Smile, Donghae Episode 4 Recap

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung AhThe excited Donghae picks up the fleeing Saewa and twirls her around. Our uptight and nervous Saewa is shocked to see Donghae after just parting ways with Do Jin (in a hotel no less even though nothing happened :P). Not to mention, if anyone should see her in a hotel with Donghae (or Do Jin), she could get in trouble since she is an announcer. Donghae finally puts Saewa down while Bongi watches from around the corner. Donghae asks if Saewa came to see him and she quickly lies and says that she has. He then asks if she has seen Anna. Saewa replies that she hasn’t yet met with his mother and Donghae grabs her hand to take her to see Anna, but Saewa begs off saying that she needs to hurry and get to work. Donghae complains that Saewa has to leave after just meeting him for the first time in 8 months. Saewa apologizes and says she’ll call him after work. Donghae says he’ll walk her to the car, but Saewa refuses saying she can’t afford to let anyone see her leaving a hotel with a man since she is in the media. She goes to the elevator, but then turns around and quickly hugs and kisses Donghae’s cheek saying how much she missed him before leaving, which makes Donghae brighten right up. They leave each other with their “I Love Yous.”

Bongi who has watched it all in confusion, tries to escape when Donghae comes her way, but Donghae sees her anyways. He demands to know what she is doing at the hotel so early in the morning for and Bongi, not wanting to say the real reason was to find Saewa who didn’t go home the night before, says she came to demand the compensation for her injured wrist. This annoys Donghae even more and he says that once che gives him an estimate, then he will willingly pay the damages for her. Poor Bongi is not getting a very good reputation in front of Donghae. Will that change anytime soon? Poor Bongi is frustrated that Donghae sees her in such a poor light, but how can she tell him the t ruth. Bongi then wonders what Saewa was doing with Do Jin the hotel’s Vice Manager. She then recalls that she has to quickly get to work, so she unwraps her wrist so that the head chef won’t expect anything is wrong.

Back in his office, Do Jin recalls Saewa’s unjustified slap and actually thinks it means that she is perfect for him! Well, It does mean that she isn’t to be taken lightly, but still. One slap and it just confirms she’s the right woman? Will he still think that way when he finds out that Saewa will do whatever it takes to succeed – even dating him? (Conjecture at this point, but I do believe that is what she will do – sacrifice her relationship with Donghae to be with Do Jin to advance her career.) Do Jin then feels around in his pockets and finds Saewa’s car key. He then calls Saewa who is looking through her purse in the parking garage and tells her to take the taxi he’s called to the back gates. He will return her car keys to her later that night. Saewa is getting more annoyed by Do Jin. She cannot believe he took the liberty of looking up her cell number and for holiding her keys hostage. He is original and yet not at the same time. In the 2004 drama Stained Glass Yuichi made sure Ji Soo would meet him again by giving her a very expensive watch that was precious to him since it was a graduation gift from his beloved mother. Thus, Ji Soo had no choice but to meet him one more time to at least return the watch.

Park Hae Mi, Kim Yoo SukBack at the police station, Sool Nyeo finally wakes up to Pil Jae trying to hand her a glass of water. She is enamored at first, but then remembers the reason why she arrived at the police station. She accidentally spills water down the front of Pil Jae’s pants as she jumps up. Sool Nyeo then frantically tries to wipe them dry (lol, always a funny gag even though it is done so often). Pil Jae tells her to forget it and asks what she means that her daughter is missing. Sool Nyeo then tells him that Saewa never returned home the night before and that she has never done something like that before. This excites Pil Jae who thinks it might be a kidnapping, which freaks Sool Nyeo out. Pil Jae then leaves to go get the kidnapping paperwork and Saewa finally calls her mother. She lies saying she was in a meeting all night and hangs up. Sool Nyeo is relieved that Saewa is all right, but now faces the embarrassment of having to face Pil Jae with the truth. Sool Nyeo tries to sneak out, but Pil Jae catches her in the act and she tells him that she is leaving and doesn’t need his help after all. Pil Jae thinks its because the kidnappers finally contacted her. He puts his arm around her and tells her that she can trust him and Sool Nyeo tells him that Saewa called her and is safe. This annoys Pil Jae and Sool Nyeo slinks out of the station. She turns around and says she wishes she could trade places with Pil Jae’s wife. Omo. Talk about a heavy crush.

