Love Buffet Episode 6 Recap

“In Love, there’s always someone who is stupid.”

Or in the case of this drama, we have several characters who are stupid. Xiao Feng knows next to nothing about love and only has impressions and ideals; Da Ye doesn’t understand the difference between “like as friends,” “like as more than friends,” and “love”; Yi Cheng cannot let go of a past love that hurt him deeply; Ah Ji is pure and innocent and doesn’t know how to pursue love; and Qiu Ying only knows how to pretend to get what she wants.

We have a lot of cute moments in this episode as Yi Cheng becomes more proactive with his feelings for Xiao Feng. We also get Da Ye feeling hurt and excluded as Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng begin to do more and more stuff together. Xiao Feng also takes the plunge and finally decides to put her feelings for Da Ye aside and start on a new love. But Yi Cheng doesn’t understand the confession!

We pick up right where we left off in episode 5. Xiao Feng falls and hurts her ankle while playing a game of rolling a hay bale to see who can reach the finish line first. Yi Cheng reaches her first, calls her stupid and quickly piggybacks her to get help. The girls notice and think its a good thing, but you can tell Da Ye is feeling a little conflicted about what is going on. Xiao Feng asks if she is heavy and Yi Cheng complains about her weight, making her mad Xiao Feng thinks about all the horrible things Yi Cheng says and does, but then recalls how nice and understanding he is as well. She just doesn’t get it. What’s to get? Yi Cheng is the type to bully the girl he really likes in a way to hide his own feelings, which then become apparent when he starts doing nice things for Xiao Feng.

In the girl’s room, the others are teasing Xiao Feng about her incredibly good luck. Xiao Feng wants to know how this is good and they say its because she got a piggyback from Yi Cheng and all this attention. They then say it would be even better if she broke her ankle. Friends indeed! Xiao Feng scolds them for making light of the injury and even Qiu Ying says its really a good thing. The other two then compare Da Ye and Yi Cheng as the sun and moon (respectively). They then ask Xiao Feng to fess up about what is going on with Yi Cheng. Has he confessed? Does Xiao Feng like him? Not able to  take any more of their teasing or questions, Xiao Feng gets up and hobbles to the convenience store nearby to get food.

In the store, Xiao Feng runs into Da Ye who is out shopping for food as well. Da Ye who asks where Yi Cheng is. Xiao Feng says she doesn’t know and goes to look at more food, but winces from the pain. Da Ye grabs her shoulder and tells her to be careful as she injured her foot. He then offers to help her along. Next thing we know a bag flies out of nowhere and hits Da Ye in the head and then we see Yi Cheng. He really meant it when he said he would make sure they would have no opportunities to be alone together. Da Ye asks what that was for and Yi Cheng replies that it is Da Ye’s favorite ramen so he should make some for the two of them. Yeah right, it was just because Da Ye touched Xiao Feng’s shoulder. Yi Cheng walks away and Da Ye complains not knowing what he did that angered his cousin. Da Ye then notices Xiao Feng spacing out and asks what the matter is. Xiao Feng says she wasn’t and then asks what he said (because that so proved she wasn’t spacing out). Da Ye then asks if Xiao Feng as notices that Yi Cheng gets annoyed every time Da Ye approaches Xiao Feng. She immediately denies noticing anything of the sort. Oh, geez, how clueless can Da Ye get? He already guessed awhile ago that Yi Cheng had feelings for Xiao Feng so why should it be shocking that Yi Cheng would be annoyed that Da Ye hangs around Xiao Feng (especially since Xiao Feng liked Da Ye first).

Da Ye asks if Xiao Feng knows the reason and she quickly replies that she doesn’t. She then says that maybe the weather is so hot that if fried Yi Cheng’s brain. Yi Cheng comes up at this point and says that it’s Xiao Feng’s brain that has been fried. Yi Cheng then scolds Xiao Feng for running around with an injured foot that looks like it is getting worse. Xiao Feng says it isn’t, but when she takes a step she winces and Da Ye grabs her shoulders and tells her to be careful. Yi Cheng then tells her to ask the others next time to get stuff for her. He then walks up, turns around and tells her to get on. This seems to shock Da Ye and makes Xiao Feng uncomfortable. Xiao Feng looks at  Da Ye who forces a smile and says that he wants to look at magazines, so she should go ahead and let Ah Yi carry her. Xiao Feng reluctantly gets on Yi Cheng’s back and the two leave the store while Da Ye watches on looking rather unhappy/confused. Is he finally coming to understand that he likes Xiao Feng more than he originally thought? As more than just a really good friend he doesn’t want to lose?

