Love Buffet Episode 7 Recap

“The lie within LOVE mainly is to deceive themselves.”

Love, Love, Love. Just when it looks like Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng has made some good progress, Ying Zhi enters the picture and starts mucking things up with her appearance. Xiao Feng is not told the whole story, but Yi Cheng promises it is all in the past. Is that true? Of course this sets Da Ye off especially as he has finally come to his own realization that he acutally “likes” Xiao Feng. Plus Qiu Ying accepts Ah Ji! At least one relationship is moving forward.Oh, and we must not forget the visit from Yi Cheng’s “fiancee” which was way too cute!

Yi Cheng smiles as he watches Xiao Feng trying to help Wen Qi find her mother. He then goes up to the pair and hefts the girl on his shoulder in hopes that will help her find her mother easier. They find the mother and then Yi Cheng remembers that they have to hurry back to the booth and he grabs Xiao Feng’s hand and runs off. Xiao Feng comments on how warms his hand is and how he is pulling her along carefully behind him. They get back to the booth and Yi Cheng asks for her help in reapplying the wig, but a teacher comes up and asks for his help so he has to leave right after he found her. No time for the newly started couple. This annoys Xiao Feng, but what can she do?

Her two friends try to get her to work, but Xiao Feng runs off to enjoy the fair instead. How horrible of her forcing all the work on her classmates instead of pitching in. How much do you want to bet that she would have been willing if Yi Cheng was still there? And just where does Xiao Feng run off to? She goes to see Ah Ji and Da Ye perform (along with the members of Dong Chen Wei it looks like – Chen De Xiu’s real band). The performance is silly and not the best, but the crowd and Xiao Feng love it. During the performance Xiao Feng thinks back on how she used to like Da Ye and how she is glad that she had the experience even though it was painful.

Afterward, Da Ye asks if she came to hear him sing and Xiao Feng knocks him down a peg by saying she went for Ah Ji, too. Xiao Feng then asks the disappointed boy for a song. This perks Da Ye up and he says he will sing a ballad for her. This excites Xiao Feng, but all Da Ye sings is her name and that he loves her. She stops him and asks how that can qualify as a song. Da Ye grabs her hand as he notices something on her finger (leftover from what she had been eating). He says it looks tasty and she says of course as that is the best part. Da Ye says he is going to eat it, but Xiao Feng pulls her hand away and yells at him. He tells her that he is kidding and she tells him that other girls might like that act, but she doesn’t. Da Ye asks if she has felt this way from the beginning and Xiao Feng says that it would be weird if she didn’t dislike is random, too close for comfort actions – she definitely has a point there. This upsets Da Ye as he says it looks like she doesn’t care for him anymore. Xiao Feng says that she has stopped caring about him in that way for awhile now. But you can tell Da Ye is very disappointed to hear this. Xiao Feng says tha she still cares for him, just not in the same way. He says that he knows he’s important still and the awkwardness goes away, but you know he is still hurt by hearing Xiao Feng’s love has ended. The idiot should have realized his feelings sooner.

Back at the booth, Xiao Feng’s friends cannot believe she let Da Ye go. Xiao Feng says that he’s not that kind of person and that his words did not have as much depth as her friends are reading into it (not true for once). Xiao Feng then asks after Ah Yi who is still gone. Her friends then grill her and Xiao Feng says she is just asking, but they know that isn’t the real reason.

When night falls, Yi Cheng is still on Xiao Feng’s mind and she unconsciously keeps looking for him and ignoring her friends who pick up on the mood and ask who she is waiting for. Then Yi Cheng shows up and her friends leave them alone. The two are obviously very happy to be together again and go sit on a bench with a classmate.  The two don’t talk and just stare and smile. Da Ye comes by and sees that and walks away knowing he would be in the way. Xiao Feng things about how she really wanted to see him even though she had saw him earlier. She also wants to ask if he was anxious to see her as well. The classmate sitting at the opposite end gets up to leave, but Yi Cheng tells him not to go. The guy says he doesn’t want to be a third wheel and the two demand that he come back and sit. AWKWARD! What, do they need a chaperone? Yi Cheng then asks after her other two friends and she said they met with others. Yi Cheng then dusts off the bench next to him and tells her to sit down. Xiao Feng smiles and tells him to stop pretending to care. Yi Cheng smiles back and tells her not to sit down then. This is really weird. It’s like they are playfully bantering in lieu of flirting. Aiyo, these two, really. She calls him childish and he says the same to her and the classmate asks if they are having a fight. Xiao Feng then jumps up and says she will look for her friends. Yi Cheng just tells her to wait, but she runs off, embarrassed. The other classmate asks if he was dumped, earning him a hit on the head.

