My Prince Episode 14 Recap

Truthfully, I have watched the last three episodes and understand now why some people were griping about the end. And here I am trying decide if I want to do 3 separate posts to finish the recaps or do one long post on the final episodes and then right a review later. Decisions, decisions. I am not good at making them. But as it stands, episode 14 should go solo while episodes 15 and 16 seem more like one episode split into two parts. I am sad to say that I have reached the end. Not spectacular acting nor a spectacular plot, but the characters really grow on you (as do the actors who played them). So, without further ado, My Prince episode 14.

Wu Di Wen, Chen Ze YuZhi Wen tries to explain things to Ai Yin, but she cuts him off and says that she never knew all this time he was always hesitating and didn’t really love her. She then calls in Su Ze who is happy and surprised to see his good friend Zhi Wen. Ai Yin introduces Su Ze as the latest model hired by the company and then says that the company has decided to promote him instead of Zhi Wen! This means all Zhi Wen’s work and upcoming fashion show are going to his 2nd best friend. Su Ze looks shocked to hear this, but despite Zhi Wen’s own shock, it seems he understands Ai Yin’s game. Ai Yin leaves them alone to talk and Su Ze immediately apologizes saying that he had no idea that Ai Yin was planning anything. She went and approached him with a contract and he eagerly signed as he wanted a chance at stardom as well. He then offers to bow out and Zhi Wen tells him not to since he already signed the contract and we all know that their is usually some exorbitant cancellation fee involved. Ai Yin comes back in and then makes Zhi Wen Su Ze’s assistant until they find someone better. Nothing like adding insult to injury. It really does go to show that “Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned” is true. Su Ze tries to protest this as well, but Zhi Wen agrees, mainly because he is being frozen and it is the only job he can do at the moment.

Wu Di Wen, Yu YaAt the Li home, the family sits around depressed by Zhi Wen’s news. For once, Uncle Wang delivers the news too late – Zhi Wen has managed to inform them already. This steals Wang’s thunder who tries to find new information, but it deterred at every turn. Finally, he does his best to show his support by saying they should go to a different agency. Zhi Wen says he cannot as he has signed an 8-year contract. Thus, if she wants, Ai Yin can freeze him for that long only providing the bare minimum living expenses to ensure his career goes down the toilet. Xiu Yun finally kicks Wang out and then complains about Ai Yin doing such childish actions as you cannot force someone’s emotions. Zhi Wen then explains that a strong woman like Ai Yin cannot take that kind of rejection from the man she though loved her. The shame and embarrassment is just too much. That does not justify what she is doing. Zhi Kai tells his little brother that superstar or not, he will always be a part of the Li family and they will do all they can to support him. It’s nice to see the brothers not fighting like that used to anymore. Zhi Wen promises to do his best.

Yu Ya, Zhou Lan, Song Xiao BoAt the flower shop, Xiu Yun brings Wen Ting some yogurt to drink and tells her as a pregnant woman, she should not spend all her time sitting in front of a computer. Wen Ting promises she is almost done. Xiu Yun then wonders what happened to Zhi Xiao who went out to make a delivery and still has not returned. He finally returns and immediately hides something behind his back. Xiu Yun won’t let him be and manages to snatch it from him What is it? It’s an apron. Xiu Yun asks what it is for and Zhi Xiao takes it back and goes over to Wen Ting. He signs to his mom who translates that it is for Wen Ting to wear to help protect the baby from radiation…I guess from sitting at a computer? Since it looks like just a normal apron, I do have to wonder if it can protect from radiation at all, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Zhi Xiao happily helps put it on Wen Ting who does not look happy at all. She never likes it when Zhi Xiao does anything that shows just how much he likes her.

