Gloria Episode 12 Recap

Oh, wow. It’s been awhile since I have recapped Gloria. Although, this is not the drama I am technically the most behind on as there have been ones I have started earlier than this that need attention, too. I am thinking about how I am going to tackle recapping them so they all get down in a somewhat timely manner. Anywho, back to the task at hand.

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Episode summary:

Kang Suk is upset that Jin Jin has a nosebleed, but she just laughs it off and goes to leave to finish delivering papers, but Kang Suk grabs her arm and asks if she is even getting enough sleep at night. Jin Jin says nothing and he tells her that she is his asset now, so she is no longer her own owner (if that makes any sense). He asks if she understands and Jin Jin asks if she can speak informally. This surprises Kang Suk, especially when Jin Jin knocks his hand away and says she is nobody’s asset. She is a singer who signed a contract with an agency, she did not sell herself to his company. It is her turn to ask if she understands. Kang Suk angrily replies that it is Jin Jin who doesn’t understand because a signed singer is an asset of the company and Double Sharp is in charge of nurturing Jin Jin. Jin Jin doesn’t back down and again insists that she is not just an asset. She then tells him that calling someone else an asset is the worse thing he could do, but Kang Suk says that is reality. Jin Jin replies that she doesn’t care about reality, she is no one’s asset so he needs to stop treating her at one. Kang Suk then says how can he when she’s not even taking proper care of herself and is getting nosebleeds. Jin Jin switches back to formal language and Kang Suk just cannot believe what she is doing. She then says she knows her body best and with working the amount of jobs she does in order to survive, she doesn’t get a lot of sleep and nosebleeds are bound to happen on occasion. Jin Jin says she can take care of herself and bids him good day to finish delivering newspapers. Kang Suk stares after her amazed and dumbfounded.

Jin Jin finishes that job and rushes home to pick up the kimbap from Oh. Eo Jin is up bright and early helping Oh make the kimbap. Jin Jin asks if Eo Jin is selling with her again and he says that he will sell kimbap until he needs to go to school. He then asks for 2 thousand won if he helps her sell all of it. Dong Ah comes out at this point and threatens Eo Jin. He has to go straight to school and can’t dawdle and sell kimbap. Eo Jin refuses and tells his uncles to stop interfering in other’s lives. Chun Bo Geun as Eo Jin is a scene stealer. The kid can act and is great at seeming more like and adult than his uncle.

Eo Jin and Jin Jin are busy selling kimbap when Kang Suk happens to drive by and spot Jin Jin. He cannot believe that after what he said earlier that she is hard at work at yet another job. He stops and asks her what she is doing and she says that she is obviously selling kimbap. He then asks who Eo Jin is and Jin Jin replies that he is her loser friend’s nephew. Kang Suk sighs and says that Jin Jin sure has a lot of jobs. Jin Jin then tries to entice him into buying kimbap for breakfast since he probably hasn’t eaten yet. Kang Suk then asks if she is a robot made of steel. Jin Jin thinks he is teasing her and says that she is sure she is a 100% human. Kang Suk then asks how much for all that she has left. Such a typical drama moment. This surprises Jin Jin and she asks if he’s really hungry. Of course he isn’t, this is his way of trying to get Jin Jin to rest a little by buying all the kimbap she is working hard to sell. Jin Jin quickly calculates the total, but gives him a 1,000 won discount for being her president. Kang Suk returns to his car and wonders why he did what he did. He looks out the window and sees Eo Jin and Jin Jin jumping around happily and he says they respectfully call him president all the while they take advantage of him, but he smiles. Jin Jin makes him do a lot of new things.

Back at the house, Jin Jin and gang are busy eating and Jin Jin tells Dong Ah that he is in charge of making rice now that she signed with the company and has to go to practice. Dong Ah gets a call from Yoon Seo, but ignores it making his friends wonder why. Dong Chul says it must be love since he is having a lover’s quarrel and Dong Ah nearly bites his head off. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo is listlessly going through the shop her father gave her to manage (she is supposed to be listening about current store promotions), wondering why Dong Ah is not answering.