Xiao Feng chides herself for running away as she realized her true feelings for Yi Cheng. Yes, she ran away because she realized she liked him. First she has problems confessing to Da Ye for fear of losing him and now she is embarrassed to realize her true feelings for Yi Cheng so she is running from him. She then spots Ah Ji sitting on a log playing the guitar. He is joined by Qiu Ying. A nice little moment between the two. They don’t become and official item, but they become even closer as they discuss their love for music and even sing a Dong Chen Wei song (gotta love how they have shameless self promotion and advertising in this drama). Watching the  two, Xiao Feng thinks back to all the things Yi Cheng said and did and she is determined to have a sweet, innocent relationship like the two in front of her.

When Xiao Feng gets home there is a little girl playing on the porch with a stuffed rabbit. Xiao Feng tries to get the girl to talk, but the girl ignores her. She calls her mother and says that she thinks the girl is deaf. The girl finally s tops ignoring them and lets them know she is not deaf. Indeed, she can hear quite well and says she is Yi Cheng’s fiancee. Xiao Feng laughs and asks how can that be? Such a young fiancee, saying that scares her. The little girl then comments that Xiao Feng trying to be cute is even sillier. Wow! What a mouth on a kid. She is a lot like Yi Cheng with her scathing remarks. The Hus invite her in, but the girl refuses. Mrs. Hu goes back in and says that she always thought Yi Cheng was weird and look he has a little girl for a fiancee. Xiao Feng asks for the little girl’s name, but she refuses to tell her and even insults the Hus. Xiao Feng threatens to not tells the girl where the cousins are if she keeps behaving that way.

Then comes the Xing cousins. Gu Du runs up to Da Ye and gets a big hug. Xiao Feng asks if the girl is Da Ye’s sister, but it turns out she is Yi Cheng’s cousin. Yi Cheng asks why she is there and he immediately pulls out his cell and makes a call. Da Ye introduces Gu Du to Xiao Feng and Gu Du acts all innocent and cute – a complete 180 from how she was before. Gu Du then tells Da Ye that Xiao Feng called her deaf. AWKWARD! Yi Cheng comes back and said that dad brought her as she begged him to come along. Gu Du said I was her dad that wanted her there. Right. She just wants to see her beloved Yi Cheng. Gu Du pouts as Yi Cheng is cold and not very nice. Xiao Feng tries to save the situation, but the little girl turns on her and asks the Xings if they can get away from the bad person. This upsets Yi Cheng who scolds her for being mean to Xiao Feng. Gu Du then complains that Xiao Feng said she wouldn’t tell Gu Du where the cousins were. Xiao Feng then says that she was only kidding. Yi Cheng scolds Gu Du who complains about Yi Cheng’s attitude. Gu Du asks for an apology and Yi Cheng refuses. Xiao Feng again tries to diffuse the situation and says that they should all rest and they can play tomorrow.

The next morning at 8, Xiao Feng bangs on the door and wakes the cousins up. Da Ye asks why she is there so early and she says to play. She is skipping school to entertain Gu Du while the brother attend class. Xiao Feng even did Gu Du’s hair the same way. At the amusement park all Gu Du complains about is wanting to find her brother. Xiao Feng laughs and says that Gu Du is a lot like Yi Cheng. Gu Du asks why Xiao Feng talks like she knows Yi Cheng. Xiao Feng says that is because they are good friends. Gu Du then asks if she is Da Ye’s friend, too. Xiao Feng replies that she is and asks why. Gu Du refuses to say why. Later they go to the college to eat with the cousins.