Song Xiao BoThat night, Zhi Xiao is going through a catalog and writing things down when Wen Ting comes out of the bedroom for some water. She goes over to his desk and asks what he is still doing up and he immediately hides what he is doing from her. She tells him to turn in for the night and he says that he will and tells her to go to sleep before him and he will follow in a little while. Wen Ting agrees and goes into the room she shares with Xiu Yun. Xiu Yun says that she believes that Zhi Xiao is acting strangely and asks if Wen Ting has noticed. Of course she has, but Wen Ting asks Xiu Yun what she means. Xiu Yun says it always seems like he is up to something but he won’t tell her or his brothers what exactly he’s doing, plus he is smiling a lot more than he normally has. Xiu Yun then says she believes that Zhi Xiao is in love with Wen Ting. Wen Ting immediately tells her to stop joking . Xiu Yun says she isn’t joking and Wen Ting says she’s already made her decision to live alone as a single mother with her child. She wants to be like Xiu Yun and open her own store and live happily with the baby as she does not want to burden the kind Zhi Xiao. Why doesn’t Wen Ting see that she is not a burden to Zhi Xiao?

My Prince 14The next day, the family watches in envy as Zhi Xiao places a sumptuous meal in front of Wen Ting. Zhi Xiao then tells them it is a special healthy meal made for Wen Ting as it is good for pregnancy. The family backs away from the food and Zhi Wen says he wishes he was pregnant, earning him a slap from his mother. Zhi Xiao sits next to Wen Ting and bids her to eat. Again, you can tell she feels uncomfortable with such a display. Wen Ting is working at the flower shop when Han Fei comes up saying he has something to return. Wen Ting gets Zhi Xiao and Han Fei hands him the box with the matching rings. He says that he stole them three years ago, but that they did not have any luck or magic in them for him because he still managed to lose Wei Wei. Han Fei apologizes for stealing the rings and putting Zhi Chen through hell, though he has not given up on him (meaning, what exactly, I do not know). He walks out and Zhi Xiao immediately offers the rings to Wen Ting who refuses to take them. Poor Zhi Xiao! But, then again, it is a little sudden, even with Wen Ting knowing how he feels.Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao Bo

The four brothers and Wang go to the sauna where they sigh one by one. Zhi Xiao sighs. then Zhi Chen, Zhi Wen and finally Zhi Kai. Zhi Wen wants to know why his big brother is sighing and Zhi Kai replies that it is because his three little brothers are all in a sorry state. Although he is happy with Ai Fan, his brothers are having love and work troubles. Zhi Kai then asks Zhi Xiao if he really wants to propose to Wen ting. Zhi Xiao nods and Zhi Wen tries to talk him out of proposing since Wen Ting is pregnant with someone else’s child, but when Zhi Xiao glares at him he shuts up. Zhi Chen asks his brother if Wen Ting agreed and Zhi Xiao says she didn’t. Zhi Kai says he knew that Wen Ting would refuse as she is strong-willed, but Zhi Wen believes that Zhi Xiao’s persistence will eventually wear the girl down. All three elder brothers look at the baby and sigh again. Then Mr. Wang sighs and the boys want to know why. Mr. Wang then expresses his passion for Xiu Yun. This was definitely not something the boys expected to hear. After hearing this all four brothers leave Mr. Wang alone. Not the response he was hoping for, but they just didn’t know what to say.

Chen Ze Yu, Wu Di WenBack at home, Xiu Yun worries as she watches Zhi Wen who notices her glance and eats fast before getting ready to go. Xiu Yun doesn’t want him to, but as he still has a contract, to work as Su Ze’s assistant he must go. After he leaves, Xiu Yun complains to Zhi Kai about how far Zhi Wen has fallen, but Zhi Kai tells her to cheer up as there will come a chance for Zhi Wen again. When Zhi Wen arrives to the company, Ai Yin immediately scolds him for not carrying Su Ze’s things. Su Ze protests this, but Ai Yin says that Zhi Wen must do his job properly. Zhi Wen says it is not a problem and takes the stuff to help Su Ze prepare. Cindy then bad mouths Su Ze for backstabbing Zhi Wen and Zhi Wen stands up for Su Ze saying that he is not a bad guy and to cut his friend some slack. The run through for the fashion show goes smoothly, but the designer does scold Ai Yin for pulling Zhi Wen and putting in Su Ze at the last minute. She will allow Ai Yin to save face this time, but should anything go wrong, she won’t even allow her that. Ai Yin assures her everything will go smoothly. After the rehearsal, Ai Yin tells Zhi Wen to give up his car keys and then gives them to Su Ze, she also kicks Zhi Wen out of the apartment – giving him one month to find a new place. Geez, what a witch. Poor Su Ze and Zhi Wen can do nothing about this. Su Ze leaves and Ai Yin tells Zhi Wen to take a bus as everyone else still has work to do. Major burn! How low can this woman sink? Apparently pretty low.