Kang Suk returns and Ji Young asks if his golf meeting went well and if it is confirmed that the American Idol-like program is definitely going to happen. Kang Suk says nothing is definite as of yet. This frustrates Ji Young. Kang Suk then offhandedly then gives the staff the bag of kimbap he bought from Jin Jin and tells them to enjoy it. Ji Young is surprised that Kang Suk bought such a large amount for the staff. LOL, of she only knew. Meanwhile, Jin Jin is busy cleaning the rehearsal room. Ji Young goes to find her and ask why the kids aren’t there yet. Jin Jin then replies that the kids told her it is the rookie’s duty to do the cleaning. Ji Young says they are teaching Jin Jin a lesson and they must be mocking her as well. Jin Jin just laughs it off and says that she is used to such treatment. In all her years, there isn’t much she hasn’t come across. Ji Young asks of Jin Joo and Jin Jin replies that she is still the same. Ji Young says that Jin Joo was really something else on stage and Jin Jin agrees that she was always mesmerized when her sister took the stage. Ji Young then says that Jin Jin can be like that, too. Jin Jin asks if that is really true and Ji Young replies that she will do everything she can to see to it that it does happen. Jin Jin then asks if Ji Young was really close to Jin Joo. Ji Young then tells the story of how she was always berated and scolded and how Jin Joo was kind to her, which helped Ji Young get through the initial tough period of work. Jin Jin says that must be why Ji Young insisted on making her a singer. Ji Young says she is not that kind – she wants to make Jin Jin a singer because she sees her potential. She then leaves and Jin Jin goes back to cleaning enthusiastically.

Jin Jin goes to throw out garbage and is seen by Kang Suk. He asks her if she is there to sing or clean. Jin Jin then asks if he doesn’t think people who put their best effort into everything will succeed. She then says she is off to practice and bids him farewell. Kang Suk then receives a call from his father who reminds him that today is Jung Nan’s birthday and as a son, how could Kang Suk forget? Lee then tells Kang Suk to be there for Jung Nan since he has to go to Jeju and can’t.

At the nightclub, Tae Soon rushes over to Woo Hyun and apologizes for acting like she did the other night when she was drunk. Woo Hyun agreed that Tae Soon was a little crazy and tells her everything will be all right as long as she doesn’t do it again. He walks away after greeting Jugn Nan and Tae Soon says he just doesn’t understand her heart. Jung Nan smiles and says then Tae Soon should just make him understand and walks away as well. Tae Soon gives her a very dirty look behind her back. I guess she still sees Jung Nan as a threat.

Jin Jin is going to the club with flowers for Jin Joo when Yoon Seo pops out of a cab and greets her. Jin Jin asks if she is there to meet Dong Ah and Yoon Seo says that she is there to learn noodle making from Oh. Jin Jin teases her and pokes her waist, but Yoon Seo doesn’t really react at all. Jin Jin says she was just teasing and asks if she offended Yoon Seo who then confesses that she has never had a friend to tease and play with. This shocks Jin Jin – she can’t believe how different a world Yoon Seo lives in. Yoon Seo then confesses she envies Jin Jin and Dong Ah’s close friendship and she also says that Dong Ah is the nicest man in her eyes. Jin Jin says that the two must be dating for Yoon Seo to say that. Yoon Seo’s face falls and Jin Jin can’t believe they aren’t officially dating yet. Jin Jin then says that Dong Ah may be a loser, but he is a good man so Yoon Seo should do Jin Jin a favor and stay by him forever.

