2011 Subtitle Releases

I have had this page up for awhile, but never announced it. Well, I am announcing it now. And the main reason is that a lot of winter shows are starting to have subtitles released for them. Japanese dramas that initially had no one claiming to sub them are now being subbed, streaming sites DramaFever, Crunchyroll, and KBSWORLDi (not free, but a nice site as they sub dramas that aren’t always picked up by fansubbers) are starting to post currently airing dramas with English subtitles as well. So stop by the 2011 subtitle release section to see all the goodies you may be missing out on.

And please note that I will keep up the 2010 list as well if there are any updates to be made. Plus, I usually post the titles of dramas with recent subs to the main Subtitle page just because there are older dramas seeing releases as well as new ones.

I must say that for this drama season, tis the season of crime shows and darker dramas. A lot of Japanese dramas are revolving around profiling and crime solving with the same going for some of the Korean dramas this season as well. Fun times.


  • Thanks for providing the subtitles list again! It’s great to know what will be subbed. I just hope someone will pick up Fake ~ Kyoto Bijutsu Jiken Emaki, I want to watch it so bad! I just got ady ~Saigo no Profiling~ and hopefully I’ll be able to watch it sometime this week.

    I wish that there was a Japanese site similar to KBSWORLDi!

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