On the walk home, Yi Cheng says he bought plasters for her to put on when she gets back (he’s so thoughtful and sweet). Xiao Feng thanks him and thinks back to what her friends were saying earlier about how Da Ye was the sun and Yi Cheng was the moon. Da Ye shined so bright, that he blinded people to Yi Cheng, but once the sun goes down, there is the moon which is always steady and there. Yi Cheng then asks Xiao Feng to quit avoiding him to which she adamantly insists that she isn’t. Oh, yes she is. Not knowing how to face his feelings or her own, she tried hard to avoid him, or at least being alone with him. Xiao Feng then asks why he likes her. His answer: he doesn’t know. Having watched her like Da Ye, laugh, and cry, when he finally woke up, there was only Xiao Feng in his eyes. Ah, they definitely gave Aaron the cheesiest lines in the drama and Calvin some of the corniest, silliest ones. Xiao Feng then calls him cruel for saying those things as what girl could possibly reject him. His answer is quite simple: then don’t reject him.

Xiao Feng gets back to the room alone where she is confronted by the three other girls who tell her to hurry and rush outside because Yi Cheng is sitting all alone and looks to be in a bad mood. Xiao Feng refuses to go because they tell her to. Wanting to know why, Xiao Feng tells them it is because she rushed thinks with Da Ye and she doesn’t want to do that with Yi Cheng. She wants this budding love to be taken slow and easy and doing things in her own way and time versus letting others pressure her into doing things she wasn’t quite ready for. Qiu Ying and the others understand and respect this decision.

In the end, Xiao Feng does go out to see Yi Cheng who is leaning back with his eyes closed so he doesn’t notices Xiao Feng until she is on top of him. He asks her why she is sneaking up on people and she replies that she saw him sitting there looking gloomy so she decided to go see him and cheer him up. Xiao Feng sits down and we have a nice awkward silence broken only when Ah Ji and the girls go by to take a moonlight beach stroll. Looks like the two were set up! Xiao Feng complained that the group left them alone while they hang out and have fun. Yi Cheng tells her to go with them if she wants as he is fine alone. Guilt trip much? But Xiao Feng sits back down (you know that made Yi Cheng happy). Xiao Feng then tells Yi Cheng that Da Ye doesn’t have any ulterior motives and Yi Cheng says that he knows (he just can’t tamp down that old jealousy). Xiao Feng then tells him to go easier on Da Ye if Yi Cheng really does understand that Da Ye isn’t pursuing Xiao Feng. She then says that despite being rejected by Da Ye, she still values their friendship and she cherishes him. Yi Cheng smiles at this (kind of a bitter smile) and then scolds Xiao Feng for saying such cruel words in front of him. Xiao Feng then says that Yi Cheng is misunderstanding as Da Ye is only a friend. Yi Cheng then stands up and lists all of Xiao Feng’s faults and wants to know why he likes her so much. Xiao Feng asks how she would know and then we see Da Ye step out onto his balcony where he notices Xiao Feng and Yi Cheng below. Again, he does not look happy.

As the group leaves the next day, Xiao Feng says that the healing of broken hearts has been completed. She is really glad that she came and got to work things out (even as things did not go to plan). Nothing has changed and progressed, but she feels she understands things more. Everything is connected in some way (gotta love how during this monologue she has Yi Cheng on one side helping her and Da Ye on the other side – the story of her love life, sandwiched between the cousins). When she gets home, Xiao Feng looks at Da Ye’s pictures and decides to put things behind her at last. She is no longer hurt by his rejection and her heart is beginning to open up again. She then puts the pictures away in an envelope.