At the club, Eo Jin and Jin Joo are working on Eo Jin’s homework. Dong Ah and Dong Chul fight about the right way to spell “all right” when Yoon Seo arrives with Jin Jin. Dong Ah is not happy to see that Yoon Seo has come back. He then asks how to spell the word after he misspells it. Yoon Seo spells it correctly and is praised by Dong Chul. Jin Jin then chides Dong Ah for not knowing, but is silenced when asked if she knew how it was spelled then. Yoon Seo then tells Oh she is there and Oh is surprised to see her, thinking that Yoon Seo wasn’t going to show up anymore. Yoon Seo says she hasn’t learned how to make noodles yet, so she can’t leave. Jin Jin pokes Dong Ah and tells him to stop playing hard to get before heading into the club.

Jin Jin overhears Jung Nan talking to Kang Suk about her birthday. Jin Jin is surprised to hear it is Jung Nan’s birthday. Jung Nan says not to make a fuss and to come over to her place after work. Jin Jin asks if its to celebrate and Jung Nan says she wishes to give Jin Jin clothes that she no longer wears. This excites Jin Jin who sits down to tell her just what a kind person Kang Suk is being. Jung Nan is shocked to hear that Kang Suk is being nice to anyone, let alone Jin Jin. Jung Nan then says that Kang Suk is offended if he is referred to as only the second-coldest person in the world. Jin Jin says it must all be a front, because deep down he is really nice.

At the Yi house, Yoon Seo’s mother is upset that Yoon Seo is not home to meet Ji Suk like she is supposed to. Ji Suk smiles and says he knows she is avoiding him because Yoon Seo was told he was coming over. So why doesn’t he take the hint already and just leave the poor girl alone? I really don’t like this selfish arse of a man. Yi then says that Yoon Seo is just shy. Ji Suk takes his leave, upsetting Yi that he won’t wait any longer for Yoon Seo. And what is Yoon Seo doing? She is flubbing up making noodles. She overcooked them. Yoon Seo apologizes to Oh who says its no big deal and gives Dong Ah the noodles to eat. He refuses saying he is full. He then calls her out and says he will take her home. Yoon Seo doesn’t want to leave quite yet, but Dong Ah refuses to let her stay any longer and gets Dong Chul to man the door while he walks Yoon Seo home. Dong Chul runs off his mouth again and Dong Ah refrains from hitting him. This makes Dong Chul says that Dong Ah has really changed since meeting Yoon Seo.

On the way home, Yoon Seo asks if Dong Ah is angry. He says that he isn’t and asks why she would think that. Yoon Seo replies that he is not answering her calls. Dong Ah says he is sleeping. Yoon Seo knows he is lying and Dong Ah then asks her to stop coming as she should have seen enough of his world by now. For Yoon Seo it might be a festival she is enjoying for the time being, but it is his and his friends’ lives. Yoon Seo then says he definitely must be mad at her. Dong Ah again refutes that is not true. Yoon Seo says she started working a job and had something going on the other night, but Dong Ah cuts her off and says she doesn’t need to explain to a guy like him. Yoon Seo says she is saying it because she wants to. She then says she didn’t come the other night because she had an obligation, not because she didn’t want to. Yoon Seo asks if she can’t still come and Dong Ah replies with if he told her to stop, would she. Yoon Seo says that if he really wanted her to, she wouldn’t. Dong Ah then says to come until she finishes learning how to make noodles. Yoon Seo smiles and happily replies that it can take her a long time to learn how to do it, which means he’s stuck with her for now. They reach the Yi house and Dong Ah tells her to go on in. Yoon Seo says she knows she is just thinking of herself and knows that she is being selfish, but if he can only put on with it a little longer. Dong Ah doesn’t say anything to this declaration and just bids her good night. On his way home, Dong Ah says that when Yoon Seo stops coming, he will not wait for her and just continue on with his life.

