Love Buffet Episode 4 Recap

Camp Da Ye or Camp Yi Cheng? It’s funny to read the comments by Viki users while watching this drama. So many people complain about Calvin Chen’s Da Ye and are urging Xiao Feng to choose Aaron Yan’s Yi Cheng. I must admit that when I read the manga, I wanted her to get with Ichi (aka Yi Cheng) and stay with him, although Daiya (aka Da Ye) did turn in to a great guy.

Anywho. What happens in this episode? What do you think – pressured by her friends, her ex (lol at how he can be considered an ex) Xiao Feng finally confesses to Da Ye. I guess I should backpeddle and say that Da Ye makes a mistake in thinking that Xiao Feng likes his friend and craziness ensues. Poor Ah Ji (Chen De Xiu)!

As the two get up to leave, Xiao Feng accidentally spills the contents of her bag and Da Ye sees the picture she kept hidden in her planner. Xiao Feng quickly grabs it and tries to explain what it is, but Da Ye immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. The main focus of the picture is a guy from his class known as Ah Ji (who will become a regular cast member! Ah, how I love him in the KO series and he is also a member of the band Dong Cheng Wei). Xiao Feng cannot believe this, but when she looks at the picture once again, she sees how Da Ye could make this mistake. Da Ye then promises to help her out and play cupid. At first Xiao Feng is touched that he would do something like that for her, but then she is quickly horrified that the guy she likes is so quick to help her hook up with another guy.

The next day at the school cafeteria, Da Ye introduces the two and Ah Ji (in all his cute awkwardness) expresses his joy at having Xiao Feng like a guy like him. After the introductions, Da Ye bows out and Yi Cheng watches from above wondering what is going on. Ah Ji tries to tell Xiao Feng all about himself but she rudely gets up and walks away. Ah Ji follows her wondering why she is avoiding him. Soon Xiao Feng just squats down and cries. It really is her fault for not explaining clearly to Da Ye earlier. So even though her feelings are hurt, it is partially her fault (that and Da Ye’s complete stupidity).

Xiao Feng spaces out at a drink machine when Yi Cheng comes up and hits a button and asks her what’s wrong. Xiao Feng comes to and scolds him for doing that when she hadn’t decided. Yi Cheng puts more money in and asks her if she changed her mind. Xiao Feng absentmindedly says that she hasn’t even made up her mind on whether she wants orange juice or tea. Yi Cheng then says he means guys. He saw her with someone else earlier. Xiao Feng then explains the situation and Yi Cheng scolds her for letting things get so complicated. Xiao Feng says she couldn’t possibly reveal the truth and Yi Cheng said she could have used the excuse of holding onto the picture for a friend. Xiao Feng cannot believe how slow she was. Why couldn’t she think of that? Not its almost too late and Ah Ji is bound to be hurt. Then up pops Da Ye with tickets for Xiao Feng from Ah Ji. Poor Xiao Feng! Yi Cheng who can’t stand the situation anymore punches the vending machine and calls his cousin an idiot before walking away. Da Ye wonders what is up and Xiao Feng tells Da Ye that it was all a mistake and that the picture was a friend’s. Da Ye then  gets why his cousin called him an idiot and feels really bad for doing that to Xiao Feng and Ah Ji. Da Ye then says the two should play cupid and hook the friends up, but Xiao Feng quickly makes such a convoluted excuse that it is a wonder if anyone could understand it. But the basis: poor Ah Ji is left with no one.

After having cleared things up with Da Ye, Xiao Feng  tells her two friends what happened and they say they feel sorry for Ah Ji and then they begin making fun of him. Poor Xiao Feng tries to get them to stop as Ah Ji ends up right behind them and learns the whole truth. Poor Ah Ji. Her friends leave them alone and we have poor Ah Ji with his puppy face saying how is springtime has left as quickly as it had come. And here we have yet another person who knows of Xiao Feng’s feelings for Da Ye. Xiao Feng feels bad for hurting the gentle Ah Ji and gives him a box of milk. Ah Ji wonders if he drinks the milk, then will Xiao Feng consider dating him. Omo, how hilarious.