Xiao Feng goes to pick up her last paycheck and gets a hug from the boss and is told that she also got a bonus. Xiao Feng happily counts the money and decides that she should buy some gifts. She then remembers that Da Ye’s birthday is coming up. Later that night, walking home with Yi Cheng, Xiao Feng asks him what he plans to do for Da Ye’s birthday. Yi Cheng says he has never done anything for his cousin, which shocks Xiao Feng. Yi Cheng then tells her that they’ll go shopping together the next day and split the present. An official, unofficial date! Will this one be better than the last one?

The next day as Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng search for a gift (Da Ye has come right out and said he wanted a mountain bike) everyone talks to them like they are a couple. Xiao Feng keeps saying that they are not, that it is just a misunderstanding, but people can’t believe that. Needless to say, it makes Yi Cheng happy to hear that others think they are a couple, and unhappy to hear Xiao Feng adamantly denying everything. And talk about random occurrences -a television show looking for couples spots them and asks about their relationship. Xiao Feng says they aren’t in one and Yi Cheng confirms it, saying there is already someone else in Xiao Feng’s heart. The reporter doesn’t believe them and won’t leave them alone. So Yi Cheng grabs Xiao Feng’s hand tightly and they run for, actually being chased by the film crew. When they finally manage to escape, Xiao Feng demands to know why Yi Cheng said what he did and he replies that he just stated the truth. Xiao Feng is unhappy that Yi Cheng has misunderstood her – she no longer likes Da Ye like that.

Back at the apartments, Xiao Feng is downstairs decorating a cake for Da Ye’s party. Her sister comments on the cheapness of the cake and Xiao Feng says that she and Yi Cheng got a super expensive gift for Da Ye, plus she goes to her room and gets the envelope that she put his pictures in. Upstairs, Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng “surprise” Da Ye and Yi Cheng tells him to stop faking it. He asks after the present and Xiao Feng said they got what he wanted. Da Ye turns around and sees a mini bicycle, not the 24 speed mountain bike. He turns around upset by this and Xiao Feng says that they are just teasing him. Xiao Feng then says she has one more gift and gets the card out of her purse. She apologizes for doing something weird as Da Ye opens the envelope and sees his pictures. Xiao Feng says that she cannot keep them anymore nor can she throw them away. She then says that the two cousins have to continue to look over her. She smiles at Yi Cheng who smiles back as she is wearing his hairpin that he said was a gift to “start over.” Progress?

Later Yi Cheng looks at his phone and notices he has a message from Zhi Ying. She scolds him for ignoring her calls and not picking up. Yi Cheng then remembers a scene where he asks his grandfather why Zhi Ying was fired. His grandfather then yells at Yi Cheng for disappointing him – has Yi Cheng forgotten who he is? No he hasn’t. The next day at school Xiao Feng approaches Yi Cheng. In a way to declare her feelings, she gives him a handmade mug to replace the special one that was broken. Needless to say Yi Cheng freaks and says that he doesn’t want it. Pushing it away, it accidentally falls to the floor and smashes. Makes you wonder if the relationship is doomed to failure like his first was? Xiao Feng goes home upset, wondering why Yi Cheng rejected it so harshly.

The next day at tennis practice, Xiao Feng is distracted and plays horribly. Da Ye comes up to her to talk and notices Yi Cheng. He then tells her  that it looks like Ah Yi is looking for her. Xiao Feng goes off with Yi Cheng and he gives her a parfait (he seems to like doing that) and then apologizes for breaking the mug. He says that he isn’t supposed to be that fierce. Xiao Feng tells him it isn’t a problem as the mug was very ugly (it seriously wasn’t the best looking, but it was the thought and feelings behind it that mattered) so he couldn’t have wanted to use it anyway. Yi Cheng tells her not to be like that as that was not the reason at all.  He then goes on to say that she is the first to give him a handmade mug and that made him very happy. In his heart it is the best gift he’s ever received. Xiao Feng then goes to ask about the broken mug and is immediately cut off by Yi Cheng who says that if its broken then it’s broken (how…inane), so it is not important. The important this is that he understands the feelings he has for her and he asks her to seriously consider and understand the him that stands before her. Xiao Feng nods her agreement and Yi Cheng lightens the heavy atmosphere by joking about her hideous mug. He then takes out a spoon and tells her to eat her parfait. And just like that, the fight has ended. Xiao Feng asks herself if she really understands everything Yi Cheng is telling her. Honestly most of what comes of his mouth is difficult to understand, so why does she keep nodding? Isn’t it a little late to be asking that?