Jin Jin, Jin Joo, and Jung Nan arrive at Jung Nan’s place and Jin Jin cannot believe what a nice place she has. Jin Jin says that she will make Jung Nan seaweed soup as soon as they get in, but Jung Nan says that she has none. Jin Jin then insists that she will sing happy birthday. Jung Nan smiles and says it is up to her. When they get inside, there is Kang Suk waiting with a cake for his mother. Jung Nan is shocked to see him there. He replies that he timed it so he would be there as she got off of work. Jung Nan asks why he is there and Jin Jin says how can he not be there when it is his mother’s birthday. Jung Nan says nothing to that and Jin Joo comes in and begins remarking at how beautiful everything is. Jung Nan then blows out the candles and Jin Jin asks where Kang Suk’s presents are and Jung Nan says she needs nothing from her son, it’s just enough that he actually remembered her birthday and brought a cake. Jin Jin then presents her own gift to Jung Nan who is greatly touched by it and shocked that Jin Jin had enough time to prepare a gift. Jung Nan thanks her for the pretty hairpiece and Jin Jin replies it isn’t the most elegant as it only cost 10,000 won. Jung Nan happily tells her that it is really nice. Jin Joo then drops her tea cup and Jin Jin immediately jumps in and keeps Jin Joo from hurting herself. Trying to clean up the glass, Jin Jin cuts her finger and Jung Nan rushes for the first aid kit. Jin Joo apologizes and goes to help, but Jin Jin again stops her. Kang Suk yells at her to stop and calls her an idiot for still trying to clean up the mess with her bare hands. Jin Joo says that Jin Jin isn’t an idiot, she’s an idiot, but Jin Jin insists that her elder sister isn’t. Jung Nan comes in just as Kang Suk brings out a dustpan and broom and begins sweeping up the mess. Jung Nan is shocked to see her son doing such a thing and Jin Jin apologizes for causing him so much trouble. Kang Suk says it’s all right since she knows she is giving him a hard time. Jung Nan then thanks Jin Jin for showing her scenes that she has never gotten to see before causing Kang Suk to sigh while Jin Jin gets her finger bandaged.

Jin Jin thanks Jung Nan for the beautiful clothes and Jung Nan requests that Kang Suk take the two girls home since they live in the same neighborhood. Without complaining, Kang Suk actually complies. In the car, Jin Jin tells her sister to lay down and sleep and Jin Joo asks her little sister for a song as she likes to hear her sing. This makes Jin Jin happy and she agrees to sing her a song while Kang Suk listens and sneaks peeks in the review mirror. Jin Jin just keeps getting under his skin in many different ways.  Jin Jin tries to wake Jin Joo up, but Jin Joo doesn’t want too. Kang Suk then pops the trunk and helps Jin Jin get all of her new clothes out. He then asks why she doesn’t quit her job delivering newspapers as humans need sleep. Jin Jin says she knows and she manages to sleep here and there, so he doesn’t need to worry. Kang Suk then says that he will sue her for compensation if she collapses from exhaustion. Aww, what a sweet way to show you care :P.  Jin Jin then calls him wicked and takes Jin Joo into the house while Kang Suk watches them go in with another big sigh.

Inside, Dong Ah is laying outside on the table instead of sleeping. Jin Jin asks why he isn’t sleeping yet and sends Jin Joo into bed so she can talk to Dong Ah. He asks if she got a lot of clothes and she says yes – high quality ones at that. Dong Ah says that mother and son are just alike, how can they afford such clothes when Kang Suk is only a lowly driver. Jin Jin goes to correct him, but bites her tongue instead. Not exactly sure why, but  she keeps his real identity from Dong Ah. Jin Jin then starts poking him and says she asked Yoon Seo a favor. Dong Ah pops up and asks what she did. Jin Jin says she asked Yoon Seo to stay by him forever, which means, basically, marriage if Yoon Seo wants. Dong Ah immediately tells Jin Jin off for doing such a rash thing. Jin Jin says she did it for him so he shouldn’t yell. Dong Ah says she can’t do such nonsense and of course, the two start screaming and fighting. It’s been awhile. LOL. I love watching the two fight. They are so cute. The whole house wakes up and tries to separate the two with no luck. Oh then comes out and throws water on them asking why they have to do such things. Yoon Bae and Jong Bum say that it was too quiet and that it was bound to happen and then say the two are a match made in heaven. I think they are better off as friends. If they were lovers, they would probably kill each other. Jin Jin is back in her room and complains that Dong Ah should just say thanks. Meanwhile, Dong Chul tells Dong Ah in their room that he thinks if Yoon Seo wasn’t around, Jin Jin noona would be Dong Ah’s ideal partner. Dong Ah tells him to shut up ans sleep. He then grumbles that Jin Jin’s a wench who is no help to him.