Back at the Lee house, Sun Ok is looking through the classified ads when her husband comes in to tell her to hurry up so he can drop her off at the salon before he goes to work.  Kang Jae is not happy to see his wife going through the classifieds. He scolds her and tells her not to. Sun Ok wishes to stand resolute and take on more responsibility for clearing up the debt. Kang Jae tells her that there is only $30,000 left to pay and he will take care of it himself. Sun Ok wants to know how, but Kang Jae just states that he has a plan and begs her to trust him and to not wear herself out by working multiple part-time jobs. Sun Ok is touched by his concern, but still wonders what he has up his sleeve. She quickly goes after him so that he can drop her off at Sool Nyeo’s for work.

At the salon, Sool Nyeo is fantasizing about Pil Jae and wondering where she has seen him before (she apparently can’t recall that he is Sun Ok’s brother-in-law). Her fantasizing is interrupted by the arrival of Sun Ok who is cleaning Sool Nyeo’s office. Soll Nyeo complains that Sun Ok’s timing is awful and Sun Ok complains about Sool Nyeo sitting around instead of actually working. Sool Nyeo then says running a salon is harder than Sun Ok thinks, but if she thinks she can do better, than open her own and leave Sool Nyeo be. Sun Ok says she could and Sool Nyeo then says how hard a time she had when she first started out. She only got in the salon business because a fortune teller told her that she would earn money with scissors in her hands or something like that. Sool Nyeo then wonders what happened to that fortune teller as she was quite accurate and she would love to have Saewa’s fortune done. Sun Ok says that she knows of a fortune teller and the two women decide to go out and see what they can find out about their kids (and Sool Nyeo hopes to figure out something about her mystery man as well).

Donghae has cleaned himself up nicely and his brightly humming. When he turns around his mom is sitting on the bed smiling happily at his good mood. Donghae then apologizes for leaving his mom alone, but he hasn’t seen Saewa in so long and wants to go out on a date with her. He then tells Anna to be good and wait for him and he will bring her back lots of yummy snacks. Anna agrees and Donghae orders room service for her. Anna initially refuses as she is worried it is too expensive, but Donghae reassures her that he earned a lot of money in the last few months in order to treat her well. This make Anna happy and she excitedly looks through the menu and orders. Donghae calls in the order and tells the staff to make sure everything is peanut free for Anna.

Oh Ji EunIn the kitchen, Bongi is having a hard time with her cooking duties with her bad wrist and she is also worried about what is going on with Saewa, Do Jin and Donghae. She tells herself to stop worrying over someone else’s love life and keeps whipping the eggs. Her friend comes over and asks if she can help, but Bongi says she is fine and asks if the porridge is done. Her friend asks how Bongi can worry about the porridge when Bongi’s life is ruined. How could such a thing happen on the day Bongi was to receive her wedding gifts? Bongi says that she is fine and is, in fact, swearing off men. She is going to concentrate on her career and work hard until she can rise to be the head chef at the hotel. Her friend needs an emergency bathroom break, so Bongi looks after the porridge. She thinks it is too thin and adds peanuts to thicken it. Uh-oh, but let’s face it – from the moment it was said that Anna was allergic, you knew something was going to happen that involved peanuts in some way, shape or form.

Pil Yong and Mal Sun will be leaving for the states again shortly and thus have Hye Sook take them all over the hotel so they can see how everything is going. In one room, the drain is stopped up and Pil Yong investigates the cause himself and tells the staff to make sure that the take special care in cleaning the bathrooms for each guest. Hye Sook says he doesn’t have to do that anymore and Mal Sun smiles and says that he likes to still do such things.

At the station, Kim Jun tells Saewa that she will be the new host of the series reuniting families that her friend and colleague told her about in episode one. Saewa is less than thrilled, needless to say, but she tries to hide her discontent with the assignment. After she leaves, the manager says that Saewa is good, but she must feel disheartened about not getting the reporter position. Kim Jun says the other girl was right for the job as her sense of timing is good. Saewa is a quick thinker, but has no sense of pacing. With her new assignment, she will learn more and in a year or so, might be ready for the reporting job. So it looks like it had nothing to do with that girl’s father after all. Saewa meets with her friend who tells her about the meeting for the show and asks her about Karl Laker. Saewa lies and says she hasn’t managed to meet up with him yet and her friend again encourages her to try and get him on the show. Saewa then hears she has a guest. She goes to the lobby where Donghae stands playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on his violin. Needless to say, he is attracting quite a bit of attention. Back at the hotel, Anna happily tucks into her black sesame porridge. She starts coughing a little, but soon can’t breathe at all. She calls for her son, for help.