Yi Cheng gets home and Da Ye asks if he wants some fried rice. Yi Cheng declines and Da Ye asks if he went out to eat with Xiao Feng. Yi Cheng says that he did and Da Ye lets out a disappointed “oh.” Yi Cheng asks what is wrong, but his cousin insists that it is nothing. Yi Cheng then goes to take a bath and Da Ye continues watching TV where he sees the gorilla interview of Xiao Feng and Yi Cheng. We get to see Xiao Feng’s parents’ shocked expressions, Qiu Ying’s satisfied look, and Da Ye’s shocked, unhappy face (especially at the part where it says that the couple won an overseas cruise).

The next day, the news about the broadcast has spread like fire. Poor Xiao Feng cannot escape rumors…funny how they all have involved Yi Cheng and never Da Ye. Xiao Feng’s friends immediately jump to her defense to explain that she didn’t get a prize and that she and Yi Cheng aren’t really a couple. Their classmates refuse to believe this and Xiao Feng insists that it is really true and gets teased saying that if they aren’t dating, then they must be “friends with benefits.” Talk about a snowballing situation. Yi Cheng comes in and Xiao Feng and her friends plead for him to speak up, but Yi Cheng tells them just to talk.

After class, Xiao Feng walks with her friends and complains about how she can’t seem to clear her name on this one. Her friends agree that she is quite unlucky to have such a random, horrible thing like that happen. Xiao Feng wonders how long the rumors will last this time as it took her a long time to  get out of Da Ye’s shadow. Her friends then ask if she likes Yi Cheng as he is not that bad of a guy. Xiao Feng then says that isn’t the point. Nothing like avoiding the subject to hide the fact that she really likes him. Before her friends can grill her more, Ah Ji pops up out of nowhere. He asks if Ah Yi and Xiao Feng are going out. He then complains that as her ex, he is the last one to find out. He says he forgives her as he himself is lost in a new love. Who? Qiu Ying senior! Xiao Feng’s two friends are happy that Ah Ji and Xiao Feng are getting new loves to forget their old ones.

At tennis practice, Qiu Ying runs up and asks if Xiao Feng is really going out with Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng says no and that they left that part out of the interview. Qiu Ying is disappointed and feels sorry for Yi Cheng who gets neglected by Xiao Feng all because of Da Ye (not true at all actually). Xiao Feng says that it isn’t true and that she is over Da Ye. At this time a girl runs up all excited about Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng going out. Qiu Ying and Xiao Feng say it isn’t true, but the girl doesn’t believe them and runs over to ask Da Ye with Xiao Feng calling out after the girl that it isn’t true. The girl then asks Da Ye who snaps (well, a pretty mild snap)! We have never seen a Da Ye quite like this before. He is never unkind, especially to girls. Xiao Feng and Qiu Ying are shocked by the sudden change even after Da Ye played if off as trying to act cool.

Xiao Feng thanks him after practice and he asks why. Xiao Feng says for clearing things up with the upperclassman about her and Yi Cheng. Da Ye says nothing and picks up three stones. Xiao Feng asks what was wrong and Da Ye explains that he can’t even really answer when people ask about the two because they don’t tell him anything any more (poor, excluded Da Ye). He shows the stones in one hand and says that’s how the three used to be. He then takes one stone away and holds it in his other hand and says that’s how they are now. He is all alone and Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng are together. Xiao Feng is surprised to hear that Da Ye feels excluded. She immediately says that was not her intentions and not to feel bad. Da Ye then insists that is how it feels to him. Xiao Feng apologizes, saying that she never meant to do that, she just doesn’t know how to explain things. She can’t go and tell him that Yi Cheng confessed. Da Ye tells her not to worry as the main problem lies with Yi Cheng and not her. He then leaves, setting down two of the stones. Xiao Feng picks them up and wonders if she and Yi Cheng really pushed Da Ye out.