Back at the apartment, Yi Cheng gets a call from Ying Zhi – his unrequited first love? – and he seems less than thrilled. Ying Zhi tells him that she is in Taipei, too. She came with Eason (I am assuming that is her boyfriend). Great. So the girl Yi Cheng can’t get over is in Taipei, too. We will meet her soonish (episode 7). I hated the character in the manga just as I am sure I will hate her in the drama as well. Meanwhile, Xiao Feng is bathing downstairs and feels like she can understand how Da Ye feels when he rejects someone. She was happy that Ah Ji liked her, but she was sad that she rejected him, knowing that she hurt him. Xiao Feng then remembers that Ah Ji knows the true object of her affection and she immediately panics. She rummages through her desk after her bath and finds out that her student directory only has her classmates in it. She then goes upstairs and asks Yi Cheng to get the directory from Da Ye’s room. Yi Cheng refuses and Xiao Feng pleads with him as she is sure Da Ye wouldn’t mind. Yi Cheng points out that a person tends to mind when you go through their personal things. Xiao Feng then says she’ll do it herself and goes to enter Da Ye’s room, but is stopped by Yi Cheng calling her a thief. Yi Cheng then asks if Ah Ji seems like the kind of person who would tattle about such a thing. Xiao Feng doesn’t believe he would, but isn’t certain. Yi Cheng then points out that she can just talk to him at school. This makes Xiao Feng feel a little better. She goes and sits next to Yi Cheng touching his shoulders (invading his personal space a little) and thanks him. She says that he is just like a parent scolding his child. Meaning that he scolds because he likes her? Yi Cheng tries to get her to go back downstairs as he is getting uncomfortable by her proximity. When she refuses to leave and even tells him to smell her hair as her shampoo smells really good, Yi Cheng snaps and roughly grabs her arm. He yells and her and tells her not to forget that he is a guy, too. Xiao Feng then runs away, tail between her legs. She sits down on the stairs and tries to figure out just what happened. Why was Yi Cheng so angry? Ah, that would be another duh moment. There are so many in this series.

Da Ye then comes home with a pizza for them to eat, but Yi Cheng ignores him and turns on the TV. Da Ye comes over to the couch and turns it off and asks him what is wrong. Why was Yi Cheng so angry that afternoon? Yi Cheng says “if you don’t know how to fall in love, then don’t fall in love” and then comments about how he doesn’t want to be involved in their matters. Of course this makes no sense to Da Ye (who is, lets face it, pretty dense in a lot of matters). Da Ye thinks Yi Cheng is referring to the matter with Qiu Yun and Yi Cheng looks at him says he’s a retard. Seriously. Yi Cheng then tells him not to bother others which annoys Da Ye who then hits a little below the belt by making a sarcastic comment in regards to Yi Cheng’s first love. Yi Cheng then leaves the argument and goes into his room, slamming the door. Da Ye doesn’t really quite get why Yi Cheng is mad and I don’t think he even understands that he shouldn’t have thrown Yi Cheng’s failed first love back in his face. Aiyo, Da Ye.

The next day at school, Xiao Feng asks Da Ye how things were with Yi Cheng and Da Ye confesses that things are tense and he doesn’t understand why his cousin is so angry at him. Poor Xiao Feng feels like it is her fault that the two are fighting. She notices some graffiti on a post and points it out to Da Ye. It seems really random, but there’s a purpose. The two find Yi Cheng and drag him out to an overpass where they had painted their apology. The two then say they are pig heads and do a little bit of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” song and dance. LOL, SuJu is EVERYWHERE!! And just like that, the atmosphere changed and things went back to normal. Yi Cheng ran up the hill with a spray can and began adding on while the other two chased him and told him to stop as it took a long time to do, but they had a great time adding to the apology and laughing.