The next day Kang Suk returns from his run and is happy to see that Jin Jin took his advice – until he walks in through the gate and sees the papers lying there. He picks them up and heads in. He is surprised to see Ji Suk up already and drinking coffee. Ji Suk then asks what Jung Nan said. Kang Suk says nothing and Ji Suk then says since Jung Nan is a woman who lives for love, what does she think of her son’s arranged marriage. Kang Suk doesn’t rise to the jibe and goes to wash up. Ji Suk can’t leave it alone and says the more his brother acts as he does, the more he doesn’t want to let Yoon Seo go to a guy like him. Oh, like Ji Suk is really any better? Kang Suk gives his brother a slight glare before silently entering the bathroom.

During breakfast at the Oh house, Jong Bum is excited to hear this woman owns department stores and Oh comments on him trying to live off a rich widow. Jong Bum states he isn’t a gigolo and Yoon Bae says he knows nothing of love. Jong Bum then lets it slip that Yoon Bae was once married and this shocks everyone. It seems like only Jong Bum knew. Jong Bum immediately knows he made a mistake and Yoon Bae angrily leaves the table after calling him a jerk. After Yoon Bae leaves, Oh asks if he really was married. Oh then asks if he is a widow and Jong Bum said it would be better if he was before leaving himself to apologize to Yoon Bae who ignores him. Dong Ah follows Yoon Bae outside and hears Yoon Bae’s story for himself. Yoon Bae tells the story of how he fell in love with a rich girl and ran away with her. They lived together for a year and a half, but the girl couldn’t handle it. Apparently love was not enough and the two began to grow apart so Yoon Bae let her go and realized that people from different classes just can’t live together. Dong Ah did not need to hear this story and come up with even more reasons not to be with his beloved Yoon Seo.

Yoon Seo finds a beautiful designer purse and wishes to give it as a gift. Meanwhile, Jin Jin is with the vocal coach who is criticizing her rhythm while singing “Indian Doll.” The teacher keeps stopping and complaining about her bad rhythmic sense. Jin Jin says she understands what he is saying, but that she just can’t seem to get it. He asks her how she will get along at auditions when she is like this and Jin Jin replies she has only been training for a few days to which the coach says that is nothing to be proud of and the two start again. Practice ends and Jin Jin begs him to go longer, but he refuses. Kang Suk sees the two and stops them. He asks for Jin Jin’s lessons to be extended by an extra half hour. The coach complains, but Kang Suk insists and the two go back into practice. The coach asks what the relationship is between the two and Jin Jin is horrified to learn that he thinks they are a couple. She vehemently insists that they have nothing between them and he asks her why she is getting so worked up when a simple no would have sufficed.

Ji Suk meets Jung for lunch and confesses that he knows Yoon Seo which surprises Jung, but not as much as Ji Suk’s next statement does. Ji Suk says they met on the plan home from the US and that he has feelings for Yoon Seo. Jung doesn’t quite know what to say and tries to explain about marrying Kang Suk to Yoon Seo, but Ji Suk says he knows this already. Jung asks why Ji suk is doing this when he knows about the arrangement. Ji Suk says the two barely know each other, so he should have a chance with Yoon Seo since he genuinely cares for her. Oh bugger, the man is doing everything he can.

