Smile, Donghae Episode 6 Recap

Ah, daily dramas. This is my first daily drama experience and I must say that even though you basically know how some of the story lines are going to play out, since it is daily and runs for 40-45 minutes, it’s definitely going to take a while to get there which can be frustrating in and of itself. But, at least so far, the ride is enjoyable.

Ji Chang WookWe start back where we left off from episode 5. Donghae opens the door only to be greeted by an angry Bongi who immediately launches a water balloon at his face. Donghae is stunned and angry and asks what she is doing. Bongi asks how he feels and says that he did something much worse to her and then tosses a second balloon in his face. Both Anna and Donghae are trying to figure out just what is going on. Bongi turns and leaves, but Donghae runs after her and demands to know what is going on and Bongi replies again that she was fired. Donghae doesn’t understand so Bongi explains and uses the English word. Donghae is shocked – he can’t believe the hotel went and fired her so fast. He admits that he didn’t talk to the hotel as of yet due to being busy, but he had planned to take care of it before Bongi could get fired. Bongi is livid that he forgot as she explained her circumstances and how she badly needed to keep her job. Yes, it was important, but Donghae really was busy and had a lot of things he was going through as well. Poor Bongi isn’t the only one suffering.

Outside the hotel, Saewa is still in shock after learning Do Jin’s identity from the police and then confirming it with the hotel employee. She even asks again if the employee is certain that Do Jin is really the vice manager. She is told again that he is. Shock of shocks, Saewa leaves! She is going to stand Do Jin up, but she recalls all of the things he did and in trying to figure out what he is up to, decides to head back to the hotel to meet him. Donghae returns back to the room, feeling terrible. His mom is busy trying to clean up the watery mess and quickly leaps to her feet to give him dry towels to wipe himself dry with. Anna asks why did Bongi do such a thing – is she mad? Donghae doesn’t answer and just says its nothing. Anna then tells him to be good to Bongi as she is kind. Donghae immediately replies that Bongi isn’t kind and anyone who gets his mother sick is a bad person. Anna recounts all of the nice things Bongi has done for her, plus she is Saewa’s friend. Speaking of Saewa, Anna wants to know when she is coming to see her as she wants to give Saewa her mother’s wedding dress. This brings up the whole breakup issue that Donghae doesn’t want to think about.

Lee Jang Woo, Park Jung AhDo Jin waits in the bar and calls Saewa asking where she is. He is surprised to turn around and have Saewa demand her car keys back. Do Jin is pleased that she came to meet him, on time, after what he did. Saewa wants to know why he’s doing what he’s doing and Do Jin says that once a man finds what he’s been looking for, they don’t let anything stop them. He then tells Saewa that she is the woman he’s always been looking for. Saewa then says that the doesn’t know her and Do Jin begins to list all the problems with her car, which also leads to knowledge of her personality. Saewa then asks where her car is and Do Jin takes her to the garage where it is back in the spot where she initially left it. Do Jin apologizes for unintentionally offending her, he just had her car taken in for an inspection to ensure her safety. Ah, Do Jin. I do like him. If he actually wasn’t a nice guy, I would feel even worse for Donghae, but at least if Saewa dumps Donghae for Do Jin, his rival is a good person deep down. Saewa, not knowing what to think, says it is okay as she has gotten her car back. She goes to leave, but Do Jin reminds her that he only agreed to give the keys back if she buys him dinner. They go to a nice restaurant where Saewa notices the preferential treatment Do Jin tries to wave off. Saewa says he must make quite a bit of money as a bartender and he confesses he isn’t really a bartender, although he does work at the hotel. He officially introduces himself as Kim Do Jin expecting Saewa to recall the donation he made as her fan, but Saewa feigns ignorance even though she already figured out the two were one and the same. Saewa comments on his common name and he laughs, saying he will have to leave a better impression for her to remember a man with such a name. What game is Saewa playing? Why won’t Do Jin immediately confess who he really is now?