That night the apartment block sets off fireworks and Xiao Feng is happily watching Da Ye play with the kids, but then begins to worry about confessing and the like. Xiao Feng wonders if she will only have this friendship with Da Ye or will things change? Can he accept her love or will he reject her as well? Yi Cheng notices her pensiveness and guesses what is wrong. He comes and sits by her and tells her that she is a good girl and very beautiful in his heart. Omo, the cheesiness. This is meant to cheer Xiao Feng up and get his emotions across a little bit, but the timing was definitely not the best. This leaves Xiao Feng uneasy and confused. Why should she be confused? Yi Cheng has done some things to hint already that he likes her in more ways than one. Da Ye then calls out for Yi Cheng and Xiao Feng to help clean up and Xiao Feng hastily leaves while Yi Cheng watches her. Of course, that night Yi Cheng is in a bad mood again and takes it out on Da Ye who cannot understand his cousin’s mood swings. I don’t blame him, Yi Cheng is quite moody at times. Da Ye asks why Yi Cheng is mad and Yi Cheng doesn’t answer. Da Ye then asks if Yi Cheng likes Xiao Feng. Yi Cheng, of course, won’t own up to liking her either and leaves to take a shower. The books on his shelf fall over and Da Ye goes over and sees a piece of paper sticking out. It is the picture Xiao Feng drew when she was a child. Knowing that Yi Cheng hides that which is most precious to him, Da Ye jumps to the right conclusion for the wrong reason. Yes, Yi Cheng likes Xiao Feng. No, Xiao Feng did not give the picture to Yi Cheng and nor did he hide it. Oh well.

At school the next day, Ah Ji says that Da Ye has no idea Xiao Feng likes him. Xiao Feng says “of course” as she hasn’t told him yet. Ah Ji commends her at being good at hiding her feelings (really? It is SO obvious to everyone except Da Ye that she likes him). Xiao Feng reminds him to keep his lips zipped and Ah Ji is surprised to hear that she still plans on keeping it a secret. Xiao Feng won’t keep it a secret forever, of course she’ll tell him (actually, she might have gone on like that if people didn’t keep chiding her for not confessing). Ah Ji says that as her ex (LMAO), he cares about her and doesn’t want to see her painful one-sided love. He tells her to bravely confess. At tennis she watches Da Ye play and Qiu Ying approaches her and scolds her as well. Xiao Feng say they are the same and Qiu Ying says at least she confessed her feelings while all Xiao Feng does is hide them in order to stay by Da Ye’s side. That is why Qiu Ying accused her of being sly. After practice, Xiao Feng practices hitting balls while wondering if she should really confess and face rejection or stay by Da Ye’s side as a good friend. Then in walks Yi Cheng. Xiao Feng says she wants to keep practicing and Yi Cheng says that she only joined the team because of Da Ye. He then tells her that he doesn’t think that she can take anymore. Xiao Feng snaps and says that she can still take it and then yells at Yi Cheng for complimenting her a few days ago and then harping on her then. Xiao Feng angrily stalks off.

We now have a softball match randomly out of the blue. It looks like Xiao Feng’s class versus Da Ye’s class. Xiao Feng is the pitcher and Da Ye is the batter. Xiao Feng winds up and Da Ye hits the ball and it smashes into her her ankle. Instead of running the bases, Da Ye quickly runs to the injured Xiao Feng (Yi Cheng just wasn’t fast enough as he was watching in the stands). The worried Da Ye doesn’t care that he is called out and carries Xiao Feng to the doctor who was monitoring the event. Da Ye holds on to her hand tightly while the doctor examines and treats her ankle. Afterward, the two are alone in the stands when Xiao Feng finally screws up her courage and confesses. Da Ye’s response? He is surprised and he woefully gives Xiao Feng the same answer he gave Qiu Ying. Poor Xiao Feng. She expected it, but it is still very painful to be rejected. Xiao Feng then apologizes which seems to make Da Ye sadder. He tells her that she doesn’t have to apologize. Xiao Feng turns her back so he can’t see her tears and then confesses that she didn’t mean to fall for him but what can she do know that she likes him? She then hobbles away on her injured ankle and Yi Cheng approaches. He heard everything. Da Ye asks him if he heard and then Yi Cheng punches him and leaves. Da Ye did deserve that for his own ignorance (in more ways than one).

