Smile, Donghae Episode 5 Recap

Horrified that Donghae wants to have her fired, Bongi immediately butts in and apologizes. Donghae wants to know why and is livid to find out that Bongi was the one who almost killed his mother. Do Jin tells Bongi to stay out of it  and to return to the hotel and await further word. He then turns to Donghae and says that he cannot immediately fire her. He understands that Donghae is upset, but it is still up to the hotel to decide what will happen to the employee who made the mistake. Do Jin will, however, tell the CEO Donghae’s request. At that moment Anna wakes up and reaches out to her son. Donghae is happy that his mother is awake and quickly holds her hand. Anna requests to leave the hospital immediately, but Donghae refuses to take her out until the hospital says that she is good to go.

Smile, Donghae episode 5Back at the hotel, Bongi awaits in the locker room, totally dejected. Her fellow chefs cannot believe the amount of bad luck Bongi is having. First her fiance dumps her just before their wedding and now her job is in jeopardy and she almost killed a guest. The head chef walks in and says that Bongi is suspended until further notice. Bongi asks how she can keep her job as she really needs it. The head chef tells her the only thing that she can do is beg the family for mercy in the hopes they will intervene with management so that she does not get fired. Bongi immediately springs to her feet and heads off to find Donghae and Anna to plead once more to save her job.

Hye Sook asks if Anna is all right and Do Jin replies that she is and Donghae has taken her back to her room after she was discharged from the hospital. Do Jin also reports that Donghae refused to accept the best suite as an apology. Hye Sook asks how such a thing can happen  and Do Jin then reveals that Donghae wants Bongi fired. Meanwhile, Donghae is piggybacking Anna back to her room when Bongi rushes up and asks if Anna’s okay before apologizing and begging for Donghae to intervene on her behalf. Donghae doesn’t want to and Bongi mentions that Saewa wouldn’t like it if he helped get Bongi fired. Donghae then mentions that Bongi requested money from him. Bongi says that she was only going to ask for the hospital fees and nothing more. Donghae then brings up about her hounding him for money only that morning. Bongi begins to say she was really only there because Saewa didn’t go home the other night, but stops herself. Donghae then ignores her and gets Anna safely into the room and into bed. Anna wants to forgive and help Bongi, but Donghae refuses saying that Bongi as a cook needs to learn a lesson. Bongi does not give up, however, and keeps pounding on their door and calling their names until a frustrated Donghae opens the door.

Do Ji Won, Ji Chang Woo, Oh Ji EunBongi forces her way in and rushes into the room and goes down on her knees immediately. This surprises both Anna and Donghae (who is still mad at Bongi). Bongi begins begging them to not request her being fired as she desperately needs this job. She reveals her family’s debt and how they are dependent on her income and when that doesn’t look like enough to soften Donghae up (though it was more than enough for Anna), Bongi then mentions how her fiance just dumped her. She cannot be without a job on top of everything else that has happened. Her being dumped hurt her family enough and her being fired would just add to  their stress. Donghae finally breaks down and agrees to speak to management about Bongi only being suspended versus fired. Bongi thanks them and apologizes to Donghae for ever thinking that he wasn’t a nice man. Bongi has even agreed to watch Anna should Donghae ever need a “babysitter” (said in nicer terms, though). A happy Bongi leaves the room, grateful, and Anna seems happy to have things work out nicely as well while Donghae just seems exasperated.

Back in Hye Sook’s office, Do Jin believes they should just suspend Bongi and before he can say more, his mother orders him to fire her. This surprises Do Jin. Hye Sook says this is the first time such a thing happened in her five years as CEO and they need to set an example to other employees so that such an incident does not occur again. Do Jin agrees to start the process and Hye Sook complains that such a thing happened just before Pil Yong was set to leave. So, if the incident occurred after he left, would that have made her go easier on Bongi?

Kim Sung Won, Jung Young SookPil Yong is on his way to see Donghae and Anna with Mal Sun. Thanks to Anna’s age and her peanut allergy, Mal Sun thinks that Anna could be Dongbaek. Pil Yong warns his wife that it is probably all just a coincidence, but they decide to see for themselves. They knock and Pil Yong reveals that they found his mother. Donghae thanks them and says she is well and sleeping. They begin to ask personal questions and Donghae wonders what they want. They ask to come in for a short while to talk and Donghae reluctantly agrees. It is really strained  and awkward. Pil Yong asks after Anna, Donghae’s father, and Donghae says such questions are much to personal. Mal Sun then asks after Donghae’s grandparents. Donghae replies that they were killed in a car accident eight years ago. This greatly disappoints the couple who did have a little spark of hope that they may have found their daughter. At this point I did wonder why Donghae never mentioned the adoption part, but then again, the Jos never really explained why they were asking about such information. Had he known, maybe they could have uncovered the truth.

