Paradise Kiss Starts to Tease (via Lost In Paradise)

I really, really want to see this. I enjoyed the Nana movies and I enjoyed ParaKiss as a manga series, plus it stars Mukai Osamu and Kitagawa Keiko who are two excellent actors.

That video. The one up there. That’s the teaser for Paradise Kiss. Remember back last August when I mentioned Yazawa Ai’s Paradise Kiss will be made into a live-action movie starring Kitagawa Keiko and Osamu Mukai? Well, the Japanese film site, Movie Collection, has uploaded the first teaser for Paradise Kiss to their YouTube Channel. For those anticipating to watch, Paradise … Read More

via Lost In Paradise


  • I have seen Nana the anime, but not the movie! I should get around to that since Mika Nakashima, Miyazaki Aoi, and Narimiya Hiroki are in it! Definitely, cannot wait to see Paradise Kiss! :]

    • I do like the Nana movies. I have tried watching the first episode of the anime, but haven’t managed to make it past the train arriving in Tokyo 😛 But my friend likes the anime and manga so I got her the movies for Christmas this year. Now, I am trying to get her started on ParaKiss since she likes Aizawa.

  • I know they’re both josei kinda stories but I’m completely unfamiliar with the story of Paradise Kiss- is it much like Nana? Make no mistake, Nana was what turned me into a hardcore Mika lover. She rocked so hard in the movie ❤

    My ears pricked for Paradise Kiss mainly for the star actors. The trailer looks good to me but I have heard from a couple of people who are fans of the manga that they are a lil apprehensive but hey, even if the story fails, at least we get to ogle at Mukai Osamu xDD

    • Well, from what I know of Nana via the two movies, the stories are not all that similar. ParaKiss has the disaffected high school student finally learning to liver her own life thanks to bunch of unique students who attend an art school. And, instead of josei, we have yaoi undertones.

      It’s a great cast, so even if the movie doesn’t give fans of the manga what they wish, you’re right we get to ogle Mukai Osamu and see, hopefully, great acting from the rest.

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