Back at the apartment, Da Ye demands to know why Yi Cheng hit him. Yi Cheng says he doesn’t know, but Da Ye isn’t having any of that. Why did Yi Cheng hit him? Is it because he knew what Xiao Feng said? Yi Cheng again claims ignorance and Da Ye again insists on knowing why he was hit. Yi Cheng says that Da Ye is too much. He believes that Da Ye does know the difference between liking and not liking. Da Ye iterates that he knows no such thing. What if their ideas are different and they begin only to fail and get hurt farther down the road? So it has nothing to do with liking or not liking, just the fear of what will happen later if their feelings really don’t match. Yi Cheng says that is why he calls Da Ye stupid. He then warns his cousin not to forget that it was Da Ye who rejected Xiao Feng. I basically think that is Yi Cheng’s declaration of intent. Da Ye rejected Xiao Feng, so Yi Cheng is going to go after her now. Downstairs Xiao Feng cries and throws out Da Ye’s pictures.

The next day Qiu Ying and Xiao Feng go to a specialist for Xiao Feng’s ankle and Qiu Ying complains that Xiao Feng has no sense of timing and shouldn’t have randomly confessed. Xiao Feng says it is partly Qiu Ying’s and everyone elses fault that she confessed earlier than she meant to and had her heart completely shattered. The doctor tells Xiao Feng that the pain she feels now will be good for her later, but she doesn’t really get what he means. Oh well. Xiao Feng and Qiu Ying are officially friends now as they are in the same boat: both confessed to Da Ye and were rejected. Qiu Ying doesn’t want to admit they are the same and says she doesn’t want to be Xiao Feng’s friend, but she says there is something about Xiao Feng which makes others want to worry about her and take care of her.

The depressed Xiao Feng keeps the curtains closed in the classroom so she can’t see Da Ye, but heaven knows she keeps looking depressed in his classroom’s direction. Yi Cheng and her friends see this and wonder what to do. Her friends’ solution? Karaoke! Ah Ji hears of her rejection and felt responsible so he was going to take her away to cheer her up, but her friends stop this and Ah Ji, Qiu Ying, the two friends, and Xiao Feng all end up at karaoke together where the recently rejected sat depressed listening to ballads and crying instead of singing. Afterward, Ah Ji buys them snacks and Qiu Ying scolds Xiao Feng for her impromptu confession. Xiao Feng’s friend jumps up and defends Xiao Feng and then gets sad about how Xiao Feng isn’t snapping back and being her usual happy-go-lucky self. The other friend drags her off, leaving the three rejectees alone. Xiao Feng then cries saying how she blamed them for making her confess, but she knows it is not their fault. It’s all her own doing and she cries some more. When she gets home she notices that she missed three calls for Da Ye. The poor guy is as brokenhearted as she is and he was the one who rejected her feelings.

At school the next day, Xiao Feng runs into Yi Cheng who is carrying handouts again. She greets him and gets to hear him say how she is even more ugly after she cries. Xiao Feng scolds him for being so mean when she is so pitiable and Yi Cheng reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a hair pin for her. Xiao Feng is surprised and uncertain. Yi Cheng says it is nothing much, just something he bought from a little girl selling matches (how unbelievable is that). Xiao Feng knows that isn’t true and that he particularly picked it out for her. When she asks why she is suddenly getting a gift, Yi Cheng says it is a gift to make her happy. Yes, because nothing cures a broken heart like a new hair accessory, but at least you know he cares and he is already slowly and slyly making his own moves on Xiao Feng.

