Love Buffet Episode 3 Recap

I am beginning to think more and more that silly shoujo manga shouldn’t be made into live action as things that seem all right in comic form seem really ridiculous when you have real people acting them out. Especially when you have a high school manga being shifted into college where some of the behaviors and things should be a tad more mature. That being said, we have episode three of Love Buffet in which Xiao Feng gets a rival, goes on a disastrous first “date,” witnesses her rival’s rejection, Yi Cheng shows his true feelings by helping Xiao Feng against her rival, and Da Ye gets hurt as he hurts someone else’s feelings.

Spoiler [In which you have to hover over it awhile to read. Fun times.]

Xiao Feng’s friends go to ask permission to use the tennis courts and we can see a little bit of Qiu Ying’s two-facedness coming out when she outright rejects them. But when Yi Cheng comes in and vouches for the human services department, hoping to score points, Qiu Ying agrees to let them use the court. At tennis practice, Xiao Feng finally manages to hit the ball and Da Ye comes over to congratulate her and to also tell her that now she needs to learn how to control her swing and not just smash the ball back. Da Ye notices her shoes and asks when she will buy proper tennis shoes. Xiao Feng then asks him to accompany her the next day to buy shoes since he knows more about that stuff. Da Ye agrees even though he doesn’t know much about women’s shoes and then enlists the help of Qui Ying who was passing by. This disappoints Xiao Feng a little, but nothing can dampen her happiness about going out with Da Ye.

Xiao Feng quickly enlists the help of her two best friends who tell her that what she wears is most important as the clothes give off the feeling of just what the date means to her. They then begin listing an amalgamation of different trends and styles that are currently “in.” The amazed Xiao Feng happily takes notes and you know right away that the girl isn’t going to pick one style and go around that, no she will incorporate all the different styles. Oy.

And boy do those styles look horrible together. Xiao Feng has loud patterns, a sweeping sun hat, floral print, animal print, dress, skirt, boots, weird accessories all in one outfit. Da Ye and Qiu Ying cannot believe the uniqueness of the outfit and stand there in shock for a little while  before Xiao Feng notices how simply and beautifully Qui Yin is put together. She compliments this and Qiu Ying tries to return the compliment, but it is hard. The three then set off going to an exhibit first before going shoe shopping. Just as the performance is about to start, Xiao Feng goes off to the bathroom – unfortunately there are bathrooms as part of the exhibit and she wanders into one. Then the artists comes out and the show is about to begin. Qui Ying tells Da Ye that the artist blows up her pieces and Da Ye begins to worry when he notices the bathrooms in the exhibit. He then asks Qiu Ying if she thinks that Xiao Feng would go in that and Qiu Ying, knowing a little bit about Xiao Feng’s personality says that it is highly likely. Then start the major freak out with the fuse being lit and the explosions starting. Da Ye tries to get to the bathroom to save Xiao Feng, but is held back by security. Then the toilet flushes, effectively putting out the fuse and Xiao Feng emerges from the toilet as the center of everyone’s attention. Thinking that she was part of the exhibit, the crowd starts clapping.

Outside, poor Xiao Feng is horribly embarrassed. She feels that Qui Ying and Da Ye won’t want to be with her after making such a spectacle of herself. Da Ye comes back and tells her not to worry and the three then go to the shoe shop where Xiao Feng is again embarrassed. Why? The boots that she chose to wear were nearly impossible to get off. It took three employees, one to pull the boot and two to hold Xiao Feng down to get the boot off and when it comes off the three employees are sent sprawling and the shoe goes flying. This dampens Xiao Feng’s spirits even more, but Da Ye tells her to cheer up as he will make a special meal just for her. This perks Xiao Feng up and she quickly goes to put her new shoes in her apartment and change. When she goes upstairs, she sees Qui Ying touching Da Ye’s face, misinterprets and goes running out to cry in front of the building where Yi Cheng finds her.

The sobbing Xiao Feng tells Yi Cheng not to go up to his place as Da Ye and Qui Ying are there and need some private time. Yi Cheng then calls her an idiot and asks if she will give up before even trying. The two then go up to the apartment together where Da Ye says that it was all a misunderstanding, he just had tissue on his face. Da Ye, Xiao Feng, and Qiu Yun all go to prepare dinner where Xiao Feng hinders more then helps and she swears she heard Qiu Ying call her an idiot, but things she must be wrong. She is exiled to the living room where she at first thanks Yi Cheng for grabbing her arm and dragging her back and then while listening to Da Ye compliment Qiu Ying’s cooking skills and seeing Qiu Ying feed Da Ye, she changes her mind and yells at him for bringing her back, annoying Yi Cheng who tells her not to take her anger out on him.

