My Prince Episode 13 Recap

Wu Di WenAt a press conference for a international brand fashion show, Ai Yin announces to the press that she and Zhi Wen are getting engaged to be married! Poor Zhi Wen is blindsided. Instead of saying anything as Ai Yin announces their engagement to the world, he remains silent and looks at her in confusion. The boy needs to put his foot down instead of letting Ai Yin dictate his entire life. Afterward, Zhi Wen scolds her for not even consulting him or asking him about marriage. They haven’t even dated yet! Ai Yin replies with the fact that they’ve seen each other everyday and Zhi Wen has even kissed her. Isn’t that basically what you do when you date? No, they were only together like that for work which is distinctly different from dating. Zhi Wen is still not happy about the sudden engagement announcement and Ai Yin says that if she did not back him into a corner, then would he commit and focus solely on her? Answer: no because he always seems to worry about Xiao Mi. Zhi Wen does not like this nor does he like it when she mentions his career. Will he be forced to marry her against his will? Ai Yin then tells him that their engagement ceremony will take place just before the fashion show and he is in charge of making sure his entire family is present. What a conniving wench.

At the Li household, Zhi Kai, Zhi Chen, and Xiu Yun stare at the paper in shock. Zhi Kai cannot believe what Zhi Wen is doing without even telling the family. Xiu Yun is also upset that Zhi Wen never mentioned his engagement when he came to visit just before the press conference. Poor Zhi Wen is always in trouble with his family thanks to Ai Yin acting on her own. Zhi Chen interrupts his eldest brother and mother by saying that Zhi Wen was forced into the engagement. This gets Zhi Kai’s and Xiu Yun’s attention. How does Zhi Chen know this? Because at the conference, Zhi Wen never said a single word. Zhi Chen is smart, he has already figured out that Ai Yin is forcing Zhi Wen to marry her. At this moment, Wen Ting comes up and says it is not uncommon for managers and such to use their positions to ensure they get their artist. This horrifies Xiu Yun, but Wen Ting assures her that if Zhi Wen does marry Ai Yin, he had a chance at happiness. Mr. Wang who brought the bad news (in form of the latest newspaper gossip) is then unceremoniously kicked out.

Wu Di Wen, Zhong KaiA little later Xiao Mi stops by. Xiu Yun is happy to see Xiao Mi as she hasn’t seen her since her break up with Zhi Wen. Xiu Yun apologizes on Zhi Wen’s behalf for what happened with the rumors and bad publicity Xiao Mi got and Xiao Mi says no apology is needed. She then hands Xiu Yun a wedding invitation. Zhi Wen is forced into an engagment and Xiao Mi is getting married? It is safe to say these two events definitely have something to do with one another. Zhi Kai then takes the invitation and visits Zhi Wen who is not happy to hear that Xiao Mi is getting married. He tells Zhi Kai to prepare a gift for him as he will not be attending the wedding. Zhi Kai then tells Zhi Wen that Xiao Mi only agreed to marry this wealthy businessman (who’d been asking for awhile) after she heard about Zhi Wen’s engagement. From that moment she said yes, set a date, and printed invitations. Zhi Wen doesn’t want to hear such things and Zhi Kai leaves his little brother with some advice: don’t wait until its too late, because once you lose something, it’s almost impossible to get it back. Will the maturing Zhi Wen take Zhi Kai’s advice and finally be true to his own feelings?

At the flower shop, Xiu Yun takes down all of the pictures she had hanging up. Wen Ting asks what is wrong and Xiu Yun says its useless to have them hanging now. Wen Ting tells Xiu Yun not to worry, but Xiu Yun is still unhappy thinking that Ai Yin is forcing the marriage on Zhi Wen. Then in storms Wen Tings father with a group of thugs. He tells them to destroy the shop. Wen Ting tells them not to and he just slaps her and says he knows that Zhi Xiao is the baby’s father. The men and Wen Ting’s dad set about destroying the shop and beating poor Zhi Xiao while Xiu Yun and Wen Ting try to stop them (without success). Wen Ting’s dad makes me so angry. He beats his pregnant daughter, kicks her out of his house, and then pretends to care by destroying the livelihood of the man he thinks got her pregnant? What an arse. Afterward, Xiu Yun is tending Zhi Xiao’s wounds and complaining about the state of the flower shop. Zhi Kai comments on how he can’t believe what Wen Ting’s father did making poor Wen Ting feel worse. She apologizes and Xiu Yun tells her there is no need. They all head to be save Wen Ting. You just know the girl will pull a disappearing stunt.

Song Xiao BoXiu Yun comes out of the bathroom and no Wen Ting in the bedroom or kitchen. She sees a note on the table and yells for her sons. Zhi Xiao takes it and reads Wen Ting’s farewell. She is sorry for the trouble and cannot face them after what happened. So she’s leaving and once she gets a job, she will pay them back. Zhi Kai, Zhi Chen, and Zhi Xiao change back into clothes and run out in search of Wen Ting. Zhi Xiao finally spots her, but she is on a bridge above him. He jumps and waves his arms, but Wen Ting does not notice. Poor Zhi Xiao goes to yell, but cannot. You can feel the frustration and desperation rolling off of him. He runs after her and manages to get her attention by throwing something at her. Wen Ting turns around and sees Zhi Xiao Running at full speed. He tells her to come home, but Wen Ting refuses as she just can’t stay after what her father did. Zhi Xiao says that he likes her and that she must come home. Wen Ting pleads with him to understand how she feels and goes to walk away, but Zhi Xiao grabs her in a hug and she cries and tells him to understand her feelings once more before passing out. What a dramatic scene! When Wen Ting doesn’t initially understand Zhi Xiao’s confession, he actually speaks a little! Song Xiao Bo is such a great, expressive actor. And why can’t Wen Tin understand that Zhi Xiao truly cares for her and it is not just his warm heart and pity?