Back at Double Sharp, Kang Suk leaves his office and overhears Jin Jin practicing. He looks into the practice room and notices her practicing all alone. He walks in and asks what she is doing alone. Jin Jin says she is practicing a song and Kang Suk says she has no night lessons scheduled. Jin Jin asks for the time and is surprised to find out it is already 8pm. She has a live show at the club to prepare for and needs to pick up flowers for Jin Joo as well. What will she do? Kang Suk then ends up driving her. She tells him to let her off at the station, but then Jin Jin’s stomach growls and he asks if she has eaten. Jin Jin, embarrassed, says that she forgot to eat. Kang Suk then takes her for dinner and says that if they eat fast, she can still make it in time. Jin Jin starts eating and then says that when she called him a jerk last time, she wants to apologize for that. Why? She realized that he isn’t all that bad. He tells her to just focus on eating, but he’s happy to hear that she doesn’t think he’s a jerk anymore.

Kang Suk drops her off and Jin Jin thanks him for his help. Dong Ah grabs her arm and asks if Kang Suk dropped her off and why? Jin Jin says it just happened that way and Jin Joo asks where the roses are. Jin Jin apologizes and tells Jin Joo to go home with Eo Jin before rushing into the club. Yoon Seo then shows up and apologizes for being late as well. Oh tells her it is okay as it is not a cooking academy. Yoon Seo then smiles at Dong Ah before going to work.

Kang Suk arrives home to see a worried Song pacing and to hear his father yelling at his brother. Why? Jung told Lee what Ji Suk pulled and Lee is bawling Ji Suk out for doing such a stupid thing to his brother. Ji Suk then says that Kang Suk doesn’t love Yoon Seo. Lee can’t believe his ears and Mrs. Song rushes in to find out just what is going on. Ji Suk asks why its okay for Kang Suk to be with Yoon Seo and not him as Kang Suk only see Yoon Seo for her dowry. Lee then hits Ji Suk who throws up his parents’ own failure of marriage (that was arranged as well) – definitely not a way to get into his father’s good graces. Ji Suk then asks if he wants Kang Suk to live the same life as him. Lee asks if Ji Suk understands what he has done and Ji Suk says he does and yells that he is doing everything in his power to get the woman he loves before storming out. He sees Kang Suk, who remains silent and says that he will surpass him. Kang Suk clenches his jaw and then goes out, driving like a mad man while Song confronts Ji Suk. Song is not happy to hear that Ji Suk did such a thing and Ji Suk is unhappy that his mom is not on his side.

At the club, Yoon Seo presents Jin Jin with the designer bag. Jin Jin is touched and can’t believe that such a thing is hers. Dong Ah says she didn’t have to do that and Yoon Seo replies that Jin Jin is her friend. Dong Chul says that he wants to be her friend, too and Yoon Seo promises to bring him something at a later date. Oh watches one, disbelieving that Yoon Seo is going as far as trying to get close to Dong Ah’s friends as well. Yoon Seo gets a call and then heads home to her unhappy father. Jung then asks if his daughter knows Ji Suk. Yi goes to respond and Jung is surprised to hear that Yi knows him as well. He then grills Yoon Seo about him. Yoon Seo admits to knowing who he is and Jung asks what relationship they have and if she knows he is Kang Suk’s brother. Yoon Seo says she knows all this and Jung says he heard something embarrassing from Ji Suk. Yoon Seo insists that she has no relationship with him and then says she doesn’t want to get married.

At Oh’s house, Dong Ah comes out and sees Jin Jin hugging her purse. He calls her crazy and Jin Jin says it is the first present she has received since getting a giant stuffed bear from her sister twenty years ago. Jin Jin then says she hopes he and Yoon Seo can be together for a long time. Dong Ah snaps, but Jin Jin says he can yell all he wants as she won’t fight him as a favor for Yoon Seo that night. Dong Ah then calls her and the rest of the house snobs because if you give them something they become drooling fools. Jin Jin asks if Dong Ah thinks it’s all because of the purse. Dong Ah says yes and Jin Jin says that Yoon Seo’s feelings must be real if she’s showing such attention to Jin Jin. Dong Ah doesn’t know what to say to this.