In the ladies room, Xiao Feng puts the clip on and admires it. But then she begins thinking about the time at the apartment where Yi Cheng announced that he was also a guy and the  day of the fireworks when he said that she was beautiful in his heart. Yeah. Now she becomes worried that there’s a hidden meaning. She splashes water on her face and takes the pin out of her hair. She refuses to read into the situation, but now that though is there in the back of her mind. She leaves the bathroom and feels cheered by all those who are worrying about her while also feeling sorry that she is worrying them. She runs into Da Ye and turns and flees while he runs after her. Da Ye then asks why she is avoiding him. He hates the current situation and wants to go back to how they were before. This angers Xiao Feng who cannot bring herself to go back. Why? How can she smile with him and be happy when he rejected her? She then walks away leaving a pained Da Ye. She has every right to be angry, but she should also know the pain that Da Ye feels every time he rejects a person who sincerely likes him. And since this is his good friend Xiao Feng, you know it has to hurt worse.

At home, Xiao Feng’s family tries to comfort her. Xiao Feng says that it was a one-sided love so how can there possibly be a broken heart. Her father and mother then try to advise her, but start bickering like always. Her sister shuts  them up and kicks them out and says that Xiao Feng needs to get back on her feet and stop hiding. Her sister believes that Xiao Feng should open herself up to the possibility of a new love to help mend the hurt of Da Ye’s rejection. Yes, open yourself up to Yi Cheng so he can break your heart later because of the mysterious Ying Zhi.

At school, Ah Ji confronts Da Ye. He accuses Da Ye of going around with girls to take his mind off hurting Xiao Feng and his own pain. Ah Ji is quiet, can be silly, but is really observant and smart. Yes, that is why Da Ye is being even friendlier with other girls. Xiao Feng is asked to open the curtains, but refuses since she doesn’t want to have to see Da Ye. The other classmates pressure her, wondering why she won’t open them when Yi Cheng comes in with an excuse that Xiao Feng will grow spikes and kill ugly, tanned girls. You have to laugh at his clumsy and absurd rescue. Later, Da Ye asks Xiao Feng’s friends where she is and they say the have strict orders not to tell, but her one friend leaks all the information anyways and Da Ye runs to the classroom only to find it empty. He collapses into a seat (is it Xiao Feng’s?) and an upperclassman sees him and reminds him about karaoke. Da Ye begs off saying his throat is sore and the girl comes up and checks his forehead for a fever when in walks Xiao Feng who  gives him a pretty good glare.


  • Oh I want to watch this!!!!!!!! *waves “I heart Fahrenheit” banner* lol

    I have NO background on the manga (btw, you seem to be very clued in in the world of manga and anime… how do you find the time? *headbow* m(_ _)m ) so I can only pick based on the fact that Calvin is probably my fave- I think… although Aaron is certainly growing up into a very nice looking boy. I actually have a copy of Gloomy Salad Days waiting to roll, which I can’t wait to rip into- have you seen it yet?

    Gosh love the Taiwanese for turning every manga/anime into a love-action scenario, makes for pretty good watching xDD

    • Well, I was pretty into anime and manga when at the end of my high school days into my college days. And then after college I discovered drama, so my manga reading and anime watching has pretty much slowed to a grinding halt. I heart Fahrenheit, too! Jiro was my favorite for awhile. Now it’s a toss up between Aaron and Wu Chun. Calvin has taken awhile to grow on me, but grown he has.

      I have watched the first few episodes and still need to finish them. I don’t know why I originally thought that GSD was originally going to be only 12 episodes and it turned into 20! If you think on it, the series with its angst, melodrama, and obsession with death is kind of depressing. The acting of the various stories is intriguing as some actors are really good and others aren’t so much. Oh, Aaron, but his acting skills are definitely improving. I do wonder when in this series will he actually become a main character? Granted I am only 1/3 of the way through. I have to take doom and gloom in small doses.

      I wonder why it is that the Taiwanese have to adapt all this manga and anime? I do like it, especially when its one that I’ve actually read/watched, but then at times the silly campiness of the manga meeting some really schtick acting makes for an annoying watch for me sometimes.

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