My Prince Episode 16 Recap

Farewell, farewell, farewell my princes. 😛 {okay, I’m channeling some Monday Kiz right now).

And so here is the end of Chinese drama My Prince, which doesn’t really have an actual definitive end, but rather an open-ended ending leaving the viewer to choose how they want things to go as there was never a second season made for this 2007 drama.

Basically, we have three out of four relationships sorted out, one left hanging, a jealous ex who refuses to go away, and a jilted fiance who does his best to make his old rival into his friend. Plus, a little romance in the works for Xiu Yun, but nothing definitive. Poor Wang.

Zhi Wen is hanging out at the convenience store again with a bouquet of roses. Xiao Mi’s coworkers assert once more that they have not heard from nor seen Xiao Mi in a long time. Tian Tian then tells Zhi Wen that if she does learn anything, she will tell him right away. He thanks her listlessly and in walks Su Ze. Zhi Wen asks why Su Ze is there and he replies that he stopped by Zhi Wen’s house and Xiu Yun said that he was probably there. Zhi Wen asks after Su Ze’s health and Su Ze replies that he is all better now. Tian Tian then remarks that it is a pity that Xiao Mi isn’t there as the three of them were always so happy and close. Su Ze then says he came to tell Zhi Wen about seeing Xiao Mi a few days ago. Zhi Wen asks where and Su Ze explains about how Xiao Mi came to the company and slapped him, but ran as soon as she saw Zhi Wen. This proves that Xiao Mi still loves him, so there’s hope (although her wedding date is drawing nigh fast). Zhi Wen wants to know how there is hope when he can’t even find her and her coworkers and Su Ze all agree to help him, making Zhi Wen feel that their might be hope after all when Wang barges in. He asks for Zhi Wen’s support in proposing to Xiu Yun and Zhi Wen is in total shock. He refuses to support Wang and Su Ze and the girls say that everyone knows Wang is crazy about Xiu Yun and treats her well, so if Zhi Wen refuses to support Wang, then Su Ze and the girls won’t help him find Xiao Mi. Zhi Wen then unhappily runs out of the store and Wang takes that as an acceptance. 3 down, 1 to go.

Zhang Xiao ChenAt the wine store, Zhi Chen and fellow workers are trying to make the perfect cocktail for Zhi Kai’s engagement party. Zhi Chen wants a drink that gives you a sense of happiness when you drink it. His friend thinks he’s reaching too high, but agrees to go back and try some other ideas when Wang comes in. Wang asks for Zhi Chen’s support and he is completely flummoxed when Zhi Chen easily gives it. Wang then ask if Zhi Chen is shocked and Zhi Chen replies that he isn’t and then asks Wang since Zhi Kai is getting married now, hasn’t Wang been dying to become the head of the Li family? Wang can’t believe that Zhi Chen has seen through him (why when he has been so obvious throughout the entire series?). Zhi Chen’s friend replies that isn’t surprising as Zhi Chen is the most observant. Wang is happy, but parched since he was initially so nervous. He takes the cocktail (he doesn’t drink at all) and gulps it down. He says that it could use some salt, which sets a light bulb off for Zhi Chen and he realizes that is all he needs to make the cocktail perfect. He grabs his friend and they immediately go to buy salt for the party thanking Wang who has no idea what is going on. He then begins to feel the effects of the alcohol and passes out.

That night the Li sons gather to discuss helping out Wang with his proposal. They decide that Xiu Yun will be more open to Wang’s proposal if none of them are around, so they agree to make things scarce and to let Wang have time alone to propose to their mother. Of course, Zhi Wen is still not happy about it, but then again, he is a complete mama’s boy.

My Prince 16The next day dawns and the house is completely empty. Xiu Yun wakes up and yells for her children, scolding Zhi Kai for even sleeping in. She goes throughout the house and cannot find a single soul. She then complains that them leaving made her oversleep, but when she looks at the clock, it’s only 7:30. Trying to figure out what is going on, the doorbell rings and there is Wang with a bouquet of flowers wearing his best suit. Xiu Yun wants to know what he is doing so early in the morning and he lets himself in, closes the doors and goes down on one knee to propose, shocking Xiu Yun. She tries to get him to stand back up, but he refuses and keeps going, promising to do his best to make her happy. Xiu Yun finally snaps at him and he gets up. The two go sit on the sofa where Xiu Yun explains how they are not young anymore and to Wang that is all the more reason to marry. Xiu Yun continues that she refused men when she was younger for the sake of her sons and now that her sons are grown up and each of then are settling down with their own families, she is perfectly content. She does assure Wang though that if she ever does decide to get married, she will think of him first. This makes him ecstatic. Xiu Yun then comments about her sons not being there and Wang lets it slip that they are all waiting outside to hear the result after having made themselves scarce to give him a chance. Xiu Yun is livid and asks for Wang (who is oblivious) to send her children in.

Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Song Xiao Bo, Wen TingWang goes outside happy and the kids ask how things went. Wang replies that he wasn’t accepted or rejected and that he had Xiu Yun’s promise to think of him first for marriage. This makes the kids happy and while Wang says their mom wants to see them to thank them, the kids wonder what is going as they didn’t think Xiu Yun would do something like that. Zhi chen notices Xiu Yun coming out with a broom and he yells at his siblings and Wang to make a run for it. [Who knew Zhi Chen could move and react so fast, but he definitely got a head start on his brother]. Xiu Yun then starts yelling at and beating her children and Wang, who try to escape her wrath. She manages to get Zhi Wen and Zhi Kai good with the broom, but Zhi Chen is too fast for her and she won’t hit Zhi Xiao who is guarding the pregnant Wen Ting. Wang then grabs a hold of Xiu Yun to stop her, allowing the boys and Wen Ting some time to get away. The sons and Wang manage to escape back into the house while Xiu Yun comes after them again and breaks the broom against the door in her haste to get revenge on them for embarrassing her and planning this behind her back.

