which is kind of irritating even though there is the reason of doing it for Hong. I don’t think I’d mind if the information didn’t sound like a lecture versus someone just kind of explaining while going along. The two teams seems to be on pretty equal footing until the time comes to use UV light. The south branch doesn’t have any, just the main NFS branch. Da Kyung then mentions there is a place 10 minutes away that can handle the UV lights. Ji Hoon and Da Kyung then rush off to get the needed lighting while the main NFS investigation continues to go smoothly. Both Myung Han and Ji Hoon seem to have the same findings and conclusions. When Ji Hoon and Da Kyung get back with the black lights from a karaoke place, the pre-autopsy continues. Ji Hoon then divies up the roles and actually allows Da Kyung to take part by analyzing xrays. When the two teams finish. Myung Han says it is a light blue truck that weighs in under one ton and the death is purely accidental. Ji Hoon rules that it is a white truck under one ton (which it was) and that the death is a homicide made to look like a hit-and-run.

Dun-dun-dah. End episode.

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