Yi Cheng apologizes to Xiao Feng for having to play with Gu Du all day and Xiao Feng says it was no trouble at all. He then asks if Gu Du is good. The little girl replies that she didn’t cause any trouble. She then gets upset when Yi Cheng straightens Xiao Feng’s hairclip. Ah Ji brings out the food and Gu Du throws a tantrum. Yi Cheng tells her to apologize and to eat, but she refuses and runs off, ripping out the clip and ponytail holder. Xiao Feng scolds Ah Yi and then runs after the little girl. Ah Ji then says that Gu Du came because she really missed Yi Cheng and to see him close with another girl is difficult so he should be more understanding.

Xiao Feng follows Gu Du to the park where Gu Du refuses to talk to her or come down from the playset, telling Xiao Feng to come and get her if she wants to as she knows that Xiao Feng is just pretending to be nice and doesn’t really like her. Xiao Feng then takes her hair down so they again have the same style and climbs up after the girl. On her way up, she slips and falls. She pretends to be unconscious to get Gu Du down. When Gu Du comes close and asks if she is okay, Xiao Feng pops up and the two begin playing, laughing and rubbing dirt on each other. What an interesting friendship. At least deep down the little girl does have a good heart and was worried about Xiao Feng and wanted to help her (and not even out of guilt).

The Xing men wait back at the apartment wondering what has happened. Da Ye asks if they are all right and Yi Cheng said they cause trouble. The two then come back dirty and Da Ye asks what happened. Xiao Feng then says they are going to a hot spring and then are going to have a sleepover. The sudden change surprises the boys and Da Ye yells that he wants to do it with them, too. LOL, such a Da Ye comment. At the hot spring, the two get even closer and Gu Du tells Xiao Feng about how Yi Cheng used to read to her and act out the stories. The two get closer and Xiao Feng gets to learn even more about Yi Cheng.

When the girls get back, Gu Du gets complimented on her cute hairstyle that Xiao Feng did. Yi Cheng then asks Gu Du to spend the night at their place so that he can read to her and spend time with her as he hasn’t seen her in a long time. This makes Gu Du happy and Xiao Feng tells her to give the agreed award to Yi Cheng who is suspicious at first, but it was just a big hug from his meimei. Yi Cheng then looks at Xiao Feng and thanks her.

Gu Du goes to leave and Da Ye complains about how she only cared about Yi Cheng. He rushes off to buy her a drink for the trip. Xiao Feng then offers any of her hair clips to Gu Du. Of course, the one Gu Du picks out is the one Yi Cheng bought for Xiao Feng. Gu Du insists she wants it and Yi Cheng takes it and says that it is Xiao Feng’s, he then mouths idiot at Xiao Feng. Gu Du then gets 5 clips in the place of that one. The car then comes and Gu Du has to leave. Yi Cheng promises to come visit her on school holidays. This makes Gu Du happy and she reaches in her purse and hands a present to Xiao Feng who is really happy to get it. Gu Du then says that she is really happy that Xiao Feng is not that woman. Xiao Feng asks who she means, but Gu Du won’t say. Gu Du then tells Yi Cheng to take good care of Xiao Feng as that will make little Gu Du happy. Da Ye finally runs back only to have just missed Gu Du. Yi Cheng gives Xiao Feng the hairclip back and tells her not to lose it again.

At school, Ah Ji and Da Ye talk about how Qiu Ying accepted the confession, but hasn’t officially accepted his feelings. Da Ye congratulates him, but Ah Ji says its too soon as he knows he is not good enough. Da Ye tells him to be confident and Ah Ji says he will. Da Ye then asks how it feels like to “like” someone – does your heart feel tight? Ah Ji says his heart is thumpy and warm. Ah Ji says that Da Ye’s explanation is like failing in love. You want to love, but can’t. Ah Ji says he doesn’t have a lot of experience, but he feels he is right. Da Ye is dazed an stunned at this. Looks like the realization has finally hit home. Da Ye LIKES Xiao Feng. Ah Ji notices the look and asks if Da Ye is okay, but he passes it off saying that he fine, but when Ah Ji looks down, the serious, unhappy look is back. Dumb Da Ye.