Xiu Yun paces at home awaiting their return. Zhi Kai shows up first empty handed and then Zhi Chen. Finally, Zhi Xiao shows up with a weak Wen Ting. Xiu Yun scolds Wen Ting for leaving in the middle of the night when she is pregnant and weak. Xiu Yun sends her up to bed and says she will make soup. The ever practical Zhi Chen says there is no need as Zhi Xiao will make it. Zhi Xiao nods and smiles and takes Wen Ting up to rest. Xiu Yun watches them and tells her eldest song that those children really make her worry. In the room, Wen Ting lays down and tells Zhi Xiao about wanting a warm family and home for herself and her child since she only had a cold, hateful home growing up. Zhi Xiao tells her that his home is her home, but Wen Ting wants him to understand she wants a home that belongs to herself and the child. She will do her best to be the mother that she never had to the child. Zhi Xiao wants Wen Ting to continue living there and he will accept and care for her child as well. They both need to understand one another. Wen Ting needs to understand that she can build a home and family with Zhi Xiao without relying solely on him and giving up her dream of a family that is her own as his family is already slowly becoming her own anyways and Zhi Xiao needs to understand that Wen Ting isn’t quite ready for his acceptance and love just yet. Not that he is the pushy type.

Wu Di WenA reluctant Zhi Wen is forced to accompany Ai Yin to pick out wedding and engagement clothes. He could care less about such things, but Ai Yin is insisting on his participation. They go to a high end shop where she is disappointed on his lack of participation in choosing the clothes. She then tells him to try on an outfit that she picked out. When he goes to do so, Xiao Mi steps out in her own wedding clothes. She is not all that happy and her fiance wishes to know why. Xiao Mi says it is because she’s been trying on too many gowns. Her fiance says that is okay as the one she is wearing is definitely “the one.” Xiao Mi goes back in and Zhi Wen steps out in a gray and silver tux. Ai Yin feels justified in her selection and goes to try on another gown. Out steps Xiao Mi again and the two finally notice each other. Both are shocked to see one another and the first words out of Zhi Wen’s mouth are on how beautiful Xiao Mi looks in the dress. That aside, he asks her if she really plans on going through with the marriage. Xiao Mi says yes and Zhi Wen asks if she loves her fiance. Xiao Mi can’t say yes to that and once again Zhi Wen tries to dissuade her from doing something rash. Xiao Mi comments on his own engagement and knows he does not love Ai Yin, but also knows he won’t go against her in order to succeed. She doesn’t blame him for this and wishes he will let her go and make her own decisions. Xiao Mi’s greatest hope is that at another point in time, they can be friends again. Ai Yin and Xiao Mi’s fiance come out and neither are pleased. Xiao Mi insists that she will go through with the wedding and leaves with her fiance. Zhi Wen goes to follow, infuriating Ai Yin. She stops him and scolds him, but he finally tells the truth – he doesn’t love and can’t marry her. He then rushes after Xiao Mi.

At the Li house, Zhi Wen sits crying his eyes out while his mother, brothers, and Wen Ting watch on. They all tell him that it is all right, not to cry, but Zhi Wen continues bawling. Why? He has realized too late that he truly loves Xiao Mi. Why couldn’t he understand and treasure that before she left him? Zhi Xiao pats his brother’s shoulder and Zhi Wen takes out the ring Zhi Xiao made and said that he proposed from the bottom of his heart, but Xiao Mi still rejected him. Surprising and yet not given Xiao Mi’s attitude. She has finally caved in and agreed to marry her arranged date and the plans are all ready in full swing and she probably has a hard time believing that Zhi Wen truly loves her. Zhi Chen says that feelings are a hard thing to understand and Xiu Yun tells Zhi Wen not to worry as they will find an even better girl for him. Zhi Wen cries harder and throws himself on his mother’s lap and the two cry together.

Chen Zu YeAt the office, Ai Yin looks at the engagement clothes. What is she thinking? Zhi Wen shows up and comes in. Ai Yin mentions him being rash and all that jazz. She can’t believe that he’s never loved her. Well, he never actually said he did nor did he lie about it. She was important to him as she was helping him in his career. There was some attraction that led him to kiss her, but it is Xiao Mi that is truly in his heart. But you know Ai Yin, she always does things her way and what happens when her model jilts her? She gets a replacement (not for her fiance, but for the big fashion show) – none other than Zhi Wen’s friend and fellow model Su Ze! Typical. And you know that Su Ze was unhappy with Zhi Wen’s instant success as he’s worked harder, longer, and is a better model than his friend. So, Ai Yin and Su Ze get to both one up Zhi Wen. This is what happens when you cross the line in business and love and it goes awry.

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