Kim Sung Won, Jung Young Sook, Do Ji WonBack at the station, Saewa looks unhappy at first, but then becomes mesmerized in the playing. When Donghae finishes, she has a big smile, which falls away as she recalls exactly where they are. She quickly pulls Donghae away from the staring eyes. She thanks him for playing the violin as he did that to cheer her up, but also tells him he can never come to her work like that again or people will start to talk. She and Donghae then go out to eat for lunch. Meanwhile, Anna then gets up to get her bag which has her EpiPen (emergency injection for food allergies). She finds it, but drops it as she gets progressively worse. Hye Sook also explains about the big plans and renovations to which Pil Yong is not entirely thrilled about. He doesn’t believe such grandiose schemes are necessary as long as you provide excellent customer service and the like, but Hye Sook believes the grand plans are good plans (they aren’t necessarily bad – just that such schemes can blind you and in the end cost more than you thought they would). She keeps calling for Donghae and for help and manages to open her door. Pil Yong and Mal Sun had just left Hye Sook to finish looking around the hotel at their leisure when the see the collapsed Anna. They quickly get staff to help her and when they go into her room, they see the porridge and think that it has something to do with the food.

Sun Ok and Sool Nyeo arrive at the fortune teller only to be told that they can look no farther than each other for their future in laws. According to the fortune teller Tae Hoon and Sae Young are a perfect match for one another. Sool Nyeo takes it as an insult as does Sun Ok – both believing that their children are better and shouldn’t be saddled with the other’s. The fortune teller says there is nothing they can do as that relationship is fated – already written in the stars. Sun Ok leaves while Sool Nyeo tries to find out about Saewa or her own budding attraction to Pil Jae. The fortune teller says she is only interested in young people and then accuses Sool Nyeo of having an affair. Meanwhile, Sae Young and Tae Hoon are at the doctor’s. Apparently Sae Young was having stomach pains in class and panicked. Tae Hoon took her to the doctor, but everything was thankfully fine. Their twins are healthy and well. Apparently Sae Young had just overeaten. Tae Hoon says he knows the twins ask for a lot of food and energy, but Sae Young needs to be careful with her own health and not overeat. Sae Young promises to be more careful in the future and goes to wait for Tae Hoon outside. Sun Ok sees Sae Young as she passes by in the bus, but thinks she must be mistaken. Why would Sae Young be outside such a place?

Hye Sook hears about Anna collapsing and asks that her traveling companion be notified immediately and Do Jin is sent to deal with the matter as well. The kitchen is all abuzz with the news that a guest collapsed after eating and Bongi is horrified to learn it was the the porridge she helped her friend make. She added the peanuts without checking the order first. She is even more horrified when she recognizes the room number and realizes it is Anna who collapsed. Do Jin comes down to the kitchen where Bongi confesses. He tells her to go home as she is suspended until further notice. Things are just not going well for poor Bongi – but in this case, it really is mostly her own fault for not checking the order first.

Donghae and Saewa arrive just in time for a ferry to take off. Saewa hands him her bag and goes to the restroom and in that time, Donghae receives the call about Anna being rushed to the ER. He hesitates for an instance but jumps ship. Saewa comes back to find Donghae gone and the ship had just left shore. Donghae calls that his mom is in the hospital and rushes off and Saewa is even more upset to realize that Donghae still has her bag as well.

Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jang Woo

At the hospital, Bongi asks after Anna and is relieved to hear that she is doing all right. Donghae comes rushing in and Bongi goes to apologize, but is knocked down in his rush to see his mother. In the room, Donghae goes up to Anna and asks what happened to Do Jin. Do Jin apologizes to Donghae for the gross oversight and says that the Camellia will pay the hospital fees and Anna will stay free of charge as well. Back at the hotel, Pil Yong and Mal Sun wonder if Anna is doing better now and Mal Sun recalls that Dong Baek (their missing daughter) was allergic to peanuts as well. She remembers how frantic they were when she stopped breathing. Mal Sun then says that Dong Baek would be about Anna’s age by now. They start putting two and two together. Back at the hospital, Donghae is upset by what he feels is not enough on the hotel’s side as his mother almost died, but what can the hotel do other than what they are already doing? Bongi comes in at this and hears Donghae request that the chef who made the porridge be fired. Yeah. What a way to end the episode.

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