The next day, the Xing boys get ready to see their grandparents who are coming. Da Ye complains that when they see them its tiring listening when one person talks and there are supposed to be two listening, but it seems like he is the only one. Yi Cheng then says that he will have to leave early as he has plans later. Da Ye then says that the two will become complete strangers soon as Yi Cheng never tells him anything anymore. They go meet their grandparents who are in a good mood and they ask about girlfriends. Da Ye immediately replies that Yi Cheng has a new one, to which his grandparents are happy to hear. Yi Cheng denies this and Da Ye asks about the rumors and then scolds Yi Cheng for letting Xiao Feng face them alone. Yi Cheng says the other students will get bored after awhile and Da Ye then demands to know if Yi Cheng really likes Xiao Feng then. Yi Cheng doesn’t answer and his grandmother urges him to explain while Da Ye reiterates the question. Da Ye then goes all big brother (though we know its more than that) and says that if Yi Cheng doesn’t have the courage to like Xiao Feng, then he should leave her alone before she gets hurt. Yi Cheng still says nothing and just leaves. Da Ye then picks up his bag and follows his cousin out leaving their grandparents mystified as to just what is going on.

Da Ye catches up to Yi Cheng and tells him that he is hurting Xiao Feng in this way. Yi Cheng asks how he is hurting her and Da Ye says that at least Da Ye thinks Yi Cheng is. Da Ye then brings up that he can tell Yi Cheng still isn’t over Zhi Ying, so what right does Yi Cheng have to like Xiao Feng? Good question. Yi Cheng will only end up hurting Xiao Feng if he continues like this as Xiao Feng knows nothing. Yi Cheng then snaps and tells Da Ye to remember that Da Ye was the one who turned down Xiao Feng’s confession and hurt her so what right does Da Ye have to say such things to him. Yi Cheng then also says that it is none of Da Ye’s business what is between him and Xiao Feng and leaves. Da Ye stares after him, arms crossed and frustrated.

Back at the apartment, Yi Cheng recalls Da Ye’s words and looks at the broken mug. He finally puts it away in his closet. At that moment Ying Zhi calls. He picks up his phone but ignores the call again. Ignoring Ying Zhi won’t make the past go away.

The next day at the library, a student calls Yi Cheng out. Xiao Feng and her friends overhear this and follow to watch (though Xiao Feng first refused to, her curiosity got the better of her). She and her friends go out and hear the confession. When the girl asks about Yi Cheng’s and Xiao Feng’s relationship, Xiao Feng is slightly disappointed when Yi Cheng describes her as a neighbor and classmate. Yi Cheng then says he has a girl in his heart that he cannot forget. They think that this girl is Xiao Feng, but truthfully I believe he means Ying Zhi.

That night Xiao Feng goes up to the Xing apartment with a platter of dumplings her father made. Da Ye is excited and invites Xiao Feng to eat with them. Xiao Feng agrees and Da Ye goes to get the dumplings ready. When Da Ye goes off to cook, Xiao Feng then complains about Yi Cheng still not doing housework. She then says if the girl from earlier saw him, she would be disappointed. Yi Cheng asks what she means and Xiao Feng says that she saw the entire confession. Yi Cheng calls her lame. Xiao Feng then tries to back peddle and Yi Cheng accuses her of invading other people’s privacy. Xiao Feng gets angry and says that she didn’t and calls him a petty ghost. Da Ye hears the argument and comes out and asks what they are talking about. They both turn away and say that they are not talking about nothing. Da Ye then complains about them excluding him again. He then attacks Yi Cheng for not speaking up and making the situation with the students worse. Da Ye then tells him to stop making Xiao Feng talk for him. Yi Cheng then tells Da Ye that he likes Xiao Feng. Da Ye then has an unhappy look as if he was hoping deep down that Yi Cheng wouldn’t admit it. Da Ye then puts on a happy face and congratulates his cousin. Yi Cheng then says that saying his feelings doesn’t matter as Xiao Feng doesn’t feel that way so it will only cause her trouble. This surprises Xiao Feng who thought that she had made her feelings clear on Da Ye’s birthday (not really – her way of saying it was too confusing and her trying to rectify now was even worse).

