Drama Pet Peeve #1 – Dubbing

So, totally random rant as I check out some mainland (aka Chinese) dramas.

I HATE DUBBING!!! Unlike Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean dramas, Chinese dramas tend to do a lot of dubbing. Like in Jang Na Ra’s Good Morning Shangai. All of the Korean (she played a Korean relocated to Shanghai) was dubbed into Mandarin. At times the mouth almost moves with the words, but you can tell most of the time that it is not what they are really saying. I hate that out-of-sync look and would just rather hear the other language. And in the Chinese version of Autumn Tale, Dennis Oh is dubbed over, too. I wonder if he is speaking in English like he did in his Korean dramas? And Jang Hyuk in the Chinese version of All About Eve has his character being dubbed as well. Aiyo. I really, really don’t like it. Why must they do it? I think it kind of ruins things not being able to hear the original voice of the actor and to have, like I mentioned earlier, that out of sync look of a badly done video.

I also don’t understand why they dub actors who speak the language natively as that is also quite common. Why does China like dubbing so much?

End Rant.

And on a side note: I am not a big fan of English dubbed Asian (or any other language/culture) drama. Dubbing works in anime, but not in live action. I prefer to read the subtitles as that doesn’t distract me nearly as much as the usually weird voices and the mismatched mouth movements with the language.


  • I totally agree with you.. do you happen to know where i can download korean dubs as i have several dramas that was dubbed to chinese and would like to re-dub into korean so that i can watch it >.<

  • I understand the frustration of dubbing, I don’t think it’s all bad though, some dubbing actors are REALLY good, and can nail the role excellent, some you can barely even tell it’s dubbing. It is distracting having lips that don’t match but I think there’s really no other way around it, because a lot of times, the voices are ruined by sounds and the actors literally have no time to dub their own voices. Dubbing has really made me see how talented some voice actors are, like Sun Ye, Huang Yiqing, Feng Junhua, Hong Haitian, Yang Menglu. They’ve all been shows like Bu Bu Jing Xin, Chinese Paladin 3, and such. I love these voice actors, and in some ways, it’s really sad that the good dubbing actors don’t get any credit for their hard work.

    • I know, I feel bad for some of the great dubbing actors out there. They are very talented. While I know it’s almost virtually impossible to have the audio in synch with the mouth movements (especially when one of the actors are speaking a completely different language), sometimes it is so out of synch that I find it distracting and it can detract from otherwise faultless acting. I don’t hate the actors or the dubbing voices per se, but just can’t really stand the out of syncness of it.

      I also don’t necessarily understand why, when actors are speaking the same exact language, they choose to use voice actors and to dub their voices. It’s just a mystery to me. I remember you talking about certain voice actors and the roles they dub and they are really great. I am slowly becoming more used to dubbing, though, like I’ve said, I kind of wish you got to have the real actors’ voices at times. 🙂

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