Smile, Donghae episode 6Back at the Lee house, Sun Ok recalls her fight with Sool Nyeo and it gets her fired up again. She tears the room apart looking for the savings book in order to repay Sool Nyeo. Looks like she’ll discover Kang Jae’s secret a little earlier than expected. Meanwhile, Seol Nyeo is giving herself a facial and complaining about Sun Ok’s temper. She is unhappy that Sun Ok said such a think about Sae Young and cannot believe that Sun Ok will actually try to pay her back. Sun Ok calls Sool Nyeo for the bank account number and Sool Nyeo rattles it off so fast, I don’t know how Sun Ok could understand it. Sun Ok then hangs up on Sool Nyeo who hates the fact that Sun Ok always gets to do things first all the time – slam the door first, hang up the phone first. So Sool Nyeo calls her back with a deadline and Sun Ok angrily slams the phone down again and goes back searching for her savings book. Looks like Sool Nyeo’s childish revenge backfired. Unable to find the book, Sun Ok comes to the conclusion that they might have been robbed. Meanwhile, Pil Jae is trying to convince Kang Jae to wait before telling Sun Ok, but Kang Jae insists he will tell her now as Sun Ok will discover the money missing sooner or later. Pil Jae understands, but he knows his sister-in-law well. Sun Ok will jump to bad conclusions and will probably throw Kang Jae out of the house without even his shoes. Then out storms Sun Ok yelling that they’ve been robbed. Kang Jae quickly grabs a weapon and the two try to figure out what’s wrong. Sun Ok mentions the missing account book and Pil Jae says that no thief would come to their house for a bank account that had less than 10,000 in it. This makes sense to her, but then she wonders how Pil Jae knows the amount. Did he take it? Kang Jae confesses and Sun Ok goes ballistic. She tells him that he isn’t allowed to come back home until he can give her the money back. She spent years scrimping and saving just to get that meager amount. She goes back into her room and throws Pil Jae’s shoes into a bucket of water. Poor Pil Jae. Then in comes a drunk Bongi. Pil Jae scolds her for drinking and Kang Jae tells her its okay now that she’s an adult, but to just be careful. Oy. Bongi goes into bed where she sees recipes plastered over her ceiling. She turns over, crying and calling herself and idiot. Meanwhile, Kang Jae goes into their room to talk to Sun Ok who refuses to listen to reason and again demands the money back.

At the Kim house, Hye Sook and Joon arrive home after dropping the Jos off. Hye Sook confesses that Mal Sun asked her to help find Dongbaek. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to, but she’ll do what she can. Joon then replies that he is in broadcasting but has done nothing to help them in their search for Dongbaek. He feels bad about this. Hye Sook then broaches the subject about asking the Jos to move in with them. She would welcome the company and would like to take care of them as they are getting up their in age. Joon thinks about the plan and agrees. This actually surprises me as he is a cold man. Joon leaves and Hye Sook goes to hang up his coat. She takes things out of his pocket and notices tickets to a couples’ seminar on Jeju. Hye Sook is excited and goes into his office. Joon says she must be busy and Hye Sook agrees, but you can tell how happy she is just thinking about the Jeju trip. As soon as his wife leaves, Joon immediately calls someone and says to cancel his wife’s ticket as she is too busy to make it. How cruel! Hye Sook tells Do Jin to come early to her office as she and he have a lot of rearranging and work to do. Do Jin asks what is going on and Hye Sook happily mentions the Jeju trip. This surprises Do Jin, but he is happy for his mother as his parents haven’t been on a trip together since their honeymoon. Seriously? Why are these two still together? It appears that Hye Sook really loves her husband, but he seems to not care about her at all.

Lee Joo YeonSaewa gets back home and is again at a loss to figure out just what is going on with Do Jin. She looks at her phone and notices the missed calls from Donghae who is hard at work practicing. He thinks back to their days in New York when the were happy and lovey dovey and loses concentration, slamming into the wall. In spite of disappointing Saewa, he cannot bring himself to accept her plea for him to go on her show in search of his father. Back at the Yoon house, the family is having breakfast. Sae Young is happily eating her fill as she felt the babies move that morning. Sool Nyeo is unhappy with how little Saewa is eating and just how much her younger daughter is eating. Sool Nyeo brings up the pregnancy thing again after Saewa leaves, but Sae Young adamantly denies that anything like that is going on. After breakfast, Sae Young calls complaining about her suspicious mom asking her about going to an OB/Gyn clinic which worries Tae Hoon. He immediately wants to confess to her mom and beg forgiveness, but Sae Yong insists Sool Nyeo won’t be that nice and would probably set fire to Tae Hoon’s building. No, they cannot say anything until Tae Hoon successfully passes the bar exam. Sae Young then says that the babies said hello. Tae Hoon then worries that the stress is getting to her as the fetuses cannot talk. Sae Young then explains that she felt them move and Tae Hoon wistfully says he wishes he could feel them too. You know Sae Young is going to go see him so he can feel them move for himself. The whole time, Sool Nyeo is standing outside trying to overhear the conversation. She complains that she should have bought the cheap doors you could hear through versus these nice sturdy ones that she cannot hear through at all.

