Sign Episode 3 Recap

In the first two episodes there was so much going on that you might miss something if you blink – not so much in this episode. We get to see the breakdown of just how Seo Yoon Hyung (Gun Il of Supernova) was murdered, we get a hint of mystery about Ji Hoon’s father’s death, more cover up, presidential elections, career changes, and relocation to a small, understaffed branch of the NFS. So, yeah, not a whole lot happened.

So our esteemed doctor will perform the autopsy and that means Ji Hoon will be vindicated, or not. While Jung is preparing for the autopsy, Myung Han comes in and locks the door. Jung doesn’t want to be delayed, but Myung Han states point blank that Ji Hoon was not wrong. Myung Han then takes Jung step-by-step through the murder. He reveals that the mastermind was really Yoon Hyung’s girlfriend who enlisted the help of the stylist (recently dumped by Yoon Hyung herself), the manager (upset by contract issues), and Yoon Hyung’s fellow band mate. Why did she go to such lengths? Because Yoon Hyung wanted to end their relationship and she didn’t want that. Well, nothing ends a relationship like death, so how does that work? Jung cannot believe that Myung Han knows all this and he asks how. Myung Han then reveals he needs to know the details about the real death in order to fabricate the results of the autopsy. If Ji Hoon had not conducted his own autopsy, the stylist would never have had to step forward and it would have been ruled an accidental death. Myung Han then asks Jung to do the unthinkable – lie. Jung initially refuses, but Myung Han then brings up a past case where Jung did apparently the same thing Myung Han did and it just so happens to be the case involving Ji Hoon’s father. If Jung continues with the autopsy and tells the truth, Myung Han will make sure that Jung goes down with him.

While all that drama is going on, Da Kyung confronts her sunbae and we learn about his betrayal and why he did it. Due to working with all the CSI materials, the man has become ill but only gets paid peanuts. So, this being his last case, he let himself be bought. Da Kyung cries and cannot believe all of this. The man she looked up to has betrayed her deeply. We then learn the real reason behind her becoming a crime scene investigator. Her brother was attacked (I can’t quite tell if he ended up dying or not) and was lying in the hospital near death. The police had no leads and couldn’t catch the criminal so Da Kyung decided to take matters into her own hands and began studying under her mentor who inspired her at a lecture. Her mentor says that given enough time, Da Kyung will be just as jaded as he had become about catching criminals and will do what he did. Da Kyung believes that will never happen. Her mentor then mentions that only the dead tell the truth while the living lie. So Da Kyung says that if only the dead tell the truth, then she will get it from then. She then burns her forensics badge. She is quitting her job as a crime scene investigator and is going to become a medical examiner.

Back at the NFS, Jung conducts the autopsy. When the time comes to reveal the results, Jung does lie. Poor Ji Hoobn doesn’t know what to do. Jung takes full responsibility for the “mistake” of Ji Hoon and tenders his resignation. Ji Hoon is livid and wondering just what was going on as he knew he was right. He confronts Jung who hints that he has done something wrong himself. Medical examiners are supposed to be impartial scientists, but they are human, too and make mistakes. Ji Hoon doesn’t catch the hint though and keeps insisting he was right. Ji Hoon is even more upset to learn his mentor and friend leaving. But Jung does advise Ji Hoon to be even better than Jung himself. Jung leaves the scene quietly on his own two feet. Does he regret his last autopsy?

Yi Han seeks out Woo Jin who is also upset about learning whose account it was. She is out drinking and Yi Han grills her about pursuing the real culprit. He is disappointed when he realizes the Woo Jin will not be going after the mastermind. He accuses her of being a boot kisser and ass licker, saying that she is letting an innocent woman (the stylist did poison him, but did not kill him – in fact, she had wanted to stop the whole thing, but the manager and everyone else made sure it happened). Woo Jin then starts yelling that she is all the horrible things he says she is. Why? Because she wants a promotion. She wants to be powerful enough to be able to put an end to her boot licking days and to give the wealthy people who break the law their just desserts. Woo Jin then gets yelled at by a drunk ahjussi for being too loud and Yi Han and the man’s friend have to separate the two before a brawl breaks out. Yi Han takes Woo Jin away and tries to give her medicine to help with her drunkenness, but Woo Jin disappears in a taxi and heads off to the NFS.

Da Kyung seeks Ji Hoon out. He wants nothing to do with her after the hellish day he’s had. The case is over, she can just go. Da Kyung persists and gets him to drink with her in a little restaurant outside the NFS. She laughs (rather loud and fake) at Ji Hoon’s peculiar eating habits when Woo Jin arrives at the NFS and is unhappy to find her ex drinking with another woman. We then learn that Woo Jin broke up with him on the day he proposed to her. Why? She was unhappy with his choice to become a medical examiner and join the NFS. She asked him to quit for her and become a normal doctor, but Ji Hoon couldn’t do that for her. Back inside the tent, Da Kyung asks if Ji Hoon regrets becoming and ME versus a regular doctor. Ji Hoon doesn’t hesitate and says no. Da Kyung then asks about his thankless job and being isolated from the living by working on the dead. Ji Hoon says that he is just grateful to wake up every morning and he loves his job. This is just what Da Kyung wants to hear. She gives him a talisman of invincibility that will protect him and bring him good luck before asking him to pay the bill while she leaves. Ji Hoon pays up and goes to leave, but the store owner hands him the card. He does take it, but not because he wants to.

1 year later.

Fans still morn the death of fallen Yoon Hyung which worries the congressman who is now running for president. Jang warns Myung Han (now director of the NFS) to finish cleaning up the mess. Myung Han says all evidence is destroyed pertaining to that case and Ji Hoon has been sent to the southern branch never to be heard from again. Besides, the only way they can pin the murder on the congressman’s daughter is by the murder weapon which was destroyed one year ago.

Woo Jin is passed over for promotion. She demands to know why and is told it’s because she does not know her rightful place. She takes this rejection out on Yi Han who brings a serial arsonist to her. She releases him for “lack of evidence” enraging Yi Han. Why? Because she is not doing her job properly. Woo Jin snaps and calls him a dirty name and claims her hands are tied because of his own crappy job of investigating. Yeah. She is unhappy because she helped cover up the congressman’s involvement and has gotten nothing to show for it.

The rest of Ji Hoon’s team is finally kicked out of the main NFS lab for reporting to Myung Han that his subordinate ordered the destruction of Seo Yoon Hyung’s samples and the one lab woman kept hitting on Myung Han. They arrive at the southern branch to hear horror stories of how Ji Hoon has gotten worse and only comes out of his office for autopsies. Da Kyung gets the news that she has finally gotten a job at the NFS. She hides it from her father who is happy to believe his daughter has finally gone back to work as a medical doctor and will be saving lives. She arrives at the Southern branch on the same day as the others and goes straight to Ji Hoon’s office. His walls are papered with diagrams and pictures of lungs, notes about potassium cyanide, and other miscellany. Ji Hoon enters and demands to know what Da Kyung is doing there touching his things without permission. Da Kyung turns and shocks Ji Hoon by saying she is the new assistant. She says that she knows he is still investigating the case and pulls out the sample Ji Hoon pulled out of Yoon Hyung’s body one year ago. Da Kyung then says that they should continue the investigation together.

We then cut to the congressman’s daughter who still has the murder weapon after all. Go figure.

End episode.

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