At tennis practice, Qiu Ying tells Xiao Feng that she is joining in the newcomers tournament. This surprises Xiao Feng, but she readily accepts and says that she will work hard. Da Ye comes up to where she is practicing hard and Xiao Feng tells him about wanting to do her best at the competition. Da Ye agrees to help her and the two begin training. Afterward, Xiao Feng thanks him and he says that he didn’t have enough practice. Xiao Feng then says he should put the extra energy into studying to which he says she has no right to tell him that (how true). Then Xiao Feng rips out his heart by telling him that she has feelings for Yi Cheng. Again, it’s Da Ye’s own fault. Da Ye asks if she told Yi Cheng yet. Xiao Feng says no and Da Ye asks if she plans on it. Xiao Feng says that she does, but that she just isn’t ready yet as she needs more confidence. Da Ye asks if he can help in any way and Xiao Feng tells him to just be himself. As the walk off, Xiao Feng anxiously asks if he thinks that she’s the kind of girl who only likes a guy because he’s nice to her. Da Ye says he definitley doesn’t think that way and neither will Ah Yi. This reassures Xiao Feng who inwardly thanks Da Ye for making her feel better. As the two walk on, they see Qiu Ying hiding behind a column. The sneak up on her to see what Qiu Ying was looking out. It iis Ah Ji! The two exclaim happily that Qiu Ying returns Ah Ji’s feelings. Ah Ji comes over and asks what is going on (Qiu Ying has already fled). The two congratulate him and Da Ye was going to say why, but Xiao Feng stops him and Da Ye says that is is better for Ah Ji to find out himself. The two then leave a very puzzled Ah Ji.

Now alone, Da Ye walks and pulls the stone out of his pocket from the previous conversation with Xiao Feng and thinks back on how she confessed her feelings for Yi Cheng to him. He then recalls Yi Cheng asking him if Da Ye will regret it if Yi Cheng gets together with Xiao Feng. The answer? Hell, yeah he does. He also thinks back to the stone conversation. Upset, he takes his stone and tosses it.

Xiao Feng waits for Yi Cheng outside of his work. He surprised to see her. He asks why she is there and she lies and said that she was in the area buying books and decided to wait for him. Yi Cheng then asks if she wants to take a walk and appreciate the moon. Xiao Feng happily eats candy and comments on the moon. Yi Cheng asks why they must eat when appreciating the moon. Xiao Feng says it is a must and it adds ambience. She offers Yi Cheng the last bite, but he refuses. He comments on how she can really eat and then pulls out a parfait for her. It’s definitely becoming a habit with them. How cute. Xiao Feng thanks him and then pulls out a yellow stone. She gives it to him and he asks what it is. She took the stones from Da Ye and colored them herself. Yi Cheng asks for the meaning and she says there is one, but he’ll have to figure it out for himself. Xiao Feng then pulls out her white stone and Yi Cheng takes hers and gives her his. She asks why and she says that they must care for each others stones and cherish them. Yi Cheng leans in for a kiss, but they are interrupted by a woman dropping her things. So Close!

Xiao Feng goes to help the girl and it is none other than Ying Zhi! The three find themselves in Ying Zhi’s car. Poor Xiao Feng is squished alone in the back while Yi Cheng sits up front with Ying Zhi. Xiao Feng asks if Ying Zhi is only a few years older, and she says that she is a lot older. Ying Zhi then says that she met Yi Cheng as she used to work for his family’s company, but she had to leave. Xiao Feng asks why, but Yi Cheng intervenes and tells them not talk as Ying Zhi should concentrate on driving.

When they get back to the apartment, Da Ye is shocked to see Ying Zhi. She rushes up to him and hugs him. Seeing how Ying Zhi treats both cousins, Xiao Feng thinks she must have imagined how things were between Yi Cheng and Ying Zhi. Da Ye goes to take Ying Zhi inside, but stops when he notices that Xiao Feng was with them. He does not look happy at all. Xiao Feng says she will say goodbye as they were at her apartment. Ying Zhi says goodbye and then continues upstairs with Da Ye and Yi Cheng (who looks rather uncomfortable, too). When Xiao Feng gets inside she wonders just what is going on and why Da Ye had  such a look when he noticed her with the other two.