Later Xiao Feng thinks about what she said and realized that it made her sound like she wanted both brothers at once. Her sister then comes in and tells her that her manhua was picked up by a magazine. Xiao Feng is happy for her sister who then asks for help in getting the pages done. We then have a sappy weird montage of Da Ye and Xiao Feng in high school uniforms hugging. We then see Da Ye, Xiao Feng, and Yi Cheng staring at the manga as her sister asks how it is. Yi Cheng, obviously is less than pleased to have the girl he likes and his cousin as main characters in a romance. Xiao Feng then chides her Xiao Yu for even using their real names. Da Ye tells Xiao Feng not to worry and say that since it’s a dream that won’t happen in real life, at least let it happen in the manhua world. Talk about insensitive. Xiao Feng asks Da Ye if she can stab him with a pencil (it was deserved) and Yi Cheng asks if next time Xiao Yu could used him and Xiao Feng as main characters instead. Awkwardness x 2. How embarrassing. The four then set out to get to work and Yi Cheng says that she has something on her face and takes it off. This happens a lot in this drama. It seems to effect Xiao Feng more than Da Ye’s hand on her shoulder. Da Ye sees this and definitely looks even more unhappy. When will he realize?

To raise money for the class field trip, they vote on what they want to do. Xiao Feng isn’t paying attention and is called on to voice her opinion. She then says running an okonimiyaki shop. They have Yi Cheng who can teach them how since he works part-time in a restaurant. Yi Cheng is shocked by this and doesn’t want to, but he doesn’t get a choice. Nice. They even mention doing it in drag. Omo, poor Yi Cheng!

The classmates practice in the Xing apartment much to Yi Cheng’s unhappiness. Xiao Feng apologizes, but Da Ye tells her not to worry as the more the merrier. Her two friends then start arguing about who is better. One says that Da Ye is better because Yi Cheng is colder. Yi Cheng looks at them and tell them to stop talking bad about him in front of him. The girls then ask what secrets Yi Cheng must be hiding and then ask Xiao Feng what room is his. Xiao Feng goes to answer but Yi Cheng jumps up and covers her mouth. Da Ye answers for her and everyone goes into his room and starts rifling through things. They even look at his underwear. Talk about an invasion into privacy. Xiao Feng then opens up the curtain to his closet and sees the broken mug Ying Zhi gave him. Instantly the good mood goes down an Da Ye laughs it off and says that Xiao Feng found the ? (I am assuming naughty comics) that he hid in Yi Cheng’s room. Everyone is then ushered out and Xiao Feng apologizes. Yi Cheng says that it is okay and leaves, but Xiao Feng doesn’t feel to good and Da Ye is upset watching her. He knows something is wrong.

After everyone left Da Ye asks if Yi Cheng kept the mug. Can he really not forget Ying Zhi? Yi Cheng says it is not like that and Da Ye says forget it if Yi Cheng refuses to talk. Da Ye then says that Xiao Feng is a really nice girl who is quite different from the other girl so Yi Cheng needs to cherish her. Yi Cheng says that is weird coming from his cousin and Da Ye asks if he is being lectured. Da Ye then grabs his neck, playing around and asks him to spill. Yi Cheng tells him enough and then asks his cousin if he really won’t regret it. Da Ye’s face gets serious and Yi Cheng asks again if Da Ye won’t regret it if Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng get together. Da Ye puts on a smile and says he will make Yi Cheng regret it if he hurts Xiao Feng and then goes back to playing. But his smile disappears. Looks like he already regrets.

The day of the festival dawns and Xiao Feng helps Yi Cheng get into his drag hair. Xiao Feng goes to hand out flowers and sees Da Ye and Ah Ji doing a performance to confess to Qiu Yiing who is in the bathroom looking happy and touched. Xiao Feng goes to follow, but a little girl grabs her hand and asks where her mom is. Xiao Feng then goes to help the little girl find her mother. Meanwhile, back at the shop the orders are getting stacked up. Xiao Feng’s friends complain about her absence and Yi Cheng goes in search of her where he spies her helping the little girl.

End episode.

Previews show that things are about to heat up and get even MORE complicated. Just what we need.

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