The four then sit down to a disastrous dinner. Disastrous in that Qiu Ying takes over the lady of the house duties. Yi Cheng, who already can tell that Qiu Ying is not what she appears to be, dislikes her immediately and yells at her for acting like it was her place when it is his home. Really, he is doing that because he is upset that Xiao Feng is being hurt by Qiu Yun’s actions and perfection. Dad Ye tries to diffuse the situation, but they quartet end up eating in awkward silence.

The next day at school as Xiao Feng is complaining about feeling tense all over from last night’s dinner she witnesses Qiu Ying being confessed to. Qiu Ying classily lets the guy down and says they can be friends. The guy then happily goes off and Qiu Ying’s sweet smile disappears and she begins badmouthing the guy. Xiao Feng cannot believe her eyes and ears and leaves only to be spotted by Qiu Ying who then asks Xiao Feng to have breakfast with her. Qiu Ying then asks Xiao Feng if she likes Da Ye, shocking Xiao Feng who vehemently denies it at first. Qiu Ying then explains about her acting skills and this has Xiao Feng livid because she doesn’t like that fact that Da Ye is being lied to and misled by this girl. Qiu Ying doesn’t believe that she is doing anything wrong and even gives Xiao Feng pointers on how to catch men. Seriously. What woman gives a potential rival pointers?

On her way home, Xiao Feng is mired in thoughts about what Qiu Ying is doing to Da Ye when Da Ye offers her a ride home on his bike. Xiao Feng decides to tell him, but can’t bring herself to do it at the last minute. Instead, she decides to primp and become someone more like Qiu Ying. Not quite sure what I think about her method of dealing with the problem, but whatever. She immediately does all these new grooming things such as pinching her nose and wrapping her legs in plastic wrap (which I think is supposed to help with water retention and other stuff). The next day, she implements her new attitude, which annoys Yi Cheng at first, but then he tells her to keep it up as it is amusing watching her be so stupid. Xiao Feng was going to break her lady-like demeanor and chew him out when she notices Da Ye. She then throws her share of the handouts on top of Yi Cheng’s and races to talk to Da Ye who is already with Qiu Ying who is borrowing some CDs from him. As the two girls pass each other, Qiu Ying warns Xiao Feng not to tattle and Xiao Feng becomes glad that she did not inadvertently spill the beans earlier. She asks Da Ye what they were talking about and Da Ye immediately becomes concerned with how different Xiao Feng is acting. He then starts poking and tickling her making he smile and laugh. He then says she has a cute face and looks much better smiling. This makes Xiao Feng happy, but makes Qiu Ying (who was watching around the corner) less than pleased.

That night, Xiao Feng goes to Yi Cheng’s workplace and he asks her what she wants. She compliments how observant he is and says that he must want to know, Yi Cheng denies this and goes to walk away, but Xiao Feng says that he has to listen to her. Da Ye asks what is going on and Xiao Feng pulls out a book in which she is recording observations and the like about Da Ye (really stalkerish). She then opens a page and begins to read about how happy she was that Da Ye said her face was really cute. Poor Yi Cheng is forced to listen to her bubble over about Da Ye yet again. He yells at Xiao Feng for not being able to confess, while he can’t really seem to confess to Xiao Feng either. Yi Cheng then says it is getting late and asks if he should call Da Ye to come walk her home as it is dangerous to be out walking alone at night. Xiao Feng thanks him but says that it is not too late and that she can make it home just fine on her own. Gotta love how he will still take care of her and support her love even when he himself likes her. There are so many different types of love. We have the selfish love (often seen in dramas and what Qiu Ying is actually more representative of), innocent love (Xiao Feng who has her innocent beliefs and ideals), and the selfless love like Yi Cheng’s who doesn’t force his emotions on Xiao Feng and does his best to help her be happy even it it isn’t with him.

The next day Xiao Feng’s happy bubble is burst when she sees Da Ye giving Qiu Ying a ride to school on the back of his bike. Da Ye explains about accidentally injuring Qiu Ying while playing tennis. Xiao Feng immediately believes that Qiu Ying is being her two-faced self and actually is only pretending to be injured. Xiao Feng confronts her in the ladies’s room and Qiu Ying admits to lying and she says that as long as it brings her closer to Da Ye, then the bandage on her foot will never come off. Xiao Feng then tells her friends about what happened and they cannot believe how low Qiu Ying stooped. But the girls aren’t surprised to hear how two-faced she is as they had witnessed a bit of it themselves. They wish Xiao Feng good luck with her love as her rival is far superior in many ways. Xiao Feng is determined not to give up and hatches her own plan.