At school the next day, Xiao Feng watches as Ying Zhi picks Yi Cheng  up. She is really worried. She goes to the cafeteria where she sits spacing out and not eating. Ah Ji sees this and asks if she is okay. Xiao Feng comes to and says that she is fine. Ah Ji is really worried, b ut in comes Da Ye who tells him that he is hungry and asks for food. Ah Ji tries to change the subject back to Xiao Feng, but Da Ye brings up Qiu Ying complimenting Ah Ji’s food and asks for the same thing. Ah Ji is successfully sidetracked and leaves. Da Ye then asks what is wrong. Xiao Feng says nothing, but Da Ye asks what she heard. Xiao Feng changes the topic and goes to leave. Da Ye calls out and says that it is all in the past now. Xiao Feng leaves anyways, but you know Da Ye knows that she is upset about seeing Yi Cheng and Ying Zhi.

Yi Cheng comes home to a dark apartment where an angry Da Ye is waiting. Da Ye grills him about where he’s been so late, but Yi Cheng says that he doesn’t have to answer to Da Ye. Yi Cheng goes to get to his bedroom, but Da Ye gets up and stops him. He asks if Ying Zhi dropped Yi Cheng off as he heard a car. Yi Cheng says nothing and Da Ye says he has no opinion if Yi Cheng decides to hang out with Ying Zhi, but he advises his cousin not to make the same mistake. Does Yi Cheng remember what happened last time? Yi Cheng says that he remembered a promise to stay out of each other’s love lives. An annoyed Da Ye says he recalls that and then decides to get Yi Cheng’s goat by saying that he had lunch alone with Xiao Feng. The details of the meal should be the same as Yi Cheng’s and Ying Zhi’s. Yi Cheng doesn’t look happy at this and Yi Cheng asks why he is saying that. Da Ye replies that he just is. Why? Can’t he? The two cousins then stomp into their respective rooms.

At tennis practice, Xiao Feng has problems concentrating. She recalls her girlfriends telling her that the old girlfriend means nothing as Xiao Feng is the one in Yi Cheng’s heart now. Xiao Feng just needs to have faith. Xiao Feng wonders how she can believe in Yi Cheng, she wants to, but its hard. She gives a big yawn and there is Yi Cheng. She says what a coincidence. Of course it isn’t a coincidence! Why would Yi Cheng be at the tennis courts if not to see Xiao Feng? Awkward moment. These two have so many of them. Xiao Feng asks how his date was with Ying Zhi. Yi Cheng asks how she knows and Xiao Feng says she just happened to overhear it. She then says she will leave so she can go home and rest. Yi Cheng then says that they only went out to eat. Xiao Feng plasters a smile on her face and asked where. Yi Cheng replies it was just a normal café and Xiao Feng asks how he likes Ying Zhi. Yi Cheng doesn’t know how to reply with the smile on Xiao Feng’s face. Xiao Feng then gives him her back so she can show her unhappy face. Yi Cheng says that Ying Zhi was a girl he used to like. Not wanting to hear more, Xiao Feng goes to leave, but Yi Cheng stops her and says it’s in the past, plus she has a boyfriend. Xiao Feng says of course, but remembers how Ying Zhi said she missed Yi Cheng the most. Is it really all in the past? How does Yi Cheng really feel?

At this time Yi Cheng changes the subject and brings up the fact that October 20th is fast approaching. Xiao Feng is happy that he remembers her birthday. Yi Cheng says of course. It’s in the directory and Xiao Feng drew a huge heart there. Xiao Feng asks if he prepared a present and Yi Cheng says he hasn’t. Xiao Feng doesn’t believe him and begins patting him down. She gets upset when she doesn’t find one. She calls him a cheapskate and goes to change. He follows her and she asks why and he says she might meet another pervert. How cute.

They arrive at the apartment and outside Xiao Feng’s house there is a present. Yi Cheng says that maybe Xiao Feng is seeing this, but she says there clearly is. Xiao Feng then teases Yi Cheng and wonders who it could be from. She must have a secret admirer. Yi Cheng raps her lightly on the head and asks how there can be another guy with such strange tastes. These two have their cute moments. How much longer will it last now that Ying Zhi is back in the picture, boyfriend or no? Yi Cheng then asks Xiao Feng to celebrate her birthday early with him. They can go out to eat and then go see a movie. This makes Xiao Feng happy and she readily agrees. She goes into her room where she opens the present to reveal a really cute dress. Xiao Feng is happy and recalls all the moments she has had with Yi Cheng. She is excited to go on their first real date.

The outcome? Xiao Feng gets stood up. End episode. Must wait for 8 to find out what exactly is going on.

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