While the Jos are talking to Donghae, Kim Joon sees Saewa rushing into work after leaving her coworkers hanging for an hour. Kim Joon calls her into his office and completely balls her out for her unprofessional attitude. Poor Saewa doesn’t know what to say. She wasn’t late because she didn’t care for the assignment (although she doesn’t really), but because Donghae had her purse, her cell, and Do Jin had her car and keys – but she can’t tell him that. Kim Joon advises her to quit if that is how she is going to behave and goes to leave to go to the hotel to take the Jos to the airport. Saewa stops him and says that she was only late because she was talking to a Korean American speed skater that her PD wants on the show. It took her a long time, but she finally got him to agree. Kim Joon asks if its really true and Saewa replies that she never lies about work (well, she just did). Kim Joon says that next time Saewa should call and not leave her coworkers hanging and he also tells her that he will be keeping an eye on her. Not good at all. First she earned good attention and now he is watching to see what kind of mistakes she will make and if she is really worthy of being an announcer. Anna goes back to her office concerned about her lie, knowing that it is something Donghae would never do. What will happen now?

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung AhAs the Jos head off disappointed, Donghae gets a call from an unhappy Saewa. Pil Yong tells his wife the allergy really was just a coincidence. Donghae immediately apologizes as he was just frantic after hearing his mother was in the hospital. Donghae then says he is relieved that Saewa got back to work okay and then tells her not to worry about Anna (don’t worry, I doubt she spared one second to worry about her fiance’s mother’s health given her attitude towards her future in-law). Saewa says she urgently needs to see him, but Donghae can’t as he has practice to attend. The furious Saewa then says she’ll meet him after practice and he better not forget her purse. Donghae hurriedly says he can’t leave Anna alone for too long, so can’t Saewa come to the room. Getting angrier, Saewa again points out that this is Korea and not America so she cannot be seen coming and going to his room. She then asks why Donghae never thinks of Saewa before Anna. Donghae comprises and says he’ll meet her at the cafe by the hotel. Saewa agrees to this and hangs up.

At the salon, Sun Ok thinks back to seeing Sae Young outside the OB/Gyn office and believes that she did not see wrong. Sool Nyeo comes in and demands an iced coffee and Sun Ok decides to ask if Sae Young is okay. Sool Nyeo wants to know why she is asking after her youngest daughter all of a sudden and Sun Ok says she believes she saw Sae Young outside of an OB/Gyn clinic. Sool Nyeo immediately jumps to the defensive. She can’t believe that Sun Ok would insinuate her daughter is pregnant. Sun Ok then mentions how Sae Young is different from Saewa and always dated older men. Sool Nyeo says there’s nothing wrong with getting dating experience and the two friends devolve into a screaming match again. Sun Ok reminds Sool Nyeo that she helped her out when she was poor and even loaned her the money to buy the salon. Sool Nyeo then interjects that she gave just as much. She helped Sun Ok get her current house and has even loaned her money. Sun Ok then says she will go to the bank and pay her back as soon as possible and leaves. Sool Nyeo sits down on the rag Sun Ok was cleaning with and wonders if Sae Young has really gotten herself into trouble.

Meanwhile, Sae Young and Tae Hoon are out on a date. They are in a music store where Sae Young complains the classical music is putting her to sleep. She then excitedly tells Tae Hoon that babies love the sound of drumbeats as it reminds them of their mother’s heartbeat. Thus it makes the babies feel at peace. Tae Hoon then suggests buying a few drum CDs. Sae Young says no as she believes it will be better if she plays for the babies herself. Tae Hoon says it is an excellent idea as Sae Young is a Korean dance major. Sae Young says it also works as she can beat the drum whenever her mom or sister upsets or nags her.

Lee Joo YeonSool Nyeo returns home to find out the truth and hears the beat of a drum. Sae Young finishes her drum playing and rubs her stomach, hoping the babies come out intelligent. She doesn’t want them to end up like her as she is sure she lost intelligence from inhaling coal dust when she was younger. Sool Nyeo burts into Sae Young’s room and seed her daughter dressed in her dance outfit, beating a drum. Sool Nyeo is surprised as Sae Young always said she never wanted to touch the drum and the nervous Sae Young says it is because she should try out everything. Sool Nyeo asks if she is certain and the annoyed Sae Young asks if her mom will question everything her kids do as well. This sets off alarm bells for Sool Nyeo who asks what Sae Young means. Sae Young says she plans on having kids one day and wonders if her mom will do such a thing to them. This relieves Sool Nyeo a little. Sae Young then inches out of the room saying she needs to shower (wanting to leave before she accidentally spills the beans). After Sae Young leaves, Sool Nyeo tries to look at her phone with no luck.

Kang Jae goes to the police station to talk to Pil Jae. He was going to leave without talking, but Pil Jae knew his elder brother had something to say and the two go out for coffee. Kang Jae reveals that he wants to become independent and and sell his own cabbage. He can’t buy the land the cabbage grows on, but he can buy the cabbages and sell them himself. Kang Jae then says that he is short the money he needs for this start up. Pil Jae asks how much and finds out Kang Jae is 3,000 short. Pil Jae says that he will gladly loan his brother the money even if he needs to take out a loan with his credit card. Kang Jae is both thankful and apologetic towards his little brother who moved in with them and who has loaned them money before instead of saving for a house for him and his own daughter. Pil Jae doesn’t care as he loves his big brother and wants to help. Pil Jae asks where Kang Jae is getting the rest of the money. Kang Jae replies that he has a savings account that he plans on cashing in before it matures. It was originally done to repay friends’ money whom he owed, but he is using it for this instead in hopes that this way he will be able to pay them back faster. Pil Jae is in awe that his brother is cashing out the savings, but wonders what his sister-in-law will think and you know Kang Jae is worried about how Sun Ok will react as well.