My Prince 14Zhi Wen returns home suitcase in hand and Xiu Yun is livid. She is happy to have her baby back, but says she will go to Ai Yin and give her a talking to as Zhi Wen does not deserve to be treated that way. The other brothers try to get her to focus on the happiness of Zhi Wen coming home to live, but Xiu Yun refuses to as the reason behind it is not a good one. The company rushed him to leave home and are not unceremoniously sending him back just as fast. Zhi Chen comes downstairs and then tells Zhi Wen to go settle down in their room. Zhi Xiao then asks Wen Ting to go with him for a moment. Xiu Yun wonders what they are up to and Zhi Kai tells her not to worry. Zhi Xiao closes the door and hands a blanket-covered gift to Wen Ting. When she removes the blanket, it is a bassinet or cradle, whatever, a place where a baby can sleep. It’s got blankets and a little toy in it, too. Wen Ting asks what it is and Zhi Xiao texts that it is a home for the baby. Wen Ting is grateful, but then Zhi Xiao pulls out a rose for her, she again rejects it. She says that she can’t be with him. Ah, Wen Ting keeps stabbing him in the heart. She then leaves the room with Zhi Xiao staring sorrowfully after her.

Zhou Lan, Song Xiao BoAfter this later reject, the Li family begins to worry about Zhi Xiao again. He is listless and lazy. They know that it will take a lot longer for Zhi Xiao to get over this than Mary’s betrayal. Poor Wen Ting overhears all of this and knows that she is the cause behind Zhi Xiao’s sadness. At the flower shop, Xiu Yun stares in worry as Zhi Xiao just sits and stares at one of his creations. Wen Ting comes in and notices Xiu Yun’s gaze. She goes over to Zhi Xiao, but can’t snap him out of his funk either. That night the family are all talking about Zhi Xiao again and how he cannot keep it up otherwise he’ll be seriously sick. Hearing this, Wen Ting goes to speak with him. Wen Ting tells him not to be like that as everyone is worried. Zhi Xiao asks about Wen Ting and she just apologizes. Wen Ting tells him to stop torturing himself over her as she has already chosen to be a single mother and she doesn’t want to be a burden to him. Zhi Xiao then asks if it is because he cannot talk. This upsets Wen Ting and she forbids him to think so negatively. She has never cared that he can neither hear nor speak. In face, even though she doesn’t understand sign language, she has never had trouble understand a word he’s said to her. Zhi Xiao says that he loves her and then asks how she honestly feels about him. Wen Ting takes his hands and says that she has always known how he feels. Instead of agreeing to marry him right away, Wen Ting says that if he still feels the same after her baby his born, then she will gladly be with him. The whole family watches, tearful and happy at this scene. Kind of anticlimactic giving Wen Ting’s earlier adamant protests.

At the agency, Su Ze sees Xiao Mi and happily greets her only to be slapped. She is unhappy that he could do such a think to their good friend Zhi Wen. This stuns the innocent Su Ze. Before he can explain, Xiao Mi catches sight of Zhi Wen and runs. Zhi Wen has all of Su Ze’s stuff and is ready to go to the next job. Su Ze tells him not to, but Zhi Wen says he will be scolded if Ai Yin finds out. Su Ze says that Ai Yin won’t find out and insists that Zhi Wen takes some time for himself and leaves. Zhi Wen anxiously makes sure he doesn’t have to go with him and heads off the the store where Xiao Mi used to work. Her coworkers have not seen her nor heard from her, but Zhi Wen doesn’t give up and keeps going back there in hopes of hearing some news about Xiao Mi. Will he ever find her?

Have to wait for the next two episodes to find out. Hopefully, I’ll have them up by tomorrow.

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