What is it? The next day Qiu Ying is shocked to see both Xiao Feng and Da Ye waiting for her. Xiao Feng lied about being concerned for Qiu Ying in hopes of coming between the two. It didn’t really work out to Xiao Feng’s advantage as she really is horrible when it comes to physical activity and she has problems keeping up with Da Ye and Qiu Ying. The day after that, it is Xiao Feng’s plan to make Da Ye his favorite breakfast. Da Ye keeps telling her about what sounds good and Xiao Feng keeps changing the order for her dad until at last Da Ye comes back to his initial decision. Xiao Feng waits outside with the sandwich only to have the bottom of the sack fall out and the sandwich hit the ground. She then runs back into the house and snatches the fried bread her dad was about to eat. Outside of Qiu Ying’s house, Xiao Feng is happy to hear that Da Ye is craving fried bread and takes it out of her bag when Qiu Ying comes out and apologizes for being late. Qiu Ying carries a 3-tier homemade bento. Da Ye immediately starts eating and complimenting Qiu Ying who is surprised when he asks for Xiao Feng’s fried bread as well. Sensing the somewhat tense atmosphere, Da Ye then asks the two girls to help him finish the abundant amount of food.

At the school, Qiu Ying thanks Da Ye for going out of his way to help her and Da Ye says it is the least he can do, but he is distracted by Xiao Feng who is having bicycle issues. Qiu Ying tries to keep his attention when a group of people walk by and talk about how the two appear to be dating. Qiu Ying says that she hopes the rumors of their dating won’t bother him and Da Ye says it won’t as it will never happen. Ouch! Talk about a slap in the face for Qiu Ying. Da Ye then abandons her to go help Xiao Feng who is struggle to put her chain back on. By Qiu Ying’s expression, you can tell she already knows she lost the battle.

In class, Xiao Feng’s two friends tell her to be brave and fight on as they will support her against Qiu Ying. Of course, the two girls turn chicken immediately when Qiu Ying shows up and calls Xiao Feng out to take her home. When the two girls get outside Xiao Feng again accuses Qiu Ying of being two-faced and Qiu Ying says that Xiao Feng is the same as she isn’t coming with Da Ye everyday just out of concern for Qiu Ying’s well-being. Da Ye then shows up and Qiu Ying asks to talk to him. Da Ya tells Xiao Feng to go ahead, but Qiu Ying insists she comes with them. In the park, Qiu Ying confesses and Da Ye immediately rejects her like he has rejected all of the others. Qiu Ying then confesses her duplicity and walks away. Xiao Feng who worries that Da Ye will do the same to her when she confesses, runs after Qiu Ying when she sees her limping. Looks like the ankle injury wasn’t a lie after all. Qiu Ying doesn’t want pity and then tells Xiao Feng that she is really clever as she can stay close to Da Ye as a good friend without ever needing to confess. Xiao Feng wants to help Qiu Ying home, but Qiu Ying keeps the last vestiges of her pride and walks away, tearful, but head held high.

That night, Xiao Feng asks her parents who confessed first and both parent asserts it was the other one, causing the two to bicker. Then Xiao Feng’s sister speaks up and says that it doesn’t matter who confesses first, all that matters is letting your true feelings be known. This seems to encourage Xiao Feng, but when she is back in her room, she keeps thinking about Da Ye’s rejection of Qiu Ying and what he said about not being able to seriously like anyone. Will it be any different when she confesses? Does she hold a little more of a place in Da Ye’s heart than Qiu Ying? She doesn’t know, but she is afraid to find out. Da Ye calls her up and invites her to the beach. Xiao Feng agrees to go as it has been awhile since she, Da Ye, and Yi Cheng hung out together. Da Ye says that it will be just the two of them.

When they get to the beach, Da Ye asks if Qiu Ying was hurt and if she cried. Xiao Feng says yes and you can tell how much that hurts Da Ye. You would think by now he would understand that it is also partly because of his own actions that girls start to come to like him. He is too nice, too good, and way too flirtatious. On the other hand, by seeing how he acts with other girls, how can any girl get serious about him? Xiao Feng realizes he is hurt, too, but he still doesn’t understand yet. What does it mean to like someone? How do you know if you really like them or if you just like them to be at your side? How do you know what love is? Da Ye borrows her shoulder for a moment and asks these heavy questions when our episode ends.

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