Back at the hotel, Bongi finds out that she has been fired. She is mystified as Donghae promised to talk to management about keeping her. The head chef says that Donghae must not have talked to them yet and thus they decided to fire her. The desperate and angry Bongi leaves the kitchen wondering how Donghae could promise to talk to her boss and then not follow through. She is particularly upset because she even got on her knees to beg him. She goes to Anna’s room where she is informed that Donghae has left for practice.

Park Jung Ah, Ji Chang WookMeanwhile, Donghae is at the cafe waiting for Saewa with her purse. He is happy to see her, but his smile fades when he sees Saewa’s dark expression. They order coffee and Donghae once again apologizes for abandoning Saewa on the boat, but he was out of his head with worry as Saewa knows how bad his mother’s peanut allergy is. This doesn’t do anything to appease Saewa’s anger. Why? He’s done it many times when they lived in New York as well. Donghae apologizes again and says he will do anything to make Saewa happy (you NEVER say that as that usually means the other person will take advantage of you or propose the one thing that you absolutely cannot do). Saewa then asks for a favor. Here it comes! Donghae asks what it is and Saewa explains about the program. Donghae immediately refuses. He has no intention of going on the program to find a father he cares nothing about. Did it occur to him to go on the show to find his mom’s parents’ instead? This infuriates Saewa as she really needs Donghae to do the program. She then rails about how she needs someone who can help her career along. She tells Donghae that he knows how hard she worked to get where she is today. Saewa also says she has never felt good enough since her father died when she was three and before Sae Young was even born (I take that to mean Sool Nyeo was pregnant when he died). This job is Saewa’s everything and she wants to do well to prove that she is not lacking. Given how her mother treats her, you have to wonder just why Saewa thinks this way? Donghae also reiterates with he really does love her – why else would he try so hard to make the US national team just to come to Korea (a country he hates – probably on the principle of what happened with his father). This isn’t enough for Saewa. She gets up and says she is sick of him putting Anna before her and that she needs a man who can support and help her dream. Meaning? Donghae was dumped!

The angry Saewa gets in a cab and immediately calls Do Jin asking to meet. Do Jin is pleasantly surprised to hear from her, but says he is busy and will meet her for dinner as promised. This annoys Saewa who decides to take matters into her own hands. She doesn’t need him to get into her car. She goes to the parking garage at the hotel on her phone with the insurance (or some such company) saying she lost her keys and is locked out of her car. However, when she reaches the parking spot, her car is gone! She cannot believe that he even took her car somewhere. So Saewa turns around and calls the police. She doesn’t know Do Jin’s name, but has his phone number and says that he is a bartender at Camellia who stole her car. While Do Jin’s method is not the best, I am not sure I would have immediately called the cops. Maybe if I was angry enough.

Oh Ji EunThe Kims got to see the Jos off and Pil Yong warns Kim Joon and Do Jin to be good to Hye Sook and not make her cry or they will have to deal with him. The two Kim men promise not to and the quintet head off. Meanwhile, a depressed and angry Bongi is getting drunk over her job less and Donghae’s failed promise. She complains about him lying and avoiding her calls. She tries calling him again and an anxious Donghae answers his phone hoping it is Saewa only to be disappointed when he realizes it is Bongi who demands to know why he’s avoiding her calls. Donghae doesn’t know what she is talking about and she complains about being fired. Donghae asks what and Bongi replies again fired – do you know what that means. The frustrated Donghae, who knows she’s been drinking, hangs up saying he doesn’t have the time to deal with whatever problem she has. An upset Bongi sees a kid with a balloon and announces that Donghae is dead when she sees him. What is she planning?

Donghae heads into the hotel where he notices the Jos’ big sendoff. Just as he enters the elevator, Mal Sun looks back. Grandmotherly instinct? Or perhaps she is looking back and still wondering if there might be some chance Anna is her Dongbaek? Outside the hotel, Saewa gets a call from the police and finds out the phone number she gave them belongs to Kim Do Jin, vice president of the Camilla Hotel. Saewa is shocked. She asks if the policeman is certain and hangs up. She notices Do Jin with the Jos and asks a passing employee who he is and the employee replies the same as the cop. Saewa wonders just what is going on at the same time I am sure another part of her is calculating how he could be of use to her.Ji Chang Wook

Donghae is back in his room trying to get a hold of Saewa to try and mend their relationship which he doesn’t think should be over just because he refused her request. Anna asks if Saewa is mad when an angry Bongi knocks on the door pretending to be room service. Donghae says they didn’t order anything, but Bongi insists it is the right room. Donghae opens the door and is surprised/annoyed to find Bongi there. Bongi immediately launches a water balloon point blank in his face and that is where we end the episode. How…mature. But a lot less messier than other forms of revenge.

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