At the hotel, Hye Sook and Do Jin are planning a strategy about what to do in case the do find the missing Dongbaek. Hye Sook wants to make sure that no one can take the hotel away from her and Do Jin advises secretly buying up stocks until they are a majority shareholder. They are interrupted by the arrival of Donghae. Hye Sook asks after his mother and he replies that Anna is recovering and then broaches the subject of bringing Bongi back. They say that the decision is final and that they need to set and example. Donghae understands this, but really wishes for her to be brought back. He doesn’t really like Korea and would not want his time there at the hotel tarnished by the memory of getting Bongi fired. Hye Sook willingly agrees to this, surprising Do Jin. Really, she was so quick to fire her, but changed her mind so easily. Hye Sook tells Do Jin to review Bongi’s work performance and to rehire her if it is up to par.

Ji Chang WookBongi has packed up her things and is getting ready to leave. She is sad that she didn’t do her absolute best – she should have worked harder at the hotel. She puts down her things and turns to her friend and fellow chef Soon Ae to work hard to become the head chef since she no longer can. Donghae comes running up at this moment and says that he has something he needs Bongi to do. Bongi is angry that he is asking her to do something after getting her fired. Donghae says she must not have heard, but he’s in a hurry and tries to grab her and get her to go with him. Bongi shakes him off and gives him a hard kick to the shin when another chef and the head chef come and tell her the news that she has been unfired and is only suspended for a week. Bongi is ecstatic, but feels bad as she realized she kicked Donghae a little too soon when she learns that he asked the hotel to reconsider firing her. The angry Donghae gets up and asks if she did or did not say she would help him out if he got her job back.

At the studio, Saewa notices Kim Joon and quickly goes out of her way to appear to accidentally run into him. She greets him, compliments his style and pets his ego by saying he looks as if he could go on air anytime to deliver the news. Who knew Saewa would stoop so low as to suck up like that? Kim Joon wishes her luck as she show will start airing soon and says he will be watching her. Saewa’s happiness is short lived when she hears that PD Shin has gone to see Donghae. Saewa takes off running, hoping to catch him in time.

Back at the hotel, Donghae is making Bongi write up a contract. Bongi is not happy that she has to do this, but writes away. She is to help Donghae take care of Anna for the week she is suspended and help him get things ready to propose to Saewa. This shocks Bongi who asks if he will really propose and if they are really getting married. Donghae tells her to mind her own business and to keep writing. Bongi says she is Saewa’s friend and thus Donghae shouldn’t be treating her like that. Donghae says those are the initial terms and more will be added later. He leaves for practice threatening punitive punishment if she does anything bad to his mother. Bongi complains to Anna, who doesn’t really understand what Bongi means by calling him a “jerk” in Korean. At that moment, Donghae’s phone rings. He left it in the hotel room. Anna answers and is thrilled to hear Saewa’s voice. She asks when Saewa will come and see her and Saewa demands to know where Donghae is. Anna says he has left for practice already and goes to talk more, but Saewa unceremoniously hangs up on her.

Park Jung Ah, Do Ji Won, Ji Chang WookDonghae notices his phone is missing just as PD Shin approaches him. Shin introduces himself, baffling Donghae. Just as he is about to say he didn’t agree to do any such thing, Saewa rushes in and tells Shin to wait in a cafe near by while she talks to Donghae. Back in Anna’s room, Bongi puts a map of Seoul on the bed and asks where Anna wants to go. Anna says the map is too complicated and Bongi asks if there is any place Anna can think of. Anna thinks about it and mentions Namsan just as Saewa and Donghae come in. Anna is thrilled to see Saewa who is surprised to see Bongi there. She asks what Bongi is there for and Bongi can’t really explain the whole complicated situation and just says she is helping Donghae with Anna. Saewa then sends Bongi away and turns to ask Donghae to do the show one more time as her job is riding on the line. Donghae sticks to his guns and says he will not do it. Poor Anna is agitated that they are fighting. Saewa insists that if Donghae loves her, he will do this and Donghae insists his love for her and his unwillingness to go on TV to find his absentee father have nothing to do with each other. Donghae then gets a call from his coach meaning he has to leave. He apologizes to Saewa and says he will find a way to make it up to her. After he leaves, Anna tells Saewa not to be mad at Donghae and tries to get her to accept the dress. Saewa ignores her until Anna declares she will go on the show in Donghae’s stead to find James (Donghae’s father). This shocks Saewa, but you can see the wheels turning once more. If she does this behind Donghae’s back, will he ever forgive her? End episode.


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