Zhou Lan, Song Xiao Bo, Yu Ya, Zhong Kai, Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Di WenLater that day, Zhi Kai, Xiu Yun, and Zhi Chen are packing Zhi Chen’s bags for his trip to France. Everything that Xiu Yun puts in, Zhi Chen takes out. Xiu Yun notices this and scolds Zhi Chen, but Zhi Kai replies that France is not a poor country and Zhi Chen will be able to buy some of that stuff while he is there. Xiu Yun then says they have a different currency, so how will he be able to buy anything (lol – exchange currency of course). Zhi Wen then comes in carrying a large box. Xiu Yun asks why and Zhi Wen says the company sent it over. He has a heard time putting it down and when he opens it, it is filled with gifts for the entire family. The Li family is shocked by this and wonder how come they have received such expensive gifts (Wen Ting’s stomach has expanded even further in only two days – crazy). Zhi Wen then finds a card and explains that the gifts are from Ai Yin to thank them for helping out with the fashion show and saving her bacon. Xiu Yun says she at least has a conscience. Zhi Wen then continues reading and says that he can come back to work starting the next day. This makes his family happy, but he states that he doesn’t want to work right now. XiuYun thinks it’s a good idea to play hard to get, but Zhi Wen is saying that because he wishes to look for Xiao Mi. After the rest of the family scatters, Zhi Wen pulls out one more box and in it is a wedding dress! Now what is the meaning of that?

Yu Ya, Zhong KaiThe day of the engagement party dawns and Ai Fan’s parents and Xiu Yun are greeting guests. Wei Wei’s parents come in and Li Li #1 congratulates the two sets of parents while Li Li #2 says that they will all be in laws soon, which definitely doesn’t thrill Li Li #1. The first thing Wei Wei did was go to find Zhi Chen when she arrived. She compliments his cocktail and he explains that it was a collaboration with the wine store workers and Wang. Poor Zhi Wen tries to desperately escape Wang who is bugging him about the host and other details. Zhi Wen finally points out Zhi Xiao and makes his escape with Wang following closely on his heels. Meanwhile, Zhi Xiao and Wen Ting are putting the final touches on the floral arrangements.

Zhong KaiThe ceremony starts without a hitch with speeches by both sets of parents. Of course Xiu Yun breaks down and cries on her turn and says how happy she is to have her own son starting a family after having such a hard life with a mother like her. This touches everyone, especially the Li boys and their respective girlfriends. Xiu Yun ends by telling Zhi Kai to treat Ai Fan well to which he hugs her and agrees and then comes the time to exchanged the engagement rings. But what have we here? Zhi Kai’s uninvited ex-girlfriend shows up and puts a hault to things. Xiu Yun asks Zhi Kai what is going on and he insists that he did not invite her. His ex confirms this and says she feels slighted for not being invited and then presents an engagement gift. Just when you think she isn’t planning on ruining the engagement, she tells Zhi Kai that the gift is the journal he wrote for her while they were dating. Zhi Kai gets angry and Ai Fan steps in and unsheathes her claws. His ex does leave, but Ai Fan is feeling less than happy now. Zhi Kai tells her not to worry as the past is the past and he will be spending his future with the woman he loves – Ai Fan. The ceremony continues and the rings are successfully exchanged. After that, Zhi Wen steps out.

My Prince 16Everyone is gathered to see Zhi Chen off and everyone wonders just where Zhi Wen is. He comes running up with his own suitcase and says  that he has heard from Tian Tian that Xiao Mi is in Yunan. His family tells him not to bug Xiao Mi on her honeymoon, but she isn’t on her honeymoon! Knowing that, Zhi Wen is going to run after her and try to win her over once more. A fond and bittersweet farewell is bid as Zhi Chen is leaving Wei Wei for three years and you know the Lis will miss their son/brother. When Zhi Chen boards and sits down, his seatmate lowers the paper and it is none other than Han Fei!

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Jian FeiEnd episode. End series.

Now the question being were they hoping for a 2nd season that never came to be, or did they really wish to leave things that open ended for the audience to decide just what is going on? Is Han Fei just trying to be Zhi Chen’s friend or is there another reason? Will Zhi Wen find Xiao Mi and convince her to marry him? Will anything happen with Zhi Kai’s ex to destroy his and Ai Fan’s future marriage and happiness? Will Xiu Yun actually ever fully accept Wang? I don’t know. I guess you be the judge.

It was a good series. It was campy, cheesy, outright ridiculous, funny, romantic, melodramatic, and confusing, but it was good. Things moved very slow in certain areas and yet very fast in others. Time was never fully specified, so you never really knew how much time it took for Zhi Kai to get over Ding Jie or Zhi Xiao to get over Mary. Some relationships happened to fast and seemed to have no basis – like Ai Yin and Zhi Wen, while other relationships seemed fated – like Zhi Wen and Xiao Mi, Zhi Chen and Wei Wei, and Zhi Xiao and Wen Ting. Some relationships never actually got developed (i.e. romance between Zhi Wen and Xiao Mi and poor Mr. Wang and Xiu Yun). But it is fun and definitely worth a gander when you have some spare time. The shortness of the episodes 30-45 minutes, is also a benefit, especially with the amount that actually happens in just one episode which might explain why some parts of the series never were fully developed and left the viewer hanging at the end.

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