Back at the Lee household, Song goes to Lee and asks if they stop the wedding. Song will work on getting Ji Suk to give up on Yoon Seo, so Lee should do the same with Kang Suk. Lee says nothing. Kang Suk arrives home and looks unhappily at the house. Instead of going inside, he stays and sleeps in his car. Jin Jin, delivering papers, is surprised to see him sleeping in his car. She knocks on his window and asks if he slept in the car and if he had been drinking. Kang Suk ignores her and turns to go in, but stops when Jin Jin says that life is hard for everyone. He turns around and looks at her while she continues. She doesn’t know why, but Kang Suk always looks like he is carrying the world’s misery, but he still has his mother and is rich. Jin Jin turns to leave and Kang Suk angrily grabs her arm. He then demands to know what Jin Jin knows.

End episode. True, you really shouldn’t jump to conclusions about people’s lives, but Kang Suk doesn’t really need to act like he does.


  • I enjoyed reading your recaps for episodes 1-12 of Gloria.

    After watching 22 episodes, I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying Gloria, but it’s exhausting to keep watching all 50 long episodes to find out how it ends.

    • Yes, I was surprised at how much I liked Gloria as well. I think I have gotten into the 30s watching-wise, but just haven’t kept up with the recaps because the new semester started around that time and then I was crazy busy with work. But since it is a 50-episode drama, it tends to get draggy. Things that are over in a blink of an eye in shorter dramas just hang around and don’t get resolved as soon as they could be.

      But if it helps…I think there is a good ending, which is nice. Sometimes if I find out about a disappointing ending, I tend to lose interest in a drama. Or decide to put it on hold for awhile.

      • I hear you…school/work/life vs. asian dramas…hehe.

        I’m in the 30s watching-wise now, and I’m still enjoying watching Gloria. I want to see how the writers will continue to develop the storyline and resolve everything in the ending.
        I’m up to the part where Gloria/Jin Jin doesn’t have to work a cycle of part-time jobs or take care of her mentally disabled older sister…Kang Suk’s father trusts him more than his older half-brother… Yoon Seo’s father knows about her relationship with Dong Ah. I like the other side stories too.

        I don’t “get” Kang Suk and Jin Jin. I mean what has Jin Jin actually done to get the cold, uptight, wounded, illegitimate Kang Suk to do so much for her? dunno?…feels like it’s coming out of left-field?

        • That is very true. But then again maybe it does have to do with Jin Jin always getting on his case and trying to help him out at times. Granted, most of her scolding is about the treatment of his mother and how he shouldn’t pretend to be rich (before she knew who he was), but supposedly her showing genuine concern supposedly helps open him up. Truthfully, if Yoon Seo wasn’t in the picture, Jin Jin and Dong Ah are the perfect couple who totally get and understand each other despite their constant squabbling.

          I really feel bad for Kang Suk as Jin Jin never really considers him or his feelings most of the time and just does what she wants – like when she thought about completely giving up when Jin Joo went “missing” as her life was only to keep watch over her older sister until she died. Sad, really.

          • Agreed, Dong Ah and Jin Jin totally get and understand each other…but Kang Suk broke down Jin Jin’s walls and smacked her awake….Yoon Seo showed Dong Ah everything that was holding him back and made him change. Dong Ah and Jin Jin were meant to be BFF. I just don’t get what Jin Jin “did” for Kang Suk,nada?

            I’m enjoying watching the last few episodes of Gloria.

            How could Jin Jin just go “numb” towards Kang Suk? or act uncharacteristically of herself?…Isn’t Kang Suk her first and only love; first loves are usually very strong (irrational) attachments but Gloria coldly breaks up with him, huh?…So far Gloria has been a “goodwill” person but she could plan her revenge?…eh, it’s surprising Gloria isn’t hospitalized for emotional breakdowns?

  • Curious bout ep 13…can’t wait next recaps

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